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 Walt Disney was a good businessman also, but he kept his focus on making people — especially children and families — happy. He once said:

“A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive.”

Walt Disney also said,

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

Lizzie_Magic wrote today, and said,

“Thanks so much for setting up this site IsadoraQ! It is too bad that Disney still refuses to listen to the voices of the people. I don’t know about you, but after VMK is over, there is no way I am going to support the other Disney websites that they are trying to switch us to. Did you ever find out the REAL reason why they are shutting it down? Well, we have one day. Maybe there will be a sign tomorrow that says: BIG NEWS! VMK LIVES ON!!!! Otherwise, there will be a great sadness throughout the world. Oh well. Thanks again!”

So we will see what happens tomorrow. Regardless, please know that will still be here. Hang in there. Talk to your parents, or others who care about you, about how you feel. And, I’ll see you all at Virtual Family Kingdom!!

Thanks to everyone for their support,

Petition to Save VMK

Disney is planning to shut down the Virtual Magic Kingdom — an online world around which thousands of people have made online friends and fortunes.

I, IsadoraQ, as a regular of VMK, ask you to join with me in petitioning Disney to reconsider their decision. Please sign* the following petition:

“WHEREAS being able to explore the Magic Kingdom has helped us — the players (and parents of players) of Virtual Magic Kingdom — feel loyal and happy with Disney;

“WHEREAS we have invested our time and energy to make Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom the success that it is;

“WHEREAS Disney has not regularly told the players of VMK that it would soon close;

“WHEREAS we are excited about Disney’s new virtual worlds and will be happy to enjoy them all;

“WHEREAS VMK is a big deal to us, where we have learned, grown, and made lasting friendships we don’t want to end; and

“WHEREAS we hope Disney will not want to deeply disappoint and sadden their audience;

“We hereby respectfully request that Disney please keep the ‘magic’ that is the Virtual Magic Kingdom alive, open, and available to all.”

Total Signatures to Date = 22745

*note: if you are under 13, please get your parents permission before signing this petition, or ask them to do it for you.

This petition will be sent to Disney officials. Comments will be included, and will also be sent to the media. By posting on this site, you agree to this. If you don’t want your name or comments sent to Disney or the media, please let us know.

Comments from Visitors to

My name is Megan. Last year I was diagnosised with cancer. Life is hard for me, I’m losing my hair, I can’t see my friends as much as I would like to. My mom got me a laptop when I was in the hospital. My friend told me about vmk, so I went on so we could hang out. In my vmk life, I don’t have cancer. I’m a normal girl just like everyone else, I can who I want to be on vmk. Please vmk, please don’t make me lose another life. It’s like I’m dying in two lifes. Please don’t close.

Jack Johnson
Hello Everyone, I have been born with a type of Dwarfism that I can’t even begin to spell.. I am made fun of at school all the time because of my hight, but on VMK was the first time I realized that [is] just because I had a problem outside. I have an extreme love for Disney.. I love Disney and they should just let us win.. this one time..

PLZ dont close vmk!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont have any friends because i am black and i live in a whiteplace. so i go on vmk to be loved.

I am so, so sad about the closing of VMK. My granddaughters live very far away. The exorbitant price of plane tickets prohibits the number of times our family can get together for a visit. VMK was the perfect answer! All of the family joined and played together. It gave me the opportunity to visit with my grandchildren daily, to watch them mature and the growth of their self esteem. The day I read Disney was taking that family connection away I cried and cried and cried. But then, I realized we would find another virtual world to meet and play in…and you can bet we’ll be buying their merchandise and NOT Disney’s! My first visit to Disneyland was in 1957. I’ve been a Mouseketeer all my life. I have been fiercely loyal, even as I watched the corporate policy and mission disentegrate over the years. I can assure you though, NOT ANY MORE!!! Walt must be spinning in his grave!

Melanie Duckworth
My niece is handicapped and is confined to a wheel chair or laying down, her social life is very limited due to her disability. VMK offers her the ability to form friendships, and enables her to have the pleasure of walking, shop, decorate, play games she normally can’t play, swim, drive, diving in the ocean, barter, and other skills she can’t use in her reality. I can’t understand how Disney ( a company geared towards magic with children) cannot have the compassion to keep this website open for the disabled.

Jennifer (Zacharina) Horton
I found VMK when I needed someone the most. My husband had just been activated with the Army for a two year deployment, and I was home alone with my one year old son. This was my place to go, have fun and Dream. That was almost four years ago. And I still get that spacial Disney feeling that you could only get at the W D Parks! I don’t get to go to WDW as often as I would like. I live at least thousand miles away in the mid-west. VMK was my way to be there at least in my mind a little more. I also very much enjoyed sharing it with my 4 year old son. VMK kept the Disney parks in my thoughts all ways, which meant I wanted to take my family there more often too. Now I do not now where or when I will be able to get my WDW fix. This saddens me very much. I also don’t know how you give up such a great marketing tool. You had just as many adults with a true love and passion for Disney and VMK as well as kids. And we adults are the ones who took our kids to the parks to show them that it was all so a real magical place that you can also go to in person. So we could participate in the in park quest and buy the movies that offered codes for vmk . Please reconsider you decision!

I am very concerned about vmk closing because although my young daughters are looking forward to Fairies online, and my young son to Cars online, my tweens are much more drawn to the vmk concept. It has helped them with their school work, but mostly it has given them a lot of chances to be able to interact with both male and female kids. VMK has so many fun things that they can do with their avatars that they have really connected with it personally as they try to make it look and act like them, while trying out behaviours which help them learn what is acceptable or not acceptable socially. Please reconsider your decision! Thank you for all the happiness and wonderful friends from all over the world that you have brought into my children’s life. Also, thank you for the great examples of the staff members as well.

VMK is the only thing that I had close to disneyland. I have never been to disneyland or WDW ever in my life. Since I found vmk I have felt that even though I haven’t been to disneyland or WDW, vmk has changed that everytime I log on it seems like I am even closer to going to disneyland. This was the only thing that I have to experience WDW or disneyland. So if you take VMK away from me your taking my only chance to actually experience disneyland or WDW.

These ppl [people] just don’t get it. They have created a community of ppl here. We are NOT a promotion, we are a community. VMK is a place to come and enjoy yourself with many different levels of accomplishment to accomadate all. This game of today could be the game our future generations of kids could be playing, just as some of us have kids and grandkids that visit the same Disneyland Park I grew up with in 1955. They have not shut any of the real dreams at the real parks…why is this any different? They say live your dreams then jerk it out from under you. I will miss my special friends I have made at VMK as well as the enjoyment of helping those who were new. We as a community have a lot of time and sweat into the little piece of our world we created here thanks to Disney, now let us flurish and continue as the little vitural ppl we have become over the last 1 1/2 years or so. We are each special in our own way and how we function in the world of vmk.

alex (again)
i know someone that has a very rare condition. her body cant feel pain and cant control her body temperature. so she stays inside her home most of her life in a controled temperature environment. if she dares to go somewhere, she has to wear what looks like a vest packed with ice packs. she is home schooled. since she cant go outside to play with other kids and has to be carefully monitored in her activites, she plays vmk. on vmk, people dont know she has this condition. she can have fun and be just like any other normal little girl. she doesnt have to be concerned about the temperature or being careful because of the virtual environment. it also helps her with typing, reading, writing, and some spelling. it also gives her parents a break from monitoring her activies 24/7. they know she is safe on vmk. now what will she do????? they are just being down right cruel to do this to her. when she found out what was happening, she was in tears for nearly an hour. please vmk staff or whoever is doing this, DONT CLOSE VMK. DO IT FOR HER. DO IT FOR LITTLE KIDS ALL OVER WHO MAY HAVE RARE CONDITIONS AND VMK IS THERE ONE CHANCE AT FREEDOM!

VMK was a win from the start. Pirates of the Caribbean is a little violent for kids. Fairies and Cars aren’t what we want to be. We want to be guests of the Virtual Kingdom. Don’t close down this amazing kid’s game.

Please dont take vmk away! i dont want to go back to Clubpenguin!!! @_@

VMK has been the one thing that i can do on the computer where i feel safe.I have a very very good friend that moved far away from me and because we both log onto vmk i can keep up with him. if it werent for vmk i probably wouldnt still talk to him. i have played this game for about two years and i can’t even begin to tell you how many friends, fun, and all the hard times ppl have gotten me through in the game. i had a kid from my school shot and killed and my friends on vmk were there for me. i would really enjoy it if they didn’t get rid of this game. too many ppl like this game and have been loyal to it.i say for all those ppl that were loyal to the game disney should be loyal to us and keep vmk.this site already has over 6000 ppl sign the petition i mean come on disney just save vmk dont get rid of it…what do you benifit or lose from keeping the game.well you benifit so many happy ppl that love the game…get rid of it and all you got is a bunch of sad kids that will have nothing better to do but go around and make mistakes….Just save the game WE LOVE VMK

This land is your land,
This land is my land,
from Main Street,
to the Tycoon Islands,
from the lions forest,
to the elephants bathing pool,
This land was made for you and me!!

I am a huge Disney fan and a fine arts teacher to elementary students- we use vmk to stay in touch in a safe environment. I adore playing the games and feeling like I am at the park. VMK is a platform that is innocent and fun Pirates and Toontown is more violent . I will not participate in those sites. I feel a huge sadness at the loss of VMK. It is perfect for elementary school kids and their parents. I teach atsa very poor school. My kids come after school to play vmk

Well..I had played VMK since about…10 months after it had been launched. I was soooooo excited!! I wanted to be the richest person in VMK. Well… that never happened (lol), but what did happen, was I met beautiful kind people who shared their thoughts and feelings about.. the world. I also liked playing the game and earning credits so I could save up to buy something that I really wanted. It was such a great feeling to know that I worked hard for something, and I earned it. I know the game was only supposed to last 1 year, but why have a game for only one year? Especially a game like this!! With the wonderful world of Disney. I practically grew up with VMK, and to see it close down, well, thats HEART BREAKING!! Think of it like this: Some little kid, right now, WAS going to unleash the magic, but instead, he goes to play Toontown. Oh wait, he can only play for three days because he can’t afford it. Oh wait, thats right, VMK has a weekly offer on Toontown. Oh wait, thats right, VMK closed. So now he is going to go to You-Tube and see things he shouldn’t see! One of the best things about VMK is that its free. Some kids can’t afford a monthly payment on a childrens virtual game, and that’s why a LOT of people play it. It’s also a postitive thing for parents too. They can trust thier children in the hands of Disney, and VMK also improves typing skills, reading and spelling skills, and how trading and bartering works. Let’s say you have a rare item. You’re not going to trade it for a grey box!! You’re probably going to trade it for equally the same amount as the item that you have. VMK, Virtual Magic Kingdom. The game itself is a lot like Disneyland and Disneyworld. So kids can expirence what Disneyworld or Disneyland is like when they can’t afford to go. So some kids get left out when they can’t go. They won’t have a chance believe that dreams do come true and a chance to believe in magic. VMK has done soooooooooooo much for kids in America, please don’t shut it down! That would be a heartbreaker!! I hope you have read this through and thought about what the kids might feel like, so please, do you’re part and sign the petition. It will only take a moment of your time, its free, and it may help a child unleash Disney magic. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

VMK, Please don’t close! I have made many friends because of your site. If you close, I will never have contact with those friends again. I don’t have alot of friends at school, but because of you, I have made some of the best friends I will probably ever have!

I love VMK… I can meet new people and play games with others while knowing that they’d understand if I had to be afk [away from keyboard] for a while, and they wouldn’t kick me out, or if I had to go. My self esteem is kind of low and I could make myself be stylish and thin and pretty in the game. I could win cute or boot and falling chairs and feel happy when I’m not happy at home because of my parents or siblings. I can even find a new family in the daycare rooms. I love VMK and I’d have nowhere to play online and talk to people if it closed down. I’d hate that and so would a lot of other people, I know. So, VMK, please don’t go!! P.S. Thanks so much for letting us express ourselves here! 😉

It’s quite obvious how much VMK means to the world. We all have spent a long time on VMK – earning credits, playing games, stocking up on the most rare things we could find. And so they decide to tell us it’s all over, and now what are we supposed to do? We lose our earnings, our pride, our entertainment, our FRIENDS =/, and most importantly our exciting connection to the world of Disney. It’s rather depressing in every way possible.

My life is terrible as it already is. I was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago and spent a year of my life in and out of the hospital with chemo treatments. To make matters worse, while I was there I became friends with several of the kids patients there. One friend I made, Lizzie, died after a few months of our friendship being formed. She had a rare disease of the heart and it took her away over night. Finally, I defeated cancer all though it may come back again. When I came home, I found out My brother got his girlfriend pregnant, and they were teenagers. Then he became a drug addict and become abusive so we had to send him away to some camp for troubled teens. Then MY parents started fighting. Dad got a girlfriend and moved out of the house. Mom became depressed and was not well enough to care for my and my three other sisters. So we were sent away to live with my aunt and uncle. VMK has been my virtual escape from my awful life. Its not fair for them to do this to me. It was the only time of the day I was happy. VMK means the world to me, because the world means nothing to me anymore. VMK has kept me striving to live, knowing that I have true friends on vmk. Knowing that people care on vmk. But now, I know that vmk itself doesn’t care. Disney, this is not right. Do not break my heart again.

Molly Hayden
I’m Molly Hayden, 13, New York. I have a stomach disorder that is painful. It is getting better but the only thing I did while i was not feeling good, other than taking care of my three dogs, i went on vmk. It made me feel happy and I enjoyed all of it. People are nice on VMK and you can do things you can’t do in real life. Magic, shop for adorable clothes, making friends, playing games, and even more things. This is my favorite website and i feel like I can do anything on it. My friends love it too. Please do not disable VMK and take it away from peoples lives.

Please reconsider making VMK a pay-by-month game instead of closing it. We are all willing to pay. There is no other safe site with such beautiful art and animation choices available. If we lose VMK, some of us will be forced to be dumbo green ducks or such, instead of lovely vmk animated young boys and girls. VMK teaches values you cannot get on toon or potc online (where there is rough vocabulary and violence). VMK is safe, fun and there is nothing that even compares to the art an animation. Please reconsider closing some other site and/or letting us pay to continue to play vmk. I want to dress like a girl not a duck. Thank you.

I think what you are doing for vmk is great. I am an adult player of VMK who has a serious heart condition and vmk has given me the pleasure of visiting disney everyday and the friends i have met on here are out of this world. this past summer i was very ill and in hospital. The only thing that got me through those long tedious days was playing vmk and talking to my friends. If I lose my friends on vmk I will be lost as this is how i get out. I cannot do all the things i used to because my heart is failing. This may only be a game to some people but to others it gives us whole new world to explore when in reality we cannot. I truly cannot express my thanks for all your doing to save vmk. I have sent e-mails to news stations in my area, written letters and e-mails to disney, and will mail out my avatars i made on here to Disney. I know Walt would understand what we are going through and would not let this happen. Please keep the faith VMK will be saved.

I am a teacher in a low income multi cultural elementary school. My students face many difficulties every day… one of which is a dangerous neighborhood…so they are not allowed to play outside. When I found the VMK site last year I was so excited! I shared it with my school kids and helped them sign up to play. What a brilliant connection! The kids loved logging in to find me…either to beat me in a game, work on a quest or just visit. A whole group began to give up their lunch time to come and play since many don’t have computers in their homes. As a result, students have shown more interest in school and have had better behavior since we have this connection that goes beyond the bell. Right now most of my kids can only dream of going to Disneyland, but they wear Disney clothes, buy Disney products, watch Disney movies and even run to Disneyland by counting up the miles they run on the playground and putting them on a map. Really, for a bit each day, they escape their troubles and live in Disneyland every minute they can. Please don’t take away this safe escape that puts all people on equal ground. I don’t think you realize the impact vmk has made in the daily lives of many. Who knows what magic may come from the dreams of these kids and others who escape to the safe haven of vmk?

Chris McManus
My daughter is addicted to VMK. I, as a parent, feel comfortable in letting my daughter play on VMK as opposed to other sites. I know on VMK that she is safe online and that it is monitored extensivley making me feel more secured that she is not seeing content not suited for her. I was saddened to learn of VMK closing as it broke my daughter’s heart. She has made a lot of online friends through VMK with the same interests as her. Also, this has been a great tool to those that may not be able to get to the theme parks as often. I was beaming when we took our WDW vacation last week and my daughter could pinpoint certain icons from VMK in the park itself. This was her first trip to WDW but knew quite a bit about it because of VMK. From a parent, please keep VMK alive. With many websites posting anything now and days, VMK has been a heaven send to us parents! Let the morals and values of Disney live on!!

VMK has become my home. I can’t imagine leaving it. We were never informed that this was a promotional game, that it could be taken from us at any time. I can’t help but feel betrayed by the one corporation I felt I could trust. Disney Online, I beg you, please save VMK for all of us. We are as diverse as the people who visit your parks but we all share one thing – a deep and abiding love for all things Disney. For many of us, trips to the parks are infrequent but eagerly anticipated. VMK has been one way to keep the magic between visits. I don’t want to be a Penguin, a Pirate, a Fairy or a Toon. I want to be my little green self that I have been since mid-May of 2005. I want to keep my friends. I want to dance in the forecourt every night and lament that VMK is closing(Scurvy Box!). Please don’t take VMK away from us. Please don’t break my heart.

u are being mean!! why do you want to close vmk down?? alot of people love vmk why close it?? :*(

Additional Comments Submitted to
VMK made us all like one big family. We did our does and donts.. but that was the fun! Letting curiosity lead us down new paths was on of the things that made VMK so special. So to show Disney that millions of people have a score to settle, i say we all play VFK!!!!
Hey VMK friends! Check out the VFK home page. The game is set to open on July 4!!! Let’s celebrate our freedom from tyranny and oppression, aka. Disney. Beta has been a blast. This new world is not VMK. It has never claimed to be VMK. VFK wants you to have fun and learn about our country through fun and exciting new quests (yep, they beta tested questing and gave away some great magic and 10,000 credits). The VFK people are generous and want you to have a fun, safe place to play. We can hang on to our memories of VMK and still develop a new relationship with VFK. We have found so many of our VMK friends (it takes time and perseverence). We found Chancelyn, Zandrstar, Monkeyprincess(aka. starbery),MistyMoonLily, Captain(from blue crew), Blue-explorer, and many others. Your friends are here and we want to find you, too. Come make new friends, as well. Let’s make some history!!!
I want VMk to re-open. VMK isnt just a game, it can be a learning experience in ways. My 18 year old sister has a learning disability. She enjoys this game very much. We play together alot. And with VMK she has learned to make friends, and she is pretty good with computers now, too. We first found out about VMK on a cereal box. I know it sounds silly.We have had so much fun! We bought alot of hats, and we made alot of friends. So, it wasnt just a game or a promotion, IT WAS FUN. It taught us alot. It’s our kingdom, its our land, No one has an absolute right to take it away!Thanks Disney for ruining and crushing our dreams. NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO DO THIS! Disney, i call out to you: What were you thinking when you closed down VMK? You laid off so many people, and you ruined the fun. i sent a shout out to radio disney, telling all VMKers to sing the petition on Thanks Lily for the idea. We are just kids, but together we can make a difference.Just like Vmk made a difference for all kids, even kids with disabilities. I want to spread the word. I wanna put up signs all over the town saying Disney is a dream crusher. In fact, thats a great idea. I hope you get inspired enough to do that. SAVE VMK SAVE VMK!!! I know alot of people say this but, VMK was like a home away from home, and now look: WERE HOMELESS!!!!!!! Please everyone out there sign the petition do whatever you can to bring VMK back! VMK was great and everyone,I want you to believe that we can bring VMK back, even though we are kids.VMK: it can change lives. Thank you for reading this. DISNEY PRODUCERS OR EMPLOYEES OR WHOEVER READ THESE PETITIONS, IMAGINE HOW WE FEEL! WE HAVE HOLES IN OUR HEARTS BECAUSE OF YOU. WE MADE FRIENDS THAT ARE GONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justinkevin (Again)
Hey it’s me again my dog got ran over the other day and he was just a baby only 5 months old. I cried and cried my dad cried for the first time since his brother died 11 years ago. It’s a sad time and VMK would have helped me get through it But Vmks not there anymore but VFK is helping me get through it and I have made some good friends already who are helping me get over my little buddy. He slept in my bed he ate beside the table when I ate at the table. He watched my favourite cartoons with me and started barking during commercials as if to say “Turn back to the show!” He would growl if you changed channel when he was watching. and my mom said “He’s just like one of the kids (Me, my brother, my sister) he stays home with us all day and plays outside with them.” So it’s truly hard but VMK would just make it hard not truly hard. For those who are wondering this happened three days ago and I’m doing a bit better now but I’m still so sad 🙁
it was the company disney hired to make vmk that quit on them they are making it again but will take two ears 🙁
These are some heartfelt memories about VMK. ———- The first day I played VMK, I knew this was a special game. I noticed how playful the game was, and how exciting the music and friends were. It took me a couple of days to get used to it, but I was hooked. I never stopped playing. I can proudly say that I was a part of VMK’s first year. I was so excited for any events, or even the Newsletter that would come out every week or so. After that, I labeled Disney as being VMK’s creator as a whole. I really loved it, and I never searched for a new game since. I thought that VMK was like my haven, where I could escape life. I could dress and act the way I really was. I didn’t have to be self-consious anymore. That was probably the best part of VMK. Looking back at how many rooms and things I made, I felt so touched by the impact VMK gave me. I was feeling so creative, and I really loved it. I loved playing mini-games with my friends.. I loved the thrill of getting into HOST rooms.. But, I guess–all good things come to an end. VMK closed it’s doors, two years later. It was supposedly mean for Disney’s 50th Year Celebration. I stared at the announcement in shock and indignancy. I was disgusted by the turn Disney made. I wanted to give them a piece of my mind. So many FRIENDS lost, so many MEMORIES destroyed… I just wanted to cry. I just stared in disbelief and opened up the VMK window. I savored every moment..and eventually it closed for good. I never really trust Disney anymore, I actually went to the parks for the VMK rewards, bought their movies, purchased their merchandise, for virtual items. But Disney let us ALL down with their selfish attempt to destroy our hearts. But we stand strong, and frankly–I don’t trust Disney anymore, I won’t play POTC Online, Club Penguin, or Pixie Hollow– because getting close to their games, makes me think about the bond between our fellow people and VMK. I hope that everyone can hear my story loud and clear. Thanks. -Book
please help save vmk I saw vmk as more than a game i saw vmk as a game to make friends and to have fun. some ppl saw it as a game. plz help save vmk it is more than a game it was more like a game of friendship i hope my vmk friends signed the petition
you know the ppl that ran vmk just wanted money what is money to true friendship it is nothing vmk is more than a game it inspires ppl to do things they never did before like luckyrealfriend that person said that she or he were shy untl she found vmk i was the same way i was shy around new ppl until i found vmk some say and think it is a game it is friendship fun inspiring.the vmk producers just crushed thousands of dreams that were from kids i wish they would open it up again vmk will always be in our memories never forgoten . they didnt crush dreams they crushed the hope of the kids waking up and making friends.thanks luckyrealfriend you inspired me to right it!!
Omg :[ I miss all my friends so much. I love you all! MiniStarz – you were like one of my best friends… if you ever comment on here comment me back please… Even_Lizzie omg you were such a great friend too. CapAPupp and all her friends – love you guys. And I miss you all… -Best x3
dear vmk creators, I LOVED VMK!! i really wanted it to stay open. i told my friends, my cousins, and other people about it, just to hang out and have fun. when it closed, i felt so upset! i felt ripped off because i paid money to get codes on ebay for vmk, and it closed like three weeks after i got it. it was fun while it lasted, but i really wanted to used it more. i met so many awesome people, like grooveybrennalol, and ergo, and cutebrowneyedgirl, and headstrongkiara. i really wish i could meet them gain, and i was heart broken, knowing that i could never see these people again. it may seem like it wasn’t a big deal, but i became great friends with everyone and then to just close it, it just made it so sad. i had a party with all of my friends to say goodbye, and it was so sad! i wish that you could open vmk again, and keep it open forever, so we could keep playing the game that all of these people love. i hope that you read my comment, and everyone elses, and you reopen it. i had a fantastic time, and i know lots of other people did. i hope you rethink your decison of closing it, and change it. IF YOU KNOW WHAT KIDS LOVE, THEN YOU KNOW THAT VMK IS WHAT KIDS LOVE! please, please listen to us children, and HAVE A RE-GRAND OPENING! – jeans34
I love vmk, DONT CLOSE!!!
VMK was so great and so full of happness why did they close VMK? so place vmk staff and workers that are now VFK workers bring VMK back!
I was reay sad that vmk ended I had such great times I had so meny friends that I may never play with again I only have two true friends in real life It ended to qickly even tho i playd it for like two years there was so meny things i wanted to do I just want to cry:_( there was to meany good time for it to end I hope I will find them ( my friends) in vfk P.S. Im myjounloflife.
Angelagt (former player of vmk was aformer player of vfk but now plays it again! (read i)
i’m back on vfk! NO ONE DELETE ME PLS!!!!! LOL i like vfk now and don’t want anyone telling me otherwise bc my mom said its ok to go back on since vfk (the best staff ever) changed my password for me! thanks guys and hope to see u in the kingdom!!!!! – angelagt
FinalGoldPicture( Sick of Club Penguin! )
all i have to say again is what thieves yet again disney steals our money and if walt where here today what would he say about disney rite now? Well if u r or going to sign on Club Penguin think twice because those idiots at disney are taking half of the profit there and giving the rest of the money to charity which is a brilliant idea but why only half why not all of it and i do say being a ” member ” on Club Penguin is stupid! half the kids on it can afford it the price range is 6.00 to 30.00 well take a guess who came up with that DISNEY! im done with it to tell u the truth i really am if that is all disney is going to do is steal our money then i say boycott it if u do agree with me then go ahead all they do is take what they want and need then there actors like Madison Penice or whatever it is and Dylan Sprouse just advertise it and they get alot of profit and where does that profit come from but disney and where does disney get there profit from poor kids just wanting to play a game that they have to pay for that just screams selfish does it not? along with my argument i have to tell the story of how i found vmk well one nite i was up looking for games to play and i found vmk i read through it a little and i thought well it sounds fun so why not i signed on and found the excitment in my life i was needing of course im as dull as ever im so boring but when i signed on to vmk i had friends from every where in the world i was excited and of course me and my dumb self decided to take a break for a while i gave away all my rare said good bye to one of my best friends on there thank god he was there to tell me good bye i would have been lost with out him but one nite after i had made that decision i thought well vmk sounds good rite now and i need to talk to my friends so i logged on only to hear the terrifying news vmk was closing for good i went and looked for my friend that nite and i found him altough his gril friend was no happy to see me but like i cared i asked him is this ture? vmk is closing he took a while for him to answer and he turned to me and said yes… i slowly walked away that day it was the only time i had ever done that to him he found me hours later sitting in my room alone he came to ask me if i was okay. i responded how could disney? we sat there that nite thinking of reasons why money was our main answer i had lost everything after giving vmk i lost quite a bit of friends along with myself but not him i knew i could trust him he was the best friend i had ever had then it happened May 21 came Ice ( IceSonicLeaf ) was not there i had a message from him telling me he was sorry he could not have made it that day i wore black for the ending of vmk the next morning when i came to log on the page was blake i sat and cried for a while. I write this on Independence Day the day when we celebrate our freedom but for kids we have no freedom. WE have been fighting a Disney Revolution but now i think it is time to back down from the fight and let disney take its course i know most of u r saying to keep fighing but it is best to stop for a while disney will close more multiplayer games but open more up they will all be for money when disney says kids have there freedom that is the time to fight that is when i know vmk will be back we mite have to start over but who cares the fight has just begun and has just ended but this Revolution will come back we will defeat Disney we will find a way to bring it back no matter what we will win not matter what as i click on to vmk i see that page and i know there will be war declared on them by the kids no matter what. – love always yet again FinalGoldPicture
VMK is closed… and i’ll say .. it was one wonderful thing. One thing that Pirates Online or DGamer or even VFK can bring back. Another thing is that it was one of the only Disney online virtual worlds where you don’t have to pay to play, you just go to run around, make friends, and have fun.I’d like to see Club Penguin bring all my friends back!!!! ( All the staff in VMK didn’t want VMK to close, just so ya know )
PLEASE BRING VMK BACK! ITS MADE MILLINOS OF PEOPLE UNHAPPY, UPSET, OR mad ias I read the comments, i think how could disney do this, idk why they closed vmk but it left millions of kids so upset, and i know they have vmkmagic, but vmk was so much better, u had all tese clothes, and i tried joing vfk, but its full and they’re not leetinng anyone in, its so unfair, disney cannto just throw all the stuff everyone did on vmk away. thats just not fair..
Hi i’m back, and if Walt was alive right now instead of in a block of ice, i bet he would fire whoever thought of shutting VMK down and then all us children could run back into the world where dreams return and come true, instead of be ripped away to be crushed into little tiny bite size pieces!!!!!!!!!!
You know, i supported SAVEVMK.COM by putting up a poster in my classroom. But these two evil kids, ripped it down and put it in the trash. But I didn’t give up, because everytime one of those cruel people ripped it down, I just put it back up ( however, i did give up on the day VMK closed, but since this site is still up my hope is restored )
I know you people are probably bored of my posts, but wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made like a movie about how cool VMK was, and how it should be back up?! In fact, somebody could hack into Disneys computer and show the movie all day for 24 hours!
VMK took over my life. I trie to leave it. But, in about one week, i was addicted again. I made friends. The best friends i ever had. I spent most nights staying up till 12 talking and goofing with them. I miss them dearly. I would do anything to get vmk back. I found it closing an omen too, like it was not ment to happen, because about one week later, my beloved rabbit died, and i had a character neamed after her! Walt liked to dream, and on Vmk, i could. If Walt was here today, he would be disgusted at Disney for dystroing( i know i spelled it wrong) sunch good friends. I for one,am deeply angered, and, i personally want to start up a site just like vmk, exactly like vmk in fact, and bring back the friends. But i cant. I just cant! Disney, please hear out call and bring it back!!!! – Rabecka, Vmkmisser!!
one question one word why?!?! it stinks u guys closed the dream i will buy it off of u yavn. u guys tick me off when u said it would close open VMK!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!
BlazetheHedgehog ( or Ace_ Riku )
i was playing VFK earlier today and whent to this room called ” What Really Happened to Virtual Magic “. The ppl in there talked for a long time until some of them said things such as:” It not gonna open again so get over it, ” and so on. Well i’m never gonna give up!! are you??
BRING VMK BACK!! Do you know how many hearts you crushed Vmk? No, not VMk, Disney! You heartless people.There was no such thing as a big fan on VMK.We were all Vmk fans. I have a big hole in my heart. I cant even smile anymore.So that’s why when i go to disney at the end of this month, im gonna talk to one of the important people ( whoever they are )Keep the dream alive. Whoever closed this place down shame on you.Vfk is fun but it doesnt close the hole in my heart. Usually when someone has so many people coming their way, they keep things open. but greedy disney wants money coming their way not people.I might even call in to Radio disney. Thanks for the idea Lily. Cya! I MISS ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!!!!
I know this post is very late, so I am sorry. I just left VMK about 3 months before it closed. I didn’t say goodbye to my friends – just a See You Tomorrow Guys! Tomorrow came. I didn’t see them.I do look back at the funny moments with them and laugh. I never forget about VMK. So when I decided to get back on and create more memories with all my friends – it was closed. My heart shattered into a million pieces. Tears rolled down my cheeks for I knew I would never be able to say goodbye to all my friends. I had so many great times on VMK..haha Shell – mickey go up down up down…oh and my pull ups buddy Green! And of course..the emo corner. emo emo. haha. There was this one very special person on VMK tho. NiceNick. I will never regret myself for never saying goodbye. Nice – if you and maybe Stranger…or even Pearl are reading this..I am sorry. I am sorry for never saying goodbye. And now that VMK is closed this is my goodbye. I want VMK to re-open. I want to create more heart warming memories. I want I want I want…we all want things. Some impossible, some not. Disney only cares about the money they get. They do not care about us. They do not care how badly they are crushing and breaking and twisting and cracking our hearts, they only care about their money. And Pay-to-Play would be fun, but what would happen if we got banned for the dumbest thing? I red someones comment that said their friend got banned for saying brb getting a soda. Aright so we are going to waste $10 then get banned saying we are going to get a soda?! I do not think so. Hopefully VMK staff will find a heart somewhere in side their darkened, dream-crushing body. But until that day comes – GoodBye Everyone. Goodbye VMK. GoodBye memories. GoodBye fun. GoodBye everything that is good in this world. GoodBye. And yes, VFK might be fun, might not. [ I wouldn’t know because it won’t let me get on. ] But it will NEVER replace VMK. I will miss you all. With much Love – SapphireSam aka Sparky ?Although VMK may be gone, our memories will last forever?
BallerinaBug (VMK)
My dad and I did a bit of investigation on Sulake. We saw they signed a contract with Paramount Pictures, who works with Nickelodeon, Disney’s biggest competitor. Sulake was backstabbing Disney. They signed this contract in late January, and VMK closed in May. If you remember, May was also when VMK opened, so the contract MIGHT OF EXPIRED RIGHT BEFORE VMK CLOSED. Therefore, our conclusion was Disney told Sulake to go jump in a lake. Therefore, VMK will most likely re-open. Either A: Disney will re-sign a contract with Sulake once Paramount’s contract expires, to re-open VMK. But, here is the question. Either Sulake or Disney had VMK on their hard-drives, and if it was Disney, Disney most likely can re-open the exact same VMK with the exact same log-ins. Or, if Sulake had it Disney COULD re-open it, but it wouldn’t have the same ANYTHING. They might not even be able to call it VMK. BUUUUTTTT, all the stuff in VMK was Disneyworld or Disneyland. So they could re-open it, same everything, but with no proof they copied it from Sulake. My dad said, most likely Disney will buy over Sulake with ALOT of money and re-open VMK, or they will just re-open VMK and call it something different and with different log-ins for our characters. Our best bet is contacting Disney and asking if VMK is in Sulake’s or Disney’s hard drives. If it’s in Disney’s, us players will be working very hard to get the exact same VMK and shutting down Sulake. Or forcing Sulake to give Disney every single right of VMK. The conclusion is, joining Habbo Hotel and protesting to re-open VMK in there. If Sulake wasn’t such a backstabber than we would be on VMK this very minute.
We all know that VMK is over. We all hope you sign this petition and we hope that VMK makers will take this into mind. Hang in there and keep contacting them. thank you.
People, we all want VMK back and we need to try and create it again. I really miss it and all my friends that I have, I cant talk to them any ,more. I have a vmkm but a lot of people dont, and they dont know yours so some people (like me) have lost osme of their best friends….please help save vmk
Shailee “Shaileeboo”
When I found out that VMK was going to close I almost cried. But VFK is a fun place too! (I just hope we’ll be able to mix awesome songs like VMK) SOME TIME I WILL HAVE A YOU TUBE ACCOUNT CALLED Video_Games_RULE. FIND IT AND POST A COMMENT SAYING HOW MUCH YOU MISS VMK! Shailee also known as Shaileeboo. P.S. who ever played as OldGreenShell, PLEASE! PLEAST! WRITE BACK TO THIS COMMENT!!!!!!!!
yavn why did u close it plz re-open vmk ill buy it off u
i miss VMK So much i cryed so hard when it closed my mom had to make me stop and why stop something that its that fun come on VMK why my whole like! i played it every day every hour and yeah some people think vmk should of close well NO!! i had many friend i never had this many friends alot and i didnt want it to go away and im going to do something about this im sending a letter to disney and telling them what how and why VMK should of stayed open :D!!!
aceiceshark kayleigh
here bc im only 8 and he said he is not only trying to save the world he is trying so hard to save vmk bc he knows how much it means to me thank u plz save vmk
cutie_tiger_gurl – read plz-
i’ve been so angry with the fact that vmk closed, i haven’t been able to tell my friends good bye Thewahl- I cant believe ill never see u again, its so sad! I miss u. hope we can still be best friends mentally…:) Ace_neon_green- You gave the best advice. But u stopped getting on after a while. Me and wall missed u Relient_k_rock- I don’t know why u decided to get off. Me and Thewahl were upset. I never knew if u were look for the part, or if it was looking for u. Watever way, u were an awesome friend to have around iceEliteQueen- srry i didn’t spend as much time with you as i wanted.Honestly, u were probably the only friend thats a girl that i talked to. JJskeeter-im srry i got off and wasnt able to say the goodbye i wanted to. I luved hangin out with u. Spooky-its a shame thati met you the last week… ur a really cool person Jumper- 🙁 I miss u Aastalphamike- I think u were my first best friend on here. i miss hanging out with you ryanmixmaster- ill miss u codyman-i dont know y u deleted me… If ur not listed here, and u were one of my friends, it doesnt mean i didn’t like you, Iluved allmy friends And just bc ur not on here doesnt mean ur not as important as the rest. If ur reading this, anyof my friends that remember me, check out and look me up as cutie_tiger_gurl
Sometimes I ask my self why did Disney shut down VMK? I remember reading an article about Disney shutting VMK down because it was a free world and didn’t make any money. How could they say such a thing? I spent most of my time in WDW working on vmk quest, buying a hat so I could get that special golden ears card, or the purchase of candy to get the penny press. I remember when my parents announced we were going to Disneyland. I was excited not only to see Walt’s creation, but to get the Stitch hat, the Pin and the Travel crate. Face it Disney, We spent more money on getting items for our VMK characters than you ever admit. Im not spending money on your virtual worls like ToonTown Or Club Penguin anymore, because this corpiration is NEVER what Walt intended for it to be.
Angelagt (former player of both vmk anf vfk)
Friends of vfk, my mother nd I have both decided that i’m no longer a member of vfk because computer_boy asked for my account info (for a reason) but I stupidly gave it to him. I’m no longer a member of it so if I was your friend, you can delete me. My goal obviously was never reached to be the first CL/VIP like vmk. I wanted to be most rich and popularist girl on there (even though if I still played I wouldn’t be.) I played from day1 and that’s all that matters. The memories we share, the things we do will matter. Not the best or if we still play. I’m divoted to playing Disney’s toontown online, buildabearville,and creating my friends’ and I website. ( If your looking for me on toontown, my name is Lilly and on Buildabearville, AshleyLuv2Dance166. All my friends on vfk/vmk were great. espically: IsadoraQ, coolawesomeabby, ACe.cpt.RICH,Jade, BlueHairedMonkey, and many more. If you see these ppl, be friends with them. Their great to have and though we haven’t spent much tim together, we made memories as they lasted. So long live vmk in my heart andas for vfk, you we’re not as great but will be remembered. Fairwell friends and talk to me through here. Thank-you 🙂
vmk closing crushed more than dreams it crushed the hope of making friends and loging on and having fun vmk crushed the hope of friendship crushed it all to dust some kids my not have friend at home but they had friends somewhere else me vmk tought me to type until vmk came i couldnt type but i learned while having fun im twelve and couldnt type but vmk tought me but then they crushed it i went to disney world this summer and we went to magic kingdom and it remind me alot of vmk .vmk didnt just teach us friend ship it tought us things we couldnt do well some of us.then they crushed all of it just crushed it to dust they just care for money what is money to friendship? it is nothing they crushed dreams and hope of thousands and thousands of it unbelievale no so believe it i guess
When I joined VMK, I was horrible at it. But I was so bored of my other games, I kept doing it. Soon I found AT LEAST 70 friends. And boy were they nice! Soon to the closing of vmk, I heard this thing called: And I am on it, with my same title: SusinseaIt is VERY fun and you people would LOVE it! But back to the point. Also, on the day VMK closed, I got 15,000 Credits!! And neve got to use them. :^( Why vmk why!!
hi im dara an im a huge fun of vmk but why did they had to take you out and not the others
Hey! my best friend got me on VMK on December 20th 2007. I loved it soooo much i got all my friends on it! I hoped that it would always be there, and i am really bumbed that it is no more. I hope somebody will read this, and relize what VMK means to me. I LOVE YOU VMK!!! and everyone in it.
vmk waz the best place, it was fun to be on, but also safe enough for nobody to get hurt, i luved it. i really hope the virtual family kigdom is just as good, but it will never replace vmk in my heart!
VMK was like my home I used to get on every night.I have to face it I not the prettiest girl at school,but I had a boy friend on vmk and we really liked each other he used to buy me stuff for my room.he even took me to dinner whenever he could.I wish I could get back on and find him.I can’t even get on vfk to see if he is there if anyone sees rocky82 on vfkl please tell him I still like him!!!!!!!!!
Hello every one with the closing of vmk and that vmk is closed disney keeps to there word. but i am sending a letter to them every day i cant play vmk. i have been playing from 2005 to 2008 i got hocked on toontown also so i played the two games i stop playing vmk for some time and just went to disneylsnd total non thinking that there was a vmk i went to tomorrowland like i aways do. went on space mountation and then walked by the vmk quest deask on my way to autopa. i turned around and it hit me i got a few quest did them got the codes and ran in to the vmk computers try to log on it would not let me that did not stop me. i made cute scary spider born in park. any way i got a ton of rare stuff inferno later on 2007 disney movie rewards i let my cosion play for about a year bc he gave me the inferno so he goes a to the vmk gallry when you could meet imagineers and was saying that he was one. people stared askiking quest ions so i was playing toontown he said when did space mountation open i told him the answers i said let me see the quest you are doing what [.vmk staff was there saying please stop do not give out any persanl info or a 3 month ban.] i loged out i was so mad i said make your own vmk and he loged back on. i got back to vmk played played also my cosion did try to scam i got him off the day i saw it stoped playing cutescearyspider and started over it was not my fualt if cutescearyspider did any thing it was his. later on the vmk closing i had a good time on that game and doing the quest my new vmk was luckythunder he did not last long. disney dose make the year of a millon dreams but now THEY NEED TO THINKABOUT THE PEOPLE LIKE WALT HE ONCE SAID [we build what the people want and we do it for them] NOW DISNEY JUST CARES ABOUT MONEY I WILL PAY TEN DOALLRS TO PLAY VMK FOR A MONTH BUT THEY NEED TOO DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE NOT FOR THE MONEY I WILL TRY TO OPEN A GAME IN LATE 2010 CALLED vmklive JUST LIKE IT BUT BETTER I STILL NEED TO GET DISNEY TO SING PAPER SO I CAN GET WORKING ON IT SO FAR NO LUCK! THANK YOU FOR READING AND MY VMK BE WITH YOU ALL! SAVE VMK!
Natalya aka PurpleRedSpring
I love Vmk I hope all of us can save it!
VMK was so cool! i had some pretty close friends on there and now its just gone! i lost close friends. and i want 2 get them back and save vmk
Con (again)
There’s something to be said about how the closing of any one game can have such a widespread effect on thousands of people. Everyone who’s left a comment – all of us – KNOW the truth about VMK. It’s not just a game. We know that after that first time we logged into VMK – there was something that kept us coming back. VMK had a magnetic, alluring effect, and there was something amazing about forgeting everything and just being a tiny character in a virtual world, even if only for a little while. I’m sure that the majority of those who played VMK share a special love of Disney. I know that I did, and still do love Disney. Walt’s dream had such an amazing result, and look where we are today. VMK was, and will always be my favorite game. I’ve never felt a connection with anyTHING in my life more than VMK. For almost three years, I spent time building friendships, and getting to know some of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever known in my life. They may never know how much they’ve impacted my life, and if there was a way to tell them, I would. As crazy as this may sound, I cried the night VMK closed. I felt like I was losing someone close to me – like a family member. VMK was, for a while, the only sure thing in my life. While I was surrounded by changes, VMK remained a part of my life. Even now, more than a month later, I feel the loss of VMK. Right now, I’d be getting ready with some of my best friends, to prepare for a ride competition. I remember times when I would truly “LOL” at something funny that had happened in the game. Sitting in my room, and smiling when a friend who hadn’t played for a while entered. I was lucky enough to meet some of the best people ever in VMK. Though I didn’t actually know anyone on my friends list (with the exception of a few), I felt as though I did. There were real people behind a screen somewhere else in the world, and there was something amazing in knowing I could really be myself in the game. Sometimes it’s hard to be yourself, but in VMK, I could do that with no barriers. I can’t thank VMK enough for that. I’d like to first thank God, who without we would not have had the pleasure of enjoying life to play VMK. I’d like to thank Walt Disney for the amazing dream he dared to follow, who without we would not have Disney, which has helped so many throughout the world. I’d like to personally thank HOST_Lily for being one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to – I always felt special to be called by name by you. =D Thanks for everything. Thank you to everyone who’s put a smile on my face and brightened my day – I’d thank you each individually, but I’m afraid I’d forget someone. Thank you to all of the VMK staff who were behind the scenes keeping everything together when no one realized how hard that was to do. Thank you to everyone on my friends list. You’re all amazing people, and I wish you all the best in life. =) Thanks to my close friends – the ones who I could go to at any time for a pirate game – that meant alot. And lastly, I’d just like to thank anyone I haven’t mentioned who deserves a “thank you”. Just THANK YOU to everyone. Everyone who’s contributed to making VMK the amazing joy it’s been to play. I’ll never EVER forget VMK, and I hope that it will never BE forgotten by anyone who’s truly enjoyed playing it. Who knows? Maybe these dreams will have enough power to bring back VMK one day. If we’re lucky enough to ever enjoy that privilege, I’d be ecstatic. Until then, thanks for the magic of VMK. Keep dreaming, everyone. Thanks for the memories. =)
imagineer i / luckythunder
VMK 2005 2008 VMKlive oping late 2010 or sooner game will be ten dollars a month and future tomorrowland main street adventureland and you know the rest with disney world parks coming soon after beta month with VMKl staff host great events vmkl is in the making with attrations like rocket rods and mission to space will be inclued after space month later on what do you want month sorry that it will be ten dollars becouse i have to keep it runing or it would close and i cant stay away from vmk so it wont close rember late 2010 beta month so vmk is not gone yet home Page early 2010 or sooner! [ VMKL Staff ] rember not open yet but will be trying to open sooner if vmk is forgeten during 2008 or 2009 hoping to get it oping late 2008. [ Vmkl Staff ] imagineer i VMKL Staff member.
Daryl Chia
Vmk is like a place where I can just forget all my troubles and when they closed Vmk it was like they were closing a part of my life..
i was so sad when i heard vmk was closing i went on it everyday i know they have that family kingdom thing but thats not all that i dont have the same friends i always talked too and its just really different from vmk i wish vmk would open back up
I dont want vmk to leave! I was ForeverStylin on there and my best friends on vmk were Suesana and StormyOpenForest. I even made a scrapbook, they probably dont know this but I would take pics wit my camera of them on vmk and put them in my scrapbook, I miss Suesana, she was nice and generous and funny and just all around awesome. If you are reading this Jazz just know I love you (like a best friend or a giant chocolate fountain meant only for moi, not in a gross way) and that I really miss you, I am going on vfk and I made my name ForeverStylin on there too. To StormyOpenForest, I remember how much fun we always had together, you are an awesome guy, hope I see you on vfk if you will go on there, though it not the same as vmk. When you told me that secret, it made me cry. just know I think you are even better and more than a best friend 😉 Now that I’m down with waterworks,Please don’t close vmk down! I had so many friends on there! On vmk I didn’t have to have long blonde hair or sea blue eyes or the best body to have true freinds. People talked to me cause they thought I was nice and interesting, my mom didnt have to be a movie star, my dad not a pro basketball player. People loved me for who I was and outside the vmk world its hard to find people like that. Your taking away peoples lives Disney. You might find it as nothing, or maybe you wish you didnt have to take it away. But just wishing it aint gonna do nothing. You have to change the world. Maybe some 11 year old girl loved vmk so much she was gonna stop world hunger when she turned twelve, but then you took it away, and she became so mad she has been planning to become some evil dictator. People cried themselves to sleep at night cause of you. That aint even cool man. Man vmk was tight as i dontknow what. you done gone and ripped my heart away. vmk wasnt just for kids, wasnt just for teens or growned ups! It brought everyone together. You never saw bad words on vmk or anything. You could work at a cafe or make a school, you could play games or have a total awesome party at your room.
Florencia A.K.A PrincessChrystal
Hey i was just like giving a comment to what Lily’s comment said and i really think that calling radio disney and saying save vmk will work! U rock Lily! I like VFK so far and they have made it so much like VMK but nothing can replace our vmk!!!!!! Rock On LIly!
Florencia A.K.A PrincessChrystal ( again )
Hey i have a question for um Lily.. Do you know Radio Disney’s Number because ppl that dont can call if u put it
I am disappointed to say that I was never a member of VMK. As a part of the planning for a early June trip to Disneyland, something which my family does every few years, I stumbled across an old web post talking about how great VMK was, how you could win stuff, learn about Disney, and make some great friends. Imagine my shock when I realized that everything had shut down not even a whole week before. I was really bummed to miss out on the chance to experience VMK. I can’t understand why Disney would shut it down totally. If it wasn’t making money, then it could switch to some related advertising, or start to charge for advanced parts of the world, like Neopets recently did. From what I can tell, many people would have been willing to pay to continue the VMK experience. I can only hope that Disney will reconsider, or at the very least, give some thought to opening up a similar site, if not for the goodwill of the people involved, for the publicity and interest that such a site could garner. Who knows? Maybe some day, I will actally get to join what seems to be a very involved and very unique virtual world.
Kayla-cuttie & iBrookie
( Conversation about VMK on AIM ) May 5, 2008 iBrookie: Heyyy Kayla u cuttie! hahaha So did you hear the news about VMK? Kayla-Cuttie: Yea 🙁 im like, heart broken. that was practically my life. so how do you feel bout it? iBrookie: Umm… how do you think I feel? I bet everyone EXCEPT the newbies have this feeling. LOL ROTFL I have this feeling where I wanna puke scream my headd off and hit someting at the same time!!! Kayla-Cuttie: Yea im probably going to send them a letter or something. Haa its like killing me though. and i had just got all this stuff. 🙁 like pink tiki, minnie hat, inferno, stuffs like that. So im deffinatly in depression mode. ha bet i spelled deffinatly wrong but w/e so i have to go, my mom is calling me so ill ttyl more about this…. 🙁 tearsss… haa luv ya. l8r bff. *iBrookie* That was our conversation on AIM. VMK was the game. The place to be. It was the sounds and friends, the magic that got me. But now, all that’s left is a broken heart. 🙁 Remember your first friend? Or the first time you got cowboy pants? And now all of your rare, rooms, magic, and memories are GONE FOREVER. If we said another site to meet friends on, we would get banned. Yavn wanted his site to be the number one best, and he made that happen. Now my useless summer days go to waste without VMK. We can no longer live the dream that they planned for us. *Kayla-Cuttie* Hey everyone, its kayla-cuttie 🙂 Just wanted to say how heart broken i am now that VMK is gone. And it seriously needs to be brought back. All of you probably know how i feel soo yaa…. and ill talk to yall if they bring it backk… 😀 l8r. * please bring the magic back i miss it soo much 🙁 and so do so many otherrrs. Our Summary: Bring VMK back for the friends, magic, and fun experience. We want to live the dream once more PLEASE!!!! 🙂 TTYL! <3 <3 (If they bring it back… HAHAHA!)
why did u guys have too closed down all are fun? its not fun anymore there nothing to do on the computer if u want are dreams to come true well heres my dream is that vmk will open will u because all miss are friends are stuff and are vmk’s do it for the kids
elizabeth – ICE PRINCESSE
aww i miss vmk! if anyone out there knows how to contact awesomeandapanda let me know! tell her its me_is_nerd! i miss her and vmk!
VMK was the best interactive game that i have ever play and yea club penguin was fun until i heard about vmk and club penguin was a drag and ever scince vmk closed i have had nothing to do online and no one to talk to! It never occured to me that if VMK closed i would be sad because there is nothing that could replace VMK (ever)! I would do anything to help bring VMK back and i hope you would too and i miss all of my friends on there so this is to the makers and helpers of VMK so please i beg you to bring vmk back into so many lives!
im asking if we really wanted to SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!! we would MAKE THE SERVER NOT FULL!!!!!!!!!!1 i cant sign up its never unful 🙁 no saving for me
Zhane’ a.k.a BirdWoman
Hey this is BirdWoman. Vmk was a really special place to me to hangout with my friends. Id ( i don’t)like vmk closing, i mean it was succesfull to everybody u know what i mean? Everybody loved vmk at the very start when the maker of vmk opened it in 2005.All of us don’t except that vmk is closing… It’s like u closed down vmk u closed down our vmk lifes… well i hope u bring vmk back to life bc it was really special to ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!
VMK has helped to save millions of people’s lives. I’m an example. I used to have zero friends, and I didn’t enjoy talking to people. After I joined VMK, I’m the complete opposite. SAVE VMK!!!!!!!
emo child
save VMK. Disney doesn’t need to close it down just because the year of a million dreams is over! This website has had more hits than Myspace, and is extremly popular. My friends and I will be furious if Virtual Magic Kingdom doesn’t start back up again! M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E!!! Rock on VMK. Keep the spirits high!!!!! =^.^=
emo child
Dear Disney, In commercials and advertisments, you always state the Disney World is for the whole family, and that it will never end. IF THAT IS TRUE, THEN WHY ARE YOU CLOSING DOWN VMK?!???!?! ITS THE SAME THING!! We, as fellow Disney lovers, can only protest against this…this… false advertistzing, and help to set things right. Think it through Cast Members, and Disney employees. =^.^= Emo Child
Hannah A.K.A GalleriaGalleria
PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTION!! I can’t get on to VFK I’ve been waiting 7 weeks 1 day PLZ someone help!!!!!
VMK Lover 1,000,000,000
i am going to disneyland in august, and i will ask my mom if i can speak to the people in charge of VMK, and i will keep bugging the people in charge until they open VMK again. i miss VMK so much, i used to play it every day. i miss VMK so much, and i can’t wait until august. i will bug them for five hours every day I’m there. (a Week and one day) so that’s a full 40 hours. 40 hours worth of bugging might just bring VMK back.
VMK was the one place where i could get away from family problems now that it is gone im on Club Penguin it is not as fun there is no space or people it is penguins i need vmk back plz!!!!!
Plz save vmk or just put vmk back online i really miss it.Just Plz
all i have to say is that disney is just a company to ruin children’s dreams some kids never got to go to disney so when they got on vmk it was like a disney trip for them i met quite a few kids who had never gotten to go to disney i met some really great ppl out there oh and by the way lily like we care this was like our home i had so many great friends yea so ppl did some bad things on there but that could all be fixed and disney you all r just money stealers i went to disney and we spent so much money and by the way vmk head qurters is in disney if u could tell them FinalGoldPicture would love to talk to them and as always i miss everyone on there if i did not even know u u were still one of my friends my broken heart can not be fixed with the next disney scheme i hope disney is really ashamed of them selfs i hope they see this website all these kids now have broken hearts and it is because of them!!! i never ask why i ask how? How could they do this but then i think again disney is just nothing sorry if i sound rude but im telling the truth – With Love Always FinalGoldPicture P.S Have yourself a magical day plz try
heh you closed vmk i want my vmk back
i was so sad when it ended so the last day i got on and stayed there all day til the doors closed it was gone i hate what they done if walt disney were alive he would and could of saved it but its to bad i hope the make a better one i no theres a new one called family kigdom but its not the same…. SOS SAVE VMK THATS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think vmk should stay open because vmk was so popular and everyone loved it! Having found vmk made the internet boring after it left. Both my friend and I agreed that vmk was our best site ever! We felt the worst we ever could have felt when we knew that vmk was closing. 🙁 🙁
Yo yo yo ppls help us with vmk we so don’t it to close forever… e all can do this as long as we can work togetther like family…we all miss vmk so we might as well pray or do whatever for vmk.
I miss ALL my friends on vmk and without vmk i am so bored all the time. I wish it would come back 🙁
I have a HUGE favor for you all, ever since vmk closed I was lonely, I had a girlfreind there called nobody-but-me and if you guys would ask your friends, people you know and go asking ppl you have met on the internet if they are her, I would be greatfull, if you find her, copy and paste this with your info on where to find her on any game on the internet in the comment box. P.s(I hope its ok to do that in the comment box, owner of this site)
even though VMK is closing I will still have the memories of my friends, holidays, and rooms. My cousin Erica and my sister becky had the best time on vmk and so did I. Keep on believing and save VMK
I loved VMK as much as those other thousands of kids. It was a fantastic website. If Disney didn’t close VMK it could make even more money than it is making now. I’m begging you disney. PLEASE OPEN VMK AGAIN! I know it was a promotion but it still was really really cool and fun. I was totally mad about it. VMK had everything! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I miss my friends on VMK! It wasn’t just a game. It was like a second life. I’M BEGGING YOU DISNEY! PLEASE OPEN VMK AGAIN! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Pretty please with ice cream and a cherry and sprinkles and an elephant!
katelyn hansen
i think that this is so dumb to close this all of my friends went on vmk i think vmk should re-open

