Top 3 Vaping Studies from February

Vaping is very efficient in helping traditional tobacco smokers to quit the bad habit. But, in the past years, vaping has been hit with a lot of controversy. Consequently, there a lot of red tape has been placed in this industry, making it inaccessible to so many smokers who would love to quit their unhealthy habit. This year, however, holds a great promise for vaping. Already, there has been three positive studies to show that indeed vaping a healthy alternative and that it is here to stay.

E-Cigarettes are Safer than Conventional Cigarettes

A research concluded by UK-based cancer research scientists concluded that indeed vaping eliquid is safer that traditional tobacco smoking. The study involved analyzing the saliva and urine of both e-cigarette users and smokers. During the study, they scientists compares the chemical levels of urine and saliva of people that had completely quit smoking and were only using e-cigarettes for at least 6 months. They also sampled those that continued to smoke and those that smoked and used e-cigarettes concurrently.

The findings showed lower levels in the saliva and urine of those that were using e-cigarettes only. Conversely, those that continued to smoke tobacco cigarettes indicated a very high level of toxins matched that of people who took to e-cigarette but did not quit smoking completely.

What this research shows, is that to reap the full benefits of vaping, you first have to quit smoking completely. Dr. Lion Shahab who was a lead author in this publication indicated that these studies would help to strengthen existing studies that support e-cigarettes being safer than traditional tobacco smoking. The use of e-cigarettes, which is a nicotine-replacement, will help in the reduction of deaths associated with tobacco.

Market Growth

Per an article posted by Ein News Desk, it is expected that the Vaping market will grow by a compound annual growth of 25%, every year, up to the year 2021. This study was conducted to predict the future of vaping. Per the article, by the year 2021, the vaping market will have expanded by $21 billion. This is due to increased awareness of vaping and its benefits.

Rechargeale batteries and vaping devices are bound to see a compound annual growth rate of over 23.5%. These growth forecast shows that the Pacific Asian region will have a significant growth in its vaping market. It is also expected that North America will continue to have a leading market share. Currently, they have a 45% market share.

Growth isn't limited to just vape liquid but also includes things like vaping batteries, and battery chargers for vape batteries.

E-Cigarettes are a Cost-Effective Way to Quit Smoking

Ireland's Health Information and Quality Authority assessment on how to help smokers quit, recently revealed that e-cigarettes would be a great way to helping citizens quit smoking. The report was released following a public consultation. Per the statement from Hiqa, e-cigarettes would reduce the cost of cessation that is associated with quitting smoking. The director of Hiqa's health technology, Dr. Mairin Ryan indicated that the increased uptake of e-cigarettes would lead to an increased statistic of people who had successfully quit smoking. She also further indicated that the use of e-cigarettes would see smokers save millions in income, as well as in healthcare, as they strived to quit smoking.

Haters will go on and say that vaping is this and that, but will not have enough evidence to support that. As vaping aficionados, we say vaping is a healthy solution to smoking, and we have research evidence to back our word. So, when you hear someone spreading some misconception on vaping, you can shut them up with facts from these studies.


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