Posted on June 29:
HEYA!!! ok ppl on June 28 any vmk fan who wants to is going to call in to Radio Disney and say Save VMK!!!!! And if alot of ppl do this this could be huge because if alot of ppl do this and alot r calling in ppl r gonna stop listening 2 radio disney bc they are going 2 annoyed with all these ppl yelling this so this could lose radio disney money and if some of u know disney is now all about money so wat do u guys think? ru gonna do it??
hyperQueen or Kayla
Vmk was my favorite thing to do. I would go on all the time. I had friends on there. I enjoyed everything about it, from potc to just sitting in a guest room. It was my home away from home. Now that its closed I just dont know what to do.
why did vmk have to close its not far at all… it was a place for kids to have fun. i know that virtual family kingdom is open but i wish vmk was still open:( i miss all my friends there but i know i will make new ones…. Plz open vmk again 🙁 Just look at all these messages from all these people!!!!
I remember when I found vmk that on night. I had been bored of club penguin and quite mad about not having fun without paying. But then i found it was like a miracle out there just sucking me in. I used to be so shy that if you talked to me I would look down and want to walk away. But now I can find confedince because of all my friends in vmk. People say that vmk was the best and I agree but vfk is here. To be honest vfk just doesn’t fill the hole in my heart that vmk left. But you know life is just not fair. But also everything happens for a resone. And I think the reason vmk closed was so we can see that disney is not that happy magical company that I thought it was. No it is just a grooup of people who honestly just do not care a fly wether we are happy or not. Some say vmk was just a game but it wasn’t. My friends there were like family. In fact it was as if all of the millions of people that played were just one big family. Memories will never be lost of vmk. But then again memories were never lost of horrible thing as Titanic. But those survivers of titanic moved on and tried to forget it. But no one could because Titanic was a ship they thought was of dreams. AS vmk we thought disney made our dreams come true. But no it doesn’t it just takes away them and tries to give us other dreams that they make a profit from. I will never forget vmk.
Why? It is the word thousands ask as they stare at the now blank that shows when you try to log in to vmk. Others like me don’t say the three letters W.H.Y. we do not say anything at all. We know why. We know why disney destroyed the hearts of many children. WE know. They just are in it for the money. They do not care. That is why this petition did not work. I remember the person I used to be before vmk. I remember never talking in the real world. I did not have very many friends. One night I was just checking out the internet when I saw it. I sat there and I remember thinking “Huh maybe I do not have to play club penguin.” and I cliked it. I made a profile. The first time I stared at the world I knew something magical had happened. My friend list filled and I was on everyday. I remember when I would have bad day at school or wake up from a sleepless night I would think “Wow I can’t wait to play vmk.” Vmk was many of our excape. I would play all day. I would never get bored. I used to think I felt like I was on a sweet island where there were no worries. But know I know the feeling mathced with the people on the Titanic. The movie with the charecter Jack and Rose. At first the passangers were thinking that there dreams were coming true. Just like we did in Vmk. But then that cold night the ship sank. Just like Vmk just sunddenly left up in the dark waters wondering how? Why? “Why would vmk do this to us why? How come I can not play? Why did they close knowing our happiness? How could we have to hit the iceberg?” But truth is they did it out of greedyness. I will never forget that final day. I was chaos. Just like Titanics final night. It kept filling with water until it tipped and finaly sank. Unlike the movie where Rose through her memory of Jack (the neckless) over board we will never forget vmk. Even when I am 100 years old I will sit there thinking I remember When I was 12 and 13 and I played on that would called vmk. I do not care what worlds are coming I do not care. I just care about VMK. VFK might TRY to replace but lets face it even try you will never be able to drop that dimmond over board. Rumors say it will come back. But very little belief in that because they already deleated it probaly and it would take years to restore it and not to mention the millions that will go down in remaking it. But if I had enough money and I was not only 13 who does know how to do these thngs, then I would make a vmk just like it was not changing all the games to fit the past like vfk but I would spend every penny in restoring it. Making sure everyone can play. Because Vmk was not just a game but it was truly a magical world where you can be just like everyone else and be happy. I write knowing that I will never ever ever play an online world beside vfk ever again. Because vfk is trying and I will support them but it will fill my happiness agains like vmk did. -LuckyRealFriend
why couldnt we stop vmk from closing?
I used to play vmk everyday. now there is a new beta “vfk” and it is full so now i can’t play nothing similar to it. these people that closed vmk down should be ashamed. ALOT of people paid money on that game and then all of a sudden lost everyything. they used vmk members to get money for them selfs. and now if they close down vmk they misewell let EVERYONE play on VFK!!!!
Aurielleand Ryan
Vmk was the best site a girl or boy could have!Why did they have to do this???!!! I WANT VMK BACK!!!!!! From:Musiclovers
Nicole AKA SuperStarGirlCutie
Hi! I’m Nicole, AKA SuperStarGirlCutie on vmk. To me, VMK means: a home away from home, a place that i turn to when im sad or angry, a place that I made REALLLLLLLLLY AWESOME REALLLLLLLY GOOD FRIENDS ON!!!!!!! I MISS VMK MORE THEN I MISSED ANYTHING EVER B4 IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on weekends, i would go on the computer as soon as I woke up, and as soon as it turned 10:00, I logged onto VMK. My dad is a lawyer, and I want him 2 sue Disney or whoever closed VMK!!!! (but he wont do it!!!!! -_-) To me, VMK wasn’t just “a game” as some people called it. To me VMK was my second life (and needless to say, I think it was BETTER then my real life!!!!)
Vmk has to come back, or else i’m gonna die!! There’s nothing funner than vmk!!
Sdancer1803, aka Sarah G 🙂
VMK to me was better than the real world. It was a virtual place where you could be yourself, have fun, and forget all of your problems. Even though I really miss VMK, I don’t think we should be mad at Disney. Yes, I know it was a cruel thing to close VMK and make all of the kids that played on it suffer, but Disney was the magic that we knew since we were little (if you’re my age). And Disney brought us this awesome website into our lives, even if they did take it away. I loved VMK, and I will 4ever. I just hope they can open it again. To me, it wasn’t just a website. To some people it might have been. But to me it was a place to “get away.” I bet a lot of people are with me when I say: I LOVE VMK! And I want to say thanks to the people who are working on creating another website like it called vfk. It may not replace vmk completly, but it will help. Bye 4 now – Sarah G
plllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t let vmk go to waste!!!!I well i sould say we luv vmk and its our home!<3VMK<3 every morning i wake up and spend hours on end playing this …… this…. other life of me!how could Disney destroy our community!?!??!?!?!?whoever is the 1 who wants to destroy this community……I hope they die soon…VERY soon!
Pleas let the vmk dream going it kept me out of trouble and we had to give up our friendswe all just love vmk and i know you guys do so please bring vmk back
vmk is the dream i only had my character for a year i cant beleived u guys shut it down u guys need to do me a favor BRING VMK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant belive it with my two eyes vmk closed tears run through my eyes
i think that we the kids have the right to speak and be heard plus we are standing up for what we believe in and i think it’s really cool also i have lots of friends that i’m gonna get to sign and my family
Hi people I CANT BELIEVE IT CLOSED!!! On the petition i saw one of my friend from there. Ms.Clairnette. I was shocked lol but im so sad that it closed! I mean this petition has to work! I really love vmk! I remember finding in in 06 and me and my friend princessbytebyte fell in love with the sight! I had lots of stuff! I CANT BELIEVE ITS GONE!!! I REALLY NEED MY VMK! 🙁 I can’t believe it wont come back! I would always wake up and count the seconds down from 10 till it opened! Me and my friend princessbytebyte even had a virtual sleepover! I will miss everyone!!! My name was: Sarapiggy Sign The Petition People!!!!
Maggiethebig- How Do I Sign Up For VFK?
Hi! Maggiethebig again. I preregistered for beta, then tried to enter VFK, but nothing happened. What went wrong? Can I get some assistance? PLEASE? [Even if you pre-registered, you still have to Register. Go to, click on Register and follow the directions… Contact VFK for help if you need it!! VFK is great!!!]
it was a heartbeaking day when we had to say goodbye to most of our vmk friends and try to find them someplace like youtube or vfk. vmk has been closed for over a month now, and i thought we could stop them before chaos. when vmk was 4hours from closing, i cried. i still remember the song from the tiki stereo, and every time i think of it, i feel lonely. and now i really wanna punch the guy who thought it would be fun to break 20,000+ poeples hearts. it wasnt “just a stupid game” but it was like a second life. looking backon it now, i reall wish we couldve stopped them. it was 20,000 to a few, and we are the winners, and they had to suffer, so at least we tried and we made our goal just in time. that dreadful night, i was thinking ‘they could still change their minds. vmk might be open again in the morning, and our lives will go back to normal again.” but sadly we didnt make it. swome of us lost all our memories, but for the rest, only a few color photos and videos. now ill be late posting my last day video, but im sure we can show the world how we feel.
Brooke *iBrookie*
The hats, the music. The friends, the memories. Yavn made a HUGE mistake. I have alot to say. VMK is an addiction. Logging on every day just to make magic. Sure, it can damage your eyes and make you fail the whole grade your in because you never do your homework or study. But VMK… WOW. Yes there was some of bad language and content kids 10 and under should NEVER see. But its not that. VMK was about the MAGIC. Roller, Little, Sunet, Add, all my friends. Or should I say: BFF. I learned all the AIM chat from VMK. VFK… Sorry but not so fun. As garfield_boy made in his comment. I miss peoples randomness, and making my friends laugh about the weirdest things. I mean I could say cupcake and they’d completely LOL ROTFL on me. I would be sitting on the couch with my laptop and if I heard something funny I would laugh and almost “go” in my pants. My parents would say: What is so funny? Of course parents are old and don’t get the new inside jokes. Like my song and dance: Roxiboo loves her newbie shoes! newbie shoes! Those were the days. I look back at my pix on vmkpal and say: Oh yeah! I remember that joke! Or: I remember her! I always used to be twins with her. What about the friends. Rollercoastergal, now iVictoria. Not picking favorites, and I know we werent good friends in the end but like Hannah Montana said (@_@) Youre a true friend that stays till the end. Roller and I had so many good memories. And all our tiny pointless fights. But then… it was the day before VMK had announced the closing. We got into a HUGE fight. Not even kidding. I know this is virtual but really this made me cry because we were so close. She said: Rocks, we never hang out anymore and you wouldnt get our inside jokes. but (a name i wont say) is my bff now. I was shocked by that. Then we made up. Next day. I was off VMK and my friend who showed me VMK in the first place called me and said: Omg Brooke you will never guess what news I have. Its TERRIBLE. HORRIBLE. VMK… is… closing down…. I couldnt help but SCREAM!!!!!!!!! I never knew that a game with such good pals and memories would close down. The summer time… where I would have a friend over and we would go swimming then Id get out 30 minutes later, go upstairs and log onto vmk because I couldnt stand being away. I know smoking is bad but vmk isnt like smoking. its worse in a way. hahaha. its more of an addiction than smoking. it cant make you die or anything like smoking but there are stalkers. The only thing bad about online chat games like this. Of course our VMK staff keeps us in line and makes sure nothing bad will happen. With the save chat and much more. Do you know that the first time I went on vmk I was starting my soccer season in fall almost exactly 2 years ago. I remember the date I started and made my first out of 9 accounts. sammie-rox. the legend i call her. November 1st 2006. Vmkers would as me: I have seen you before. Have you had any other accounts you’ve been on for a while? I would say: Yeah. sammie-rox froggie_rox captain_puma ace-chase dream.big skilled-monkey-rox iSammie and my last, iBrookie. Over the years Ive had minnie lost twice. I finally got it. For Free. From a quest. I was so happy, and I never let anyone wear it unless it was an old account. And who could forget the cowboy pants. Everyone had to have a pair. They were what everyone wore with ANYTHING. It all looked good. VMK was a game for all. I learned how to type fast from VMK. Oh this just is not fair. All these memories I have… They eat me up inside and kill me. 99.9% of my heart was VMK. I know I know family and friends should always come first… But heck… VMK IS MY FAMILY!! In one minute, VMK would be closing for the night right now. Who ever knew that VMK would close it’s gates at ten for good. VMK run through our lives again. I cannot stand the pain. I will wait for you. Forever. Forever. This game cannot be replaced in my heart. I know listening to sad music and looking back at memories makes me even more teary-eyed, but it’s kinda worth the tears. I thought VMK made me live. I can barely stand on all fours. hahaha yeahh right. This is not a ‘hahaha’ situation now. I haven’t thought about VMK in a while because of animals dieing, fires, family members passing away… Then I finally go on my laptop for the first time today. I check my e-mail and all those kid games i used to go on. Just to see if they are still there. Seeing if they didnt close down on me like VMK did. It’s just not fair at all. Looking on my memories. There are alot of people who say: Im VMKs number one fan for life!!! But in my mind I proudly say I am VMKs number ONE fan for infinity. Listen to Wait For You by Elliot Yamin. Look at YOUR VMK memories. Dont stop reading half way through this. I dont know how every VMK player feels about this I dont kow if everyone feels the same way I do. but if you really think about this, it’s a stupid computer game. hahaha! YEAHH RIGHT. I think sometimes. People don’t close down their stores if they are making good money. A game shouldnt close down if it has 10000000 people on it. Think about it you guys. You close down your computer thinking it will be on the next morning bright and early at 7. “I will get my user back in ten years because I got banned. VMK will still be opened.” Think again smart one. Look at vmk now. You dont come on in forever then you go on to see if your ban is still there. “Sorry VMK is closed for good.” I have a feeling when I get into this. I wanna scream cry hurt someone and puke at the same time. A weird feeling I dont know if other people have. Or I just have a problem. Seeing these comments I think only a few people like I.Am.Andy really know what is going on. Not calling any of you newbies, but some people are CLUELESS. Its not about being mad. Im mad too. It’s VMKs heart that makes it work. Like all of us. VMK had a huge heart. It’s virtual park, staff, and all the players. Hey Hey! We cant forget about Yeti, and Ned! Our NPCs! I thought that stood for nice people credits. What a dork I am! It’s Non-playing Characters. Remember the newbie outfit you came into the park with? When you thought the NPCs were real people on the other computer half way around the world? And you were really talking to them? I got so into this game that i had dreams about it. It’s not the same dreaming about it and not going on VMK telling people about the crazy dream. I had my break from VMK. We need it back. Waking up at 6 in the morning and waiting for an hour, then thinking Virtual Magic Kingdom is closing the gates for just that night. Well come to find out. The dream would come to an end. The three year dream. Well I guess Ive said it all. Thanks for reading what I have to say. Please, We need to get VMK back in our hands. No, Not new accounts please. The same ones. Open in October VMK, as soon as possible. well, ASAP.Time flies when your having fun. When youre living the dream. I miss you VMK. And the honking sound when I got a pm. I miss EVERYTHING. Mostly, living the dream…… – I Love you all – -<3Roxiboo<3- iBrookie<3<3
VMK was like my life…I was really excited for 10 to come around, becuase that’s when it opened. I think Disney screwed up this time, and I know everyone is upset that its closed. SO PLEASE BRING VMK BACK!
VMK Lover 1,000,000,000
guy sorry to say, but the donate thing is off. my mom said people might not believe us. so i say just keep annoying Disney until they open VMK again. everyone is saying it, but no one is doing it. so lets all start bugging Disney.
VMK Lover 1,000,000,000
the donate thing i set up, did not work. it took three weeks and all we got was $100. i didn’t do it anymore and i gave the people’s money back. and the guide only gave us $50. but he said keep it so i have $50 now. but i might start it again. this time my dad will make me my own website. i am still thinking of names for it. remember i said i might do it. i might take three years to buy VMK back, but i’ll do whatever it takes. if VMK gets reopen, i will play it until i die!
VMK Lover 1,000,000,000
i am so happy that we have this website. we can express our anger of VMK closing. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! VMK CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i make my website u guys better donate or little kids will cry each and every morning for the rest of there lives. i am kinda getting off topic, but i am thinking of making my own online game called Chatmaster. it will have all the things VMK does and more. but i know nothing about computers so i will take classes, and my dad will help me. in about a year maybe Chatmaster will be out! YAY!!!! maybe it will.
Ghost (again)
lets send all the comments and the petition to Disney. maybe they will bring VMK back. or maybe they already are. How much money will it cost to buy VMK?? i will go to the end of the world to bring VMK back. where ever i went i had to have my computer with me. even when we went out to eat. and guess what game i had to play no matter where i was. that’s right VMK. now that’s VMK is gone, my computer is useless now. (i even played it in compter calss in school, and i still use it sometimes to go on VFK and SaveVMK)
doghcat (cousin of funnymuddle if you know her) if you know either of us read this plz
hey my username was doghcat and mybff/cousin was funnymuddle if you knew either of us ill miss you and even though funnymuddles in another state right now i know she misses you too all of my friends have been great!! bye my awesome friends!! -cries- if you go to clubpenguin im hb818283 and in webkinz im doghcat. keep in touch! oh and im usually in lime green webkinz and big fooot, crunch, mittens, or big snow in clubpenguin! funnymuddle is funnypug29 in webkinz and is usually lime green as well. she is always big foot in clubpennguin and is in the town her person is hbsparkle. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!
VMK could get thousands a month if they charged even 1 mere dollar a month! -cries- i miss vmk best of luck getting it back!!
Closing VMK is probably the dumbest thing Disney has ever (will ever)made. I started playing VMK in October of 2005. I found it through playing a NEOPETS game. Who would have ever thought that NEOPETS had connection with VMK?! Once I signed up I became addicted to the game. I always wanted to go to Disney World just to go the VMK store, I never been to Disney World! I even did a report in school on VMK because it was one of the safest site on the web! Disney doesn’t know how much it hurt the players of VMK and even their parents!! I still have hope on bringing VMK back. All these rumors about VMK coming back I BELIEVE. Its still A MILLION DREAMS year and our dream to have VMK back could be one of those millions of dreams. VFK is great and all, but it would have never even been invented if VMK wouldnt have closed. They think just because were sad about VMK, they want to create a new virtual world but, will NEVER compare to VMK. Lots of parents spent MONEY [$$$] on making there daughter’s/son’s character look their best. Where did all the money go? What is VMK gonna invest it in? I had a friend who switch schools before going into middle school and the only way to talk to each other was through VMK. That will never be the same anymore. VMK needs to take a look at this site and see all these comments and actually read them to see how much we care about VMK. I heard some people are willing to pay. Those are TRUE VMK players at heart. <3
Hey I haven’t cried since I was three but I cried when VMK closed and it meant so much to me my insides hurt I will say I’m a neverous wreck VFK is good but not like VMK I know my friends where virtual but they are still real and it still hurt to lose them. Listen Milklady, NiceNeonGirl, Cosmicderk, Starbaety, eprice and Naterocks you guys mean the world to me more people know me but I can’t remember all of them so anyways I glove you guys and if you remember Yo yo hello and Lol room plus Milklady Howdy I finally beat you! So Please bring VMK back
bring vmk back or else…..
Brittany (Cutesoftballqueen)
The first time I ever heard about VMK was when I was playing a game on neopets:P I started playing in October of 2005 and I fell in love with the game. All the friends I made, playing games, getting free stuff was soo much fun. My favorite game was falling chairs, I always hated cute or boot because it seemed stupid but you seem to win more rare that way. I wish (hope) VMK will open up again and stay forever!! I signed up for VFK so hope to see you guys there=. My VFK name is DanceCutieBrittany.
hi every vmker out there i thought i kingsurfer the biggest vmk friek could live without vmk and now i know that i cant. club penguin is extremely boring! please help find a way to bring back vmk. vmk oh vmk dont stay closed i barely got to play:-( i was two months old on vmk:-(
VMK wasn’t only a virtual world. To me and many others it was like a virtual heart. It brought thousands of people together. It made me who I am today. It was like a portion of my childhood. When I went on to see VMK was closed, I was heartbroken. I couldn’t believe they would close such a hardworking sucsessful site. It is an amazing Disney classic for many children. Please, save vmk! It deserves everything back. I love vmk with all my heart. Come back VMK we miss you.
Lizzy ( )
Next year, May 21, 2009, Bad Scenario: We will remember the day VMK closed. There will be gatherings in WDW and DLR. Good Scenario: We’re sitting at computers Playing VMK And Having Fun With all of our friends! Well, which do you want? Do you want to be at a gathering in disney land, standing around a computer in a coffin? With Gas &10.00 a gallon? OR DO YOU WANNA BE ON THE COMPUTER PLAYING WITH YOUR FRIENDS, FORGETTING THE TROUBLE OF THE WORLD????!!! I CHOSE NUMBER 2!!!! WHAT ABOUT YOU???!!!
I just got back from WDW this April. of course, Disney was so fun and I missed it very much. VMK, was like Disney it self. it was virtual, you can make new freinds, it is safe, I love VMK. it makes me feel like im still at Disney World. it is sad to see these videos and pictures of people saying Bye VMK! It CRUSHES ME to see how sad those users are. Shame on you yavn for closing such a wonderful site. i dont care if it is some expectation. everything on VMK is the same has real life!!! I’ll start playing VFK now.
Hey you guys! I’m so happy because my birthday is June 25 and well… I got my birthstone its really expensive but I had rather have VMK! (My birthstone is alexandrite, moonstone and pearl) (Look for me on spider-man) (I’m his 4th cousin) My friend Blair got his vote! WOOT WOOT!!!! ~*Lunaflur*~
Nicholas ( DizzyGracefulTop )
I JUST GOT BACK FROM DISNEY WORLD. I miss it really much. Vmk is just like disney world. Exept virtual, fun, safe, It is life living your own life on the intrernet. Before i even went to disney, I watched the vacation planning video. it told you, log on to i discovored the greatest game of my life. Being in Disney virtually. ive met great freinds that have helped me alot. just because its a promotion, dosent mean you can just close it for good in a couple of years. Alot of people NEED vmk. Ill do anything to fight for the magic. Fairy god mother is against you Yavn, so am i and everyone else who sighned this pention. think about that! EVERYONE LOVED YOU CAUSE OF THIS WEBSITE! THANK YOU YAVN! YOU DID A GREAT JOB OF CLOSING DOWN THE KINGDOM WE LOVE! VMK FOREVER! RIP VMK
this is truly the saddest thing i have been trough in my entire life. for me vmk wasn’t just a game it would be a time to escape my problems and sadness even at school i played it no matter what happened my friends ( cutiealy, iamjustbeenme, clever cool rocket) and lots more were always there for me at school ppl bully me and stuff but vmkwould be a time that noone would bother me even if they were mean i would ignore them this is the saddest thing in my whole life 🙁 if vmk ever comes back i won’t play it bc how am i not sure they will not quit in 3 years again?no way i am not planing to play it anymore and i hope that when they realize what they did they will beg us to forgive them.
Why would you close it in the first place and plus close it right before summer break! Now the people who were on VMK have nothing to do over the summer bc of you people. What was the point of trying to get Dream Ears or Sparrow or Stich Hat if you were just going to close it. IT WAS POINTLESS! You guys made THE WORST choice of your life! Thanks a lot!

Posted on June 23:
vmk was the first thing i thought of every morning at ten, i would get up and run to the computer excited to start a party or be vmks next top model. when vmk announced it was closing i was outraged. i couldnt beleive that these people would be as rude enouph as to close it. being angry with vmk i stopped playing i couldnt keep playing something where these rude people were. i made many friends at vmk and it touched my heart as it touched others to and i am very mad that the people of disney would stoop that low as to ruin this wonderful thing, may i be the first to say VIRTUAL FAMILY KINGDOM YOU ROCK MY SOCKS! thanks
Aricool (real name is Arianna)
if my best friends distentshinnyjazz and hamsterdance are reading this i just want to tell u i will real miss you!hamsterdance ur a great friend u help me when i was sad. Distentshinnyjazz ur one of my first friends. i’ll miss u real bad :(. i hope i’ll see u on vfk. my name is the same as vmk. i gotta go bye
Elissa (Lily-Ann)
I can’t beleive they closd VMK down! I had lots of fun playing and i had tons of items that I both bought and got from the real park. I knew somthing was fishy when they closed down the park quests, and I was right about somthing bad happening. I am glad you made your own remake to remind us all what the game was like. It would be awesome to slowly restore it to what it was like. I read about the idea of being able to play fix different characters, I think you should just make it two, one boy and one girl, and let people costimize them with whatever clothing you happen to have at the moment. What would be even better would be to let them earn money and but their own stuff. but that would be pretty hard. At least VFK has come along, now if only I can figure out how to join! Lol. Good luck! You have my whole support! Lily-Ann
ok everyone, u wont BELIVIE THIS!!! my dad is a real estate seller, and a week ago he sat down with one of executive Disney producers! My dad said, “All my kids played this game called VMK, and their very disappointed that it closed.” Guess wat?? the producer said, “Yea, everyone is very sad. The thing is, we didn’t create vmk, another company we hired created vmk and quit on us. We are in the proccess of making vmk again (!!!!) it will probably be up and running in two years.” can u believe that?? vmk’s coming back! if u don’t believe me, wait two years and then u will!
Con from VMK =)
I know that VMK has been closed for some time now, but it still hurts. VMK wasn’t just a game – it was an escape from real life, into something that always brought me joy – Disney. I’ve never been able to truly enjoy the fun of the Magic Kingdom from home, until I discovered this game. Since I joined, I’ve made great friends, and climbed the ladder in this game. I remember just getting up on summer mornings to play the game, and getting ready for the competitions with my friends. It was far more than a game – it was truly reality. Things that happened in the game affected my attitude in real life. If I’d acquire a new item I’d been working towards, it’d make me feel better, and I’d just be in a happier mood. I remember getting in line for almost HOURS at a time for a host room, just to win a pin. But that wasn’t the point. It was just the fun of the game – the excitement of it. HOST_Lily was my favorite host from the beginning, and when she visited my room, it was just one of the best memories I have of the game. People treated each other kindly most of the time, and I made great friendships that last through more than just a pirate game or two. I knew that the person on the other side of the computer screen was REAL – that person was someone I made a friendship with, and it’s almost not fair to lose that after years of playing. Disney trips became more frequent and even more exciting during VMK. Turning in quests at VMK central, and working towards those “rare” items in the park was fun. I have memories with my real friends that would go to Disney with me (like Dog =D) and we’d ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin just for those cards at the end. We’d buy candy from Frontierland for a penny press. It feels different to just have all of that taken away in one moment. Sure, we had a month in advance or so to realize that this was coming, but it takes more than a month to realize that you’ve lost something that became a part of everyday life. VMK was something that was always “there”, and no matter what, it’s always there in my heart. Sure, that sounds really cheesy, and it was just “a game”, but true players like myself know the truth – it wasn’t just a game. Thank you for everything, VMK. These are times that I’ll remember forever. Even if I never hear the opening music to VMK when I log in again, I’ll always remember the fun that Disney gave me for almost 3 years. Thanks for everything. =) – Con
This is The sadist Thing that has Happend After My Great Grandfathers Death This Has Made My Feelings Stronger And More Emotional i Cry More And More Of Just Thinking Of This I Think If Walt Disney Was Here To See This And Over 12 Million People And Kids Love this. He’d Probly Save this Because I Heard Mr.Disney Was a Very very Kid Man And i want him to be Happy In Heven So Do the right Thing Please I Know Walt Said It May be better To Let Things Go But we’ve Gotten So… Attached To This Its Like Letting Someone Fall Off a Cliff, If i wasted My Time writing This ( My Hands Hurt) But Maybe What If Walt Really Let go on his death. Like Letting someone Fall off a Cliff. Thank you Love, Maery (Nixi HI!)
VMK was a way of sharing the joy of Disney on a daily basis. I could go in and build a room and share it with my friends and the community, I could have a great time playing Pirates, Ghosts, and Fireworks with my friends. We would play friendly/fierce Pirates. We would assist each other in ghosts, “cleaning” each other off after a ghost attack and use each other as magnets for attracting and repelling ghosts. We would try to get the best score of our group in Fireworks, or pick a score and come as close as we could to it. I met many good friends on the pirate dock and the castle fireworks lobby. VMK was my daily dose of Disney. I would find myself thinking about how things were made and how they could be altered to make them better, or how much effort was spent on what was there. How intricate and beautiful the artwork was for rooms, outfits, inventory, and pins. Of course it made me even more eager to go to the parks, and once at the parks gave me more of an appreciation of what had been created for our amusement both at the park and in the virtual park. The characters movement, outfits, furniture and rooms were so well designed; they screamed this is part of Disney, the one that Walt built. This was something I could not allow to pass, at least not completely. When I started playing this game in October of 2005, I was instantly enthralled by it. I moved through the world and took pictures of every screen. It was so amazing to me. I heard that Sulake was the company behind the �engine� that made it work. Knowing this I went to the web and did a search for them. I found the main office and there was a contact link. I sent a message to try and find out if their engine was available. To my disappointment the return email said they do not license it or sell it. I sent back an email asking about their situation with VMK, and never received further correspondence. I went to look at other games that used the Sulake engine and was amazed how different and Kubrick the characters looked. I was very un-impressed. There was such a Disney difference I took more pictures and thought to myself I would have to put this together someday. Over the course of the almost 3 years, I became more interested in the game, and though I continued taking pictures; I lost track of my earlier thought of rebuilding this wonderful place. There was no need, it would be here forever. When my friend Ink found me in the Emporium and asked me if I had heard the news, I was gob smacked. I couldn�t believe they would close something that was such a great community and a wonderful project. I sat back from the keyboard and stared at the monitor. After a few minutes, and a quick check to the VMK home page, I made up my mind to go back to my original plan of capturing this wonderful place that I had spent so much time in and made so many friends while inhabiting. Instead of spending the next 40 some odd days being sad and miserable I began capturing everything I could. I have shared this with many and am very happy to do it. This is not a place to advertise, nor is my intent. I want VMK back! I didn�t want it to go. During the last month, I have spent time looking at and recreating, in my own little way, the Kingdom I have come to love. It is as much a part of Disney to me as either of the Parks in the states. I would like to add my voice, as one of many, to those of you who are here in hopes that it becomes that much louder and reaches the ears of those who need to hear this, and have some impact on the reviving of VMK or even a VWDW. So long as the idea and the feel is the same. VMK was a great place to make friends, memories, and to get that Disney feeling. GPDOT
why close vmk that was the only website i went on i made my parents buy me 1,000 dollar labtop just for this website please please please!! put this website back on air
colby mears
hey i looked at your site today. i did sign it back before vmk closed. I was rainbowofhearts. vmk meant the world to me in real life im a girl who has so many thngs going wrong. Then i came accross vmk and i was on it for three years it was my escape away from the things wrong. My friends were special and even if their virtual it doesn’t make them any less real and when i saw that post saying vmk was going to close i felt sick like someone had thrown me against a brick wall and punched me in the stomach. I agree with what walt disney once said. He once said this. “its kinda fun to do the impossible.” Disney did do the impossible they created a site for kids like me to feel safe, wanted, and needed. Then in one day destroyed that. Walt would have never wanted that to happen he believed imagination could open so many doors for people. Or that sitting in a classroom being lectured on to use less imagination and more thinking was a waste of the worlds most important natural resource the mind of a child. well i guess that could be it without trying to find more words. I love you vmk with all my heart forever and for always. and thank you for making this petition for trying to keep vmk alive for me and everyone else.
To this day im still tempted to click on the internet and type in I miss all my friends and im so bored. A lot of people said that VMK was just a site they used to waste time but to me, VMK is like a family. The only reason i asked for internet on my computer, was to get on vmk. I swaer, vmk was like my life in teenie tiny virtual form. It was a place to get away from all my worries and just be me. VMK is not like other virtual sites. I wish the rumors are true that vmk will open back up. I wanna believe it. Now, all i do is search for a site to meet back with all my friends. Everyone thought VMK was just joking, but the day it closed, i cried. It takes a lot for me to cry. But from what i said you could tell why.
I don’t enjoy the new VFK! It’s nothing like VMK. I enjoyed VMK more. I know they’re trying to help,but it’s just getting worse. I now regret all that time I wasted NOT being on VMK. I made so many friends, got so happy when I was sad, and enjoyed the best place not on Earth. GalacticHero and I were pretty close friends. Now we never get to talk. Him and baseballprodude were always being funny and everything. I was never so close to people I don’t even know! I want to know what kind of people would want to take away such a great site. It’s safe, it’s fun, it’s all the kewl :] I never get treated right at home, and when I actually found that my REAL home was closing,I felt that without that love I could die. I felt as if my world was turned around. I had always been complaining about quitting. I never did, and I’m thankful! Except for that day when I came to realize everyone had to quit earlier or that day it would close. I tried to keep in contact with all my friends. sora-dude convinced me to not quit. I love him like a brother for that! In my room, as I was about to quit, I met GalacticHero and we just became really good friends. I can’t believe it just…went like that. If I could have one wish…instead of all those other possibilities,I would choose for VMK to open. I would give up everything, even life, to get VMK up again. It changed many people’s lives. I have so many memories on there that wouldn’t be saved anywhere else except my heart. If they kept it running longer, what difference would it make if it kept going? If they enjoyed running it as much as we had playing it, it wouldn’t be fair to have to give it up at least without a vote. They never asked us if we wanted it to go. Would they rather lose the people that make them feel special, or the site that made all of it possible? I just miss you all so much…I even miss Max! I’m on VMK Magic. Nathalialforlyf or iNathy. Love you all <3
PeanutPrincess (for the 6th time oops)
Well sorry about sending so many messages to this site but it really means a lot to me. It keeps VMK alive in my mind, and I’m finding that I can remember what it was like to type furiously to my friends on VMK. I miss everything about VMK- the games, the music, the magic, the friends, the jokes, the laughter…even the dc, the lag, the ‘VMK Has Crashed’ message…the memories. When I clicked on the link the the virtual walk-through of VMK, I was excited to see what this person had prepared. WHen I clicked the Enter button, it transported me back in time to VMK. I swear, just the sight of the opening page and the sound of the background music started me crying. I called my friend (who was a HUGE VMK fan) and told her about the site, and immediately she logged on to check it out. We almost cried over the phone, and it reminded me of how much I miss VMK. It reminded me of how I used to respect and trust Disney. It reminded me of how cruel Disney was to close VMK and shatter the dreams of thousands of people. Now, I’m still a Disney fan…just not as much. My friend’s mom works for Disney (not the part that dealt with VMK though), and I still think that’s a dream job. Maybe, when I’m old enough to get a job, I can join Disney and ask them to reopen VMK. Maybe, they’ll consider my choice. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll reopen VMK and unleash the magic once more. Wow, that was long! lol! sorry about that, but i kinda got emotional lol 🙂 and btw if any of you want to find me, i was PeanutPrincess on VMK, am on VFK, and am Smurf Ette on Club Penguin. If you see me on a website, just walk up to me and say you used to go on VMK. I’ll welcome you, because I’m hanging onto everything about VMK with the hope that I’ll never forget it.
My VMK name was Maggiethebig. I got interested in playing Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom when I saw an advertisment for it on another “online world” site. I checked it out and it was really cool, so I became actively involved. I went to the park(s) often with with my family and did the quests and got the codes. I had been playing for about a year when we had to stop the quests because the closed the kiosks at the parks. (I still have some old quest sheets I look at.) Then another year later, my best friend moved to the other side of the country. I was devestated. We both were in Club Penguin so we could talk with a less strict dictionary, but VMK was our favorite because we could “see” each other as actual “people”. She played at a friend’s house for a while, but whenever she played at home, her internet would break. I always hoped we would get a chance to talk in VMK again, but when news broke of it closing, I was so devestated that I didn’t play for three weeks straight! I could not even go onto the main site and look at the letters V-M-K without getting tears in my eyes. When the day finally came for it to go, I made a movie about VMK on the computer, filming every single room for at least three seconds. When GPDOT opened I went there and was AMAZED! It is an almost exact replica of the VMK we know and love. It has all the old rooms that were removed such as Spell Room and the old POTC Lobby. It has Club33 and the Dream Suite rooms, too! Even though it could never replace VMK, it is a comfort to know that someone out there is willing to spend countless hours a day recreating this experience for us. Ever since VMK closed, I have had nothing to do on the internet. I tried playing Club Penguin, but it wasn’t the same and it pained me to see “Disney” floating up there. Virtual Family Kingdom is great, I’m sure, but they will not administer a password to me so I can’t communicate with other VMKers there… yet. I encourage you to take action in a responsible, adult-like manner by writing Disney and e-mail or letter with the addresses on this site. I miss my VMK pals dearly, so if you are reading this, buddies, know that I remember and miss you. Walt Disney said, “For all who come to this happy place, welcome”. I beleive that if Walt were alive today, he would stand up for VMK and keep it open so that those who enter it’s virtual gates are always welcome. Thanks for reading. KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!!!! SAVE VMK!!!!
Ghost (Again)
i just went to Boston for a class trip, and i told all my friends VMK closed. we came up with this….. a place where you can raise money to buy VMK, and then re-open it! i even told the guide we had for the trip. he said he might do it.
Ok, I came up with a couple Great ideas to Save VMK, or BBM!! 1: All the people with toon towns and Club Penguins and such should riot and protest inside the game, 2: Keep on annoying Disney. Just send them all sorts of spam, and Save VMK stuff. I cant write the rest, Coleen (COLCOL)
I have not seen a tragety like this my i have played for two years and now this it jus makes me sad and i want to play i miss my friends its just so sad to hear about this i just want it to come back it has been boring when vmk is gone i just want to see that buttion again thats says play and log in and see my friends i was gone for a few days and when i was gonna come back i was gonna host a party for my friends and then i see no buttion thats just makes me sad to never see my vmk friends again
disney you screwed up big time. you put vmk down chhushing a world away from real.
Hi me again!just want to say plzzzzz don’t get rid of vmk because you really don’t need to and it’s just not worth throwing away.just think after months of inventing vmk and all the time and efort you guys have put into vmk and after all of it your just gonna act like it never ment anything and close it completly.plzzz don’t do this to us disney i really want vmk to stay!Thanks Luv Alisha
I have been playing VMK for about 2 years now and it has been a blast. I dicided to take a break for vmk for a little while because i had a ton of school projects to began. A couple months later in the the summer when i was finally free to play vmk with out any school projects, it was closed. i was completly upset. my parents knew how much vmk ment to me because i did not own any vidio games. PLEASE VMK REOPEN!!! U ARE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me and my sister were super gluded to vmk and played it 24/7 it was like we were reborn into a knew world. I am dieing for vmk to open its gates again,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
isadora i think what u are doing is the best u are trying to save vmk and i hope we can save it it is the best website i have every gone to and i can not find any of my best friends on here i really hope we can bring back VMK from VMK player: Kimmythecutie
im kind of dissapointrd vmk shut down we need to save this for ever
I like vmk because it a place for kids to get away from the hectec real life. It is fun and u get to talk to ppl in a safe comunnity. so thx for trying to save vmk. U rock
i will miss every one on vmk i just feel bad because now we are leaving our advengers and going but people that is life we can not play on game forever
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how come you closed vmk its the best site ever to be made plz open it up as soon as posible plz i begging
This is my new website. Please take a look. It’s probably not as good as others. but it might help one way or another.
Dannie ( Daniyelle )
OK so now i have tears in my eyes from all these comments. and i agree with you all. We loved vmk and whenever we were down all your friends would cheer you up, Thank Disney for making VMK but They never did care what we though, and if they did close it why not when it gets unpopular not when everyone loves it dearly <3 ally REOPEN VMK PLEASE!!! Blair My birthday is June 25 and for my birthday the best gift I could ever get is VMK back. And you guys I’m not even kidding I got my dad to call some people and we got Tobey Maguire to vote as well! ( not a lie ) BrightThunderLime HEY!!! I know, writing again lol. So I just got signed on for the “waiting list” for VFK and im under Bright on the game. if theres a lil signature-y thing ill post something about being BrightThunderLime on there. i miss my friends sooo much. I saw the walk through and Fantasyland in the sky, and i nearly broke into tears (almost everything in my vmk life happened there) I really miss ya’ll and wish i could talk to more people than i am!!!! Brave: I never got to say goodbye to vampire dude, and that made me sad 🙁 Oh, and stay away from that three story window!!!! Powerful: hope u had a good b-day! Skater: errr i just talked to you Chat: i miss you so much! I remember when u told skater something u weren’t supposed to and made me hide under a table. LYLAS!!! Yellow”: i still luv u like a sis girl! >_< miss u hella much! Leafy: LOL drum solo!!!!!! 😀 nice pink shirt btw. Glad: thanks for being such a great friend to me!!! Silver: I still dont like u. I still dont like you ALOT. Scar: thanks for cyan land and happy b-day!!! Moon: for God’s sake is that rope still there?!?! Meeko: T.T i never got 2 say goodbye to u lol. I loved you all so much! you guys and VMK seriously changed my year for the better!!!! Everytime I look back on all our memories (the rope, vampire dude, – dream.i sighes -, LOL moments etc.) I laugh. I still laugh when our inside jokes pop up in real life. people look at me like im crazy 😀 “What the waffles?!” “Why dont u do us all a favor ninja boy, and Go Jump In A Lake!!!” “You’re GROUNDED Cyan lady!!!” The weird list 😀 until later, and possiblly on VFK whenever this “waiting list” thing ends. 😀 U PPL TOTALLY ROCK MY SOX!!! <3 Em (bright kenai soda orange, bright-whitie) oh and ace, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
Thanks for taking my friends on VMK away … my only friends.True friends.Nice people. People I could trust.But you took that away from all of us. Now no one is going to come to the real magic kingdom.I hope your happy for hurting children.
FragileTiredPuppy – Sydney
greatmeyay ( VMK title )
As we all know, Disney has recently closed the MMOG, (massive multiplay online game)VMK. To the hundreds of thousands of people across the world all know those whom pericipate in them feel like they are very, very, real. I, myselft, have been in VMK for about two years. It is sad how Disney is failing to meet the needs of their customers. By Disney standards, VMK had to small of a population for the cost. Who knows if we will ever prove that one right or wrong. Although both you and I have had many hardships letting VMK go, it is time to….just let it go. As we all have saw, Disney is ignoring us, or possibly trying to avoid us. Their thoughts and plan is working. Do you want some fruit or vegies? Well if you do you’ll spend money on Disney. Want to see that new cool movie Wall.E? Well your giving money to Disney too in that case. Disney is completely aware it is almost impossible to avoind them. Since they won’t even answer our e-mails, letters, phone calls. The idea of them opening VMK again is absurd. They can not make it a pay to play game out of VMK because the entire game would need re-coded. That money could be spent for a more useful cause like making a new virtual pay to play world. It is a simple fact of life in big name-brand companies, money first. VMK was not responsible for it’s closing either. Disney is not just a single company, it is hundreds of little companies bonded into one giant incorporation. So having this Disney is able to make money off of a lot of different items. In one of these companies stood a group of technical people. People that could make an online virtual world. So Disney funded them to make our home, VMK. But little did we know that Disney no longer needed VMK, so they cut off funding. After this loss, VMK had no choice but to close VMK. VMK probably did the lying to us because of a contract. This possible contract could enable Disney to not let VMK bad-mouth them. So there you have it, VMK is not at fault, VMK is still clean in my perspective. This should no longer be save VMK, but Save Disney, for they have broken our hearts. Also like in our real life, we make friends. Just as in real life when we lose a friend that is terribely heartbreaking. It could be ten years later when you think about that friend again, but since you no longer can be with them, you still cry. You shall continue to cry for the loss for the rest of your life. Closing VMK also has a long-term effect. Many kids play VMK because they don’t like they way they are in real life. On VMK, and on VMK alone, is where their only friends are. That also includes military kids that move every year or so. Even when they moved and lost all of their real friends. They will always have their friends on VMK. That is why Disney broke our hearts and left us unspoken……….
CuteSavvvyRox (savannah mapes)
i realllly hope vmk re-opens bc i made some really awesome friends that i wont ever see again. and why would disney do something as awful as this! ITS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!
Sand star, Ice star, Tree star or Lion star! if any of you are here plz answer!! i miss you so much!!!!!!!!!! PLZ ANSWER!!!!!! use your vmk user names. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant even play clans with my stuffed cats without thinking of you. PLZ… i miss you so much all of you. Ice star’s bravery. Sand star’s kindness. Tree star’s funniness. Lion star’s Loyalty. I miss you all. PLZ I WANT TO TALK TO YOU! this is how i feel. plz answer me!
DuckSwimmer aka Lauren L.
Don’t give up everybody! We came so far, vmk is closed. But their is a chance it could re-open. Dont give up everyone!! Just keep trying!!
With Starlight_Dreamer!!
I am with starlight_dreamer!! Like, sure Disney closed. But you don’t have to go around blaming Disney! Or even as stupid and immature as, ” I hate Yavn because he doesn’t want us to play on VMK any more! WOW. Who would say that?? And also, of course. I had played on VMK for about a year, maybe a half a year, but even, I still am sad. I still hate that VMK closed. But I am not hating anybody for it! I am just hating that it has closed! I know that I will never hate Disney. And I am entitled my rights to hate what things DO, but not that thing! And exactly!! If you hate Disney now just that VMK closed, then you really shouldn’t have made an account in the first place! Because you know why? You’re saying you hate Yavn and stuff, when you should be saying to HATE YOURSELF! Because YOU are the one that made the account on VMK. YOU were the one that made lots of friends and got connected to them! And now YOU are the one blaming it on other people when it really was yourself. YES, I know what I am talking about! YOU SHOULD BLAME YOURSELF INSTEAD OF BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE!!! And look at the bright side of things: Now, there will be nothing disconnecting you when you’re on the computer. More time for homework… And lost of other things that I can’t think of. But there’s always a sunny side, even to the worst of things. So right now, if you’re still hating Disney for closing, there’s some bright sides to it! <3 & PeAcE 3>
sydney ftp fragtirepup
how do u sign into vfk? 🙁 im so sad idk wat to do after school now. vmk just gave us something real cool then took it ALL away 🙁 K.DOG I MISS U ! OUKLAWOLF I SEE U ON CLUB PENGUIN 🙂
vmk was the best!!! last summer every day i was home alone because my parents were at work and i would go on and vmk stopped me from being lonely because i could talk to kids and it was so fun! i never thought it was boring 0.
yavn it was ur disson to close vmk down were asking u why why did u close u game down that we love and take care of us huh ur anser is always sopos to be yes and there is only 1 of u and 100000000000000000 of us and y would u bunish us like this is ur andser still no i dont think so…. i got to go im crying and mad befor i hit this computer screen :(((((((……………….
this sucks vmk closed that was mt favorite website!! 🙁
Hey you guys and to start out I’m NOT Miley Cyrus my name is just Miley. I really miss VMK and I know it will never open again but I can still pray that it will.
Hi… Well this is weird.. Everyday I wake up and at 9:00 I get on the computer waiting for VMK to open.. Forgetting its gone. I get so sad when it doesn’t. Just like my sister got sad when she turned eleven and she didn’t get a letter from hogwarts. I know shes kinda.. never mind. I found it weird I have two of the people in harry potter the movies name in my name. lol you know luna lovegood? and flur delecore? lol weird huh? but I really miss VMK and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this if I didn’t. And neither would you. I mean, I could be playing with my really handsome bunny rabbit right now!! Oh well, I can do that later. ( takes sip of lemonade ) And this is my first message thing so this is pretty cool. So I will close now, hoping that the staff of VMK will read our comments and approve to open it again. Even though it won’t happen… Hee hee, I sent a nasty gram to disney the other day. 🙂 Well see ya later! ~*Lunaflur*~
VMK LIED!!!!!!!!! they were one of the richest online site!!!!! “vmk was only a promotion. and promotions cost money” BLAH THEY LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VMK U BROKE THE HEARTS OF THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!
please, just bring it back. I have spent so much time in my life working on perfecting my vmk rooms, my look, my reputation, and now its gone. what you have done is horrible and you need to bring it back.
Mickey Mouse
VMK, this is not right! Mr. Disney would not be proud of those working at VMK right now!
vmk rox
Shiny Dolphin
I wish that people would take us serious and not say oh they are just kids looking at the petition and it shows you how many people were effected bye this.
im bored without vmk! OPEN IT AGAIN OR ILL MARCH RIGHT IN THERE AND OPEN IT MY SELF! at night! jk jk
What vmk means to me. Its hard for me to say. It means hanging out with my best friend and making my play become a BIG HIT!But I’m not going to give up on disney. I may hate it now but I think we should combine all the petitions from each website and conbine them. Or if that doesn’t work we can write tons of emails to disney ( IF THEY HAVE A CONTACT DISNEY PAGE WHICH THEY DONT WHICH IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) But I have a dream that me and my best friend can hang out WITHOUT DISNEY RUINING IT! AND RUINGING MY DREAM OF HAVING A FAMOUS PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!I want VMK!
Vmk was the best it was the only thing i looked forward to during school
I was unfairly banned for 10 years. I do not agree with the way the staff at VMK treat people. Even though I no longer like VMK because of being unfairly frozen I think it was a good site and I am just as angry as you guys that they are too ignorant to listen to everyone who wants to save VMK.
Kelsey (CaringCarlee or SweetAsCinnamon)
VMK is amazing. One of my best friends showed it to me and I showed it to my best friends. We have so much fun on it!! It breaks my heart when I read these comments from people. VMK is a place where everyone belongs and you can make all kinds of friends to talk to when nobody else will listen. Please bring VMK back!!!! We all miss it… =[
im so sad i just want to cry
You know what I’m home schooled, so I don’t get out much. And I’m very shy so what I’m trying to say is that VMK gave me friends. So what do I do? Go out and make new best friends? Best friends that you can tell everything to? Well I hate to tell you but it just doesn’t work that way. And it isn’t working for me one bit!!! The best friend I have is my animals. but me and my mom are going to have the weak off!! W00T! My older sister and my Dad are going off to world changers tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I’m kinda lonely, my sister doesn’t pay much attention to me.. so…ya.. But maybe I can find another web site I like because it doesn’t look like VMK cares enough about us to pay to play. Me and my sister play toontown but toontown just doesn’t have a good chat system at all!! I liked VMK because you could type in what you wanted to say. I actually joined to tell others about God. But then I really got into it. And I was never away from my computer. 🙂 But I think it maybe good for me because I can focus on my schoolwork even though it is summer. ~*Lunaflur*~
Hey. Great idea! Here is a poem I made for VMK.

To Yavn, Goodbye
I will miss the newsletter
You were great on VMK
You were an information-getter

Shruken Ned,We’ll miss you
We will not forget
How much you helped us shop
You saved us money-You can Bet!!

As for the Yeti
We loved your Advice
We could go on VMK
And never think twice

So now VMK
Think of this as farewell
Maybe something magic will happen one day
But only time will tell.

Krabbi_Candy Girl ( Ace_SweetLavender ) Kaileene
VMK was the thing I would go to whenever I was done or almost done with my homework to pass the time until dinner. VMK was where me and my friends could talk when they were like three states away from me. VMK was my friend. My Buddy. But you know what?? Just because VMK closed doesn’t mean the sky will fall, or the Earth will end, or that you’ll lose all your hair when you get to be 30!! What it means is that IT ENDED. That’s all. But you know what?? Everything happens for a purpose!! VMK closed because the purpose was that it was only open to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World/Land!! YES. That was it’s purpose! Please visit: and/or Or something like the second one. But please visit one of those. And leave a comment to show you were there or something. Peace and Love- Kaileene
when vmk closed it was excatly and i mean excatly 2 years after i joined! and worked soo hard for that game i basicly put my life into it. sure i wasnt the richest person on vmk actually i was probably one of the closest to poor on there LOL put that isnt the point. I had friends and i loved them soo much here are a few… snowyaquasage punk-skater-naruto milerox fruit_salads i 4get there names but they hate me now but i really rememeber them in a good friend kinda way but they were rabbit and wizard… if ur reading this IM SORRY! my new vfk name is the same dannybunny so if ya see me say heyy if u want to i miss you all!!!!! love dannybunny 🙁 im about to cry !!!!! 🙂
hey guys miss ya alot i wish vmk was still open… 🙁
I was wondering when, if not done so already, would these signatures be sent to Disney? I know they still insist it’s going to stay close but I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Are they just trying to make the new Pixie Hollow world bigger?
Even Though We Are kids,We Still Can Say We Want Our VMK! Little People But Big Voices! Everybody Has Their Right To Say What They Want,And We Want VMK! We Voice Our Voice,And We Say,Save VMK!
VMK was so much fun i wish that it would open up soo badly! Here’s how i got into vmk…… it was a long time ago and i was at Disneyland. I was watching TV and saw VMK on the TV. i could not wait to get back to my house because i wanted to play it so bad. so when i got back home i had to go to school the next day, so i played hooky and got to play vmk all day!! i loved it and thought it would be in my heart forever. But sadly it is not. oh and, is vmk opening back in October?!?!?!?!?! [I don’t think so… I think that rumor started when some people thought Disney was going to re-open VMK from then through Oct. 31. Maybe it was just an idea Disney had wanted to try, but in the end they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. So, no, I don’t think it is opening in October. Sorry. 🙁 — IsadoraQ ]
As Carioca stated:”…I suspect that I’ll wake up Thursday morning, and find that there is a little less wonder in the world.” I have to agree 100%. VMK wasn’t just a game, its our life. We worked hard and devoted our time and energy, even money for items, just to suport this wonderful celebration and community. I will miss my friends. I know they will probably never open it again,even a host said it…:”Face it guys,they’re not keeping it open”. But We still had hope. Disney in my opinion was always in it for the money. So now they are charging money to play worse games. VMK was a place were you could escape your life and make friends, perhaps you didn’t have in reality. Its gone now. What are we to do now. I guess we just have to move on, and hope for the best. Maybe VMK will come back…..Maybe it will. -Foofie_Tinkk,ErikaW.
please dont take away vmk im always bored please man why its just a aniversery you cant take it away ( crys ) and why cant we say numbers!
miranda ( Pinksandy )
plz let it stay i have my friends and my best friends Littlebrooke and Animalprettytomboy miss it im sure plz save it may 22 2009! ( misses vmk then crys)
): how could you i go on vmk when im sad talk to ppl and see how nice they are and plz save vmk
This is sad, i think most ppl have stopped fighting, all the sites about saving vmk have gotten less and less comments and signatures. I’m not hearing as much about boycotts and petitions. This is a devistating day for me, knowing that almost everyone has given up, stopped e-mailing disney, stopped setting petition dates, and stopped keeping their spirits up. It seems like everyone has given up, forgotten vmk, forgotten their friends and forgotten the magic. I ams till hoping for a day when the vmk creators will realize what they have done. I promise that I will not give up hope, until all of us have reached our goals! And to the few people out their boycotting and doing all they can to bring our dreams back, i give my best wishes to you, and good luck! Keep fighting everybody, it’s not over yet!
Hello children of vmk. I sent a letter out today to ask for vmk to come back and i will copy/paste it here please read it and comment good bye (I almost cried writing it)

Dear Disney,

I�m sure you have received many letters of people asking for VMK to come back. I�m sure it�s also very annoying to get demanding letters, but I believe I may change your way of thinking towards this decision. VMK was a wonderful game for kids to play, chat, and have fun. VMK was like having a second life. You can save and earn credits and buy magical items to decorate your rooms with. It�s like a dream come true, but I Also understand that kids abused and tested the values of the game. Alas I have an idea to change this. Maybe you can have monitors watching the rooms so if VMK staff sees what trouble is going on they can send out warnings. Anyhow kids were very saddened at the loss of the game where they could be themselves and have fun. Kids even signed an online petition to help change your ways! VMK was just beginning to get popular at my school and kids were joining left and right! It just crushed my heart and many other kids� hearts too that this popular game was coming to a tragic end! I understand that VMK was a promotion of the 50th anniversary but even you said it must end. Why though why does it have to end! Disney saw how much fun kids were having. How much a silly computer game changed their lives! I just don�t understand how promotions can go for like four years and then when kids start to really enjoy it you just take it away. Is there another reason you closed it? Please Disney give VMK another chance!

Yours truly,
aceawesomeakcire former VMK member

hey…i was a very popular person on vmk, but if i hurt you in any way possible…sorry. i was let down in many ways, as you might have noticed i am very emotional. mostly because people had betrayed me or took out anger on me…but my best friend was Bestprincess_lola.thanks for being my friend if any of you remember me, oh and sorry i wasn’t on the last couple of weeks vmk was open…computer wasn’t working.
Hannah A.K.A GalleriaGalleria
At least you guys can get on to VFK – I can’t get on! When I emailed them they didn’t respond… that was about 3 – 4 weeks ago and I signed up a month yesterday – the day after it closed
I’m actually crying right now but not because of VMK because I have a aquarium and I can’t get the fish past baby stage! And where the tank is I have water snails to eat the green stuff. A snails died but I still have three more. But heres the story. I had a fish that lived a long time ok. So as the snails got bigger they needed to eat more. So we NEEDED another fish. so we got one more. and well the new fish gave the other ick! And the ick was gone but shortly after the the new fish died!! The the other one got sick and died today a few minutes ago! The new died yesterday! But my be-day is wed!! WOOT Oh I’m sad about VMK too… ~*Lunaflur*~
Listen Vmk i Loved Vmk and I loved it more then my parents dont tell more then my pool eggs and tornaddos of course and pancakes and my TV oh and my room and Everything I love vmk more then anyone i want to begein playing and having fun with my friends i just want vmk back i want to save vmk and all im saying is VMK please come back!!! 🙂 🙂
VMK!!!!!! used to rock 🙁 i used to play vmk for ever since day 1 and it has closed and VMK has made alot of ppl mad and irritaded and what ever other ppl are lol but now i am really mad at Disney because theyve closed VMK!!!!!!!!!!
please do not SHUT VMK DOWN FOREVER i will get my life back and i will miss my friends i have made for three whole years and i dont want to lose them forever and never be able to see them like my bestest friend ACEBLUEEYES HulaJenny TopazR Junonia and LadyCopper… please do not shut down vmk:( it will break my heart

Posted on June 14:
Summer ( princessurfsummer )
i really miss all my friends i had on vmk.. i miss geting up early every morning to get on befor school the exitment of a new quest.. the thrill of geting a new friend.. I’m sorry i cant type anymore I’ve got tears stinging my eyes 🙁 ill try to write more later.. good bye
I have been part of the beta on VFK, as have many of you. I am enjoying this new adventure. I think the most fun is finding the bugs and being apart of the building of this new community. Seeing the staff from VMK has been wonderful. That they allow us to discuss Dis.knee and reveal who we were on VMK, proves how much they want to help us. The new game is rough. I just can’t remember all of the birds. I know this is not a VFK site, but in all honesty I do not believe that the Disney corporate pirates will bring back the game. That would be tantamount to admitting they were wrong. Nope, not gonna happen. That being said, I am still boycotting Disney and all companies doing business with Disney. Coca-Cola, Dreyers, Subway, and MCDonalds have been added to the list. Keep up the boycott! Let’s bring as much pain to Disney as they have brought to us. We have begun ripping up our back yard so as to plant a garden and not support any food companies doing business with Disney. Obviously not feasable for everyone. Every time I plant something I say “this is for the children of VMK.” I do believe my veggies and fruits will taste even sweeter knowing they were planted for a cause. Be strong kids! You have just experienced the real world, in which people rarely tend to think of anyone but themselves or their bottom line. This could effect who you choose to become as adults. Use this experience wisely. Remember how this has hurt you, that way when you are grown, you will not treat others as you have been treated. I am a VMK parent as well. It broke my heart to see my daughters crying the night VMK closed. They were lined up in the Castle ForeCourt dancing when the gates were closed forever. It still makes me cry, my children were devastated. Someone hurt my babies, not a very smart move. Take up the battle cry: BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT… Disney does not deserve our children’s love and adoration.
HalloweenRulesGurl (Kaycee)
Disney the name rings a bell.. oh yes I rememember the people who crushed our dreams without even caring. I can’t say anymore than IsadoraQ because she said it all. Disney used to be a place I loved to go but now I cant go there knowing that the people running it dont even care about kids or there families. I read year of a million dreams. I think year of a million dreams haha Year Of A Million Broken Dreams. The people who are running VMK are not smart in my book. Thats My 2 sense. They are a twister destroying everything in there path and not looking at the outcome. SAVE VMK!!! Im going to go to Disney on of these days and prostest so let me know if you wanna come.
If we sign this petition dose that mean that VMK willl open or are we just the little ppl with the little voices that no one really care about? Either one I still have signed the peition..!!
everone want’s vmk back we need it we can’t stand haveing vmk gonn save vmk!!!!!!!!!
sad, depressesd, upset, vmk come back please. im really bored without u
Karyn(It’s the same as Karen, except with a Y instead of an E)
Dear VMK friends and Isadora.Q, You guys have made my life a miracle. It’s so hard for me to let go of you. I think about you day and night. In fact, I’ve stopped counting sheep and started to count my VMK friends. I’m falling apart. Nothing has been the same and it kills me to know that it’s gone and I’ll never be able to come home and play again and tell my friends what happened today. I thought I could open up to them. I could. Look, ya’ll I really don’t want to lose touch. You guys are my world, and I love you. These are some sites I am currently signed up for: is where you can meet me, I’m KARRYE) my favorite site, but it’s OK..)’m babykaryn on Webkinz) I love ya’ll so much. Each one of my friends made a difference for me in some way. You should be proud of yourselves. You guys have just, changed my life, made me so much happier. God bless you guys and I hope you have the best luck in life and grow up to be the best person that you can be! Don’t sit down and play virtual reality games anymore. You go out there for the real thing! We’ve been given a great opportunity to go out without having to worry about any fights with VMK friends, as seldom as we may have them. You know you guys are my best friends. It’s sad that we can’t meet in real life, because I would try to help ya’ll get through with VMK closing and it would all be happily ever after. I expect every one of you guys to go out and do something interesting with your life. Like discover a cure for a sickness, or find a dinosaur skeleton, or be in a movie. You guys seem so nice, and harworking and fun to be around. That’s the very best thing you can be. So where does this leave ya’ll? I hope it leaves you with a great life and a great future. I never thought this game would come to an end, but it has. And we just have to live with it. I’m giving you guys some instructions I think you can follow: Go out there into the big wide world and be the best person you can! Do great things, and do to others as you would do to yourself. I wanna thank some people here: Jesus Christ, my lord and savior for making this game possible and letting me have all my great friends. Then I wanna thank my friends for being so awesome. God bless ya’ll every one! And don’t worry. When we all go up to heaven, I’ll look you up and see if we can do some fun stuff and mischeif together! Hugs and stuff, Karyn J. Keane
I really loved VMK and this new one is not like the other one I had so many friends on the other one and I wanted to keep them If It was up to you please hear me out I am not sattisfied with the new one Please open it back up! Thanks
Generaldude (a.k.a. Ace CautiousMask and GeneralBirdman)
VMK can’t close! Another tragedy at the hands of disney, along with: 1. Disney Vault 2. Hannah Montana (and the rest of Disney channel) 3. High School Musical 4. Bridge to Terabithia Please don’t add no 5. VMK closing (If Wal-mart isn’t enough of a bad company)
you people need to stop hating on Disney! look i played that game for 2 years and sure i was sad that VMK was closing. but that doesn’t mean that im going to say that i hate Disney! because if VMK closed its because they had to. no matter what Disney does i will always be a Disney fan. If you people say “i hate Disney” or “Disney dosent care about us” or even something as immature as “year of a million broken dreams” then u are truly not a Disney fan! Disney i will never hate you no matter what you do!
its been days sence vmk has closed but i still have memories about it its kinda sad because ive made alot of friends and best friends on this game and i wish and pray that they would open it just one more time 🙂 and alose i would like to say hi to my vmk friends i will never forget about: SneakOrz PrincessCloey lilprincessmango Ambe CoolSkyConcert i love you guys 🙂 🙁
VMK means a whole lot to everyone and me. why would you tack this away from us?! thousands of kids right now are telling you know to close it. so place listen to them do you want to be sad for ever?
Sydney – FragileTiredPuppy
Since VMK Closed, I’ve been SUPER BORED, i mean there are no other fun online games like vmk and i come home from school with no home work and do NOTHING. I miss all of my friends so if any of you are reading this i hope you find me on clubpenguin im GeeGee5: SillyWillie: you were real silly and i cant seem to find you on vmk magic but ill never forget ya! Onyine: i remember doing that play with orlandoroo it was funny and i hope vmk opens again with our accounts saved nothing gone. GoldenLastBear: You may not remember me bc i deleted you but i didn’t mean to it was stupid accident and i still miss you. it was my third day on vmk so ill never forget anything not even U <3. 🙂 – hesitates… – do i really have to do this? – friend says – Yes! @_@ Alloutrocker… uh,,- snaps out of it – Oh Yea GIVE ME MY MARDI MASK BACK YOU BEAST! wait wait, you said you liked my style of clothes so i liked that. and when i said i was brain dead why did u say u were brain dead? oh yea and like why did u delete me so many times. everytime i think about the past i laugh! like when you had that sword suit and i asked who u were gonna kill you said me so i crack up. ELIZABETH AYE SAYS HELLO AND HOPES YOUR FINE! OTHER PEOPLE OF DUH WORLD I MISS YOU OH AND THIS KID I MET ON THE LAST DAY I FORGOT YER TITLE!!! BUT YO I MISS YA DUDE ROCK ON!! OH AND ROCKER ( ALLOUTROCKER ) DUDE GO ON CLUBPENGUIN!!!!!!!! – cries – 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 OPEN VMK AGAIN PLZ! I HOPE ALL OUR ACCOUNTS ARE NOT LOST BC I MISS SCUTTLE MY BIRD HAT!!! AND MY COW BOY PANTS THERE MY LIFE!! ITS VIRTUAL REALITY! REALITY!!! REALITY!!! I MISS MYSELF ON THERE SO MUCH!!!!! ROCKER ONE MORE THANG MAN, PIRATE SAYS HI AND SANDYRELLA SAYS HI AND NICKTHEGUY SAYS HI ( I THINK HE DOES ) WELL ANYWAY CYA ALL I HOPE SO MUCH VMK OPENS AGAIN I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!! WELL EVERYONE IS MAD AT MY SCHOOL BC EVERYONE HAD A VMK WELL ALMOST EVERYONE AND NOW THERE BUMMED OUT BC THEY WOULD ALL STAY AFTER SCHOOL IN THE LIBRARY AND PLAY SO YEA AND EVEN THE LIBRARIAN MISSES ALL THE KIDS THAT USED TO GO TO HER COMPUTERS SHE NOW SAYD SHE IS LONELY AND MISSES ALL THE COMMOTION! JOHNNYBOY!!!!!! I NEVER FORGOT U !!! WHAT CAN I SAY IS I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. (i feel like its the end of the school year @_@ ) SIGN MY YEAR BOOK!! I MISS POTC GAME AND HANUTED MANSION MY ROOMS AND MY SHOES AND MY HAT AND MY FRIENDS AND MY SIGNATIRE!! ANYONE KNOW WHY THEY PUT ROUND PIZZA IN A SQUARE BOX!!??. wow i talk alot WELL BC IM BORED!!!! 🙁 i dont wanna go! ALLOUTROCKER SANDYRELLA LOVES U NOT ME!! BELIEVE ME OR WHO DO YOU BEILEVE!!?? TELL ME SOON!! JOHNNY BOY I NEED TO HEAR THAT SONG STONGER BY KANYE WEST AND LINKIN PARK PAPAERCUT AND LINKIN PARK ONE STEP CLOSER AND LAST RESORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL NEVER FORGET U VMK AND VMK PPL!!!! i f i have some mistakes on my writing i get carried away!! hehe MUAHAHAH!!! im going crazy bye! but not bye forever- U KNOW WAT HOW ABOUT CYA SOON!!??? – Puppy 🙂 i miss that title 🙂 – day dreams – OH! I HAVE BEEN HAVING DREAMS THAT VMK OPENED AND THAT I SAW MY SELF SCROLLING DOWN ON MY BUDDY LIST AND EVERYBODY WAS ON! SO MAYBE THAT MEANS VMK WILL OPEN AGAIN AND IF IT DOES ROCKER JOHNNYBOY SILLYWILLE ONYINE MEET ME AT THE POTC LOBBY OR ANYWHERE BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY LEAVE ALL YOUR ROOMS OPENED TO EVERYONE JUST INCASE OK!!?? ILL LOOK FOR ALL YER ROOMS! JUST LIKE WHEN ALLOUTROCKER DELETED ME! THEN HE FREAKISHLY JUST CAME IN MY ROOM AND I SCREAMED! IF ANYONE DOES THAT ILL SCREAM BUT ILL ADD U PPL ON MY LIST I HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE ON THERE IF VMK OPENS!! my hand hurts now so bye bye for now! 🙂 FOR NOW FOR NOW FOR NOW – wow i talk alot ppl BUT YO THATS ME! I GOT IT FROM AYE JK JK! bye byes! SPOT I MISS U ! SCUTTLE YER ALWAYS ON MY HEAD!! 🙂 MAXIMUM RIDE RULES!!! -.- -_- @_@ o_o 0_0 0_o 🙂 🙁 other faces later. LATER!
Hey isadora i think you should post this on your site tell kids to copy it and send it to all the disney employes. ( JUNE 15 IS EMAIL DAY FOR THESE EMAILS TO GO OUT). A FELLOW SAVE VMK SUPPORTER Liam Morris ( VMK : Lmjazz ) (VFK : VMK_Lmjazz ) P.S I think i speak for alot of VMK players with this email i bet alot of them have held on to 8 friends or more. I have played vmk for two years�.. I have held onto 8 friends�. I have worked hard to get Disney to open it back up�.. My favorite thing that I did was the one time I walked in esplanade and started greeting new members, even though the new members were kind of annoying I helped them out. I introduced 2 people to vmk and all three of us were in LOVE with the game. It was where we could talk to each other with out running our phone bills up, or for me making my mom drive 15-30 minutes to where they lived. On vmk there was no pain, or suffering, until they closed it. We all were shocked that Disney would close a site even though so many kids and parents wanted it to stay open. A few days ago I was talking to my friend and told her, �Walt loved kids, he would never just tell a child no I�m closing this and you can never come back.� Well she agreed and that reminded me that a month ago I had been on a board and someone was saying how walt wanted the first person in disney to be a KID. Walt loved children and would go ABOVE AND BEYOND for any child. Would Walt agree with what Disney did to over 50,000 children? If Walt was here today�.. What would he say? I dont know how you can crush the dreams in disney to over 100,000 Players who Loved VMK. You should look at how VMK promoted items like movies,DVDS,CLOTHING,TOYS,And most important DISNEY PARK TICKETS.And then Telling us to go to another online world……. CONGRATS U HAVE JUST CRUSHED 10,000 More Dreams! I was paying for Pirates and ToonTown and Club Penguin. I Have cancled over $300 Dollars worth of online games and encouraging others as my relatives (2) To stop their $300 worth of online games too. Also Over 4,000 Players said they rather pay to play vmk than other of your ”boring” online worlds. I did not think you would close VMK what company ( especally Disney ) Closes and online world with so many Guests! ( could have been the most popular game in the world ). VMK’S CLOSING WAS REALLY HARD FOR THOUSANDS OF KIDS. VMK’S CLOSING WAS ALSO VERY STUPID FOR SUCH A LARGE AND FRIENDLY COMPANY TO CLOSE SUCH AN AMAZING ONLINE WORLD. Sincerly a DOWN WITH DISNEY Supporter. Liam Morris.
allie cool
i really want vmk back! i cried when i found out that it was gone! now i am really sad because i lost my boyfriend, and wjy in the heck are they closing it down? answer me plz! and open vmk again.
Hello disney i am a bit upset because vmk has of my friends told me you should join vmk because its fun and so much to i thought wow sounds great!but when i went on the website it said vmk will close on monday and they will not let any new members i never got to play on vmk and i dont know why you have stopped because to me it will make little children especially sad as well as me.thank you for listening.
It was a day actually 6-09-08 i decided i really wanted to say hi to my bellarae or also hip hop jazz girl i was getting on when i noticed there was no green cirle there i saw tyvm for playing vmk i love that one friend so much and i never got to say bye im scared for life with this for only if we have it back with our same accounts we worked so hard on to get the things we wanted plz oh plz bring it back i feel like never going to disney again your friend montersink or aka monster.
Jenuhfur [JenifferJen]
Listen peeps. We CANT give up. i LOVE VMK. people have been forgetting it. wasted all those years. this is just what the staff wanted. but we cant do it. its june 10th, and nobody has posted here. we need to keep posting 24/7. we need to keep e-mailing people are trying! we CAN bring it back. you gotta try! <3 i love you all. and i wish you all the best of luck BestJeniffer/JenifferJen/VMKJen. – Jeniffer.
Please open vmk back disney, It was a chance for kids to actually feel the magic like they do at disneyland/or world. When Vmk opened their was so many things to do. After you did your school homework, you’d run to the computer and play. I remember exploring disney right at home. Its a game like nothing else! You can be yourself on the game. The activities staff thought of were amazing. Honostly VMK was the best game ever. And I know almost 95% of people who played it think so.. Hopefully VMK will re-open better then ever before. So I ask and others ask please open back up! P.S. VMK was awesome!
my bff showed me vmk i swear i was addicted to it .i loved it so much. disney took it away from millons of people who loved it and nothing that i find is better. so i guess their happy now .:(
I stopped playing VMK about a year ago… I had been addicted to the site and was on it everyday. Vmk was so neat because no one cared about what you looked like, or what color your shirt was. Everybody liked everybody. Just a couple days ago I stopped by the site to see what was going on and I saw that VMK had closed. I was shocked, and even though I hadn’t been playing I was sad… I was sad to know that everything I had done and worked for on that site was totally gone, along with everyone else’s accounts. I hope Disney will come to their senses and bring VMK back for the kids. Thanks!
What are you ppl talking about don’t do this to us! Why would you EVEN do this to us! VMK was the best thing ever to play for fun. As for me I haven’t been to Disney Land in a long time and now im almost for getting it. Bc you are taking it away from me and thousands of kids. Some kids haven’t even been to Disney Land and they want to know how its like to be there and have fun. SO I WONT STOP SAYING THIS UNTIL VMK IS BACK WERE IT NEEDS TO BE!
Not to be rude but… WHAT!! Cant you see that millions of kids are writing to you about not to close VMK? right now some kids are crying bc you close it and that they will never see there best friends at all. Or they have a friend that on VMK and that they know each other in real life but they may never see each other again and cant call them or anything. now how sad is that right now kids are in there rooms crying and there family’s are telling them you can find someone to play with and talk to online. But no there kids just wants its best friend back to talk to again. What would Walt Disney do? Have millions of children angry and sad? No. He would want the children happy and will never think about VMK closing. SO PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO US!! WE WANT VMK BACK!!
WonderfulSunShine – this is for the VMK Staff –
How rude are ppl that work for VMK that don’t care what so ever!! Here the thing you might as know that some ppl on VMK cant talk in real life and that is very sad. and that now that went on VMK they say to them selfs that ” Hey i can talk in this web site i don’t need ppl or anything to help me say what i want to say i can talk for the first time”! and now that they know VMK is closing i guess they cant talk any more bc VMK is… gone… please don’t do this to them and many ppl to. ( This was not to be rude to anyone that cant speak, this was to help you.Hope you don’t take this the wrong way)DON’T DO THIS VMK STAFF YOU KNOW YOU DON’T WANT TO HURT THE CHILDREN’S FEELINGS. BUT IF ITS TRUE OF WHAT PPL SAY THAT YOU JUST CARE ABOUT THE MONEY THEM I WONT STOP SAVING VMK.
Has Disney acknowledged your petition?? [Note: We sent it to many people at Disney, and no, no one at Disney ever responded in any way — just pretended we did not matter.]
Vmk meant so much to me it was the place I could talk to other kids and play games also i had so much fun decorating my rooms Vmk was so much fun everyday when i got home i would get on and play please save vmk I love VMk Love Rachael
plz this is the website that my friends go on and her mom doesnt let her go on any more websites then this!! and vmk staff why did you have to close vmk is the magical plce on earth and ppl who never heard of it can go on vmk
dear vmk, i wanted to say that i love vmk!! it is the one place i would go to after school when i had had a rough day!! it is where i went to forget what happened and move on!! i know there is a vfk but it is nothing like vmk!! i made many friendships on vmk and it will never be the same on vfk because sorry to say i play on vfk sometimes in all but i like vmk way better!! and i really hope that you see that other people like me love vmk and want it to be brought back and i hope you get to see how much me and other love vmk!! and will never come across another computer game like vmk because others can never make one like vmk!! from a former vmk memeber and a vmk lover, samantha (aka cutieashleygirl)
cutieashleygirl(samantha again)
cutieashleygirl(samantha gain)
WDIG: 5161 Lankershim Blvd., 4th Fl. North Hollywood, CA 91601 United States (Map) Phone: 818-623-3200 Fax: 818-623-3577 Hey, Thanks for your website wanna give you this WDIG Phone number. Thanks, A Fellow SAVE VMK supporter. VMK TITLE (LMJAZZ)
– I know VMK has closed, yet I feel as if something can still be done. I have no idea what, but please help me think of a solution… I have lost many of my friends over the closing of VMK; many of which I will miss… avastweird: if u read this… Im sorry for making u angry dude
i hope that with all the signatures, that we have put vmk will have a herat and put on vmk back on because from my point of view alot of people care about vmk and they would like to have it back so they can play. and have a good time! rock on!!! 🙂
After EVERYTHING we’ve all done, they just closed it, like that, without thinking how it would affect us..and them. Since they closed VMK, most of us want NOTHING to do with Disney. If they were worried about losing money, oh boy, they’ve hit it deep. If they’d keep the magic alive, they’d make more money, since we’d wanna go to the parks, go do VMK quests, buy VMK merchandise. Wow, I really can’t believe they did this to us and themselves. KEEP THE MAGIC ALIVE, DON’T GIVE UP!!!!
Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. VMK is my ohana.
Lou Lou
OK listen this was just A thing disney was doing! I think it was wrong but it doesn’t mean the end of the world. And remember people did some bad things on there.
Think of what Walt Disney would of done. Would he want thousands of children sad because of what you people have done to them. Some people cant even go to Disney Land and now your taking VMK away from them. Now they wont even know how it feels like going to Disney Land anymore. SO PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! 🙁
Why would you want VMK to close? Is it because of the money your not making? Do you want kids being mad at you? or sad? And now your giving this weird web site that some people cant even go on it to play. Even I cant even go on it. Now i got nothing to play on the computer now because VMK is closed. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us back VMK!!!
Ghost (Five Times!)
i think it’s time we give the Petition to Disney. Maybe Just Maybe they will keep VMK open.
Why would disney make a game that is for sure that kids will fall in love with… for just one year? The whole point of opening a game that kids will love and only planning to keep it open for a year is Stupid. I wish disney would think before the speak.
greatmeyay ( VMK title )
As i think we all know, VMK has recently closed due to that lack of people, lack of profit, or lack of respect. Maybe VMK was a test run to see how children like in virtual worlds. It did say on the VMK website that they were planning something big. Maybe it’s something like VMK but with a marketing play. You will probably have to pay to play it. To many VMK isn’t a a multi-player game, but another life in another world that has no limits. Or maybe they don’t like the way they are and VMK it a way to be just like everyone else. Maybe being connected with Disney parks has something to do with it. Whatever the reason is it allows children like me to connect to it. Why close VMK, Why hurt kids inside of themselves. Why close something so big…. In my perspective VMK was a test to see how kids react to different virtual things. They could have just thrown all that movie and Disney World hotel stuff in just because you might as well make some money while you do this. Maybe after the three years VMK was open, they got what they were looking for and since they were probably losing money than making it, there is simply no reason to keep it open… At the same time us kids are having a break down and doing whatever we can get on hands on to try to save VMK! It’s not to late to save VMK, i know they have the records and designs still because since this might have been a test run, they could be using those designs to make a new pay to play virtual world. You might ask: why doesn’t VMK make it a pay to play website. The reasong is that to change it from a free website to a pay to play website means you have to recode all of VMK! I don’t know this for sure but i’m guessing that it would take a lot of money. Plus there are devoted Disney staff members that could be working at more pay to play websites that make disney money. Disney is not longer the place where dreams come true, it is a place where Disney rips away your dreams right in front of your very own eyes. It’s the place where they try to take away every last thing you have, the place where they don’t care about how you feel, it’s just the money. It’s the play that doesn’t previde welfare, it’s the place that makes it look like they are providing welfare, though they are not. Here are some things that may help open Disney’s eyes to see that we are living things: 1. Don’t spend any more money on disney things 2. Don’t stop protesting yet, we still can save VMK. 3. Pass the word on to everyone they know, and tell them to keep on passing it on. So that way everyone that isn’t involved in VMK dislikes disney. We still have a chance. We are living humans that deserve respect, to let our voices be heard, and to get back what is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow, everyday i go to vmk and see that it is closed, seriously vmk why did u close. i had many friends on vmk, sure there is vfk but it is not the same there are no old memories, vfk just makes me want to cry, i love vmk, so many others loved it too. gpvmk is like all the pictures of vmk and all the places but it made me feel no better it just made me cry. this petition will hopeful show disney that disney just makes dreams then crushes them. at first i really didnt think vmk would close but then the day vmk was going to close my computer totally broke, and i was so depresses bc i will never be able to see them again. i went to my friends house the next day and went on vmk and it just hit me that vmk is gone, gone forever. disney i hope u relize how many dreams u crush, love vmk always, orange_bubbles
I know we are all sad guys about the closing of vmk we cant give up though!! we need to continue to fight!! we need to get disney to listen, and if they dont we will make them…we cant give up guys if we give up they wont bring vmk back!!! we need to stay strong we can do this!!
a girl. a stupid nerdy girl. who needs to find a friend. lonelyy in school. sad in the day. but happy when its 10. she opens the gate to messages and friends. experiencing a world. not based on looks or crap. and when she clicks enter. here comes the map enters cute or boot. with the first prze. she’s real happy but in real life all she does is cry. all the kids in school treat her this way. but she find her heart in this place called vmk. played for about 3 years. got richh and had some stuff in trading rooms, falling chairs. she never could get enough. with all her friends all day “lol” and “afk” hanging out on main street. there was no need to cry untill that day where yavn explained vmk’s going bye bye. think of it as a new begining he says. but all she can do is cry. in real life she didnt have alot. her father left and mom was poor. but in vmkk all she could get is more. she was this beatiful girl sighing on everyday. everyone greated her nicely they’d say. but on may 21st she couldnt handle the end. vmk was her true only friend. she opened up her heart and began to cry. couldnt stop she played and played all night. when the clock hit 1 and everything changed her mind her heart was so rearanged the next day in school she wore all black. she wasnt gona play vfk and thats a fact. so she hears vmk is opening again in the summer. BUT A PAY TO PLAY ?! she couldnt even afford shoes let alone vmk. so now shes alone. attemtping to make friends THANKS vmk staff. wasnt this a great end ?! nahhht.
Morgan ( RainbowJewelGirl )
Krabby_Pattie Girl 🙂
Wow, so I was just reading through the comments, and there was some comments by tron_knight that stood out to me, and I just wanted to say DANG, tron_knight! Just because VMK closed, doesn’t mean you have to HATE Yavn! He wasn’t the one that closed it!! And even so, if he did, you don’t have to HATE him! They probably aren’t going to open VMK some day because it was only open to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World/Land! So maybe DISNEY INC. Told VMK to close because it was only open for a specific reason! And when the specific reason had ended, they had to close VMK. Did you ever think they might have signed a contract to work at VMK, telling them a specific date to close VMK?! Maybe if they didn’t close VMK, they would die, or go to jail, or something! All because they had signed a contract, and they broke the contract! Maybe that’s why they had to close VMK! So, that’s very rude and hurtfull to say I HATE YOU YAVN just because VMK closed, and it might not even be his own DANG fault! HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT, TRON_KNIGHT?!!!!!
Well, Walt Disney wanted Disney would be a company to make people happy, but it’s doing just the oppisite. I will never ever trust them again. GOSH< THE NERVE OF SOME PEOPLES!!!
Disneyfreak <3 So… yeah VMK closed. But all virtual games close sometime right? People say Disney just wants money. But i know that is not true. Trust me being to Disneyland 8 times has given me alot of info about Disney. Everyday they spend ALOT of money to make a dream come true. And sadly they made alot of people angry and confused by closing VMK. Im possitive if Walt was still with us he would keep it open. Disney is great but all great things have downsides in some way sadly. Closing VMK is one of those down sides. But Disney has alot of cool other stuff. Like go to and try out Disney XD. Its really cool. Or maybe toontown and Pirates online. If you cant spend the money then maybe check out the other cool games on It was even hard for me to find that VMK just closed on us. But if so many people love it as much as me, then why not fight for it? Sure there is VFK ( Virtual Family Kingdom ) but nothing beats VMK. ( no effence VFK your great and all but VMK is the home to many hearts. ) So make websites and mail to say SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~Awsomemariekitty~~ A fellow used to play VMK player sarah im very mad!!!!!!!!!!i think that vmk should stay open and not close!!im screaming in my head so please listen to me and leave the vmk open!! Cutie_tiger_gurl ( Emily Rose) That was a great idea, the walk through vmk thingi. But it really made me sad And I wish i could have at least made a character so I could see where I was. I saw that they had taken a lot of stuff off of it. I was looking through the kingdom for about an hour with my friend. As we did that, a whole bunch of memories that were lost started to be found. Good ones, bad ones. I started to remember those throw away conversations you have with your friends that you’de normally never remember. And then i realized, a can’t live without vmk!! You might as well expect a fish to live out of water. I need my friends. I need those throw away conversations. I even miss lag and dc. Most people wouldn’t understand what I’m feeling right now, and I know it sounds so pathetic. But disney has to TRY to understand how we’re feeling before they can consider putting vmk back. And they are refusing to do even that. iKittin It’s iKittin, I really wanna say goodbye to all of my friends on VMK: Beautiful/Beauty, wait. .No! I can’t remember anyone else! All of my memories of VMK are gone except my bff on it, What has come to your senses VMK?!?!?! Unknown Name Plz!!!!!!!! Let v!m!k back please!!!!!!!!!! deesflowergirl Hey Vmkers! Omg can u believe vmk closed down! Im so sad! Well, even though vmk is physical gone, it will NEVER be mentally gone. I guess what I’m trying to say is that vmk will never be forgotten. It will always be with each and everyone of us. All of you vmker will always be in my heart because you are like family ot me! I really hope to see some of you gus on other vmk sights.If my sceenname isn’t deesflowergirl, just say “are u flower?” See u guys around! I’ll be asking “Who is from vmk?” Remember VMK4ever! -Flower 🙂 Cup_Cake_Rulez roses are red viloets are blue vmk meant more to us then it did to u. it meant more to the kids then u. if u cared about vmk u would of not closed. i hate u ppl u just make me angry on doing that just plane angry…. Mikelle/SnowRadicalGuitar Vmk was sooo good to me and then POOF! its gone plz plz plz plz plz let vmk open again andi really really LOVE Vmk more then anyone really SnowRadicalGuitar Vmk made alot of people happy (including me) and then POOF! its gone. I Loved vmk and i mean LOVED! vmk. All im saying is PLEASE open Vmk Again. if you don’t i will cry for the rest of my life (for real). lilnarniafan give my thanks to! i was soo excited when i saw the walk through vmk bc today was when i was missing it the most. 🙂 🙂 thanks again! Posted on June 7: LuckyRealFriend The first things I think of when I hear the name disney is a nice magical place. But the truth is disney does not really care about their customers. They just care about there money. So there Logo should be Disney a Place where your dreams will not have a chance to come true. Lizzy!! Again! Hey everybody just wanted to pass on the news VFK_Cricket told me and a few other people! He said there was going to be a competition every month with AWESOME Prizes! And he said there would be something new EVERYDAY!!!!! YES EVERYDAY!!! He also said…………PASS IT ON! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH PASS IT ON!!!!! AceGizmoGirl (Erica) Disney/VMK Poem by: AceGizmoGirl As I run through the gates With anxious feet My heart beats with impeccable rhyme And my eyes are seeing But I do not believe that I have entered a fantasy. Exhilaration runs through my every vein My senses take in every site, sound And every smell But in the blink of an eye My adventure ends until we meet again And until that day comes My imagination will tease Goodbye to all and hello to Reality. Thomas (ExtreameCuteShoes) I glove vmk. andersen plz don’t close vmk vmk means a lot to me i love it so much. 🙂 sieah (vmk name) why did they have to close vmk?it makes no sence…i hate that its gone bc now i have nowhere to go to blow off steam and talk to ppl who really understand me….disney made me so happy when i found vmk and found all my new friends that understand me and really care about me!then disney broke me down and practically riped out my heart when they closed it!now i cant see my friends on there such an puffypuffers,turner_fan,blueaceturtle,abd twilightsand!!!they were all my bested friends like many others!!i had 150 friends on there!!!!!i cried when i found out it was closing and had lost all hope until i found this website and i instintly signed up.unfortunantlly it didnt matter.vmk is gone now,plus whenever it was like march 3 i didnt get on anymore bc it was a matter of fact turner_fan,my vmk buddy,brought me out of my emo state.the day befor i met her i was thinking about ways to comit suicide!she helped me out of that.and all the way up until now i havnt thought of one way to comit suicide but now my fellings are bottled up and iv been thinking of more.i need vmk!!!i need my friends!i need….something…. Iceskyjam Im glad they opened this because maybe if the vmk ppl come they will open vmk again if they know ppl love vmk! So thx for opening this site!! astrothrash I think that VMK will eventually (i know its spelled wrong) open up again but their will be an option to pay to play. At least thats wat i would do. But i still think disney should re-open vmk and make an option to pay to play for more options and there can be a basic free acsess thingy like pirates online. VMK STAFF READ THIS I WOULD PAY TO PLAY and someone put a stitch hat card on ebay i will buy from u LOL unsused or used doens.’t matter Thx, fellow vmk player, astrothrash dannybunny I HATE DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ALLLLL MY OLLDDD FRIENDS BACKKKKKK I MISSSS THEMMMM ALLLOOOTTTTTTTTTT I WISH WE COULDDD JUST GOOOO BACK ON VMK FORRRR ONE DAYYYYYYSOOOO THATTTT I COOOOULLDDD SEE UUUU GUUYYYSSS AGAIN!!!!!! Kateiesparkle I miss vmk it was my favorite game….even though they have virtual family kingdom and they are trying hard to make it like vmk…nothing can compare to vmk.I MISS YOU!! Morgan vmk rocks why would u close it i have nothing to do and it was the only fun thing i had great friends on there and now there gone bc u shut vmk down “GOD” Shelby Its so cool that your saving my fav website ever!!!!! Carrie Me and my friend were about to cry :,-( i have played VMK since i was 6 And i would never get off my dad would call “Dinner” and my dad would always have to get me off the computer. Now i have nothing to do. So Disney Crushed a good game and mad people mad sad ect. So i hope there happy for what they did now i will try VFK and probaly never like it >.<
Who on Earth would be this CRUEL to CHILDREN? OH i dont care if it was for a promotion. Cause guess what? It wasn’t. It was for M.O.N.E.Y! Money is all Disney cares about. They dont care if they hurt anyone’s feeings. All they want is their money. Every game Disney has is pay-to-play. But they just CAN’T make ONE SINGLE game that is free?! Oh yea, you guys are all like VFK is opening =] yay! No. VFK and uhm, every other game will NEVER replace VMK. VMK was a virtual world, where some people actually felt like that was their life. (Not mine) but many. Taking away VMK is like taking away THEIR life. Thanks. I needed to get that out ={ VMK I LOVE YOU, COME BACK!
i love the site. please get more people on save vmk.i miss is so much! i signed your petition.i cant wait for you to reply.
Cutie_tiger_gurl ( Emily Rose)
You know, it’s one thing to shut down one of disney’s most loved programs, but it’s another not to give us a reliable reason that we could at least try to understand.The reason they’re giving us doesn’t really make sense to me. And now not only are they refusing to put it back up,they’re actually ignoring what we’re trying to say to them. It’s a shame to see what disney has become. A big bully. And if they won’t reopen it, won’t they at least give us an apology? And now there’s no chance of me ever seeing my friends again because vfk doesn’t even work for me. I’ve tried registering a million times and I’ve been on the waiting list forever, but it’s still not working. HELP???
🙁 ive been ill since january so i really got into vmk im actually still ill and now we dont know if im getting any better or worse 🙁 ive never been to disney world and now i dont ever want to we are in a financial thing now and vmk was my home away from home if i ever got p.o i would go to to log in and tlk to my mummy ( NavyPinkGame) navy i glove you email me something i cant find you – cries – i glove you oh thats another thing i keep saying glove and my title is… 🙁 email me guys i need some old friends from vmk ********* but instead of katyisme im gonna start saying katywasme 🙁 :'( – cries – i wake up at 10:00 on the dot every morning the time vmk opened here :(((( ive also gone goth because of this my illness is spiraling downhill , i might be in the hospital by the end of this month 🙁
kelly clairnet plz read
kely its me tron_knight im so glad to hear from you i just wish i could have said goodbye to all my friends sorry guys if u find this comment back asap i want to hear from u
please save vmk this really stinks yavn i thought kids could trust you im going to wdw for vacation this summer and im considering not going just because of this so yavn i hope ur happy closeing it down because it waz just a promotion wat are we lab rats dieing to be feed gosh u could nt keep it open for one more year just for the kids who looked up to you well yavn i officialy hate u i just want to give some advice dont ever try to make another online game unless it is vmk! oh yea and wats more important kids or money just think about that u got us all worked up on this game and u take it from us so i hope u r deeply hate because now over 5000 parents and kids all over are griefing the lost of the one and only virtual … Magic … Kigndom
yavn i hope ur happy u riped alot of kids hearts out u… i dont even like to mention u anymore
ok people just like rachel lauren said we have to wage war on disney if we want to keep vmk open email write call newspapers ur local tv station and tell them wat were trying to do and tell them about this website i think its worth a little work to keep vmk open but plz just try and do this and email call or write disney and tell them how we feel i dont care what u say as long as u mention something about keeping vmk open im all for bashing disey right now but look how much they have done for us but they took it all away so i dont care if u bash them just tell them SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEA AND yAVN I HOPE U READ THIS CAUSE U STINK SO THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY
a couple of days before vmk was going to close i had a dream that this was all a trick to see how people would act, if they said vmk was closing maybe people would start being bad and then vmk could get rid of all those people. too bad it wasnt true. me and both my younger sisters always ran to the computer as soon as we got home from school spending hours on the computer trying to make money to buy stuff. i just cant beleive they took that away. my sisters were shocked and upset. i really hope they open vmk again i hate seeing my little sisters sad.
VMK makes me happy and other people. I love vmk and I was exsited about showing my new baby cusin the website.Please make me happy and other people happy by starting vmk again.Just think about it.Make other people happy.:)I miss vmk.:(
SnowPlainStone ( Kimberlyn )
Hey. I’m Kimberlyn and i got scammed on vmk for everything i had. I quit vmk but then now that it’s gone forever i realize now that i miss it more than ever even though all my stuff was gone i miss it. 🙂 Isadora Q you did a really good thing and i hope that MAYBE.. just maybe. Vmk will open again. Thanks so much for reading. VMK Lover Snow ( Kim )
alexus ( mr.pug)
to me, vmk was a place where a kid could be a kid. i am not the girl at my school thats cool and loud i am more of the quiet and not loud type. vmk made me be me i could be the loud person. its hard to be like that in real life i am learning that i should just be me … maybe i am the only one who cares about that but that is why i LOVED vmk because of the friends!!!! <3 ShyMagentaRose I loved vmk and was so sad when it closed. One of my best friends wrote and this she was BarbiePretty. I don’t think that Disney understands that when it closed VMK some friends would never see each other again. If I could ever see all my friends again I would pay to play. I know VFK is fun but that doesn’t mean we will see ALL our friends again. I just want to say to Disney ” Why did you close VMK?”. I know it was for an aniversery, but why couldnt they just keep it open? I do enjoy VFK and i found one of my friends… But im afraid I won’t find any more! It effected over about 5 thousand people! when I looked at the ” VMK’s magic gates are closing” I felt as if i would faint. WALT DISNEY HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR. YOU BROKE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLES FRIENDSHIPS AND YOU DIDNT EVEN SAY WHEN YOU OPENED VMK! WHY? … All I want to say is, To my friends I miss you all so dearly and I hope we will meet again From: ShyMagentaRose famouspinksubject vmk was a great place why shut it down :{ i made a lot of friends and did you close disney this place is a disney but its on line peoples heart were broken when they saw that vmk was closing please keep vmk alive i love or as we say it glove that place please open it open again please i miss my frineds we had good rules we were save why close it tell me i was going to go to disney and then go on vmk and say i was in disney so i would see it in real so im really sad you closed it but did you see how much people loved it ………………. but now its gone so whatever :{ but people still care about it :{ :{ :{ :{ i hope that if you open it people willbe doing this :} :} and thank you i now i will so bye foor now i hope to see vmk open Madison/vmk title: rock_star_gal Why would you make us so happy with vmk then go and close it?? I mean vmk is so fun and everyone loves it so much. You can hook up with friends and hang out and play some very fun games. Also vmk is like disney world and disney land and some people can’t go there because they poor like myself and when i went on vmk i felt like i was in disney the whole time. Now if you guys are friends you will not do this to us. Please think this over skybluesunset this is tropicalrightgirls sister i really miss vmk and i dont understand how to sign into vfk. i signed up but i cant log on i am so sad and i dont know what to do after school now! vmk is mean they really just gave us all candy and then took it away. that was really mean. Lizzy OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Less and less people are signing this petition! I remember each time I checked there would be a thousand more people than last time. I’m doing all I can, copying and pasting links, e-mailing, I’ll keep on trying! Everybody else keep trying too! Sena why did u have 2 close vmk? it broke so many ppls hearts!! fairy_fiamma ahhhhh i was made complete the day before vmk left our world missingvmk876 ever day after a stressfilled day of school i would come home & play vmk and feel sooo much better i miss it i am behind you 100% Daena Vogt-Lowell -Cinnamonsparkle Sometimes I hate being a kid because people dont take us seriously because of what we are. I think that some of us out there are more sensible than some of the adults in powerful positions around the world. The fact is, it might be true. If Disney truly listened to us, believed in us, VMK would have never closed at all. All this really shows is how crazy the work is today. Everyone is so caught up in their own lives they fail to care for others! In time our message will reach these people so don’t give up! We CAN do this no matter if we are taken seriously or not. I mean come on, we have gotten over 21,000 signatures in a little over a month and a half. Just kids? I don’t think so. Barrett Even though VMK is already closed now 🙁 lots of ppl probaly still went on the website if not plz go on and read the note VMK staff left bc they are just re-doing VMK thanks, VMK friends that are reading this 🙂 Casiee Vmk closing is injust, vmk should stay alive because it is a home to alot of us kids and teens and a fun place. Why would anyone want to close vmk ? When i heard there were 30 days left i couldn’t believe it i thought it just was shut in down for a while, Please come back VMK muah love Case sam Dont take vmk away we all love IT !!!!!! Shelly.m.k Im hoping you will reopen vmk please please please!Vmk is the best website ever!Its the best.Over 8,000 people loved vmk and they still would love Vmk if you reopend vmk.please please please please please please reopen the best website ever PLEASE! hatgirl200 i am shocked Vmk has closed.It closing brought sadness ito our house.I said that vmk was the best website ever and that i would trade all the websites,webkinz clubpenguin ext, for vmk to open up again. I am very suprised that the Disney whould close a website all kids love.Disney,get more money and reopen VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: Vmk closing has nothing to do with the fact it was going to be only open in 2005.Disney wasn’t gettnig any money from the site, so they desided to close it and make money on there other website’s.THAT IS ALL jordan if you dont get vmk back i will be mad at you please please please bring it back summersgirl I would like to say goodbuy to my friends,snowdoughtaboutit, VanessaB,my twin aceseaweedgreen i miss you all very much i remember how fun vmk is and i will always remember it all through summer and no matter what it was my favorite computergame!!I love you all good buy Sincerly, summersgirl Uzo Tell those people at VMK that they can get my nutz and choke on them.. I am very dissapointed and even thought I’m 13 I still enjoyed VMK, just the fact that i was abble to talk to ppl everywhere and you could be so creative. All that time i spent.. It sucks and so do they… I really enjoyed it.. I guess I’ll try MySpace. ;D naera at it. Just because vmk was made for a promotion doesn’t mean you have to close it. I am disappointed in Disney. I think if they had any idea how the mind of a kid works, Disney could be more successful. and to all the parents, it was educational too! I learned how to spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. P.S. if you knew me, I do neopets. my username there is gbcats. Valz (VMK name) I cannot believe that vmk closed. I was on it for such a long time and I had a bunch of great friends and items! I miss the game and everyone. I relaly hope it comes back someone why did the ppl that created vmk close it?vmk was a place where us kids could enjoy life and have fun im really sad that they closed vmk.we all are there is no other place like it so now my life is boring.well i guess i cant do anything about it because its all up to the creators of vmk. -bye Rulshel they say in one reason it isn’t getting them any further in the disney co. But I went to Disney bc of vmk and thousands of dollars went their way. It might not seem like alot but its more money to them then their compeditors. And whats the deal? They say that Disney is where KIDS ARE huge to make a big decisions, after all kids were a huge reason why walt started it. and now ts kids were. I think Disneyis just another one of those companies that start great and ended with many heart broken. Cutie_tiger_gurl omgeeeee… I fell love with vmk ever since i started playing it. To me, it seems totally impossible that i will never EVER see my character again. It closed on the last dat of school for me so not only did i have to say goodbye to a bunch of my friends at school, i had to say goodbye to ALL my friends on vmk. Some of my BEST friends I couldn’t say vye to because they weren’t on. it just doesn’t seem like vmk isn’t part of my world and never will be because the selfish stubborn bully that disney is being refuses to reopen it for everyone that loved it and won’t give us a resonable explanation as to why they are doing this. They are refusing to even HEAR US OUT and read what we have to say. If they could just do that, just that one little favor, I’d at least be able to think better. And if you guys are giving up, who can I count on? Thanks disney, you’ve crushed the hearts of millions of people. I can’t even BELEIVE you can sleep knowing that. Mikelle/SnowRadicalGuitar Vmk was sooo good to me and then POOF! its gone plz plz plz plz plz let vmk open again andi really really LOVE Vmk more then anyone, really. Posted on June 2: kayleigh/imosfamousfinalparty vmk why would u do this to us and that last week new stuff see ppl out there have proplems throgh there life but guess wat vmk helps them and it help me a lot and ppl who have not got to go to disney land bc there poor like me it like disney world and if we realy were u friends u would wont the best for us and all we wont is are vmk so plz plz give it back plz i cry abd cry like this moranig i forgot vmk had closed and i came and got on but it was not worth it i love u i have to stop type bc im crying:( Jackie Smith As a parent I am saddened,shocked,mad…etc. at the closure of VMK. How in the world could such a decision be made that would affect millions of people. And how terrible of them and they way they did it. A total disregard for everybody who enjoyed the game. SHAME ON THEM !!!! honestly, do they realize what affect they have had on people by closing this site…..well I guess obiviously the answer is NO…just another form of higher ups having no concern of the people who have and who do bring millions of dollars to the Disney corp. Mystery Person As you all know Vmk is closed but Vfk is open so i would like all vmk players to come over to this game forget about vmk and start a new slate on VFK! famousmadgame Hi i miss vmk a lot and this close to summer. there is going to be nothing to do if you are not going to camp.I lost my cat the day vmk closed.And i miss her.I played on vmk the day she passed away so i will miss vmk and i will join vfk. Azofafora It REALLY stinks that VMK had to close. Hopefully VFK will be just as good. Also, redcoolman and FabHippo, if you’re reading this, please try to find me in VFK if you play it. I miss my friends! Maytie ( vmk name) Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that Disney made the wrong decision in closing vmk. I also want to give a shout out to all of my best friends on vmk, who were LemonWildMoon, comiccoolgirl, fusionberry, darkgirltanya, and Supecody. Just to let you know, I kept the same name on vfk (maytie) as I had on vmk. I miss you all so much, and I hope to see you on vfk! Kurara VMK used to be the best game ever until they decided to close it down for good. I almost began to cry. I will never make any friends EVER again. Sugar_ad_Spice ( Molly ) VMK was a fun way to learn, grow i friendships and grow older with responcibilites. I have so may friends on VMK, and I do not want to loose them. I will miss VMK so much! WE WANT TO SAVE IT! Sugar_and_spice becky i can not take it anymore everybody needs vmk with out it people and me have nothin to do fun on the computer so we all need vmk back and if we do not get it back our life will be boring so plz just give us vmk back plz we all need it it was the best thing we had in our life we need it we need u to put it back plz. Salt_Buddy Hi ppl im so bored these days ever sence _!VMK!_ closed. There is nothing to go on besides aim and myspace( youtube ) but oh my god i miss u vmk! *Salt_Buddy* dragonsharkboy oh disney plpzlplzplzplz bring vmk back i have been playing for two years strait you take vmk away you take part of us kids away from bying stuff in the stores kimberly vmk title kimbo-star loooove vmk, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please KEEP VMK OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winniefred hey everyone. sorry bout the kingdom. hope your having fun. here is a slideshow of my memories. Wild-ace thanks alot disney you have dissipointed and shattered the hearts of many children, ruined something that they love. all i can say now is that i hope vfk follows through with thier program AceMeep from VMK First off I am going to say right off the bat that I HATE THAT VMK IS CLOSING I mean now i have nothing to do on the computer anymore. I hope the petition succeds and VMK hosts, I hope VMK closing is sad for you too. If AstroAlice ( from VMK ) is reading this thx. You were one of my best friends on VMK and I hope and hope that VMK will live on in everybodys heart that joined and played VMK. I hope you feel dissappointed that VMK is closing. Also from what ive heard through the past days Disney hasn’t been being fair to us. No sincere sorry, no saying that VMK was great, and Walt Disney was better than Disney now. Hosts please sign the petition because everybody counts in this. Vmk must stay alive and if it doesn’t, well lets just say I won’t be playing Disney very much anymore. Disney has been kinda mean to us and VMK ( I think ) was supposed to stay forever, and it will, if you never forget about and never let it die away from you. Thanks for taking time to read this. And please please sign because everybody counts. katie Hey I have played VMK for like a year and a half. I was off of VMK for the longest time and… well when I came back on one day to play, I went to one of my best friends on there and he said, “what do you think of VMK closing? Dont you think it is not fair that VMK has to go? I mean you are like my best friend on here and I wont talk to you ever again,” So I said, ” What do you mean that VMK is leaving? I know I am like your best friend on here but what do you mean that VMK is closing?” I was so, so sad when i herd VMK was closing. It was the really bad way to find out for the first time that VMK was closing. I is not fair that VMK closed because so many people were on there and they had to close it. I knew at least 7 people that were playing on it. VMK means everything to me. EVERYTHING!!!!!! tron_knight I think that disney made a very bad choice and is going to lose alot of free publicicty and i dont want to get all soft i wasnt playing for a while and when i got on on memorial day i said oh their thinking of new stuff for vmk then i realized its over then i cried. plz bring vmk back i have never felt so depressed and i think disney lost alot of free publicity because i know some people the only reason they even got to go to disney world or land is because of vmk u showed ur parents and they said cool lets go and i am very depressed rite now disney is this wat walt would do? just think how u would feel in our position SkyDazzleSunset It’s to late. They have already closed it down for good. I wish there were something we could do to reopen it. Hannah A.K.A GalleriaGalleria meme is right! Instead of Disney going to the other companies they are assosiated with, asking for money, the others won’t be able to because they will be bankrupt too! Then Disney will HAVE to open VMK again! I’m doing my part, I’ve got my parents to delete Disney from our Sky package! The conversation got up about saving money by getting rid of some channels and I said “Delete Disney ’cause they have broke hearts!” P.S any of my friends from VMK I’m on Stardoll search Handaal. megan vmk is the best game i have ever played and i hate that it is going down without a fight. i made alot of new friends on vmk it is so sad that i am currently crying for vmk best regards megan-7 martina aka miss.pixelchick vmk was a great thing a promotion is one thing but three years !?!!? why would the wait to tell us why would they let us think it was ment to last supercalafradulisticecspialladocious i loved vmk until clueless disney came and took it away, but lets face it guys, i think its gone. RachelLauren (a.ka. (lockhart_philitup) Hey everyone!! Man… I’ve never felt so bad about Disney as I do now. I don’t know if I can trust the Disney websites anymore! If Walt Disney was still here with us today, he would deffinatley do soemthing about it. I just want to say that we are kids who want to make a difference, and I can assure you that Walt is proud of us, but not very proud of what the Disney Corp. is doing. Well, I would like to give a BIG shout out of my BF’s on VMK, and I hope to see you guys on VFK! PrincessSerenity (Princess, you were so nice and funny anf Finn liked bugging you ‘caus he thought you were a great person too LOL), Eclipse_Edward (Hey, I think I’m gonna start reading those books, Eclipse! My blood (thank God) is not with you if you know what I’m talking about LOL May the Vampirates be w/ you) @_@), BlueMickeyFan (Blue, you were there for me all the time! I miss U soooo much!), CoolAnita (and hey, Cool, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry about whatever happened, and so is Finn.) chandigarh (Chan, even tho I didn’t talk to you as much as Finn, you were so nice and I will miss talking to you, and hey, who knows? I might see U in REAL life w/o knowing it!), whitman_finn, (oh and I knew this really cool guy but I cannot remeber his title which makes me really mad- LOL but I think it had the words, rolling, awesome, cool, stone, clear, silver, or blue. lol if you are reading this (the guy that I’m talking about), you were an awesome friend! bestkrazykoolkyle, (and hey, kyle, hope to see you on t.v. some day! keep on acting and I will too) and last, but not least, I had a great friend who would always help me w/ the quests, and we were crazy about that one quest where we had to get 500 points on Pirates! I’m really sorry, but I cannot remeber your title! And you were like my BEST FRIEND on here! LOL I’m sorry, but if you are reading this, I hope you know who I’m talking about. I know that there was the letter “K” in the title, and you always wore those brown cowboy pants, a blue or red VMK T-shirt, and gold ears. Hey, you were so awesome! I’ll miss you and I deffiantley hope to see you on VFK! Ok, now, isadoraQ, you have done an amazing amount of work, not to deserve what Disney is doing. Hey, but the war isn’t over yet. 😉 I want everyone who is reading this right now to write to the directore, creators, etc. of VMK (she has the names posted) and tell them how we REALLY feel and what will happen when we STOP playing the Disney websites now that VMK is closing. Now don’t bash out at them, just tell them that we’ve worked SO hard, and we will NOT give up. Ok, and email famous T.V. shows, newspapers, etc. and tell them about our cause! Hey, everybody, the war ISN’T over yet! Let’s show the Disney Corp. what kids are made of!! Keep the DREAM ALIVE!!!!!!!! Kelly Every day after school I would log on to vmk because I knew that when I would get on I would see all of the new friends I have made. Even though I really don’t know them I still had a good time. I could be creative with my clothes, rooms, and games I came up with. I was so sad when my friend ran up to me at school and told me vmk was closing!!! I asked myself how could they do this to all of the kids that love vmk. Every time I was on the vmk website I saw that there were at least 5,000-7,000 people on!! I couldn’t believe that Disney planned on keeping this open for about a year and not expect so many people to fall in love with it. I am not alowed to do chat rooms but vmk was the only thing could do because of their dictonary. I had so much fun and I don’t know how I will be able to spend my summer without playing vmk. kellyclarinet I just want to say goodbye to all of the friends I have made on vmk and I miss you all so much!!! I hope you all have a great life. I am sorry that I never said goodbye and i reget it deeply. SAVE VMK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DudeManBlast Hey guys, I don’t think they should of closed VMK cause people have lots of friends of there. -DudeManBlast dannybunny im very hurt that disney is closed vmk…. im going to miss it sooo much!!! on the last day i met all the hosts.. they were amazing people im going to miss it soo much Divoni i wish vmk didnt close like its so stupid. the virtual famuily kingdom doesnt work & so many people are saying that its now a scam. but i dont think i was gonna start playing it anyway becuz its like about history & i dont wanna learn about history anymore cuz im already learning about it in skool. vmk was so much better & was so much more fun. i hope in the future they ill bring it back. i was also upset cuz all my hard work getting all the rare items & fixing up the room & all the pins i bought in disney world for vmk went to waste cuz now i cant use them anymore. i think mostly every1 on vmk probably feels the same way. its too bad that vmk didnt realize how much time people were spending to help save vmk & wanted them to keep it. so many people made rooms spealcial for it cuz i did i spelt out save vmk using slide parts & everything. on the last day of vmk i was MADDD cuz they didnt do anything to save ok this is luike reallyyyyyyy long so bye lol =] _divoni clearpinkhero Vmk was a promotion for disneys 50th birthday. That does’nt mean it can come to and end! I spent hours day after day working hard to have my user succeed all that hard work will never show off!:( Sign the paticiom to keep the magical friendship between you a vmk alive! I’ve made about 150 friends on vmk its like there my real friends and if vmk closes I will never be able to see them again.Your not aloud to share imformation so that really means I will never ever be able to see them again.To save vmk all you have to do is sign your name or vmk name and follow the rest and if we get enough vmk will be saved!Plz sign the paticion. Peyton (dannybunny) Macie (QueenVolleyball) we loved vmk soooooo much! We are going to miss it very dearly!!!!!!!!!!! We are never ever ever going to disney world again!!!!!!!!!!! I hate disney now heather hi if u want to no if u hurt alot of ppls hearts well u did Rachel I met many great people on VMK. I met some people that were better friends to me than some in real life. Then came that terrible day that Yavn announced that vmk was closing. My virtual friends and I got together and, in real life, all started to cry. We knew that we’d probably never see each other again. QAnd to this day, I still have never found a single one of them. VMK has torn apart many good friendships. Are we going to stand for that? How could Disney even think of doing this to their fans? Kelly At the begining I thought I would be ok without vmk. But now after it is gone I miss vmk and my friends so much!!! I saw this video on youtube about vmk that brought me to tears. It reminded me how much fun that I had and how I will miss everything that is vmk. I don’t know how I will be able to live without vmk and it has broken my heart. Please, please please bring back vmk!!!!! Posted on May 28 lizzy VMK just shows what disney is trying to do to kids. Lure them into a money spending trap called “fun”. They say “this site is kid friendly and free!” Then, 3 years later, tragedy struck hearts are fighting back for their community. Disney… wow… mary plz visit its my new website Nicole, aka PirateCharm Just wanted to say that I still can’t believe that they actually closed VMK. I’ve never felt more betrayed by disney than i do now :(. hopefully all of us will find our friends on VFK or something RedMellowBliss Everybody who used their Disney Movie Rewards Points on VMK items should write to: Disney Movie Rewards c/o Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Attn.: Consumer Relations 120 N. Commercial Street Neenah, WI 54956 And ask that their Movie Reward Points be re-instated because no one told us that VMK was a Promotional Game / Item. And since VMK is now closed we no longer have access to items we spent our Movie Reward Points on. Emily In the past, Disney has made some good and bad choices. Closing vmk would be in the bad category. I wopuld just like to say goodbye to vmk and all my friends(MelAdrianne,baskertballgirl, AquaSillySecrets, etc.) and hello to vfk. duneprincess [[Kiera]] Hey everyone, i just wanted to give a shout out to some of my besties..and if i forget some..its because im drink Mountain Dew as im typing this @_@ Littlethunderzebra ::)!! Dude you were the coolest! I miss you so so so so so much!!!! Ace_drummer_guy, I sorry i didnt get to say goodbye to you, and now i really regret not doing that..i look back at my self and im all like..WHAT WAS I THINKING???! LOL but i miss you SO SO SO SO SO much too=). Tv_girl you were amazing missy! I hope you joined VFK! Royaldestiny, idk why you quit girly?! But i miss you lots too and you were TONS of fun to hang out with…so if theres anyone i forgot, IM SORRY I CANT THINK STRAIGHT lol… I Hope My Besties Saw This! LOOK ME UP ON VMKMAGIC.COM AS dune_princess OR FIND ME ON VFK AS duneprincess!!!!!!!!!!! Love yas!!!! Imabuzzingbe is actually SkyTropicalShuffle just to let all of my friends know lol wow i really miss vmk i am so sad i really miss my friends! my title was SkyTropicalShuffle i am the same on vfk i hope to see some of my friends whoever knew me my email s ************ omg so depressed i really hope they take into consideration on reopening VMK 🙁 well ttyl see u in vfk… Sun-burst Hey everybody! I really really miss VMK and I have no idea why they had to shut it down when everybody loved it!!!! I’m going to miss all my friends, and fashion_diva_me, you are also my friend, so HI!!!!!!!! lol I have an account on VFK so I will look for my friends on there, see y’all (hopefully) later! Flower_Kid eggs are good for your soul 🙂 halley vmk was SO MUCH FUN! i gloved it so much. i was almost crying when i had to log off on the last day. im gonna join vfk, but it wont be as much fun as vmk.. bestAngelia First of all I am sooo sad that vmk is no longer on :'(.I never got to say goodbye to my bffs:Wylie,sunshinecutie, and #1Cutie, so bye and see u in vfk.I hope that u use your names that u did on vmk.(Bye the way I changed mine to TottalyTomboy).I’ll miss u! Marina ( Penguin_Rockn omg i cant believe they actually did it! disney i will never go to ur parks again bc it wont seem like magic to me anymore it will seem like a tourmenting nightmare of what used to be me life. 🙁 …long live vmk… BlueBlueishBear VMK touched all of our hearts and for my friend it got her through the hard times of mother passing on and my baby cousing dying at 2 months old! It got through leukemia treatments for some and got others through boring days with nothing to do but play VMk. IT should stay alive because it can help us all through tough times and can just help us with boring days. So VMK closing just adds another hard thing onto the world Kurara It’s sad how VMK had to close. Oh well, now there is VFK. ame: alex_rockerboy a.k.a (ace) ( king dc master, only for my fire no 1 else can call me that!) Still sad, mad ,and dissapointed vmk closed.I really don’t belive they would close vmk just because it wasn’t meant to be open that long.Hmmm mysterious…Good thing is that vfk is getting better everyday, friends list came out, and today we are going to be able to change ourselves! I gotta agree with victorianangel, that vfk creators have a great lot of spirit than vmk.Vmk might be better than vfk at the time, but until beta testing finishes, we’ll be able to tell. I miss all my friends >_< a whole bunch and i would just like to give a shout out to all my close friends. ninja_ino( fire) you are the #1 person i want to find in vfk u were the person i like 2 hang out with the most bc we made fun of each othr lol, i had a lot of fun with u, my dc master >_< , RealSugarCassie(awesome) if i cant find fire, i gotta find u to find her lol.awesome i also had a lot of fun with you, i can’t belive that when i met u u hated me!@_@ and then we became best friends, kinda weird lol AstroPinkPuppies(astro) u were always there 4 me i could tell u secrets, but u would always tell that SOMEONE lol a little after u could actually KEEP a secret!lol i had fun with u and ur awkward turtle @_@ Aceprincessmay(ace#2,im #1!)Ace!! thanx 4 always having my back! i definetly wanna find u in vfk = bc u were a friend that was always there 4 me no matter wat! u were a great friend and one of the best any1 could have!dreamers_moon(dreamer) haha we had many fights but no matter wat, we loved each othr(as friends!) Also lots of fun hanging out with u but i tried 2 avoid u so we wuldnt fight lol jk. fashion_diva_me(fashion) u were a great friend and it was dissapointing to have met u at the end, when there was only about a week left of vmk, luckily i found u at vfk and have u as my friend! >_< lol ill see ya then
The people at VMK were heartless creatons who only cared about money & when they used up all their money on VMK they closed it down because they were broke. I can honestly tell you that my little sister cried for 2 hours straight when vmk closed down. I did start to cry but I only cried for about 5 min. then I got mad. Yeah SOme one was saying that they were going to re-open VMK over the summer. but what good will it do?? We lost all of our items. I had 2 pairs of dream ears, minnie hat, pink space, Pink ears, pirate girl outfit, & 3 infernos & now their all gone!! YAVIN GO SUCK AN EGG!!
CJ [Was FabJarrett…]
Thank you to the community that made VMK so special. Wait until you see what we’re imagining next… 🙂 Woah. They are acting so happy about it. Grr…. ! Aww. VMK is gone?!?! Imagine all of those people who bought VMK cards, (I don’t think they’re cheap!) and now all of their money is wasted? Psst. Anyway…. I liked to make a shout-out to my friends, DizPuppyAngel, green_dog, and many, many, of my 100 friends I have met. The memories, good and bad, stupid, and funny will always be in my heart. I loved VMK, and I still love all of the fighters out there. Thanks everyone! P.S. – I bet if Walt Disney was here, VMK would be bigger, better, and more amazing. But now that it’s made of Daddy Bigbucks, and those… meanies, VMK is gone. :[ YOU GUYS ROCKS!
hypersplashstar (vmk name)
well it has all come down to this vmk dead vfk suckish.. i mean what am i suppose to do know??? i just hope who ever did this to us kids.. who ever you are you are dirt to me and to my peers. how can you live with yourself. i hope you can’t. oh yea and hear this my friend told me she knows this group of LITTLE CHILDREN that were her friends in vmk and they were so happy all the time like perky little blonde cheer-leaders(no offense) and now guess what…guess..THERE EMO!! what the..excatly
Ok ppl listen to me i need you all to do this it may help to get vmk back go to and press contact us then send them and e-mail telling thm about your conserens about vmk trust me i sent them a letter and this is what i got back: Hi Amber, Thanks for writing, I know this is a difficult time for our players/Guests, and it is for us too. Unfortunately the decision is set to close Virtual Magic Kingdom on May 21st, 2008. There are several factors that went into the decision, although primarily, as part of the Disneyland 50th Celebration, the game/promotion has operated well beyond the original time it was planned to run. Our resources are now focused on imagining future online worlds, nonetheless, I have forwarded your email onto our executives here so they can hear your concerns to keep VMK open. We appreciate your interest in VMK and hope you continue to enjoy the game until we close. We have lots of magic left in the game, so please join us. Sincerely, Vince VMK Operations Original Message Follows: ———————— VISIT DATE = 0.0.0 Length of Stay: 0 Days Detailed Comments : I know this has nothing to do with any of these questions but i am a vmk gamer and i write to you today asking if you could please reashore the closing of everyone on vmk is in love with the game.We have friends on there that just mean so much to us.If you haven’t noticed all of us vmk gamers are fighting so hard not to lose our frinds.If you don’t belive me go to and we have poured our hearts in to save vmk.I know it’s going to sound stupid but if you really think about it most of us kids go to disney to go to vmk central i mean that buisness for you that you may lose.If you really want to you could just leave us on there all alone we really don’t care we just want vmk to stay alive vmk is like family to us vmk keeps us on the good path of life.NOw this is a big step for me i don’t usually step up like this but vmk means alot to me and to others.I know from personal experiance that i love disney world and i have nothing against it but i mostly love going there to do the quest for vmk.I know i am only 12 and i should let go of vmk but i am sorry i just can’t let go of it and i don’t want to lose my friends on there that i most likely never see.Thank You for your time and i shall be coming to Disney soon 🙂 Please respond back Please do it you saw what they said they are going to send it to their executives plz this may let vmk come back PLEASE!!!
you guys mean so much to me i cried when it closed because that was the most funnest web site ever i played it every day all my friends at school play vmk too it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant believe they did this! why? it brought soo many more ppl to disney… ill miss my friends i had it WAS my fave website untill they clased it down! how could disney do this?
EasyBlueishRain from VMK
Hey everyone!! Even though we have VFK, the memories of VMK will NEVER fade!! i know everyone is missing VMK but just remember, NOTHING can REPLACE VMK!! I love all of my friends that i had on VMK and i am gonna miss u all!! i hope to see most of my friends from VMK on VFK!! but the friend that i miss the MOST from VMK is dezzl!!! ily<333 =] –EasyBlueishRain =]
Florencia A.K.A PrincessChrystal
Before i say this i dont want anyone to think im stupid for the recent comment i put which says that some ppls lives are on vmk. Anyways what i have to say is that Yavn not only took away our dreams/friends/2nd lives. But after some thinking i found that we only think about the “But I had dream ears” and the “I had so much stuff!” What Yavn took was Ppls jobs. The hosts and Vmk staff were not just players. They were employees and they were probably told to not say anything about what they thought of vmk closing bc they have ( just like us ) probably grown attatched to our virtual world. I dont want to pay to play on vmk bc they had that one rule there -No Pay to play-and if someone has to pay to play they had to Report the room. and I have heard that some ppl think vmk will just like swoop up and save us and open again… but i dont think yavn will crack just like that… I as PrincessChrystal Love vmk… And i hate to part with it… I know that all of u hate for it to be closed… i am a beta tester on vfk and it is a pretty good game i guess… Im sorry to all those vmk staff members who lost their jobs bc Yavn made it to be a “PROMOTION” and Good Luck in trying to save vmk… out side of vmk i dont have all of those wowish clothes or even that much (150) friends but i am who i am and im not gonna change that… I cant wait for what Yavn comes up with next even if it is a “Promotion
I still cry everytime i think about VMK. That was probably the worst day ever!! I had already had bad day, then i come home, logged on and started playing with my VMK friends, which lifted my spirits. Then i started reading some people’s signatures and noticed that people had written “Save VMK” and i had no idea what was going on. I asked somebody, and they told me it was going to close! I immediately logged off, and found the letter that confirmed my worst fears. I almost burst into tears! I felt like something had been torn away from me. VMK was a place i actually had fun. I spent alot of time there, hanging out with my friends and trying to actually have fun. i normally have a very busy life, so VMK provided a place where i could go and just get away from all of the stress and drama of everyday life. i would always get on and my friends would hang out with me and i could end up having alot of fun. it was also a way for me to hang out with some of my friends, which i knew in real life, but never had the time to hang out with. i miss all of my friends deeply!! I cry myself to sleep sometimes knowing that i will never ever gat to talk to or see all the friends i made in VMK! this is heartbreaking. about a week before it closed, i chickened out, i didnt want to have to say goodbye forever to all of my friends on VMK. i guess now i will never get a chance to do that now, which i regret. i feel sooooo bad now. i would love to say goodbye to my best friends: Awesome_Snowflake, Ace_Firestar, Toph_earthbend, and countless others that i can no longer remember! I am sooooo sorry that i never got to say goodbye to! I will always remember the people i meet toward the final days, and all the others i never had the chance to get to know better! Just typing this letter has made me cry! I should get over VMK, but i can’t help being sad over it. I cant begin to wonder why the people at VMK chose to close VMK!! My one wish is to bring VMK back for good! Help me grant my wish!
i have one thing 2 say to disney, dont be surprised when no one wants to go to disnryworld anymore!!
Hey Its me and Vmk means ALOT to me and it closed and that hit me in the heart so im just saying Please Let Vmk open Again and Bye PenguinBoy And TylerTalksAlot
Sadly Vmk has closed and all of our hearts have been broken. It was a fun safe community that was so awesome to me. I am sad to see it go but I can’t wait for all of the new memories that are just waiting to be created on,,,and lastly I want to thank all my friends for all the memories. I enjoyed all the games and laughs I had with my friends. I almost cried after VMK ended but there is still hope that it will hope back up again so I’ll keep my eye on the site to see if anything changes if anything changes I’ll let everyone on this site know. Have a fun safe and happy summer everyone. ~Berrycutie P.S. Cya l8ter.
we all miss vmk but im a beta person for vfk and it looks pretty fun once they finish adding most of the easy must have things so dont give up and have fun with this new game! you can still find your friends on there like i ran into comicsponge on there!
im very upset with the disney comany right now they had to do that and children in the usa loved it! Why did they have to do that we loved vmk and there trying to get us to other disney sites like club pegin or toon town! we like vmk more than a video game it goes to the heart! They broke 70% of children who loved vmk! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss vmk very much. I have been really bored without it. But I go outside alot more and made a new friend the other day. I just wanna say that no matter how old I am or how many friends I have… I will always remember the experience vmk gave me, and my fellow friends. I miss all my best friends on vmk… bellaswanfan…neonmadgroove…samemodernguy, fabsally, Miniyminiy,TropicalCosmicMoon, FriendlyLittleTop, and all my other friends. I fell like I know all these people in real life and I wish I could have stayed in touch with them in some way. I will always include all of the people of vmk in my life, and remember all the tough times, the happy times, the sad times, and the lonely times we have spent together. I hope to see all of you great people on the suckish vFk… and vfk will never be as good as vmk even if they gave me all the free rare I wanted. But I realize that having vfk is better than nothing at all… I love and miss you all terribly… ~SydSydQtPiE
A complete sad shout-out to OLDWESTER, OMG_BECKII, HAPPYSNOOPYFAN,and alot of my other friends. I MISS U GUYS!
vmk is my heart and my soul and now i dont have a heart or a soul 🙁 thats deep!!!
they cant do this to us, VMK was where we all came together, where everyone got along. i guess now disney cant keep their slogan either, where dreams come true, more like, where dreams are crushed. its so sad and it isn’t right
Jacob kuhl
i played vmk for 2 years i was kidkuhl
Once upon a time there was a site called VMK, a wonderful kingdom with loads of awesomely awesome people like prettyangel,.. And one day..evil yavn said it was just a promotion and decided to close it. People signed petitions and send emails phone-calls and many more of those things, but the stubborn staff payed no attention to all of our messages… And so, the lovely kingdom fell to ashes and now, the kings and the queens of our kingdom are sent to a place called VFK where we all look like barbie dolls and are fat people that look old… The End..<3 Heheheh my short story of VMK By Prettyy-Angle[= PERSON CHEESE AND MEAT AND FRIES TOO WANT TO SAVE VMK. RESPECT THE FRY. RESPECT IT!! koolriley omg people how could you close vmk I loved it so much and I miss it alot!! So please open vmk again this summer because no offence but vfk stinks!! I am so sad and so are all of my friends from vmk!! I hate that you closed it!! why did you anyway?? I love vmk!! koolriley omg ppl why did you close vmk the first time I got on was amazing I had so much fun and a week later they said it was closing I was about to cry and so before they closed the registration I told all of my friends from school about it Ireally miss vmk the night that it closed I cried because that night a made a really good friend and we became sisters for life and now I will never get to talk to her!! She made me cry because she was trying to make me feel better about vmk closing and she was being really sweet and I miss her really bad and when I think about vmk I cry!! it is the sadest thing to ever happen to me online!! I really hate that you closed vmk and I wil never forget all of my friends from this magical place and if you do like alot of ppl have been saying and re-open it this summer and make ppl pay just to play the game then I will never be able to get back on vmk if you do that!! So plz open vmk and do not make ppl pay!! koolriley vmk has closed but the dreams are still with me and all 150 of my friends and I really miss all of them and I will never get to talk to them again!! koolriley “long live vmk!!” Vmk will stay in all of the hearts of children all around the world and you will never be able to take that away from us!! Vmk is a magical land and people all around the world miss it!! So for some people vmk was everything to them and now you have taken it away from them!! Vmk was like a second home to me and I will never forget my friends on there like one girl I met we became sisters for life and thanks to you people I can not talk to her!! Vanessa VMK was like my home in the computer.I feel that VMK should be alive and i feel to make a new VMK so it keeps going on.I acctualy started calling my friend to tell them about the news.In our school we started a SaveVMK club.I hope they open soon. erika i am so sad that vmk closed i am so boreddd acelastsky Please bring VMK back i am very sad.I always went there when i was bored! please change your mind!:( tommy why dont we take this to the people that work at vmk to save it i love vmk and i have alot of friends on there that i have gotten close to and i dont want to loose them. how many people are we trying to get??? Allison A.K.A. Serious_Sam ok. first of all i would like to say wow. Disney takes away something so specail to me (to everybody) and they dont even care.. wow. When people used to say the word disney i thought of happiness, but now i think of cruelness. VMK was always one place i could go when something went wrong in my life. All the time spent… money wasted… some valuable things i cant get back. I just want to know why. Why did you take this away from us all.Yes we all know your weird and stupid excuse..”It went on longer then it should have..etc.” Blah. That is a bunch of crap. It makes no sense. If it went on longer than it should have then why didnt you keep it going!! ..I will not go play another game, for it will never be the same. And for you Disney, i am not so sure what i think of you now, but i can tell you one thing, i will not be using,going somewhere, or doing something that involves your name for a LONG time>! see you never, Serious
I was just wondering when will vmk open again??My little sister and brother both played vmk they liked it so much that when it closed down(it was on my brothers birthday!!)my brother and sister cried and cried(on my brothers birthday!!)Oh and host lily i miss you so much plz tell me when vmk is going to open again!!I hope it opens up again so soooo soon!! thank you for my help i hope vmk well open really fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel (WildSkyThunder)
I Know it was only for Disneyland 50th Celebration but still it does not change a thing. Some people live where its dangerous, They can’t go outside so they come to VMK. We come to escape the real world from the drama. I got on VMK to be with real friends. VMK was not just an online game, It was a community, VMK was not about items, It was all about the friendships we thought would never end. All the friends I have made changed my life, They will never be forgotten. I know about different games, But those could never match up to VMK. VMK was perfect kid friendly, Nice people, great game, Everything! I just want it to come back. VMK MAY 23 2005 – MAY 21 2008 R.I.P.
Randall and Ryan
Ryan: Vmk should keep going because millions of people played it, and you can ask just about any person that played it, and they will say that they loved it. Randall: Vmk was amazing. I played for two years, and continuelessly made friends and had fun. Plus, all of the mini-games were exciting. We both had inferno from a contest. But i honestly don’t care about the inferno. i care about the memorys in the rides and the rooms. i spent money on trading cards for items. i belive half of the people go to disney land/world for vmk! get all of these messages out!
Someone out of the Million that <3 VMK people are so mean to close our dear VMK Horrible are they. ((odd Haiku i came up with)) AceFlower_Star Or as many of my vmk friends call me ” Clean ” or ” Happy ” or even ” Clown Girl “..but ever since vmk has said it was going to close they didn’t call me any of those names because i was always sad and mad. I justed wanted to say hiya to my three best vmk friends. Hey leadbottom, sunnyorangelife and puppyofground!! i miss all of u!! AceFlower_Star ( again ) Ok…VMK why did u have to go? u know since my family isnt that rich to go on disneyland vacations.. Vmk was like a disneyland at home! When i was on on the last day of vmk and there was lost of goodbyes..i was trying to enjoy but all i felt was sadness and anger! In school i don’t have lots of friends..but in vmk everybody understands me and some of them has the same im here to say..I AM A VMK ADDICT!! AND IM PROUD OF IT TOO!! SO IF U SHUT DOWN VMK..U WONT ONLY BE TURNING VMKers AGANST DISNEY..BUT CHRUSHING THOUSANDS OF DREAMS.. I THOUGHT DISNEYLAND WAS A PLACE OF DREAMS!..AS I SAID IN THE BEGINNING OF MY POST..I CANT GO TO DISNEYLAND SO VMK WAS THE ONLY PLACE TO GO..SO THOUSANDS OF DREAMS HAVE BEEN CRUSHED!! ARE U HAPPY NOW!! U CLOSED VMK THEN SAY U ARE SORRY!! WELL U SHOULD BE SORRY!! FOR CRUSHING MY AND THOUSANDS OF OTHER DREAMS!! AND IF YOUR NOT SORRY..SHAME ON U!! >_<
Lily (once again lol)
OK im back, AGAIN! i know, its bc im awesome – jk – but anyways, i think meme is right. A Year of a Million Dreams means to dare to dream. Dream means to believe strongly, not matter who says what. if VMK isn’t on disney’s “approved” list of dreams, then why keep dreaming the disney way; when telling us we CANT dream about vmk staying open is clearly controdicting the idea of “Year Of A Million Dreams”. And please Disney, I say; “TRY to note that it is ‘Year’ of a million dreams not ‘Years'”. all i will simply say to them is; Promotion – Yeah, sure. Im Sorry Disney, you DONT open places in the parks for a mere PROMOTIONAL, you DONT bring out a trading card game for a PROMOTIONAL, you DONT make the codes inside the dvd box useable for something on a PROMOTIONAL! You – Disney – can say the well rehersed heard way to many times “VMK was a promotional that exceded our expectations” speech as long as ya’ll want. Ive heard enough of it. I dunno what the VMK’rs are thinking but i bet its “Ive heard enough of that junk!” cause we have. yes please disney, tell me to go join another Disney PAY-TO-PLAY game. Im not going to. I like POTC yes, the game’s grafics are not the best. Disney cars and faries are not my thing. You cant chant on Toontown. And im SORRY but i have enough SELF RESPECT left in my body that i did not and will NOT even CONSIDER playing Club Penguin. other than that, i miss all my awesome possum, wicked kewl VMK friends, and i am VERY SAD, that i only get to talk to those who go to my school and Skater bc he and I have Cyan Land. And i miss Vampire Dude too, even tho he is not and was not on my friends list. <3 BrightThunderLime
hi i love love love vmk and i hate that it is done. I played on it everyday and i can nit believe it is now done.So many kids all around the country played on this game it was really popular why close it down?
LIly -Just a little persistant-
Ya know, there is a point when ppl have looked at me and just said “Did you finish, or did you give up?” well i dunno about u guys, but giving up is one option i dont have, and never will have. Im a normal person, with an OK life. Im not about to – as far as i know – drop dead. Im reading Twilight. I loved vmk. i Love vmk. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my friends there. i miss the ppl who i could talk to every day, and im sad that i will never learn that the ground does hurt if you fall on it, and thats not going to change no matter how many times you fall over while laughing. It still hurts. but in the word of SuperChic[k] “if i get up i might fall back down again, so lets get up come on!” sort of like, if we dont keep trying you’re never gonna get there. One Day maybe not today, tommorow or in the next 80 years; somebody at disney will be standing at a desk looking at their papers which account for how much money they have. and they’re going to say “That’s weird, we lost alot of money in 2008-2009” and search why. Well what’s gonna show up on that screen? “Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom; closed May 21, ’08! Players Boycott Disney” Said person is going to say: “Well lets reopen it?!!” but it’ll be too late, in 80 yrs or 1 yr, or 4 yrs we the VMK’rs might have just had enough of this company who call them selves “Dream Makers” “People who make our dreams come alive”. i know i will have. because who knows; in a couple of years I’ll look into the besket of abbandoned Disney online games, and see Fairies, Cars, POTC, Club Penguin, and ToonTown. but where’s vmk? oh thats right: its May 21. Anniversary, and look, Disney’s asking for us to come back. Would we or Wouldn’t we? That is the question to be asked.
lol i’ve messaged alot on here, anyways i just wanted to say that meme has a good point, and if you haven’t read her comment yet, you should it really gets to you. it’s about 6 or 7 down from this.
Rebbekka (vmk name)
Hello, My brother and I are so sad VMK is closing down and we wish so badly that it wasn’t! We wonder why it’s closing and we don’t think VFK could replace how much fun VMK was. Actually, NOTHING can replace how fun VMK is/was. We are truely sad and hope VMK will come back soon! =-)
Like Walt said , we must keep moving forward, but I now say goodbye to vmk and leave the magic somewhere in cyberspace and just wait and I may come face to face with that magic again some day, Thank you vmk for the magic! – bluedilly
VMK was the best! I could be a person that i really am not in life. One that I wished to be. When it was closing, all I could think about was, I am never going to see my really cool friends again and VMK really is going to be a dream. So far, VFK stinks. I really wish that they reconsider opening VMK. They disappointed a lot of kids. VMK was my second life, I was the person I wanted to be. I had awesome friends, cool clothing, and a dream that VMK would stay open forever. It truly was THE best! I really hope you consider signing this petition and save VMK for the dream to come true!
plain old me
I didnt have any friends in school i still dont. my favorite part of the school day was homeroom when we were ready to leave and i ran all the way home to get to the computer. I typed in and then the excitement really came. as vmk was loading i would run into the bathroom and do my jjob so i wouldnt have to be afk during vmk time. By the time i came back i was on vmk i usually would go to mainstreet where most of my online friends were. i told them how i didnt have any friends and how i loved coming on vmk and how it made me feel like i actually mean something in this world. but now that vmk is gone i will most likely commit suicide or live my life sad and miserable. disney is for dreams but they have formed a nightmare and i know there is a new vfk but thats not even disney and it wont even let me on what a jip. so disney please put it into consideration i really need vmk to live my life and i cant beleive it closed… one last thing, i used to love to go to the castle forcourt at night bc everyone would say goonight and in the real world i had no one to say goodnight to me. bye vmk
nooob for the rest of my life
i have been playing vmk since idk 2007 and i have been a noob ever since. i jjust wanted to say disney you have a new outlook to younger children instead of OMG i love disney they have this great virtual game and they have this great park and great channle now you are the imbusils that made kids happy and they put their heart and soul into this game then you ripped it right out of them. i even read a kids comment that said he had no friends in real life you should feel ashamed disney very ashamed
I think it’s terrible that they closed vmk and I can’t believe it’s all over! I cried so much when it closed because I just got so attatched to it because t was just so much fun!! I was planning on playing it like forever lol I hate that all they care about is money and they kept on advertsing all the games on the home page that make you pay to play. I sort of don’t like disney for that. I would probably pay to play vmk but i would lose respect for disney probably. I worked so hard on that game and all my work and friends are just GONE. forever. 🙁 and I know many other poeple on the game that have worked reallyyy hard and they actually went to disney world just to do the really fun quests. and what I loved about vmk was that it was themed from the park that i enjoy so much. so i could be in disney everyday. and now that summer is here, I’m gonna be bored without vmk. well i was..i’m thankful that virtual family kingdom made a site and are willing to cheer us up with some new experiences and friends in a new virtual world. It’s been really fun so far. and I bet with time, it might just be EVEN better than vmk. 😛
i will miss all my friends. Samsamham, i really miss u and i still remember how we first met. i remember our memorise and i will miss all my friends.
horsesofmylife ( also known as horse )
when yavn closed vmk it broke my connection with all my friends on vmk. vmk was a new world for me. when my friends hated me in the real world i would go on vmk and chat with my other friends. yavn, ask yourself, am i a dream stomper?? ( yes u are )
i <3 vmk. it rocks i realy miss it i am so sad. sincerely, jason
ashleigh bowers
vmk waz the best chat website i have ever signed up for!!!!
Hi. i would like to say i am so so so sad vmk closed there doors]: my friend told me about it ever sense she did i had loved it. i am going to miss all the awesome friends i made exspecialy JrChamp, MegaHypor, and RazzleEliteHero.You guys were awsome.i started playing virtual family kingdom but it still has a long way to go to live up to vmk but thx for trying [: and club pinguen is in no way going to live up to vmk.Well i just wanted to tell ppl how i felt about the isuse and hope that vmk will open there virtual doors again some time. till then i will forever be sad]: Long_Jump_Alstar
I have conducted a little research (took just a few minutes). Here are some companies affiliated with Disney and how to contact them. ConAgra (Hunt’s) 1(877) 266-2472 Ener-g gluten free foods 1(800) 331-5222 Seattle local (206)767-6660 ESPN 1(888)549-ESPN Also, Bob Iger, Disney President and VMK enemy No.1 will be participating in a question and answer forum at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference on May 28, 2008 at about 10 a.m. Don’t know that we can get into the conference but making our presence known outside could draw a lot of unwanted BAD media attention to Disney. As I get more information I will post it here. Remember, the only path to the corporate heart is through the corporate wallet.
vmk was a great site for many of us it let us make new friends and not only that but a safe place to make those friends 🙂 many of us will miss vmk and lets just hope that the creaters of vmk will see that we miss it so much!!! i want to say that i will miss all my vmk friends especially Jennysky,neonprincessmouse,bobohehe,brightgreenapple,icepolargirl, princessolivia, freakypurple pant and many more i want to reconize i will miss u all and i hope to talk to you again soon….. i will never forget some of the great times that i had on vmk i will always remember these people and things from vmk thanks for the best time of my life and remember KEEP THE VMK DREAM ALIVE!!! 🙂
I loved vmk. Ever since the day I first started playing it I loved it. I have to send a special shout out to my very close friends on there, cheergirlkrystal, Kevj and AverageCoralWolf. u guys r the best! I will never forget u. u were the best friends I could ever have. I love u guys 🙂 I enjoyed playing pirates and i hate that vmk closed because now I have nothing 2 do online and Im bored out of my mind! it is ridiculous. those disney ppl must have a screw loose. so many ppl played vmk. do they know how many hearts they have crushed and how many souls have cried? I want vmk back! 🙁 plz disney, just think: What would Walt Do?
im still in shock that disney made the choice to close vmk. so many people signed the petitition and did all they could to keep it open. im gonna miss all my friends i made on vmk over the time i was on there and i hope i meet up with all of them on vfk. i just want to say thx to everyone who tried to keep it open and for not giving up. but to the “staff” who closed vmk, they made the wrong choice by breaking the hearts all around our country of the players who went on vmk. i am just still upset about it. but don’t ever forget vmk
apparently we aren’t doing enough. We have to hit them in a soft spot. But, if we’re doing all this and they’re not listening,it’s making them look bad. VMK is worth everything we do to try to help it. I have had a blog, but now I’m going to turn it into a save vmk blogg, just go to And read my most recent blog
In truth, I hadn’t visited vmk for a while, and was ashamed of myself for leaving behind my friends. So, when I went to check on my account today, you can only imagine my horror when I see the blaring letters ‘VMK has been closed.’ It felt like someone punched me, and I immediately went and googled ‘Why has vmk closed?’ I am sorely disappointed, and wish to have vmk open again, so that all the hours I spent there won’t have gone to waste, and all the friends I made there not forgotten. Is Disney really this heartless? ~~+Ace*Princess*Melody+~~
OMG! VMK has closed! I joined just in 2007 and wanted to VMK to stay alive just maybe three more years at the latest! If any of my friends are reading this, I just want to say I love you all SO SO SO much and I will always be your loving, crazy PACKERS_BEST. Thank you so much IsadoraQ for making this petition and helping save VMK. Remember, It’s not to late to re-open VMK! I am POSITIVE we all love VMK so much we are NOT going to rest until VMK is back and running better than ever! Love, PACKERS_BEST

Posted on May 26
hey my amigos!! 😀 its sad to say that vmk has now been closed 🙁 i just wanna say goodbye to my bbfs and my friends:Soup_or_spud, press, opendistinctlake, dazzlepinkpixie, captfootballboy, lacrosse_warrior, Alex_rockerboy, and ellyj. see u all on vfk ciao my friends
hey i just wanted to give a shout out to my 2 bff! Buglady and Amandastayfresh, i miss you guys so much! It’s a nightmare knowing i’ll never see you again! You too are great friends and you’ll always be in my heart! I’d also like to say that it’s been great knowing you Ashagreat, you were the cutest, and it was nice being around you, you too ninanik! Anyways, VMK may have shut down, but i’ll never stop fighting! ~victoriangel
lol i forgot to say this but thx VFK for trying your best to make us happy, and for helping us adjust to all the changes. Although i have to admit the site isn’t as good as VMK, but the creators have 10 times the spirit! I would also like to thank all the hosts and staff members that actually cared, and sorry yavn but this DOESN’T include you! <3 <3 <3 piratesrawesome I still can’t believe Disney made the desicion to, despite all of the protests that have good points, close vmk, see yall in vfk I will still be piratesrawesome. mary vmk meant to me a place to get away. it was a second life. i would go on vmk so i could get away from all the drama in life. i could be who i wanted and not have to worry about what ppl thought about me. it was really sad when those jerks closed vmk. i dont know wat im gonna do now with my life. i am not gonna play any of the other disney games but i am still gonna be sad for a while after all this. i wish they would reopen vmk just for everyone that misses it. my life is a little messed up now bc i dont know how to express my feelins now:(. im not too sure what’s gonna happen. but i just wanted to say what vmk meant to me. anonymous This is the real reason they closed. The guys hate children. They care about only money. And because they love killing dreams! meme The boycotting of Disney is a great idea but that can only do so much good. Disney needs to feel the pinch in many areas. Not only should we boycott Disney, but every company who does business with Disney as well. These companies need to be contacted and told why we will no longer be part of their consumer base. For example, don’t buy Hunt’s products or any products produced by other Hunt’s companies. This can get tricky as companies tend to have their fingers in many different pots. If we cause financial pain to other companies because of Disney the effect will much greater. The larger the boycott the bigger the disgrace of Disney. Remember, we are each only 6 people removed from the rest of the world. Disney is all over the world. We need to reach just as far. Disney needs to be made to feel our pain. The only way Disney will be “hurt” is in their bottom line. The closing of VMK was heinous. In the face of the outpouring of support from VMKers, Disney folded their collective arms, puffed out their corporate chests, and with their canned press release and continued silence, they have said “You do not matter to us. Go ahead boycott us, we are bigger than any effort you can conceive.” Disney is full of self-inflated egos that need to be “popped.” The pay-to-play option is an insult. Pay-to-play was against VMK values, yet our children had to use “credits” to play the Pirates game, and ride the Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan rides. They are a study in contradictions. Even if VMK were to reopen, even for a little while, Disney is now banned from our home. For whatever it is worth, our family will not be renewing our passes, buying DVDs, buying movie tickets to Disney movies, purchasing products from Disney affiliates, watching ABC on television, or doing anything that might benefit Disney. The year of a Million Dreams? Meaning: only the dreams that Disney decides we should dream. VMK obviously was not on the approved dreams list. Tikigirlofwater Goodbye my wonderful VMK, for ANY of my friends who see this I MISS YOU!!!! I shall ALWAYS be your fun, loving, crazy tiki. Especially you icechristal! You have been my best friend EVER!! I shall miss vmk, but maybe! Just maybe! They will bring it back, slim? Yes. Improbable? Yes. But never impossible! All vmk friends! I shall be Shadowhand on VFK, if at all possible, I will see you there. Rose Newell I have gone so long reading all these lettes and emails, i had to send my own two cents in, thought i would share it with you. Hello there. I just wanted to let you know how much of a fan of Disney my husband and I are. We have spent thousands on day trips and vacations over the past 10 years we have been together…. and let me tell you when we take an actual vacation..we hold out for nothing. (concierge, table dining , etc.) … so you know very well how much and how quickly that in itself can add up there. To us Disney is one of, if not, THE most magical place we can possibly go to. We have had annual passes for years now and the fact that we live so close to the Walt Disny World Resort has allowed us to make as many as 7 to 8 day trips just to go and have fun at the Disney parks in a month… But today this has and will all change. You see, 2 years ago we found Virtual Magic Kingdom online courtesy of your shop on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. We joined this site and could not believe how great it was. It was a place to conitnue our Disney travels inside t he parks over and over. Subsequently, because of this site we spent even more money at the parks..sometimes our day trips would be going to disney to SOLELY do the in park quests and purchase the special disney pirate box pins that gave you not only a pin, but a card with a code for a virtual item inside VMK. But now for the reason of “it was a promomtion” not only my husband and I, but hundreds of thousands if not millions (if you were to go by what YOU DISNEY, YOURSELF, have given as an estimate of how many players have actually joined VMK) are being cold-heartedly taken away this online community. I have read many many many emails, letters and comments left by both parents and children alike and I am astounded that a company like Disney would even let this go as far as it did. Do you people just not care? Do you not realise that thousands of people are willing to accept a conversion to a pay to play site? And lastly, do you not realise that you have created an online commu nity for children, and they have grown in this community, building friendships and interacting with family members across the nation and world they would otherwise not be able to communicate with?…to take that away is the most difficult thing you can do to a child. I am sorry this is such a long note to you, but I feel you are doing a terrible injustice to all that have participated in VMK, to those who have invested so so much time and money into this site both for themselves and their kids. Anyone with any sense knows Disney CAN make this right. Disney CAN say we have heard you, our fans, our consumers, and we are sorry for almost destroying something we didnt know we had..VMK. I know Disney CAN do it….. it is a question now of will you.. Thank you for your time. Raymond and Rose Newell (praying that we will be renewing our annual passes..but if VMK closes we will go elsewhere) Hillary there is nothing to do anymore because my club penguin member got bann forever, vmk is closed, and Webkinz just dosn’t fill. tooth_fairy As Disapointed as i am about VMK closing, im still staying strong. like ive been playing VFK which happens too be rather fun, and i found loads of my freinds from VMK. i also play club penguin, even tho thats not as fun. but as walt has said many times you must keep moving forword and when one door closes ( like VMK ) another opens ( like VFK ) see so don’t be all sad when there are so many other places out there. Love you all and i hope i’ll see you on many other games, Tooth_fairy joshua i am so sad that vmk is leaving when i come home from school i cry because there is no vmk any more then i have nothing to do i just want you to put vmk so please this means everything to me so please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vmk i miss you. HOST_Pirate Hi, I’m not the real HOST_Pirate (VMK staff member) thats just my name througout the Disney world. I have played VMK for to years now and very sad for it closing. I will lose all my great stuff. Like GREEN FLIPS AND BLUE STITCH HAT. Well.. as many of you of heard from rumors on in the virtual kingdom, Ppl have said vmk will re-open at the end of summer. Pay to play. Now remember i’m not sure this is true (probbably not, is that spelled right lol) if so.. I WILL PAY TO PLAY. But im sure we will lose everything and start from sractch. Keep the dream alive, your friend, HOST_Pirate. Look for me in the Disney community! 🙂 Water_Gal VMK is very fun!! And all the kids and people who played the game has a lot of fun playing it as well so why shouldn’t we try to save VMK? And people that are trying but want to play a similar one are playing, Virtual Family Kingdom and very few people can play that since they have to WAIT on a WAITING LIST which isn’t fair for anyone but the people who registered on maybe MIDNIGHT and no one can play until something is done so we really need to save VMK so that we all have a even chance to PLAY THE VIRTUAL GAME!!! ruthanne please dont shut vmk down well in steed of shutting it of why just build a new one and move our files on the new one well if yall want shut it down but think about the kinds stick sing up list shut down vmk but not till next year AND LET new commers in on the old one like let them join let the kinds join now plase please please do what i say!… Neptunebyte VMK. Three magical words I may never hear again. The second i saw the site and played, and that was the only reason i got out of bed on weekend. But, now… my soal is crushed. Sure i can play club penguin, or toontown, or pirates online, or even VFK but it will never be the same. Disney… count me out of any other game. VMK was where I felt reborn. Cartoonnetwork had nothing like toontown. What would Walt Disney himself do? he would hear the people and keep VMK open. So Disney, count me out. unknownmegaman 1. Disney is closing such a great perfect game dont you think? 2. What’s the point? I get that its a 50th celebration game and was only meant to be open for a month or a week or whatever, but since you left it open for 3 years, and its a perfect game, WHY CLOSE IT!? 3. I’ll never forget vmk, I hope all VMK’s players dont forget vmk! 4. Goodbye VMK! unknownmegaman 1. Disney is closing such a great perfect game dont you think? 2. What’s the point? I get that its a 50th celebration game and was only meant to be open for a month or a week or whatever, but since you left it open for 3 years, and its a perfect game, WHY CLOSE IT!? 3. I’ll never forget vmk, I hope all VMK’s players dont forget vmk! 4. Goodbye VMK! Jessica and jessepooh ( VMK ) i really miss vmk but at least Yavn made vmk if he didnt then what else would we do on the computer at least there was like a disney thing left like vfk sure it wont be as fun as vmk but at least it did not close for good i loved vmk my brothers and my sister said i was addicted see at least God gave the idea to Yavn when he was a child to always want to have a sight about Disney World and then it opened but it closed and then vfk and there getting stuff on it you can talk hear music merrls shop is open come on this could be a fun site hopefully i dont see how he could get the idea of colonial but yes i am a little bit mad at Yavn for closing vmk it was very sad that it closed i will never ever forget about vmk I LOVE VMK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Angelagt sadly, vmk is closed. vfk (virtual family kingdom) isn’t the same. and I know there is a group of people out there who would disagree and or say “it’s only beta!” or “give them time! “It will be great in the end!” because those are some comments i’ve been getting. For the people who have given those comments to me, or anyone else, this is what I say to you. Deep, deep,down in your heart, you know, love, and remember vmk. you remember the memories and things shared there. you know that vmk is better then vfk and that it NEVER will equal the amount of people who will love it that were on vmk. It will NEVER have the same idea or things. it will NEVER be that safe and fun and easy for kids to play like vmk was. What am I saying? I’m saying that vmk is special to those young, old, fat, thin, people with a problem, normal, sick, healthy, everyone! vmk has it’s own special place in everyone’s heart. and even though vfk might be what alot say “special” or “better”, I know and you know that in your heart, vmk is my second home. and NO vfk, club penguin, toontown, webkinz, could EVER compare to it. I will, and do, still miss vmk. and i know that you do too. Cutie_tiger_gurl to all my friends iwanted to say.. if vmk doesn’t come back i will miss you guys so much. I love you all!!! friends… if u read this, e-mail me at ********* I will be looking foward to talking to you again. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Mary I love vmk its sooo fun i went to log on 1 day and it said they were closing i said to my cousion why would vmk do this its soooo fun and she felt the same way! im still in shock! DolphinBubble Disney says that we should move on and play other online games like toontown and POTC online. But what they don’t understand is why vmk is so much more special. In essence, vmk is disneyland online. For those who have been to the parks it’s really cool to be able to have some of that disney magic on your computer until you can visit the parks again. But there are also those who can’t afford to go to disneyworld, or disneyland, and never will be able too, and for those people, this is the closest they’ll get to the disney parks. I’ve been lucky and have been to the parks multiple times, but disney needs to think about those who aren’t as fortunate. lisasweetheart dear vmk people i think you shuld try to re-open vmk or mak a better one pleas some people made alot of friends like me so pleas pleas re-open or at least try to re-open vmk your friend: lisasweetheart Adoril I am really sad that VMK is closed. So are my friends that played VMK. To me, VMK was like a magical dream come true. VMK was really fun. I did sign up for VFK, but unfortunatly it is not a Disney game. BTW my name in VFK will be Adoril. So anyway, I heard that VMK would reopen in October. Is that true? I hope it is and somebody would reply me back for that question. I joined VMK in December, 2007 by my classmate you told me about it. I am really thankfull that she did, because like I said VMK was a magical dream come true. I also really hoped to be a VMK staff. My classmate who told me about VMK said that she was a staff, but I am not sure if she was telling the truth. I really hoped that I could be the VMK staff so I could help the other VMK staff to make VMK be a confortable and safe place to be. All in all, VMK will always be in my heart and I will never forget about it. currently Rani_Water i think that vmk should NOT BE CLOSING FOREVER. after all the hard work the hosts have done, after all the friendships people have made, it comes down to this, where we have to move on and let go. vmk says we have to move on, but the truth is,how can you move on and let go of friends?? isn’t the reason WHY we went on vmk was to have a safe, online experience with new people we can meet?we got this awesome oppurtunity to do this, so how can they tell us to let go now?? when our friendships have became stronger than ever before?? from, currently Rani_Water ill miss u- KA-Bass wassup_rabbit tracegirl green group colio-j and all the other rich ppl who i was friends with until vmk took them away from me well going yavn! everybody hates u!! including me because u took away all the new friends i’ve made, but most importantantly, all my hopes and dreams of ever meeting them HA! and u say its the year of a million dreams!! SnowRadicalGuitar OMG Vmk has closed now i cant play on ANYTHING!!! i want vmk back i LOVE LOVE and i mean LOVE!!!!!!!! Vmk and now POOF GONE it says now VMK launched as part as disneylands 50th celebration and stuff and i Loved vmk more then eggs cake dinner my mom dont tell her ok and my pool wich is big i Love vmk my user on vmk was SnowRadicalGuitar and on Vfk it is Host_bella or SnowRadicalGuitar Camryn VMK Launched as part of the 50 anniversery celebration, and there are two reasons to be sad. Reason One: The clebration is off. Reason Two: VMK closed. VMK meant alot to me and I had a really special friend on vmk. She was my friend in real life but she moved really far away from where I live. VMK was my only way to contact her, now I may never see her again.She taught me how vmk worked, she gave me a tour, and she taught me how to do most everything in vmk. I”m really thankful to her for waisting her time on me. She was a true, loyal friend. I miss her. :(Disney brooke my heart. Emily -The one and ONLY BrightThunderLime- well, guys, we cant be mad at disney DIRECTLY. Flower_Kid if u wanna be mad mad mad at somebody; be my guest and join me in being mad at the company who owns VMK outside of disney… like i mean, the company who made the part of vmk that u play. My stepmum’s sister works for disney and she said that said company is basicly blackmailing disney, and thats why they’re closing vmk. other than that IM MAD!!!!! i already miss all my best friends: the.only.skater, braveblueprincess, Joiseiscool, Katsarereallykool, Powerful, Swimcap, bluechristopherlm, chatty_chic, IchigoKid (yeah i miss u too u crazy vampire). Brave if u read this; im sad i didnt get to say goodbye to Vampire Dude!! and the JoBro’s are still stalking me ^-^ :Doom oh i miss Lady, and the rest of ya’ll who i forgot – Im Sorry!!! – MY BAD!!!! 🙂 i wish they couldda listened to us because we could have said alot! (i could say alot to several ppl at disney right now >_<) anyways, u guys know where to find me (cyan land) – Love Kenai (Bright)
i just wanted to say that vmk was an AWESOME virtual game! I will miss it so much and i wish it could reopen!!! It was great and so much fun to see friends i already new!!!! Bye vmk and thank you Isadora Q or trying to make a difference. I really hope this works!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys! This is red and I just wanted to say I hope to see my friends again. wolf aqua and next and guitar and fan. Hope to see you guys soon.
Someone out of the Million that <3 VMK
i miss my friends.Thats the reason i want it to stay open. I moved schools,and now i cant see the friends i left behind anyways. it makes me really mad and sad that i can see them about once every three months now. VMK has been my dream come true,where i could create anything i wanted. It was my own virtual world where i could do anything,and now i cant experience the magic of disney everyday like i used to.I go to disney once a year,which is 100 times in my life,which isn’t alot given the circumstances of the magic of disney,SO PLEASE SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((I SALUTE OLDWESTER))
There is something I don’t get, if they opened VMk for the 50th year thing, and to promote stuff at WDW, then why take it away? The only thing that is going to do is make me want to boycott against it. ThE VMK idea was a really good idea, and I bet WDW got billions of ppl to go there. But now that the VMK Head’s have taken that away, and made everyone mad at them, then we are surrtenly not going to want to spend money there. VMK was a good promotional idea. But takeing it away is going to kill them!
wat was the website Flower_Kid?
vfk is okay, dont blame it on the vmk staff, they are wondering the same thing to. disney has made a bad mistake and i cant take it anymore
The_Angel_Katie ( Katie )
Everyone its not Yavn’s fault it was just suppose to last a little but they felt bad for us so the kept it going for 2 more years!! Yes i do miss vmk dearly but its gone and yes im sad but im sure you will find something else to do. Therefore VMK Staff ( including Yavn ) did everything they could. Thank-You!! – The_Angel_Katie ( Katie )
Katie – again –
If anyone is my friend from vmk my title is The_Angel_Katie sign up at and add me!!! On that im just TheAngelKatie.
I dont want to tell about all my VMK life now that it’s gone but i want to say thanks to all my great VMK friends: Moonlina ( hoped i spelled right!) TammyLu, and all my real close friends that i’ve come to know! I’ll miss u VMK! *Buttrfly 🙁
I love vmk it was the best computer game ever . It was like my life i had so many friends and ppl who were so nice to me. yea i know eveyone thinks they can stop it but it already ended but vmk if you are reading this come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! givee vmk another chance plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey i think it’s really sad that vmk had to close,but now there’s,it’s way cooler imean… how could disney do this to us, anyway ya know that saying,”what ships never sink?friendships!” now that’s over plus i think it’s really cool and nice and cool of you to start this petition.But, not to be rude,this is kind of all for nothing but how ar eu gonna get vmk back? sincerely, FancyUnusualJump
I loved the rooms and everything! I want my dear friends back! The last week vmk was going to close I coulden’t even click the button to log on!
Katrina- purplepixiedusttoo
When I learned about VMK, I thought it was some stupid little kids game, but when I started getting and making friends, all of my feelings changed. A couple of months after I started VMK they anounced its closing!! I was HORRIFIED!!! I thought to myself, “what will I do during the summer when im home with my brother and when there is nothing good on TV?” Then i went on vfk… it was, to me, terrible! i couldn’t see the people that were already there, and I couldn’t get within five little arrows of any one so they could know that I was talking to THEM. I know it is just a test run, but I kinda wish they would just give up. NOTHING CAN TAKE THE PLACE OF THE FRIENDS YOU ALREADY HAD. So I appreciate the effort to start a new world… also the guy who wrote the books. I wish he would stop trying to make us VMKers feel better, but really he is only helpnig his buissiness. WE ALL KNOW THAT DISNEY IS TOO INSENSITIVE OF ALL THE YOUGER AND OLDER KIDS’ HEARTS THEY BROKE. THEY WILL PROBABLY NEVER OPEN IT AGAIN. Even if they did open it in OCTOBER, what are we kids – who spend our days of summer in our houses doing nothing- supposed to do?? I wish the Disney people would be more sensitive. I wish they would look at this site. Isador, you have done a fantastic job! – Katrina – purplepixiedusttoo BE STRONG
In my school, i am called names. i am called fat and ugly. I am called every name in the book! When i came on vmk i was happy because no one could call me names and i was pretty – as far as it goes any way – i liked vmk because i could come home from a bunch of name calling and find ppl who love me – my friends – i love u guys!! i miss u!! 🙁 <3 PURPLE_PIXIEDUST
Purple_pixiedust again
i know i have already sent some thing. but i thought about some thing. My dad is paralized. in a wheel chair he cant walk at all. I know a lot of kids who have the same problem. VMK MADE THEM BE ABLE TO WALK ON THE COMPUTER!! IT WAS THERE ONLY CHANCE TO LOOK LIKE A REAL PERSON AND BE THOUGHT OF AS A REAL PERSON!! MY DAD IS ALWAYS TREATED AS IF HE HAS SPECIAL NEEDS! HE DOESN’T! HE IS A NORMAL PERSON WITH A SLIGHT DISABILITY. NO ONE TREATS PPL WITH A DISABILITY LIKE A NORMAL PERSON! i am extremely conserned. – purple_pixiedust
Anna L. ( a.k.a ) aceDestinygirl
Gone! I see so many faces in the eyes of the virtual world. My friends are gone and they never gave me a chance to say good bye. All bc of American Idol!! 🙁 I never got to say good bye to dark_sango, whom I will always remember! Good bye to all who knew me as aceDestinygirl! I just cannot believe Disney did this!! This game helped me get away from the life I still own today. The life that has been so hard for the past six months i cannot even say how vmk had helped me get through those hard, awful days. The days i would cry to be over. Even the days that made me laugh out loud! My dream is that someday vmk will reopen and make the eyes of everyone who knew vmk sparkle with the light of a million dreams come true. as i write this i am wondering why i cannot do this wonderful writing in school. but that doesnt matter. what matters is the fact that vmk is closed and that dizney is NOT listening! I am now to the point where i am about to cry at the fact that i will never play cute or boot or falling chairs ever again, or the fact that my room will never be on the top of the guest rooms list. the fact that i will never have gold ears or silver or even red. Good bye dark_sango. Goodbye dany, Slushi,robot,bets,Hurricane. Also a fullhearted goodbye to LindsRoxMySox, even though we were really never close to being friends or even pals, i would like to be able to be your friend. ( sorry if i spelled your vmk title wrong linds. I forgot how to say it or how it looks bc i dont have my friends list with me! 🙁 ) if vmk opens again i will start crying bc of the happiness that holds in my heart. idk why vfk is existing in the world bc even its creators know that it will NEVER EVER replace vmk. no matter how hard they try to make it just like vmk. I’m probably not going to like vfk anyways. I cant do it. what if vfk decides to close right out of the blue? what will the kids today do then? Jump off a cliff? idk but im not gonna try!!
i agree with disney. vmk was only to promote the 50th aniversery. Be Glad they left it open for 2 extra years. they let you have there fun. Vfk is coming out. who knows what that will be like.
I can’t belive vmk closed it meant a lot to some people! I know it is closed now but maybe some time soon vmk will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cutie_tiger_gurl – read plz-
I’m not giving up. But apparently all these petitions aren’ working. There’s got to be some other way to getin touch with disney and show them how we feel. a DIRECT source!!! Is anybody has any ideas email me at ************ [sorry, we can’t post email addresses here!] We have to save vmk!!! Who’s with me!?!?!? Anyone????
we have tried so much to save vmk. but they pay no attention to us. its just crude. they had vmk going so well. untill they shut it down, they should have known it wasnt a good idea.. it upset everyone. i can tell you what, if vmk’s commpany ever tries to get something else up like a game.. i dont think there going to be geting much people after what they are doing know.! :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/
First off i wanted to say Disney why are you closing vmk it means so much to us now that you made people mad about it your parks will probably get less and less people,Open it again or regret it your choice
i know that vmk is already closed, but is it possible to keep the dream alive?? why did it close anyway?? i have been with vmk since day one and i never got bored with it so please please try to keep the dream alive!!!!!! i made good friends on that website and i will never speak to them again:(
I wanted to let the people of vmk see me in vfk. if anything i would really like to find my old friends, like eagle, sharkshark, i want my friends to know that my new name is going to be Lizzy66, or Lizzy please try to find me. i miss you guys.

Posted on May 24
i can’t believe they actually closed it i am so dissapointed they have ruined many the trust that we players had in them well if u catch me on vfk i am Sky Tropical Shuffle
First off i would like to say that i will never forget VMK. Second I feel that Disney is taking away all of our friends. I want to know so much how the Disney workers would feel if they were so close to so many friends and then POOF! you may never see them again. So i hope to see everyone on VFK!!
We NEED to save VMK!!! Someone made a great point: Kids with cancer play VMK to make friends and have fun and now they took it away from them! I AGREE with that person a LOT! SAVE VMK!
( VMK ) iceamazing
Hello/Goodbye, vmk members. I am here to say not goodbye, but see ya later. Even though vmk is now closed we must find a way to make something good come out of this. For example: Ever sense i found vmk, ive been doing bad in school. my grades have been slipping a little, and now i have to go to summer school! I understand that we all had lives on vmk, but think about how much time you would probaly spend on vmk! I to had a life on vmk but now its closed, and there is nothing i can do, i can try and try and try… but its just to late. VFK might not be better then vmk, but the founders are trying there best to keep us kids happy. So remember, this is not a goodbye, its a new! happy beginging… :)/:(
Disney, we loved vmk, so why did you take it from us? We helped you get more publicity, and in return, you take vmk away from us. Why? We know it was only supossed to be a temporary thing, but it was doing so well. This sudden catastrophy has crushed many hearts. Well, I just hope you are happy, and here is an idea: if you want kids to love going to Disney, don’t hurt them. Now lots of people are boycotting you, and truthfully, I don’t blame them.
Sara B.
dear vmk, i have a question. why do u have to go? we all love u!
VMK was a place where kids and teens went to be themselves. Kids in the hospital went on vmk because they couldn’t have any friends cause they where in the hospital all day. Many of the kids who went on vmk, went on because it was the place where they could be themselves. I guess that means nothing to Disney.
5/22 was a hard day and vmk broke many young and old hearts. In this world people could be themselves, and now vmk is taking that away from us. Sure theres clubpenguin, VFK and many more but here we could talk to people have a guest room that you didn’t have to be a member for and mostly big our selfs kid who we are where we could show are feelings and be kids.
We’ve woke up and vmk was just a dream. Vmk was a place to live are dreams but instead it became one. Just a thing to remember and a place no longer there. 🙁 If you are as sad as i am about this situation i incourage you to sign this petition.
VMK was where I could have fun and be a totally cooler person than I really am. I will miss all the friends I made. I just wish they had thought about everyone else when they closed it.
I was always a great speller but never a good typer, bc of me playing on VMK i can type fast than anyone in my family. And I only joined VMK for a school project on trust, And I got a A on it bc of the great people on VMK!!!! So thx a million! VMK means the world to us, We all know its only a game but we made friends that we can never replace. Friends we can never talk to again bc of you host and such. What are we going to do? Make new friends? Friend that we can tell everything too? Friends that always are there when you need them!! Every time I got into the host room they would tell me up front I don’t want VMK to close either but the truth is they don’t care anything about VMK bc they have done nothing!!!!!! They would also say I have told you all I know, but I guess they know nothing then. ~ Lydia ~
i will miss my friends sooo much 🙁
Marina ( Penguin_RocknRoll )
omg i cant believe they actually did it! disney i will never go to ur parks again bc it wont seem like magic to me anymore it will seem like a tourmenting nightmare of what used to be me life. 🙁 …long live vmk…
Florencia ( PrincessChrystal! ) – again –
Hi i just wanted to say something about what Yavn has done to us in a song. its called why. Why? would u do something like this to all of these children? some even had their lives on vmk! YOu made it but it doesnt mean that u can break it!? I LOve Vmk Bring the magic back to life! If u are chaleyrain then send a response to this message rain.i i miss u so much
VMK is where i got my user name for every game i play! BlondeAmazingEdge. This message is for dinsney, so plz send it to them. Disney, U CANt JUST PULL THE PLUG ON A TREASURED VERY POPULAR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to VMK_Zoo, she did everything she could to save vmk. the ONLY STAFF MEMBER WHO CARES!
Yavn, you may be able to take vmk away but you cant take away the magic and the spirit that lies with us and vmk!
Malorie (Flower_Kid)
The Head’s at VMK hate children. And probably eat kittens for breakfast,lunch,and dinner. (YOU HERE THAT VMK HEAD’S, YOU GUYS SUCK, SUCK,SUCK ,SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
i want vmk back or any of my 123 friends will never ever come to disney ever!!
vmk is like a home online to me. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz save vmk.
plz keep vmk it rocks plz plz plz
I don’t understand why they would do something so wrong, i really want vmk to stay FOREVER!! (cries, cries)
What VMK mean to me? Well for one fact VMK is part of every kids hearts. Since the recent closing of VMK, every kid across America has a very defistated expression across their face. I think VMK should stay alive because it’s a very wonderful virtual site where kids can interact with other kids and become very close friends. Everytime I get home from school the first thing I think about before doing anything is going on VMK. I bet this goes for the same thing as other kids my age as well too. Many hearts have been smushed and broken for VMK closing. Tears have flowed overexcessively and faces have turned red with deep sorrow and hurtfullness.
sarah ( sarahprincessbop )
i would just like to say thanks for making this site. i really think that disney needs to re think their decision and re open vmk. I am furios at disney. If walt was still with us he would fire all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letti (Guideline, Cartwheels, Jazzeh)
Oh, my goodness. I have been on VMK since the day after it began. After many accounts, the game closed with my best account ever, Guideline. I’ll miss you all, especially Freshy, SlowSloth, and Diz_HannahFan.
please open vmk i am so bored without vmk. vmk is my life please please please open it back up PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU
You guys have the coolest sight and I love your sight but I do not know how to do it can you help me get to my house or a place because I have no clue how to do it and please help me try to get to a house or at least play and see my person.How do you make a person anyway.Help me help me now I have no clue how to play on your website.
IsadoraQ and I were friends,and we had so much fun together but I have to ask vmk why did you shut vmk down? It was stupid to shut down people’s 2nd life too.Vmk_HOSTS lost their jobs, as vmk staff too.and why did you put quests out giving so much rare stuff, espcielly on the last day of vmk?It made me so happy to know I got that rare, but very unhappy to know I would lose it in a couple hours.So whoevers idea it was to shut down vmk, why do you like crushing people’s dreams??? Luv, Fashion_Forever
Derek (sinkerace)
Yavn, If vmk is staying open, why can’t I get on to it!!! Please respond.
snoworchidmusic ( vmk nickname )
hello vmk i know you are closed sadly i wish vmk wasn’t shut!!why can’t we have both vmk and vfk! WHY CAN’T WE DO THAT HUH?!?!?! I’M SMART BUT SERIOUSLY SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!
I am so angry with vmk for closing it was the only site that I really loved and its gone who evers bright idea this was why did u have to close it it dosent make sense so many people went on it and loved it like me
I had alot of friends on vmk, but my real question is how do u log in to play vfk and what time in the mornings can u start playing it???
First of all, thanks for the web site and hard work to save VMK. As a family we’ve played for quite some time and are sad/mad at its sudden departure. What are you wanting for the scrapbook? I took a couple of videos of rides in my rooms, pictures of friends, pictures of every room we have, … We also have posted a video on YouTube ( ) along with a high quality version (and much larger) that can be downloaded from Be glad to help where I can. Thanks again, FreedomIsntFree
kaylabestfriend (kelsi)
okay, so, i had alot of expirence in vmk, like i never been to disney world, and vmk made it seem like i have, i know alot of the rides, i know every land in disney. it was so real its so unimaginable! i cant believe they closed it its like walt disney dying all over again or closing disney world its so sadd
I’m so upset that the creators of Disney’s VMK were so disrespectful and unaware of our feelings. I have had a very difficult couple of days, now that VMK is closed. All the creators had no compassion what so ever for us, and just dismissed us like we were only investors in their product! We are more than that, we ARE vmk, and we have experienced something that we will never forget.
If the rumor is true, if vmk is saved… you don’t know how happy I’d be. I loved vmk. I loved my friends on their. It didn’t matter if they teased or were nice, we were one big family, and we acted like one too. Vmk is a whole other world to us, a place where we don’t have to worry about school, just to have fun and hang out. One of my favorite songs is Everything magic by angels and airwaves and everytime i heard it i thought of vmk, bc it’s a magical place that as soon as you logged on you forgot about anything bad that had happened that day. Just like we have a socail life, home life, and school life, we do, indeed, have a vmk life. And if it doesn’t come back,we will all be heart broken. And by then I guess all we’d have left of it were memories, they can’t take that away. I really wanted disney to know that
Vmk please open again u crushed all of our hearts just because vmk wasn’t meant to be opened this long. You should’ve warned us more ahead of time about six months before so we would have been aware that it was going to close and we had to say our good byes. Vmk, you should’ve at leat apologized to us, all you really did was give us free things and more credits but that didn’t make us happy at all because we knew the reason why u were giving us all this stuff. We knew that in weeks or days vmk would be closing.It just made us feel worse. I know Walt wouldn’t want this for us and he would probably be against you guys closing vmk.You broke a lot of hearts and you ruined our Summer vacation for those kids that are and already got out of school.We were looking forward to seeing our friends walking around vmk central and talking to people.Some of us have worked so hard to get rare. All those mickey ears, those cowboy pants,the gingerbread funriture wasn’t worth it. We spent most of our time in trade rooms and looking for those famous cowboy pants. please open those magical gates again we really miss you. We want to experience that magic again.Please vmk we are begging you, open the gates once again vmk was truly the best site i had ever seen. It was very safe, but it was very fun.Open the gates again please!!
SAVE VMK!!! BRING IT BACK NOW!!! It is so stupid they closed down VMK for the million dreams but my dream did not come true. My dream was to keep VMK up but the just destroyed that dream!!!
Why did VMK have to close?? If it was only realsed for the 50th celebreation then why even borther?? I mean, Disneyalways says that they are celebrating their 50th aniversy. My friends were their with me when i needed them. And now their lost. – Its over. Its just over, girl
I feel cheated by VMK. We went on a disney trip and bought several packs of VMK code cards. The money we spent on that was equal to the cost of a disney blanket. We were freezing during the Christmas parade. WHY would we have gotten them if we knew VMK would just shut down a few months after we got home? WHY would we buy them if they were just trying to cheat us out of our money? The word they use ( promotion ) Is NOT what I would use. I would use the phrase “Hey, I want your money so get really deep into this game!” Isn’t that what you would use??
Lizzy ( The third time! )
I have lost so much. My best friend moved several states away and I can’t contact her. My favorite teacher has to teach at a different school. Some of my other friends are switching schools. My mom has no job. I may lose my best best best friend in the whole wide world. And now VMK and everybody in it! ( Ice star, all star, I mean you! Miss U lots! ) I can’t believe this.
Tyler ( confussion lostguy theblueman and many other vmk users )
I wish vmk didn’t close but it is their choice… sadly we cant make them not close it. We can try though and I greatly appreciatte you trying. ( oh and IsadoraQ, it is your friend fusion! lol )
Hi, My name is Vanessa and i have a HARD question for you! Here it goes….. How can we Save VMK if it’s already closed? i know this is late notice but, please please PLEASE answer back as ASAP!! Thx!
okay… i miss vmk sooooo much right now… i miss every room and the music at the blue bayou… i remember the fuzzy feeling i got when i first clicked inside my madhatter room…:(:(:( i even miss having lag and all the signitures about vmk crashing:) i had soooo many good times in vmk… just like everyone else did in vmk:) they have been saying how much they appreciate us playing on vmk… well we would appreciate it if we could get back on… i can literally feel my heart crying in my chest right now… i especially miss talking to my bff smilesforever! and if your reading this smiles plz email me at *******… i will never forget the mornings tht i waited for vmk to open it’s gates at ten…:(:(:( i will even miss my mom yelling at me to get off-sighs- lol:):):) vmk lingo… BURSTS OUT CRYING!!! lol jk but i really am sad… i feel a hole in me and i probably sound like a dork but i truly love vmk and everyone tht played it ily all:):):):):):):)
disney shut down the memories parties fun games rooms and friends and virtual lives of vmk friends and how are we going to get it all back vmk is closed sure we have vfk but its not the same vfk is not even from disney but anyways I hope to see all my vmk friends on vfk.
Hey vmk lovers <33, I miss vmk 2! Today in hope of seeing the words Vmk is Opening back up, i read the whole page and comments on one of the pages of this website.. (my eyes hurt lol) ppl plz do not give up and say we lost bc we didnt! I dont know about u guys but im still fighting till the end. And i hope u will to. Plz keep your dreams alive no matter what happens and never give up without a fight no matter what the subject is. I miss all my vmk friends and if u read this then u know im still here! 1. Silverrazzlemoon 2. Fancyminisecrets 3. Flowergirrl 4. Cuteboyjay 5. PrincessJuliana 6. Rightdazzlegroove 7. Amanda-the-panda 8. Zootube 9. Goldenrock 10. Goldenrock`s sister 🙂 sorry if i misspelled or forgot your name, well i <33 u guys especially Silver and Flower , Bye Byes and hopefully i will see u in the new world. (also, anyone on my list included just cant remember sorry lol) <33, Purplelemongarden
If u read this i love u Silver and miss u already plz try and stay in touch no matter what, i miss talking to u and going out like everyday 🙂 i also miss all my friends from vmk u know who u are! <33 love PurpleLemonGarden Shadowtaker Vmk is now closed!!! how do u think walt disney would feel about this? not happy that’s what. bring it back. u know hjow ppl boycot things well have u ever thought about what the kids would do to disney? they would be mad at it and might boycot it im not saying i will bc personally disneyland and disneyworld and everything disney does is so great. but shutting vmk down. plz bring it back yavn plz host_bella plz hosts. plz bring it back. i miss it so so much. your making kids cry including me and winniefred and princessStarAngel. Don’t u remember when u were little and u loved something so much u never wanted it to end. well this is how we fell now plz bring it back. VMKFOREVER Disney, you broke a thousand kids hearts, including mine!Vmk was like a dream website!It was fun,enjoyable and magicale!Then, you shatter the dreams of Millions of kids by saying your closing VMK!!Disney, if you close VMK to get more money,your going to lose more than earn more!! alex_rockerboy Yo guys its possible it might reopen… and close till halloween. mr. ridley, a famous author, said that he heard it from reliable trusted sources. Dont get hopes up 2 high tho…. i really hope it opens again i didn’t really get 2 say goodbye 2 my friends, my sister logged me out bc she wanted to go onto her account.. so .. ill c u all in vmk.. i hope >_< fire if ure reading this i love u >_< i cant explain how much Drpapii You broke our hearts AND our second home. Now; that’s a shame. 😐 Thank you Disney, for upsetting your fans. That just makes you low. Very, low. annie they broke my heart and im crying right now so its hard to type and also my sister said she never coming out of her room again i till vmk comes back ( or she is at least not talking again i hope!! ) vmk open up your gates up for on more year at least for a year or my sister wont do anything ( not even her choures lol!! ) help me plz!! 🙁 🙁 :() mangomagentastars (brooklyn) Well I’m sad that vmk closed because I really loved it so much and disney had 2 close it i made so many friends and I like disney but they really let all the kids down!vmk was my second life where i could be free!but disney really let me down I cried vmk was the best and i loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! friendlyrazzlejump vmk is a great game i have one thing to say is SAVE VMK!thank you plz save vmk i wish walt disney were here to see these game open plz plz save vmk bye Nadine OK, I know we will always miss vmk. It wasn’t just a game, it was a opportunity. An opportunity to meet new friends, have fun, be yourself and escape from the real world into a magical world full of happyness, love, and peace. I cannnot believe it closed :'( Not only did they take away our opportunities, but they also took away our home. madison Well i just don’t understand why vmk had to close i mean i have been on other websites and none of them have closed and vfk is just not the same because it won’t even let me on! I miss my friends i mean i spent so much time hanging out with them and now i will never ever get to talk to them again! i am not alllowed to do alot of things because of my parents but this thing was something that they actually agreed with so i was so excited and about four six monthes later you guys say it is closing!? there is not many kid friendly sites out there but this is one of them and now it is gone. i became so close to my friends and now they are gone? i just don’t see why you should do that to us! if you were going to close it then why didn’t you just tell us that a long time ago so we wouldn’t get so attached to it its not fair at all! why? is all i want to know i don’t care how it was just a thing for some celebration it could still be celebrated if you didn’t close it! Sillycrew I think it was rude how disney didnt consider that petition. It broke my heart when vmk closed bc i lost most of my friends that i would never be able to talk to again. It made me cry. When i signed that petition i had hopes that it would work, but Disney crushed my hopes. So a Shout out for Disney ” thanks for ruining everyones Life! ” Tori Sinclair (vmk person: Tori-Angel) – Last day of vmk.. forever – ” And the new american idol is.. ” * VMK closing message * * Disconnected * Forever…. Abyicecrystal This is for Extremelemonpuppy, if you read this i miss you so much! all that you said to me means so much! now that vmk is over i still want you to remember me, and all the fun that vmk was. i wanted to really get a chance to say Good-Bye for the very last time. GracefulCoralShell Hi everyone! I’m really sad VMK closed! If I wasn’t I would not be sitting here typing this note. To me it wasn’t a promotion it was a wonderful game! And I know your all sad and kinda mad at the same time but you guys have nothing on me! I made my user the day before they said they where going to close VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I made the most wonderful friend in the entire world. And I believe I miss that most of all. So I put on my first outfit and went to the first place i came on VMK to close it out, my sister was with me too. I took pitures in real and everything. But also in 2008 on the 21 of May the gates where closed to the virtual world of VMK 🙁 My sister and I made a short movie about the wonderful memories we had together. Its called The Last VMK Blast And I also learned a new fun game to play.. Hippo mess fights is very entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!! My bff made it up Krystal or (BlueishBlueQueen) i miss vmk:( you broke my heart in so many ways. i always spend all my time on vmk but now i dont even know wat to broke so many peoples heart you should be a shamed..why did u close vmk in the first place?? we love vmk like a brother,sister,mom,dad and etc. i will not only be known as krystal but i will never forget my vmk nickname as BlueishBlueQueen 🙁 its even harder to write it than say it! nothing will ever change vmk as the way we know it! goodbye vmk..:'( mofe Indeed hearts were brocken and VMK’s was too but we are still fighting and we’re still strong And were NOT giving up, right!?!!!? heh heh this wanted to say that-,- Esme Hi ninanik and evry1 im ashagreat on vmk and it was my life.i used to be really good so i could get on.then i got really addicted and enjoyed myself! i got better at school too becasue i learned lots from being on the computer. i just wish it would open again…especially as vfk isn’t working for me I WAS GalleriaGalleria Hi it’s Hannah again sorry I love looking at what you all have to say and I love writing back! Listen I was thinking why don’t we all write to Disney and get them flooded with complaints and then they’ll put VMK back on and then we will all be happy :)! or we could give up on club penguin, give up on toontown (i have an account there, i’m getting dad to cancel) give up on fairies, POTC, everything Disney, don’t go to the movies to watch Disney films and don’t buy toys, or clothes ie. Disneystores. So you might not agree with me (some of you have already wrote your own version) BUT WE, US VMKERS CAN ALL WIN THIS BATTLE!!!!!!!! (sorry, I got a little carried away…) vmkisover!!?? i really want to see if vfk is just as good but idk how.. plz tell me how to do so. i signed in but it just wont let me type or anything. i cant see anybody either oh well thx glove vmk bye kristy it not fair people hurt me cause i did nothing fun when i sis nothing when i found vmk i became popular now i am no albertof vmk to me is like, a place where u can talk to real or online frineds so plz dont shut it down! vmk is alot to me! save vmk!!!!!! albertof walt had a dream! we also have a dream! if walt were here he would let vmk stay open forever! so plz dont let down other peoples dream to play vmk.. NeonMonkey VMK has become a big part of my life and I hate to see it leave. I cried when it closed, and all the friendships I have made are gone. I wish it could have stayed, i would have payed to play. RIP VMK! SugarBaby I Cried Last On The Day VMK Was Closed. I Said,”Disney I Wonder If You Know How Many Sad Broken Friendships They’re Are Now. ClubPenguin Is Not As Great As VMK. Club Penguin You Have To Pay To Play,Its Stupid And I Just Want My VMK!!!” I Cried Because I Didn’t Meet All My Goals..And Now I Never Will Abi You Inspired Me To Create Another Petition! So Disney Knows We Care! puppygirlmd Hi! I wanted to say something to my best friends on VMK, FabulosDazzleTop and Pinkdolphin!They where awesome and really good friends and I miss them SOOOOOO much!- puppygirlmd no more 🙁 megan VMK SHOULD NOT HAVE CLOSED. It was a site me and best friends played on all the time! I dont think i can EVER trust Disney sites again! What if club penguin closes or toontown!! If they can close VMK, they can close Toontown or Club Penguin! Disney, Y infinitigirl101 sad why close vmk just because of Disneylands 50th annivarsary? that is S0 N0T FAIR!! please re – open vmk anonymous.. AKA alishiaye Wow… Vmk is gone.. i have been playing vmk since about a month after it started by reading about it in a tween magazine, and ever since i started playing it since then, i feel in love with the game and felt as though i wasw addicted to it, and i HAD to get on everyday after school or i would go nuts… Vmk was my life.. i had met so many friends.. Do you know how much buinuiss an reutation Disney coul loose bc VMK closed? Alot.. well as the greatest ban ever alive said, thanks for the memories…. `Aye. asombriebrie To me vmk was more than just a game.. I guess they just didn’t get it when they closed vmk; how much it meant to us. VMK was pretty much a second life for me for the past couple years. I had so many great friends and great times and now it’s all gone. When I started vmk I just thought “This looks fun” but it has grown to mean SO much to me. In 4th grade my best friend since kindergarten moved very far away. Then, 4 years later we were both playing vmk and we got to talk every day and have fun on vmk. That was our only good way to communicate and keep in touch. Now its over and we both sobbed at its closing. We couldn’t hold the tears back, we were so devastated. It would be so awesome if vmk could reopen its gates and give us our virtual lives back. I know vfk tried to replace vmk, but nothing will ever be able to replace the magic of vmk… WildSilverFrog VMK should reopen on this frist of june or july!! VMK has been a place on-line were us kids can just hang-out! If Walt knew about this, he would be devastated at Disney!!! Walt was a man with a dream, a dream to make kids happy and now VMK staff and disney, you have broken all of our hearts!!! kids that couldn’t affored to go to DisnyLand, played on VMK so they could experience the magic and now the magic is lost!! Gone forever!!!!!! I hope Disney and VMK staff are happy because if they were planning to break our hearts, Wlat Disnery’s heart and all the disney characters heart you got what you wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shelby I think vmk is a wonderful cite that teaches children how the real world is, and lets you have fun while learning. I was one of them, and it hurts me to see leaving me . Please, I really don’t want that happening. cutie_tiger_gurl I’m getting really upset now. Don’t they see how much vmk has ment to us??? We have made all these sites and petitions and it’s been on newspapers and crap, and they are still ignoring us!!! it wouldn’t be that hard just to put vmk back up. I’m going to break down in tear.pathetic, may be, but if that’s hwat your doing to a thirteen year old, imagine what you have done tothe other little kids that loved vmk. I hope disney thinks about that while they continue to ignore the voices of the people. They’re acting like stubborn six year olds refusing to do whjat’s best. I’m really angry and upset now. ACEgymnast_girl Hello, I can’t believe you are braking kids heart with closing vmk!! I WORKED SO HARD to get to know vmk and play the games, also meet some new people. But u guys took it all away! I am happy but sad at the same time. I am happy that you made vmk because it was apart of my life I went on it all day!! I am more sad than happy though. Why do u have to close vmk? I have looked at vfk ( virtual family kingdom ) it will be hard for me to understand how to play because I am so used of vmk. I will always think that vmk was better!! I just cant believe you are braking little kids ( like me ) hearts!! More that a thousand people go on there!! I even meet this 30 year old on vmk. She told me she loved it! Everybody any age loved vmk and I used to look up to Disney but i cant anymore because they broke me heart. Yea we can still go to Disney World and ride the rides, but it is not as fun having your friends play with you!! Love, ACE Noah we all cried i think we all wept we all sighed we all left 🙁 ILuffHomer (Fixey/Groovyperson) Well, this is gonna be quite the extravagent message. For about a year; I hated VMK. They had banned me for no reason at all, and then ignored my pleas. I had been the next person in line for community leader before hand, and I was ticked to say the least. But I’m not here to bash them. I’m here to congratulate the people who worked on the game. They are the true heroes; and I can’t believe people would blame them for the demise of the game. Disney mutually decided at the start of VMK that it would have to close; people should’ve realized it before hand. I myself was prepared a year ago, when I began playing again. I was a costume collecter, best game/guest room builder, and I had the greatest of friends along the way. My cousin, who posted earlier, and I became so incredibly close that we’re more like sisters nowadays, and I hope that never changes. Sure, my friends got banned along the way…but I still remember them. Our souls are valuable pieces, and I do so sincerely believe that all of ours have become more valuable just by finding this game. Au revoir, you will be well missed. Elly I was so sad when I found out that VMK was closing.. It felt totally unfair.. It kinda came out of nowhere too! I mean.. why even open VMK, the place many people loved, if you were just gonna close it down a couple years later when they got really attached to it? (like me) lol and I had so many nice friends there, and I will probably never see them again! So many memories.. and friends.. lost.. oh well i guess cosmicFushiaGirl I am so sad it already closed Katie Please please please please please please please please please please please please reopen vmk. Millions of people are so sad cause it closed. Please AquaColl I know that Disney doesnt care about VMK enough to open it back up, but i think that IsadoraQ and her site have really made a difference. This whole ” closing ” brought me to tears. We lost our VMK friends, our VMK family, and our VMK souls. SpazSpaz VMK was great. I was on for hours at a time. I got my friend on too! We had so much fun together. When we heard that VMK was closing, we gave up on it. I thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t. I was mad, sad, and just so confused. My friend and I will always miss VMK. prettything Im so sad, many hearts were broken that last day. i never thought something this fun and exciting to play would just go, go for ever and doesnt come back. it just sad. i hope that the people who ran vmk knows that they are doing a harmful thing to the poeple that played vmk. we all loved it and charished it. no one would ever say know to vmk,, inless there crazy lol.. from my point. vmk was geting better and better as it was going to shut down and i dont kmnow why but there was new rooms, games, and clothes beganing to come in and they just shut it down can u belive it. im heart broken. i got my friend into it and some family members but, all the fun is gone. i used to look forward to vmk after i got home from school. and all that but know its just nother really exciting as vmk!! i love vmk SAVE IT, BECAUSE WE CARE! :[ Posted on May 22 UsedToBeKali (Kali) May 21, 2008- Many hearts were broken, many tears were shed, and friendships were lost. Remember me not as UsedToBeKali, but as a friend that made you laugh in the good times and cried with you in the bad. PrincessStarAngel It’s gone. It’s really gone. I cried all last night. Disney, I hope you’re happy. You broke my little sister, Winniefred’s, heart. I didn’t spend as much time as my sister, but VMK still has a soft spot in my heart. I don’t know if VFK can fill it, but I’ll hope. We weren’t ready to let go. (And, yes, we were wearing the same outfit.) princesshaha its over! VMK ended!Well at least we have VFK 🙂 tiedyegirl vmk was my escape from the real world my mom has MS and is in a wheel chair there for i do a lot more work then your avrage 12 year old but when i logged on vmk i was just another disney lover i am made fun of a lot becuase of my difrent style the fact and i am homeschooled but vmk was just another world vmk’s closing made me very sad and mad and i will miss it dearly Dusty Wade I am very sad to see VMK close because it was the place all my friends were. I don’t have very many friends at school so I came home every day to talk to my friends on VMK. This is very sad. I will try and find my friends on VFK. Crystallace I can’t believe they’ve closed VMK, even though they KNOW we’re all heartbroken over it… and I trusted Disney to be the msot, if not one of the most, kid-friendly – scratch that, community-friendly, EVERYONE-friendly – companies in the world. Now they’ve gone and really crushed my spirits. I definitely want VMK to come back; sure we have VFK, but it’s not the same. Also, shamless plug for my new VMK/VFK blog (I advertised you, :D): cheerperfect well vmk has oficially closed and i am very sad i didn’t get to say goodbye to my friends because for some reason i couldn’t sign in last night but any of my friends who are reading this – I am going to play vfk where i hope to keep the same name so if u see me there plz tell me!!!! MaddieAutumn If u only knew how sad i am how vmk made me feel it is like some has died in your family!! i miss it and it is only the first day and i have already cryed Emily I was looking at all the amazing videos people left for VMK trying to save it and this one struck me as AMAZING. check it out its great, it speaks for us all. Fuzzlemini When i joined vmk, i remember entering in the VMK esplenade, and gettind three friends on the spot that still played till yesterday. Im super sad that vmk closed and i cried for an hour last night becasue of it. Disney crushed so many friendships and hurt all the hard work that most of us did to get what we got! bestkelsi i really dont get why disney wants to do this to us. come on, this website got more than 20000 signatures!!!! they are totally bringing us down. is it because disney cant afford to pay for the site? since it was only welcoming for 50th anniversary? but they had planned to pospone it. i cant believe the subject of vmk closing was on the channel 6 news!!! im gonna miss vmk so much, im actually crying because i’ll never see my vmk friends again. VMK is how i keep in touch with my cousin in the Middle East. So, its like im losing contact wih her. im so mad at this! SAVE VMK!! Delaney Well,VMK meant not virtual magic kingdom, it ment to me friendships, hobbies, and much more. VMK is what got me a hobbie and i stuck to it and now its ruind. Vmk is like the best thing that ever happend to me and all of you people who fell in love with it like me. Vmk to you people who shut it down is just a place to crush childrens dreams, but to us kids vmk is like a miracle that whoever invented it did. By vmk closing for good is crushing people’s friendships, jobs, and once again hobbies. Vmk is not just a thing to waste time when we could be doing something else, there is stuff that teaches kids like spelling, behavior, hot to work with money, home decorating, dressing themselfs, exploring,new words for younger kids, to branch out, and many more. So its not just a stupid game a educational. I have much more to say but i will just stop. But just ask yourself people who shut off vmk did i do the right thing crushing kids dreams? And why did u do it? From, Delaney Cutie_tiger_gurl ( Emily Rose) when you were in vmk,when it was still open, there was happiness everywhere. When i got home from schhol i looked forward to talking to Thewahl, JJseeter, and all the other amazing friends i made on vmk. other kids did, too. And now that they have closed it (for no apparent reason, might i add) the have crushed the happiness. We all have lives away from vmk, but vmk was, indeed, another life we had, like our school life and home life, we also had a vmk life. There was so much we had on there, a whole other world to spend time with different people and hang out with them. Without vmk, we will never see those amazing friends ever again. and I hope the people of vmk see how they have crushed our hearts bydoing this and put vmk back or in the least APOLOGIZE for goodnis sakes. Christopher ( A HOST_Lily fan ) Please let VMK stay open make it a pay site so every will have to “pay to play” disney is braking thousands of hearts all around the world and plus they are braking evenyone magical dreams . HOW CAN DISNEY BE SO More UNFAIR!!!!!!!! :THEY CAN BRAKE OUR DREAMS AND HEARTS BUT THEY CANT TAKE AWAY VMK FROM US NOW WHO’S WITH ME!!!!!! – richson steph ty for making vfk making our life not bordethe game seams fun a qestion for you wer you a hoste on vmk or a player and ty fro all the wonderful things ty VMK_Is_Gone two things, #1 I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S GONE!!!! and #2 I HATE VMK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! puppygirlmd I wanted to ask. Are you going to go on a Disney strike? If not, i think you should because Disney will lose ALOT of money for breaking our hearts! – puppygirlmd no more ( Vmk name :() Tiffany I loved vmk so much, I really wish it would stay, I had so many friends that were so nice and we always had so much fun! I cried for 25 minutes when i found out it was closing ( im really telling the truth )so please alot of people love this game and want it to stay! jennifer Save VMK. alex_rockerboy sad that vmk closed……… if any of my friends r reading this, email me at ******* i luv u guys especially, u fire ( if ur reading this)>_< i luv u….. Fuzzlemini PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ RE-OPEN VMK!!! I LOVE IT TO DEATH AND I AM REALLY ANNOYED THAT DISNEY WOULD DO SOMETHING SO STUPID! WALT DISNEY WOULDN’T LIKE THIS! (HE IS MY ROLE MODEL) HE ALWAYS SAYS LET THE KIDS HAVE THE BEST TIME OF THEIR LIVES AND BE KIDS FOREVER! MY FRIEND BLUEBLOB LIVES IN A DIFFERENT STATE THEN ME AND HE IS MY BFF ON IT AND HE ONLY CALLS EVERY ONCE AND A WHILE! I WANT VMK BACK! I WANT MY SECOND LIFE BACK! PLZ PLZ PLZ BRING IT BACK DISNEY! THINK ABOUT THE KIDS, PARENTS, FRIENDSHIPS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND EVERYTHING ESLE! WHAT WOULD WALT DO?!?!? Fuzzlemini im sorry for getting upset before. but vmk is home to many of my out of state friends that i never see, and thats the only way i talk to them. i got my dad hooked on vmk and he literally complained straight to disney. i really want vmk to come back so we can have lives in a perfect place where all dreams come true. PrincessMcKay we lost saddly!play and get on the waiting list today it took me alittle bit for it to load and if you do get one use your vmk name.Im on the waiting list and if they’re other games simmalar to vmk out there please tell me. IF THEY CAN CLOSE VMK THEY CAN CLOSE CLUB PENGUIN!! Jared They r making a big mistake i just found out because i went to play today because i hadnt played in a while i cryed dont leave VMK!!!!!!!!!!!! kayleigh look vmk is closed but geass wat we can still fight and vmk yavn cared about us he would want us to have are friends are family everything and we work hard on are rooms if yavn cared about us he would open back up vmk bc he wanted us to be happy and see on youtube save vmk vidos and stuff yavn if u cared u would do that for us abigail The reason why i think VMK shouldn’t close is because they have ruind peoples friendships of this doing.So why ruin peoples friendships,fun things they did there,and the great laughing times with people?WHY?explain that to people who lost the following things i just said!WHY NOT? WE WANT TO KNOW! every body wants to know…………SO TELL US WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anaya (Rachelmayace) I’m a huge Disney fanatic, but I have never seen Disney break so many hearts. I know Walt Disney himself would be very disapointed in Roy and the companies descion. Thanks for givin us hope Walt and Isadora! WE love you! I’m really sad! Missing my VMK friends and family Rachelmayace! 🙁 A Friend I Can’t Beleive it, I’m sure that dozens of kids tried to sign on today and were moved with sadness to find that it wouldn’t work. Disney has always tried to accomplish there goals by setting them for children, and It’s worked! Grown ups go to the parks to find themselves little kids again. It’s a Shame How much things have changed since those days. Walt Opened the park and his first words were, “I had a dream”; And that dream was not to crush the hopes of little kids. I Dont understand vmk’s sugar coded ways to tell us why vmk had to end. They weren’t honestly enough to soften the heartbreak, But Despite all the Crys and Sadening goodbyes they didn’t even stop to give a real apoligey, instead they just gave out lots of prizes and make if feel like happy day but made it sadder when a kid would finaly get the ears he/she wanted or the Money he/she could never make to find that they only had a few more days to be with that stuff on there character. I imagined life sweeter then this but it’s starting to taste bitter, There’s no way we can switch over to Toontown or POTC! Those are pay sites and most parents wont pay the money for just a silly game, and for the club penguin, Disney Fairies, Cars, and any other sites. How can we trust that they will stay? How can we know that we wont get attached and you wont just snatch it away? How is it possible that you think we can just trust disney again? It’s a harsh world and crushing the dreams of others just makes it harsher. I Know that despite the effors of IsodoraQ, and all the others who signed vmk is still closed but you can’t blame us for trying, and I say keep trying because the battle isn’t over untill someone has won. Hopefully disney will see that it was a mistake and Vmk’s doors will open once again – Love and Support threw these time, A FRIEND Ellen Vmk should not have closed.. It was better than all of the other computer games out there, it had a lot of potential. The thing that upsets me the most is that vmk was probably closed because Disney isn’t getting any income from the game; since it doesn’t allow advertizers or make you pay for a membership. Instead of vmk Disney is now focusing on >_< CLUB PENGUIN!?!?!?! well I just hope they re-open vmk and maybe have a membership fee or whatever they need to keep vmk running. SO PLEASE OPEN VMK’S VIRTUAL GATES AGAIN!!!
No!!! How could they. Just because of VMK closing, I’ve changed my msn username to Depressed.
presti_digitonium [vmk] again sorry i just thought of something
i just noticed they have a million games for little kids [ toontown clubpenguin etc… ] while they only had 1 game for teenagers and what do they do ? they close down the teenagers game!! i mean come on i haven’t heard 1 good thing about clubpenguin its such a stupid game same with toontown and they are trying to move us there where u have to pay to play? yup more money thats all they care about even though they have millions of dollars they bought club penguin for 700 million dollars!!!!!! if you have that much money you dont need more!!! vmk also made us smarter in a way because we couldnt say words so we would have to type them all funky and u had to sound it out and it made us smarter i actually did better in school when i joined…
I just wanted to say hi to all my vmk friends all all my fellow vmk-ers! Disney is ****! Let’s boycot everything Disney so we maybe they can reopen vmk! Thanks IsadorQ for helping keeping the dream alive!
did anyone notice that on the east side it closed on may 22? lol even if we cant save vmk just remember this quote.. ” Every Ending Is The Start Of An Even Better Beginning “
i can’t believe they took away VMK! So many kids loved that place.. kids could play on it and still be safe.. now they took it all away from us. now what will we have to do in the summer!?! well i know what im doing now! Nothing, just sitting and doing nothing at all! <3/ the kid of VMK!
I’m very sad vmk closed. I made many friends and i was here since day one! I think it is very sad to see something you love go. Disney please bring back VMK!!
noooooo!!! if u close vmk i wont have a life
For those of you who heard my other comment,hi again. the thing im really going to miss is the Pirates Of The Carribean Game,and of course my friends. i hope disney changes their minds about closing vmk. we have made so many friends and have expirenced the magic not long enough. if anything should happen,vmk should stay open for a much longer time period than now. i hope that i can see my friends again,because they were wonderful. my best friend, oldwester, i’ll miss you for a long,long,time. And its not over until we meet again!
Good bye,vmk. i will never forget the friends and memories i mad here. now i will move on-try- and sighn into vfk. plz meet me there!! i wuved me old friendz!!
When I heard Vmk was closing I was really bummed. I got alittle more excited when I heard about the new vmk, vFk. But when I played it, it wasn’t like vmk, or at least in my opinion. Now, even though it just closed the other day, I really miss it!
I am sooo sad to see vmk close. My little sister even cried………… 🙁 vmk will live in our hearts.
– cries –
how dare u staff and leadters host, yavn you new we all loved vmk but i guess u wanted to break our hearts guess what you got us. -cries- 🙁 🙁
plz do not shut it down! i loved it i went on each day untill nine
i only got to play 1 month
AceCookiemania (vmk)
I have to say. I’ll miss vmk. I’m so sad it’s gone. GONE!!!…srry. But I had so much stuff on there, I worked so hhard for. And i’l never get it back. I know the staff works hard and misses alot of things such as Halloween and Christmas to watch ove VMK, but…will it ever come back?
Hi host, VMK should be saved get it back online!!!!!walts dream wasnt to hurt our dreams im really sad now!!:(
Three words…
who’s in charge?
Please leave vmk open! i beg u plz i love vmk alot even my friend such as Allisa,Skateralexander,and Liabella! 🙁 plz!If it stays open i’ll be happy 🙂 🙁
PLease Save vmk vmk has been my life and i miss it.and the tiki song makes me cry. Please! Vmk is the only way to keep me happy:( .
VMK Lover
I am bored without virtual magic kingdom.All my fun times are lost and I cry a lot now. Oh vmk please help the long tragedy of a girl who loved vmk.You made her believe she could actually have a favorite internet site. I thought vmk rocked and I still do but knowing you (VMK) left I think the person who owns vmk is a mean person him or her. I met a lot of good friends and now they left. I got rich at the end of vmk you think that is fair. Everytime I get home i go to I read the letter of vmk closing and I cry. Yavn if you are the owner of vmk follow my slogan: a big man stands up for himself, an even bigger man stands up for others. Help your fellow players of vmk survive the boring times you are making them suffer without vmk. Help Vmk Lovers!
Hi, everyone knows about VMK closing, but let me tell you hat its only a game and I really think we should focus more on God then a game. Nuf said
Hi if any of my friends are reading this I just wanted to say thx so much for being the best friends anyone could ever possibly dream for! And I think this is a really good way to let others know how much VMK means to you. And I actually cried a little when it closed, I was on till the last second with my sister and my best friend! ~ Coral ~
Ghost (Third Time)
I Like posting comments and i like writing poems. here is a short poem now. once in a game called VMK
i heard a little boy say,
VMK stinks!
VMK is another link!
sadly he got banned that day.
Ghost (Fourth)
VMK is like a planet, or a whole new world everyone is discovering So shut VMK down if you wish, but just remember, shuting down VMK is blowing up a planet, and killing a whole new world and millions of people.
VMK please stay on the web I love VMK it rocks
OMG I heard vmk is re-opening! they say they might make it even better. they cant make it better if all the players are wondering around vmk. lol
vmk is now gone man ill miss it
* Crys
Why didnt the petition work there was 20,932 ppl i think
Ryan King(LuckCharle)
VMK Is my life (was) I have a lot of friends on vmk and i had like a billion things and a lot of credits. i did all the in park quests for this? i wasted my time for nothing?!My friend told me about vmk a couple years ago and it was the best thing ever my ears ever heard.I hate disney for closing vmk forever I LOVE YOU VMK!!!!!!!!!AND I ALWAYS WILL!
Ghost (again)
another poem……. i fail in math i fail in P.E i fail in reading i fail in computers i fail in art i fail in music i fail in science i fail in S.S i fail in school, because all i can think about is VMK i get A’s in math i get A’s P.E i get A’s in reading i get A’s in computers i get A’s in art i get A’s in music i get A’s in science i get A’s in S.S i get A’s in school, Because VMK is gone and off my mind.
nikkie = ninanik
hey ppl, im ninanik if you’re one of my friends on vmk, plz write me an email to ****** bc i cant get to vfk:( i’ll miss u guys! so much! i broke my arm and moved away to an other contry:( <3 nikkie or ninanik <3 🙁 btw Ashagreat… i miss wo my twin.i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i realy beleave vmk should stay alive because we have spent so so so much time in disney getting rare and go on line and doing vmk so save vmk please!
VMK was a place for friends, fun, games, and challenges. When I found out that VMK was closing I had tears in my eyes. It was around so long, and I had made so many great friendships. Last night, I was on when VMK was closing. I was on chat, and it was the saddest thing. People were crying because it was the last day, talking about how they won’t see their friends again, etc. One girl even said, “My pillow’s going to be very wet tonight.” The saddest thing yet was that I couldn’t even get on. VMK wouldn’t even let me click the button and log on. Last night was the end, and it WASN’T a new beggining. Walt Disney had a dream, and it wasn’t taking away the work he had done to make people happy. If you went to VMK in the last month, 2 out of every 3 people on VMK had a signature that at one point said, Save VMK. If they had any feelings at all, they wouldn’t take it away. Even my mom said, “If kids are playing it, why take it away?” Thank you for your time and your support, Blondie
last night was the last night of vmk . it was twenty minutes untill midnight witch is when vmk closes in my time zone. everybody was saying their last goodbye and making their person cry. i almost cried in real life. i just cant believe this would actually happen. i knew for a fact that all these petitons would change disney’s mind. but i guess i was wrong. goodbye vmk, i’ll never forget u.
I cant believe it vmk is over why would they do such a mean thing! I mean VMK is where i had alot of friends who didn’t judge me for who i am cause im not that popular in school and no on in VMK made fun of me they actually that i was nice funny and a Smartalce 🙂 So fine vmk is you wanna close kids dreams and friends then go ahead just dont ask me to watch you!
Malorie S. ( used to be Flower_Kid )
i am so mad at the ppl at the vmk he.add! i glove vmk so much and the ppl had to take it away! ( I am so used to like vmk that I actually type like that now some times )
A script about VMK VMK Heads: I’m sorry VMK user’s, but VMK was for a 50th anniversary and now that is over. You are lucky it was opened for as long as it was. Flower_Kid: (Throws eggs at VMK Heads) VMK Head’s: Now was that appropriate? Flower_Kid: (Throws Truck at VMK Head’s) VMK Head’s: Come on! Be resonible! FLower_Kid: (Throws moon at VMK Head’s) VMK Head’s: I’m telling you mother! All of the VMK user’s: (Tackle VMK Head’s and grind there stupid skulls into the pavement. Then drops an anvil on them. Finally makeing them drink rat poisen!) VMK Head’s:……………Ow VMK user’s: (Spit on VMK Head’s) THIS IS THE DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT ABOUT WHAT I DID TO THE VMK HEAD’S. I HAVE SUCH A PRETTY IMAGINATION 🙂
vmk was to me the whole reason of living. every one of my friends i met on vmk. i learned how to live a disney life. vmk was my home… and now its gone.
it is over. vmk is dead. I am dead. vmk was my life. I guess my life is dead. oh well i guess vmk suckz. if disney loses customers that is there own freiking fault they should not had closed vmk. they are losers.
It’s so sad VMK is closing it held great memeries and fun for all who played it it is a bummer it is closing down but at least it was ever opened
formerly BlueKianna
well here we go. living a life of no virtual time, our friends are gone. there’s still some hope though. some of our friends have acoounts on YouTube, and other sites as well, but we need all of the some 20,000 players to begin asking disney to bring our vmk back. if everyone would say they want it back, we might be able to chat and stuff. last night on the last day of vmk, i didnt want to get off; i didnt want it to end. but sadly, we didnt win the battle despite about 99.9% of everyone on vmk didnt want their worst nightmare to suddenly come true. so what i suggest is that everyone that played vmk should consider making a YouTube because we can still talk. there are already a handful of people from vmk that are on YouTube, this includes me, and then find each other… but we should never let go of the memories of that last day… or the first formerly, BlueKianna
its its gone
I cried how can they do this to us VMK was the best place to go on!!
ok well im just askin wat do u like about vmk i no wat i like about vmk its bc its fun and u never get bored well i never get bored and who evers on this site isint bored either right? well tell me wat do u like about vmk?? my email address is *********** and when u send me 1 ill get back too u within 24 hrs k bc im on aol almost everyday so share wat do u like about vmk? so i no wat u like about it and we all no vmk is are best game or we <3 it or its ok but ill told u wat i like about it so yea plz and if u want me contacted tell me ur email
leonard read
will it be bake on tell me plz bc i love vmk so bad and i miss it and that i was sad when in gone so i gone on the new vmk
well i <3 vmk its my favorite game i <3 it so much but i dont get why did they closed it? 1. bc they wanted to save money not pay every month? 2.they had to much kids on it? 3.they hate kids having fun? 4.they wanted to heart every kid? 5.they hate kids?. if u no why plz email me at: ************* i cried yester day bc they closed it yesterday i cried to much i still have tears and my eyes are watery i <3 vmk sssssssoooooooo much and i bet everyone did but they just hurted ppl
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz vmk creators if u r reading this plz keep vmk i simply love it and i would be bored all day without it! plus do u know how many friends u will be making us forget just because u guys are mean and won’t keep vmk!!!! i am mad and not just a little really really really really REALLY MAD!!! do u get it M-A-D! that spells mad! now plz plz plz keep vmk plz or i will start to cry and anyone that is with me plz say “I!”
please do not close vmk! save vmk!!! i love that soooo much and me or any of my friends or brothers and sisters wanted you to close it 🙁 🙁 now we will miss it sooooo much 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 i glove it! lol and so do my friends, thx plz open it again! plz
Please don’t close down I like this game and people should let you keep this game.All the children including me would me very sad.And the only reason why I go on the computer its because of vmk i glove vmk (love vmk)
Hi! I don’t really get on vmk anymore… I am just doing this because my sister told me to!! lol please save vmk for my sister!! She is about to die!!!!!! OMG she is on the floor!!! Jk Jk lol lol!!
vmk is like a second life to me i miss it so much and i,well i think it’s kind of rude to take away what all kids love and that’s vmk and i would like to thank you for making this site, it means alot to me, thundercleanguitar that’s my name on vmk just so you know. i love vmk so much and they should not have the rite to take it away from us. P.S sorry for any bad spelling 😉
Well, I didn’t think it was actually going to happen. Sure, most of my really close friends on that game had been banned from the game a long time ago…for doing silly things (you guys know who you are, and I love you! ;]), but I still came online to talk to some of my friends who were still around. I thought that VMK’s closing was a joke–a cruel one, but a joke nonetheless. Now that I know it’s not, it’s hit me really hard. I signed up–well, some family members signed me up–for the game 2 years ago on Thanksgiving day. I didn’t start out with much, but I left with some great friendships that I will truly miss. To my friends: Even though it was just a game, your friendship had–and will always have–meaning to me. I’ll miss the silly Jedi games we used to play, the battles we took seriously, the pirate wars (“Admiral” vs. “Miss Sparrow”), “The Ugly Parade” (when we all dressed up in the craziest and most hideous outfits imagineable and paraded through Main Street having a blast–more people joined in and we made new friends!), the Jedi meetings that we took seriously, the Charmed Sisters thing we did, all of it. But most of all, I will miss you guys. I know most of you got banned for doing those things, but at least we had a fun time doing it! I’m glad that I can say that. I only wish that Disney realized what it is doing. So many kids, teens, and adults connected to the game. I know that the game has changed me as a person. I’m safe about what I do online, but I know never to take a friendship for granted. I’ve learned about myself through the friendships I have made on VMK. I thank you for making this petition, even though VMK is now closed. I’m sorry it has come to this. I thought VMK would remain around forever. And I’m sorry to lose the friends I had made over the span of two years. VMK was not just a promotional site for Disney’s 50th Celebration thing (or whatever it was), it was place where people of all ages could be a kid and could escape from the troubles of every day life. To VMK and my friends: I will miss you dearly. It was fun while it lasted.
If more people signed could it have worked? I think vmk might be opening another where you have to pay for it because think about toontown pirates of the caribbean and club penguin what do you think?
VMK is over, but NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!! I am NEVER going to suppor tthe other sites they make. VFK Will crash and burn with out the ppl who wont go there due to VMK closing! I will work on messaging Disney until they listen to the millions of ppl who deserve to have thier voice heard! LONG LIVE VMK, SITE OF A MILLION DREAMS!!!
i have to admit, this is my third comment i’m leaving, but i’m so upset. I remeber the first feeling i got on vmk, when it was new to me. That feeling changed as i got closer friends, not in a bad, in a good way. And now the feeeling i get when i think of vmk is emptiness because it’s gone. I just can’t get it through my head that I will never be Cutie_tiger_gurl again. That i wil never see Thewahl or jjskeeter or IceElitePrincess or any of the other wonderfull friends i’ve made. I can’t imagine life without vmk right now and i don’t want to. It’s really hard to think that I will never be able to see my character again. vmk ment the world to me. Disney, do you really want to see all the kids adn teenagers even that you have let down?? you’ve broken out heart and i hope you take the time to read through everyone’s comments and understand these ppl, including me, have spilled there hearts out.
Jason Fancyscaryhill
i love vmk so much please make it open again
Allyssa (DolphinGal)
VMK!!!!!! – cries a little bit -. Walt people I hope you know that thousands of people play on VMK everyday. Everytime i get on i have like 12 friends on and about 5,000 or 3,000 people are online. I had so many wonderful friends and i will miss them all. So if any of my friends are reading this I LOVE YOU!! If VMK was launched on promotion don’t ya think they should of told us earlier that it would last forever, instead of like a month or 2 before?? I know a lot of my friends will still be on VFK but it’s not the same. I mean I loved VMK i was only on for about a year and a half but with VMK closeing I am as touched as any player who played on it from the day it opened. I have a friend who plays on VMK i know him in real but i could never find him on VMK. But he is the oone person who introduced me to VMK, if he didn’t i would not have so many friends. So I have to say thank you Adam (AstroRangerRick). Then after I played on VMK for about half a year I introduced VMK to BFFL. We played on VMK with each other everyday!!!!!! Some of you know her she is Breonna (PinappleSmoothie or QueenOfMirrors) both of my 2 friends are awesome. And I have to say i love all of my friends on VMK they are all so nice to me. ALSO, on the last day of VMK I was at a free rare room that my friend was hosting, when it was my turn she left. And the girl who was standing behind me started on VMK the day they started to sell cowboy pants. And she was so kind she had an extra pair of cowboy pants and she gave them to me. She was so KIND!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this letter (very long letter) is a day late for VMK closeing but…….. maybe the people who launched VMK may be reading this.. and they may reconsider closeing VMK. And then maybe just maybe they will open it ( VMK of course ) again. I know VFK is suppose to be the same as VMK but……. it WONT BE!! Cause I dont think that VMK and VFK are the same. on thing is there is an F instead of an M that is a difference. another thing is the people look different oh ya they do. So VMK staff if you just so happen to be reading this long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long letter then please reconsider closeing VMK I can honestly say VMK is my second life some it is their firt and others it is just a game. PLEASE VMK STAFF RECONSIDER CLOSEING VMK AND OPEN IT BACK UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya’ll…. well most of ya’ll. Love, Allyssa (DolphinGal)
vmk was a great game i really will miss it , i stinks that it is closing. i made so many friends who helped me through a lot of trials in my life, thank you all for the memories :'( ~Bobbi aka cindymegabyte
vmk was the best thing that ever happend to me plz don’t close it down.
There might be a chance that they will reopen vmk. I still don’t understand why they closed vmk if everyone loved it and there were no problems. I’ve made so many friends on vmk that are so specail to me that i might never see again because the closing of vmk. Like my best best friend Thewahl, it’s really going to make and impact on my life as ridiculous as it seems. It’s really upsetting. I’m old enough to understand a lot, but i don’t think anyone understands this. know that this will only lose supporters for any disney things coming ou. I hope this petition has effected your decision and may be you could re open vmk. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t
Vmk Has put many smiles and millions of kids faces and since the day the said that vmk would close it brought Sadness, frowns, for some even tears. It’s hard to think that despite all out efferts to save vmk they just ignore them like there nothing. the reason they gave us was not a real reason because they kept it going so much longer that i would have been a waste to stop it now. I don’t know about all of you others but i don’t want to support any other disney sites they try to slide us into, Vmk crushed our hearts and we don’t want that to happen once again. VMK YOU WILL FOREVER LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS. – !.;: (( Fun.Kaa Town )) ;.:! – I miss you Molloy-ann, SpookyExtremeApple, Elfs, Waffletopia, & Princess_Jeanie – And Goodbye all my new friends, Lainylainy, Ambition, CallMeQuack, Captainbobert, baseballprodude(BY THE WAY YOUR WEIRD TO), Frazer, and many more.
do you know the people who made vfk? if you do tell him thank you so so soooo much he is a virtual life saver!! lol 🙂
That was alot of work to just go to waist.What about save VMK did that not tell you that no one wants it to close? Please let it stay open.You should at least let people hang out in guest rooms!
Uhh if u go on it’s ready over. it says vmk has now closed be ready for new stuff. THAT IS LAME! Poor vmk…
Man, i miss VMK would just stay forever. cause i miss my friends. Cursedmonkeyqueen and sleepyjack if u see this then let yourself know i miss u <3 🙂
well its over. singing the petitision and leaving comments didnt do a thing for saving it :\ it was alittle harder than i thought to leave vmk…
Well, it’s over. I can’t believe it. All this hard work gone to a waste. Vmk closed LAST NIGHT ater over 20,000 signatures. Can you believe that??? I didn’t cry like most of the other people on here… :/ but i was very sad, me and my brother, who just started playing two months ago and loved it. I can’t believe they want us to play Toontown, POTC, and Club Penguin. HELLO!!! Do I look like I have any money right now? Well, I dont. I spent it all on shoes. But that’s not the point. The point is, I know. I SOOOOOOOOO know this: DISNEY IS PROBABLY GONNA BRING BACK VMK AND CHARGE US FOR IT. I can feel it in my gut. If they ever open Vmk back up, it wont be free. UGH. Let’s just hope VFK is good, cause this whole thing is a nightmare.
Hannah A.K.A GalleriaGalleria
Hi it’s me again. I checked out VFK and I can’t get on it because there is too many people on! Walt Disney said always go up! Why did VMK go down?!
I can’t believe it, its over * cries *
Hi,i am going to miss nvm that’s why i pray at night for it..and if you think that it’s stopid that i pray?..well its Not and i will keep that up and pray that you open it back up! Love Shey!
presti_digitonium [vmk]
Sadly,yesterday was the closing of or lovely VMK disney doesnt care about us many kids all over the world formed speacial connections with other people as you know some people were taken or babies/mommy/daddy sadly there is nothing we can do… well i can my best friend [ naruto_kat on vmk and in real life ] her grandma works for disney and she spends thousands of dollars every year on disney stuff/vmk cards for kat and her sister well recently [before vmk ended ] naruto_kat quit vmk but her grandma has a speacial connection with WADSWORTH – THE DESTROYER OF VMK wadsworth doesnt care about us he doesnt care if we have pain some of us luckily hooked up on other sites to stay connect with each other well any way there has been protests in california news reports and many other things [ i actually saw something on it on the program we have to watch everyday at school ] Wadsworth actually fired the guy that had created VMK and many other of his works who protested this the creater of vmk was also the creater of the 2D haboo hotel…hmm… he closed vmk down because it didnt have a big enough scale increase of people therefore means less money well if you think about it by closing vmk disney will lose thousands maybe millions of dollars because some people will stop going to the parks as often stop buying disney moives games etc… also parents spent hundreds of dollars on the VMK cards and look at it its all gone… parents are made about the closing to because it hurt there kids and the ones who actually bought cards and stuff are made that their money went to waste sadly this is also going to happen to all of our other disney games [ toontown clubpenguin POTC ] eventually they will close down because of a scale decrease in money these games are also just “promotions” and when they close little kids will be hurt just like we were and maybe again. all we have left is our memories i lost many important things i will never see again friends rooms and even my bird i lost my 2 birds about 10 years ago [ frosty and bannana ] so when i got a bird hat i named it frosty bannana for me that is a very speacial connection you might not understand and think its weird but its important to me. other people have important connections like these to that are now lost and gone forever. for other people like me for instance vmk was 1 of the only times they were happy this year has been just unbeliveably hard for me and 1 of the only things that got me through the day was knowing when i got home i had vmk haha some of you may know me or have seen me [ presti_digitonium snowboardingqueen tigerfanatic dirtbikinggirl and haileysqueaks ] and you know that i can be very moody haha so sorry if i have ever offended anyone in anyway when vmk closed it left 2 important things behind that we will never forget for some of us pictures and for most of us… MEMORIES … i have so many good and bad and i always will remember them one time my friend cutiekristina and some other girls i dont remember were in my room just goofing off and then we started talking about zoo pals lol well some of u may no that cutiekristina is a very odd ducky she came up to me AND ATE MY SHOES! so i made her wait in the bathroom i had made till i had them back… i never wore them again … on vmk you can be who you want to be you can be a big fat guy who just sits and eats all day when your actually super skinny or u can be “ugly” and say your a supermodel different things can happen and we have friends for different reasons there is nothing else i can think of to say

GOODBYE: Racahel fashion_diva_me Irina_dog cutieKristina MidnightFright Duckie_the_great shalonie misspinsey ellyj soup_or_spud Naruto_kat ilikesnow frosty bannana [my bird hehe] dogbeard surfdudeace cuteaquaprincess thecheyennegirl adventurelocorice ICupcake Kaulu_ka gold-puppy LifeWithoutRock pinkrightshadow humblehumanepoem foggarty starsity braveshoppergirl michellerules im sorry if i forgot any1 its hard to remember everybody and i know i forgot a few so sorry guys if i forgot you

but most of all TREVOR :'( i love you always and always will you were my silver lining my light when the sky was gray you walked in when the world walked out you showed me what a true friend really was and ill never forget you you beat up kody for me 🙂 you were my 1 true friend and ill never forget you…….

farewell vmk, farewell friends, ill never forget you you will always be in my heart

why does vmk have toy close? Everyone was having so much fun!
I really want to save VMK don’t you??? I miss VMK so so much and it is only the second day it has been since it closed!
cyangreatsky (jenna)
well i just don’t understand why they had to close it. Do you people know who closed it killed so many hearts today now that it’s closed? i hope you’re happy you just killed my heart and summer thanks alot..
Now” Vmk closed i had a boyfriend and now he’s gone” just to say this I LOVED VMK MORE THAN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
I started VMK and saw it as my version of the parks where I could meet new friends and achieve newly-made goals. I kept playing and soon got better, eventually getting inferno magic (when it was rare). Fast forward a few months, and VMK is announcing their closing. So here I am, VMK has closed, and I don’t know what to do. This game was MY Disney magic, as I will probably never go to Disney. Oh well, I guess good dreams really do end. Lion
Hello there i loved vmk how can you just take it away like that it was a very good place for me when i was mad so i could talk to other people and and my anger would just go away i loved vmk 🙁
when i heard this i also cried my eyes out. here it is 7:41 in the morning i go on vmk and it says ot closed 🙁 i did not say goodbye to all of my friends 🙁
katie, the katacrumb of vmk!
I am truely shocked that i have no vmk now! 🙁 it just isnt fair and i feel like my whole world just came crashing down around me
[ sigh ] I went on, it’s too late.. Well at least we had hope.
Vmk is gone. Gone FOREVER. How could they do this terrible thing to us. It is so up-setting. 🙁 Everyone, have left their last foot prints…. Walt Would be disapointed that these people are “reuing dreams” and all he wanted to do is make more. I finally found a place on the internet that I enjoy! I have been through the Toontown, and the Club Penguin. They dont compare. They are boring and just not like VMK!! So sad…. LOL
:[ i cryed the night vmk closed. i didn’t cry so much that the website its self closed, i cryed bc i would never see those friends again :[ [!] long live vmk!
they closed VMK 🙁 Ill never forget it! If ur reading this alphachrisc, ILL MISS U!

Posted on May 21
Its over. Everyone is gone. I cried. I cant believe they did this!!!
Hey it is soo.. great what you are doing, its a bummer that vmk is closing, i loved to play and see all the cute little people who had miley or hannah montana in their names(so cute) i hope the workers will see this petition and realize that if they close vmk the year of a million dreams will be over for some people! I really hope that vmk “stays alive” so everyone keep signing!!!!!!! I have! So many kids use this virtual world to become someone they never have been before, it has opened up so many doors for so many young people!
It’s so sad to see VMK closed…it was a safe site to mkae friends, earn clothing, and decorate rooms. I made friends I’ll never forget (love you guys!), and have learned lessons that I probably wouldn’t have experienced and have helped me through with life, and just had a great time. Now that it’s closing, where do we turn? Does Disney really expect us to go play Toontown or POTC? Because if they do, then thats just sad. We’ve lost more trust in Disney than respect. If they throw these comments and signatures away, or if they take the time to read everything, just please everyone, we tried. That’s all that matters, and whatever happens, just know that people who don’t know each other – to connect like this and protest a really large company like Disney is just flat out amazing. You guys rock! I’ll miss you VMK, but to Disney, you’re losing fans, not gaining them. Disney can take away VMK, but they can’t take away the memories, love and passion between us players.
WEll vmk closes tonight very sad night hope to see you at VFK
I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done in creating this site and uniting everyone in the cause to save VMK. You did an incredible job of bringing people together, keeping us informed and keeping our spirits high. It’s difficult to put forth such a great effort and lose, but win or lose it’s always worth the effort. Thanks to all of you. See you in VFK!
VMK has closed and know im crying my eyes out ill miss VMK so much – cries – But as Walt Disney said, Keep Moving Forward
I made a room for ya’ll to get a last glimpse of before VMK fades away our magic. Enjoy! And thanks an entire much for trying your hardest with trying to save our community of happiness!

ive made so many memories on vmk i really cried when i heard that vmk is closeing bc my mom who passed away showed me and my best friend vmk the day before she died and i as i wright this is crying Bryan W. son of Kristan W.
I love vmk and my computer won’t let me play on it. I am crying my eyes out. if my bffs are reading this I will miss you forever and my boyfriend I love you. I don’t wan’t vmk to close because I just got stated thx to all of you that helped me.I love vmk more then any thing else in the world bye bffs forever and clearsamedolphin will be the same in the next world and the worlds after that
Vmk rocks! I will miss all my friends. I am crying right now.
I’ve been playing VMK just recently,and i have loved it. It has a way to help us connect to each other,like i just moved schools,and it’s been hard for me. i convinced all my friends to get a VMK account,and now we can see each other again. Please Dont CLOSE VMK! It is my life!
So, Now its closed down our lives, I hope that you all have a great time at VirtualFamilyKingdom (VFK) Which is a historical site for all ages, Thinking about VMK makes me cry since it closed now… So… I hope VMK is sad too and want to open it sometime soon? No? Well, I understand but I hope their happy. IsadoraQ, I’ll like to thank you on this amazing website, Which is the best! If you didn’t do this I’ll cry in tears! So, I’ll like to thank you.
i know im late but vmk is so cool and i love it a lot so please just think about it!! i’ll always love vmk no matter wat happens!! Bye Bye
Krazyhorses ( Mickey )
Hi everyone! Thanks So much for making this! My WHOLE family plays! My uncle got me hooked! I hoped VMK would never close! Thanks again! Krazyhorses ( Mickey )
I really can’y believe VMK is doing this to us players. I mean I dont care that much because I think Virtual Family Kingdom well be funner. But if other players want VMK to stay open, I would be glad to help. It would be fun, nice to keep VMK open. Your freind, AquaGoldenDream
Vmk isn’t just some ride that is getting changed and closed down! Vmk is just like a theme park! You don’t go around closing down theme parks! Vmk isn’t closing to open up better sites/rides as Yawn is comparing them too! The rides Yawn listed are just some old rides that weren’t very popular, yeah some people loved them, but most are in Walt Disney World. It’s not like you can visit vmk in Club Penguin or Toontown like you can with Carosel of Progress! Vmk and Disney staff I am very very disappointed! Are you going to close down Club Penguin, Toontown, Pirates, or Faries just cause it’s not good enough or because it’s time for some change! How can you dissapoint thousands of people just for something new! I used to look up to Disney, I thought it was the greatest thing ever, and I still do I think the Parks are great, but I don’t think the Vmk staff care about the Children of today anymore! One day when I have kids I remember Vmk and tell them about it, but I won’t be able to play it with them. Yeah I can play other Disney sites with them even go to the parks now and then, but this is cheaper than the parks and most people don’t have enough money to ever go to a Disney Park! It all started with a Mouse and ended with Disney Staff!
Just a letter I sent to Disney: I am writing to ask you, (whoever has the power) not to close Virtual Magic Kingdom. As you may know, today is the last day the website is in operation. It actually happens tonight at 10:00 PST. My son started playing this game (promotion) when he was six years old, he is now nine. I understand this was a �promotion� and was not expected to be in operation as long as it has. The fact remains it has, and has been very successful. It is not the fault of the general public Disney did not make this a �pay� site as are some of the others. By the way, I pay for those monthly. Hello? Did someone not think by running a promotion for three years and stopping the site, would not have a traumatic effect on these children? You are not talking about adults sitting at a round table discussing their options to increase the bottom line or preparing a proxy to send to stockholders or other adult context/conversation. My son has put his heart and soul in this game. He has met many friends, become the most imaginative child I have ever seen. Laughing endlessly at the computer screen, his character is playing with another character creating, talking with only a limited vocabulary. These children know no names (only the names of the avatar), no location in the world, no accent, no handicap, no height, no weight, no race, absolutely nothing about the person they are creating or playing with. If at anytime they feel someone is a threat or not happy with a situation, it can be reported with severe consequences by the moderators. I personally have played this game with my son several times. In case you don�t have a child, you have no idea what this meant to him. We shared ideas, rooms, played games together and were in a space race competition against each other. Do you even have any idea what I am talking about? I am not going to continue to tell you how great the website is or express why I think you should leave it open. I am sure by now, from all the letters and media that you are well aware of it. What I could not do was let this incident pass without expressing that I am a mother of a very upset little boy. Again, in case you don�t have children or it has been so long you forgot, I am here to tell you, words cannot express the disappointment and anger I feel towards Disney for doing this. I know you are going to tell me how much it costs to operate this site without incoming revenue or this was just a promotion. Are you just now finding this out? Why wait three years to end a promotion? Will this to come to pass? I really am not sure. I am the Mom of this family, have huge decision making authority in this household. I do know because of Virtual Magic Kingdom, our family of (5), have made three trips to Walt Disney World each year and spent a lot of money on promotions for the VMK site. I allowed my son to play this site as well as the others we pay for because it was operated by Disney. But now since I don�t trust Disney anymore, maybe we really don�t need those other sites operated by Disney. It would save us a little money? Oh, just as closing Virtual Magic Kingdom will be saving you money! Isn�t that what it really is all about? I am really sorry for the sarcasm but I think �someone� is making a huge mistake and some people may never get over this and it will not pass. Thank you for your time and please reconsider the decision you have made to close Virtual Magic Kingdom. We all have choices in this world and I will take the liberty in speaking for all Virtual Magic Kingdom players and ask you to make the right choice, keep it open.
plz do not close vmk cause i played it since last year i am injoying vmk
Well i think vmk is yes stupid and i was banned that might be y but i think it is good for vmk to end to give us more social skills use vmk closing as an advantage
VMK means alot to me! I always had fun going to Disneyland and doing quests so i can earn more stuff for VMK. This site was my life! I would get on at 7am-10pm everyday when it was new! Then i entered high school and didnt have time until now and my friend told me vmk was canceling. I was soooo sadddd. I hope this petition works!
PLEASE DONT SHUT DOWN VMK!!!! p.s. and if u reconsider and DONT shut it down, please dont make it pay-to-play, we can barely afford our house, much less a website pay-to-play game!!
I am so sad that VMK is closing. It breaks my heart! I have alot of drama in my life and i can go to VMK to get away and forget all of the drama! So, disney, i love disney, but please please do not shut down VMK!!!!!!
vmk u cant leave us we love u plz stay
Why would disney make such a great game that children love and then close it like three years later. I know i am only a kid but disney and Yavn can not just take the best game away. These people on the game are the only real friends that i have they are all great people who just want to chill and have fun. So vmk please dont close!!
VMK is so much fun and many people have fun playing the game. So if you care enough not to break the hearts of others please Save VMK. Thank You.
This website rocks!! It really makes a diffrance, making this site.Its not like we’re sitting around letting Vmk close. Maybe the front of Vmk times tomorow will be Vmk isn’t closing after all. But all we can do is wait for Disney to see there stupid and reopen Vmk! Long Live Vmk- Puppy:)
what i think of vmk is that its a great game! yeah there might be tight friend ships and people can loose that but thats what they want to do. i want to thank my cousin sierra. thats how i got to play vmk and now i love it! i well miss it but i bet virtual family kingdom well be fun but not have fun as vmk! i well never forget vmk! its the best game i evered played and always well be! i was thinking it would still be around when i am 50 and i would still play it! but sadliy : ( its over! this is the last day to play it! i had so much fun! i would like to thank the people you came up with this! and but not thank the people who made vmk close and that is closing vmk! i wonder why they have to i know why but it dosent mean they have t close it down! its peoples choises to be rude and have tight friendships beacuse they think they wont loose it but some point they will. and maybe i am wrong but i know i am right for some people! I LOVE YOU VMK!!!! I ALWAYS WELL!!!!! I WONT FORGET YOU AND I HOPE YOU WONT FORGET ME SINDRA. SINDRA IS MY CHARECTER IN VMK!!!!! I LOVE U DONT SHUT DOWN BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 : ( : ( : ( : ( : (
VMK has been so special to me, and I don’t know what I would do without it. I don’t want to sound obsessed here, but VMK is my life, all my friends feel the same way. I discovered this wonderful website in the summer of ’08 I thought it was the greatest online game I have ever played. My parents agreed, for they don’t want me to have a MySpace and they think that all other websites are unsafe and that the best part of VMK is that it is NOT a pay to play game unlike nearly every other website out there. If this won’t work, I will deeply and with all my heart miss my friends, gteb, Yamushi, Starlina, larencutiie, Jazz_Cafe_Rocks, HarryPotter.Fan, and even miss.stylish. and these are my final words on the matter, don’t close VMK!!! Keep it open for people like me who need people to talk to after a hard day at school, or a fight with friends, it’s just a placer where I can let go and relax, forget all my worries and be carried off on a virtual cloud of dreams. SAVE VMK!!!!!! <3 Please don’t take it away from me. <3 Melissa Vmk is so fun, please dont shut it down. Bailey I joined VMK when it first started. Back then it was so much fun! But then it started getting boring, and i stopped playing for a while. I then come back on a few months later and never left again, because i could not believe all the fun new activities and quests. I made ALOT of new friends but now none of the hard work i have put in to get all the stuff i have now and all the new wonderful friends i have made don’t matter. I hope we can save VMK. Walt Disney wouldn’t let this happen. So, we cant let this happen! Save VMK! kate (FunnyKaty) i love vmk! i will miss it. i love vmk. it means so much to me i would and will do everything to save it. cloudyorangefire vmk was the only online place i knew.I am moving and vmk is the only placy i could talk to them.(i am really bad at righting letters!)Now that vmk is closeing i will be board the whole summer!!I need vmk to save my friendship with all of my friends, they have vmk’s two!! plz save vmk!!!!!!! 🙁 katie I luvvvvvvvv vkm. vmk means everything to me!! and have all that hard work go to waste? i couldn’t bear it vmk is filled with memories, fun,……LIFE i know life isn’t always like burger king, because u can’t always have it ur way but this is one of those things where u want it moer that everything to go ur way – cry about vmk closing – Luvvvvvvvvv, katie donovan vmk’s # 1 fun:( 🙁 Katrina Hi, If vmk close’s i will lose all my work in vmk… all the magic i worked for all the pride and joy i worked for i will be terriable sad if it close’s plz dont close plz 🙁 i am so sad i am cry in plz OH PLZ, dont close 🙁 -Bannana_Split pioneerlea vmkers this is for u not any on else i had a dream for vmk to stay alive but no the owner has gone broke i Had a dream to keep all of my friends that i made on vmk but no owner is selfish and wont keep the dream alive thats the the funny part they promised they would keep vmk alive forever and u no wat they broke that promise they dont no wat vmk means to us it means keeping the dream alive and making friends having fun doing wat we want like normal kiids but no adults always do that to us they say something and never do it its really getting annoying why do they do that they dont know how it feels they get drunk and get tickets thats almost a normal adults life or its being annel and organized but kids are in bettween and no wat they want to do all we want from the owner of vmk is to keep the dream alive i mean seriusly i am going to florida in june and i will find the owner and show him my life before during and after vmk all we r asking for is to keep the dream alive plz plz i beg of u if vmk doesnt close at 10 i wil not kill my self plz vmk stay misticforest why would anyone want to close vmk it is the best game ever Surfer_Girl Save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk save vmk! That’s all I can say! Alot of little kid’s hearts will be broken!!!!!!!!!!!! Save VMK!!!!!!!!!!!! Megn _ Philyt _ long time member of vmk 🙂 🙁 Vmk dont close i worked so hard to get my stuff now what Thanks Phily wanda plz save vmk i love every onr there plz help plz im begging you cheryle ann omi love vmk and they can’t do this 🙁 makes me sad and i LOVE VMK SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCh they are so stupid if they do this they are breaking me heart and i am only eight so you breaking my little ity bity hear 🙁 your friend lemonbluemango — — – navydistinctguitar vmk is awesome and they shouldnt close it down bc millions of kids who couldnt afford to go to disney world could come to vmk and there dreams came to life – glove u all navydistinctguitar garfield_boy vmk was the bestest programs on the internet and oh well we are going to lose it 🙁 kristy i am so sad vmk is closing. this is my life no lie. i dont know what i am going to do. when i have a problem i jsut go on vmk instead of hurting myslef or others and then i feel better. without it i..i…realy dont know. i hope vfk helps me out also. Flower_Kid Come on close down vmk i hate it so much! (wakes up) Sorry I say things I don’t mean when i am asleep.(u get the pictue!) It may be to late to save vmk but it is never to late to scream and yell at the vmk heads! YOU HERE THAT PPL!!!!! YOU AE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!(haha)>(
i want to save vmk beacause i have more vmk members on there so please save vmk please im begging you disney and please help walt disney your our only help
Sadly vmk has to close down but i just dont get why they have to and if all of the staff members knew how many kids and maybe even some adults feelings they are hirting they might change there mind on how and why vmk has to close but i hope some day they will see this big petition and will change there mind…….. thank you your friend Theamazingwonder (vmk) or Brooke!!!
it’s not fair to the people who havn’t done anything wrong. Keep vmk but just make the rules stricter
at first when i heard vmk was closing, i thought it was some kind of joke. But unfortunately it was true and i could’nt believe it. I know all of us are devastated… I mean vmk hasn’t even given us a real reason as to why they are closing, ‘ it was launched as a promotion and it has been open way to longer than expected.” Is that a real reason!? No! i dont see why they are closing it and i don’t understand why they are destroying the milloin of virtual friendships we have all developed. So what we don’t really know these people in real life, our friends were well are friends and i can’t believe they are doing this. This is just not the disney way. I know Walt Disney would never ever do this to children. But disney is just not the same anymore. And I really hope they do keep it open… Well we just have to see tomorrow what will happen though don’t get your hopes up because ( as much as it pains me to say this) vmk will most likely be closed forever… 🙁 thank u for making this site though
plz dont close down vmk i really love playing it. I meet so many great people and i want to keep metting them on vmk. Not to be mean but my friends and i dont really like the new on vfk it is a little boring. but you can stillhave it while vmk is still running. My name is Lauren and i dont want VMK TO GO AWAY it is my place to play – Thank you –
SAVE VMK PEOPLE!! We have to!
Today is the last day of VMK closing and I can’t even log into VMK! I’ve tried to for the last couple of days, and it just won’t work. 🙁 Bye VMK, you were my favorite website.
Olivia Lynn aka skyskyshadow
I will miss vmk and all of my new friends like featherpaw or theoldsand mostely theoldsand. Bye Vmk!! if you like inu yash sign the petition, thank you
why are you closing vmk? this is the best game in the world! i really want this game to stay please, this would mean the world to me and everyone who wants vmk to stay. vmk needs to stay open because there are so many things that i can do on here and i really like it and so people really like it too. and plus i have so many things on this game please keep it open! PLEASE!!
Spencer Rose
I was crying when I herd vmk was closeing! i got on for every second i could. I made sooooooo many friends that I wish i could them in real life. If you know who and why vmk is closeing please email me. Spencer
Why are they stopping vmk?
I haven’t played VMK for a very long time, so I haven’t become attached to it. But I play another similar website, and I can’t imagine it closing…I would sob for days, all of my friends gone, YEARS of time spent…just gone. I understand how it must feel.
I can’t believe vmk is closing because of some stupid reason. Vmk means SO MUCH TO ME!!! It is my life. I will do anything to try to save vmk… and I have already signed the petition. Note:-)I will pay for vmk!
so sad have been a lot of emotianal break downs everybody really wants to keep VMK i mean all our friends and family in VMK are crying me and my sister cloudysmartcutie are so mad and sad at the same time we are dyeing for it to keep open if i had one wish it would be to keep VMK open i think all VMK players think that to so just keep it open i heard people saying it would open back up is that true? yes or no post it on your daily activities thing please i wanna now just do anything to keep VMK open or open it back up in summer or something please i am crying while i typing his see what i mean answer my wishes mandyfriendlygirl -_-
Dellilah and Queen_Dellilah
ok so yes lots nof you have seen us delliah and queen dellilah well it was me! LET VMK LIVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking at the comments below, I see that most of these kids are pretty young. (this is judging by the way they type) Now, i am posting this on VMK’s last day. according to the info on this site, Vmk Is being closed because it didn’t get them any money. Well, if they want money, Let’s Give it to them. Let’s Boycott the other games. (or at least refrain from paying the $50-$80 membership. I’m So glad my mom refused to pay for toontown. it makes this SO much easier.) Also, i Completely Agree with Chris. Not only is Vmk A promotion, so is Radio Disney. Nearly Every song i hear is either by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers (who were nobody until Disney got involved)The high school musical People, and now Camp Rock (more Jonas Brothers Anyone?)and People labeled under “Hollywood Records”Which is just more Disney. Speaking of high school musical and Camp Rock (which, if vmk wasn’t closing, Would Probably Be Next month’s Theme) My mom said ” Disney Channel Is Saving Disney, Because of all the hype caused by High School musical” Meaning, that the movies that were Disney’s main staple aren’t as popular as before. The best Disney movie I’ve seen in a while Was Enchanted. And Before that? National Treasure 1. No animated Movies. ( unless you count Enchanted As an Animated movie Because of the bits at the beginning and end) It’s Sad. Really Sad. It’s Just All About The money For You People now, isn’t it? But you know what? I still have hope. Vmk may Still Be Open tomorrow. Or Reopen Again Someday. (although Our stuff might not be saved) But Who Knows? Sincerely, Lexi. PS: Would some one Sign The petion in my name? ( put Lexi Lexi) I’m not allowed to put my email.
vmk is the best family game ive ever heard of and or played. i absolutly love vmk and i hope that this potition will work and that we are not to late.
We have to save. i have like a while other family on it and if we cant save it man i will sure miss KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE
leonard read
vmk is so cool to me and that i hop vmk will not shut down and it make me happy
Savannah ( tooth_fairy )
Never Let Go, Never let Go on great things. Never Let go, Never let Go On Things too remember Never let go, Never let Go, Oh i’ll miss you so Never Let Go, Never let Go Oh i’ll remember Never let go, Never Let go Please Stay By my side Oh Please don’t leave me in my darkest hour, i need you VMK Please Saty! Oh Never let go…. On Great Things….
Ashlee (awsomesmileguest)
I have heard that the only reason tha tyou are closeing vmk is cuz some ppl are doing bad stuff. If that is true i dont think that you should punish other people for other peoples actions. It is just not fair. I would now just like to say that i have played on vmk since I was ten and i am now almost 15 and i have out grown vmk, but i still thin that the whole vmk closeing ting is wrong. Even thought i dont like to play it anymore dosent mean that other kids dont and i think they should get the samee fun and enjoyable experince that i did. Vmk is a fun thing for kids to do and it is very safe. I just think that other kids sould get the same experince that i did. Thank you, awsomesmileguest =)
VMK is the best thing ever! I moved fom New York and my bst friend is up there! It’s the only way we could stick together. It’s our thing!!!
Heather, MsDirector
VMK was the safest place I knew for hanging out and meeting people. I love all of the people on there, and I will never see them again due to the abrupt closing of the site. I absolutely will cry the day I see the sign put up on the faithful and see that you cannot click on the “play now” button. It will be a sad day for virtual gamers. But I hope deep down in my heart that we can save the best game on the internet.
This stinks why do u have to close down vmk.(very mad)
i dont think as vmk closing i just think and i hope that the vmk staff members are just tricking us are really keeping vmk open and they are going to anonce the tonight on may 21 2008 @ 10:00pm!!! LETS ALL HOPE THATS WHAT IT WILL COME TO!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo <3
omg! im so sad its closingg. i know some people who like had a life on vmk! ill miss you vmk xoxo Pink_Mascara
save vmk!!!! don’t let the flame die out!
Hannah A.K.A GalleriaGalleria
I haven’t been on VMK for a year now because of these two girls I was looking after and it was a day care center. Long story short, the girls started calling me Mummy and the mother blew her top and blamed me. I wasn’t banned, I was just scared in case I’d bump into her. So three nights ago I plucked up the courage to come back and what did it say? ‘We will be closing our virtual gates on 21 May.’ How could you be doing this to us Disney? You are using your money on websites about penguins instead of a website that you relate to. VMK is a virtual DISNEYland. I thought that was your name? Not The Penguin Company! I have a second life where I can escape from all the stress ie. Reality. Oh, and WildSilverFrog, if you are reading this, don’t worry, I’ll never forget you, hey who knows I might see you on VFK someday. I’m keeping my VMK name so if you see me come and flag me down. If not I’ll never forget you. I hope you are happy Disney.
VMK is closing today it is a sad moment and I will treasure the memories i have had on this website. It is more than just a website to me it is a fun safe comunity where i can come and play and chat with friends. I can buy things and learn how to save up money. I also learned how to be a better friend from VMK. It was a way of new expirences for me.
Please if vmk really cared they would let vmk stay. but i guess they dont care. but i do!! People are losing their jobs! And I am not just going to stand around and take it! I am going to fight for what is our’s! If They Want To Take Away VMK Well They Will Just Have To Go Therw Me! They cant take away somthing we all know and love! We Have To! For Vmk!!! Im sure Walt would help us in our quest to save vmk!! I just know it! So If The Person Responsable Is Reading This Let Me Just Say Im Comein For Ya!
paul luke hamilton
i love the doctor in dr.who plz marry me but i am a boy so rose plz marry me i love a girl called april claire hamilton she is so cute.
Vmk is like my second life and if it goes away half of me will be gone. 🙁 My friend will probally be even more sad then me. She has somewhat of a stressful life and me and vmk were two of her closest friends. Her computer just broke and wont be fixed untill summer time. That means her last day of vmk will never be spent the way she would have wanted it. Vmk will close and so will half of her. (and me) Think this over one more time disney. Vmk has no price but if it closes it will cost a million childrens second lives, second homes, and second friends. Vmk it isnt worth it!! 🙁 ~ Penguin_RocknRoll
Hello ppl. i really do not want u to shut VMK down Staff!today is the last day 5/21/08 that VMK will stay alive! this is so horrible! i will miss you ppl! Rose and Skater, blue, Aqua, Rain, Adamizer, cow,Kat, Alien, and omg so many others! 🙁 i cry! 🙁 so horrible 🙁 Byes!
esther a.k.a. ace princess agent
VMK was the best thing that happened since may 17 2005 to unfortunantly may 21 2008 vmk was the best thing that ever hit the internet why do u have to close it vmk means alot to alot of people some people dont even have better things 2 do i am disguted by who ever wanted to close vmk i hope that u know that u just crushed the hopes and dreams of many kids and teens a lot of people say its probably for the best but its not its 1 of the worst things thats happened to me i am truly mad and why is vmk closing what did we do 2 deserve this thats what i wanna know i put 2 much into it this best website ever and it shouldnt have 2 close 1 day i hope they will reopen the virtual gates to vmk and i hope that all my friends of vmk where ever they may be that they will join again i may only be a teen but my opinion on this matters ok i love vmk 4 life r.i.p vmk 5/17/05 – 5/21/08 seriousy r.i.p
i need ppl to come and join my protest on north-west main street. lz help me find ppl. -love OrangeSherbertDaz
vmk you broke my heart 🙁 please fix it, keep it open! i’ll miss my friends!
Today, is the worst day of my life. It’s the day VMK is closing and the day my family’s friends’ child died. Though, I know today is going to be hard for all of you, I just wanted to say this: Keep on dreaming and keep on believing. Although we may not have saved VMK, it shows us that kids can all get together and work hard saving something we care about. Doesn’t it feel good knowing that you’ve tried your hardest to save the kingdom? I also want to tell you to keep fighting! Don’t give into Disney’s lies and go play their games. Find another site like Virtual Family Kingdom, which we know WILL stay open and is not a “promotion.” Lastly, I want to say thanks to all of my friends and fellow players. You guys are awesome and I hope to see you in VFK! And now, I just want to tell you all to keep dreaming and don’t give up fighting for what you want! Remember, Disney told us in Cinderella “if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true!” hehe 😀 (Disney is hypocritical…)
hey, this is fairy fiamma the dragon fairy just lettin you all people know im putting all my powers into this.
I have been playing on VMK since it first opened. I have made many friends who i love to death!! VMK is more than a game, and i think the ppl who are shuting it down need to realize that. The main reason why we go there is to hand out and talk to our friends who live around the world from each other! I would like to thank VMK for even giving us the opportunity and this is one game that I will never forget. I will miss VMK dearly. Also, if VMK sadly does close, just try the new VFK out. Keep your same name and tell your friends to also keep there same name on VMK. That way you can still talk to your friends. Sure, you may lose your rare but after all, we all admit that friends are the main reason of VMK. I will miss you all extremely, and thank you IsadoraQ for setting up this sight and helping us find our voice!
we have less than 10 hours until vmk is gone forever… we still have a chance tho… ^.^
BrightGreenApple (Alicia Rae)
VMK is so important to me. i pretty much love it. there is nothing i dont like about it at all. its safe and fun also is for kids as well as adults. so why close it? well, disney clames its a “promotion” but i beleive it is a HOME and a LIFE. do you really want to see it go tonight? i know i dont and i will truely miss ALL of my friends (and rare items haha). so please do what you can to keep VMK open tomorrow. Sincerly, Apple
vmk means so much. i do understand the vfk will be opening correct? but how can they trade a wonderful world for a not so great one? i just dont understand but i would like to thx..
The saddest thing is you can be anything,
that you could want, it could have been eyerything,
but now it’s not, now its not anything at all.

the hardest part was getting this close to you, and giving up thing dream i built with you, a fairy tail that is’nt coming true,
iv’e got some growing up to do

I wiah we could have worked it out,
i wish i did;nt have these doubts,
i wish i didnt have to wonder just what you are doing now.
i wish i didnt know inside, that it wont work out for you and i,
i wish that i could stop this wishing and just say my last goodbye!

THe hardest part was getting this close to you, and giving up this dream i built with you, life goes on before and after you,
Ive got some growing up to do!

I wiah we could have worked it out,
i wish i did;nt have these doubts,
i wish i didnt have to wonder just what you are doing now.
i wish i didnt know inside, that it wont work out for you and i,
i wish that i could stop this wishing and just say my last goodbye! Goodbye! it’s time i said my last goodbye!
I wiah we could have worked it out,
i wish i did;nt have these doubts,
i wish i didnt have to wonder just what you are doing now.
i wish i didnt know inside, that it wont work out for you and i,
i wish that i could stop this wishing and just say my last goodbye!

Wishes, by superchick.

kay kay
vmk i love that site why do you have to crush little kids dreams we have a heart to plz dont do this to me that is how i have fun :(.. i will miss haveing magic and rare cloothing vmk i love you plz dont close i life will be ruined without you 🙁
Gracie – SleepySnowSky –
Don’t shut down VMK! VMK is a great game for thousands of players. We all make friends from around the world, trade and talk to people and experience disney right in our computers! People made this site to show you how much VMK means to us, and if you take it down, you’d let so many people down. We love VMK and all the friend’s we’ve made, and we’ll never get a chance to talk to them again, and people have so much fun by chatting, trading, and exploring. I mean, one of these days it’ll close down but why now? Shouldn’t VMK last longer?? More than just 3 years? And if you read all of our coments you’ll see that VMK means alot to more people than you think.
Little shika
Hey vmk u guys always do this plz open up vmk it is so cool and i spend hours on it and i have a disabillity and i would be bored all day without vmk i mean almost all of my grade plays it and when we found out it was closing we tried club penguin and it stunk on ice plz accept our petition u don’t have to change things all the time just do it every friday or so plz open your hearts and don’t close down vmk
People please dont close vmk. I will be moving soon and me and my best friend forever cant talk alot because it will be long distance. I need vmk to communicate and feel safe and just have fun. I dont understand why you would want to break little kids hearts all over the world. We love vmk and would pay to play in a heartbeat. Even my mom is upset about it closing. She plays on it with me and we talk alot because she lives far away. I love vmk. I dont want to be a penguin a toon or anything else I want to be who I am on vmk. Please dont take that away from me.
hi you guys PLEASE leave all the e-mail address you can because we need 2 save VMK ill miss you VMK !!!
i really want to keep vmk but ther is no more time to save vmk
Please don’t close vmk. Everyone loves it. Parents love and so do kids and teen agers. It’s safe and fun. This might sound a bit weird, but some kids even need vmk in their lifes. Its a blast and we make new friends. I love vmk and everyone in it. I even got my best friends to try it out, and now they have an account. We don’t go there much because of the lag and we get disconnected. You know vmk crashes. Just please don’t close vmk. And one of my friends tells me that another chat is oppening, but if they are oppening a new chat, why are they closing down vmk? I don’t understand. Probably because I’m just a kid, but vmk means a lot to us. Memories, we will never forget. I guess you people can close but like in 10 more years I guess. Or just make another vmk. Better and improved (although the original is the best). We will do anything but just please don’t close vmk. We beg, have mercy!
Save vmk!!!!! i just hope we’re being heard:'(
hi, i love vmk i sent complates to vmk alot of times so please complain and they hopfully wont close! 🙁 i hate it that its closing!!!!
Sara B.
Dear Vmk, u have brought joy to all.. dont leave!
hi everyone its me again have you noticed you are so addictied to vmk you wanna spell words in class like vmk style: on tree for to jones brothers etc. well thats vmk’s problem not are’s! there planning to shut it dont TOMORROW!! save vmk plz
Michael aka:mijaro
VMK must stay open until the year 3000 and we will never give up until we get what we get!!! SAVE VMK
Everyone we all tryed but it’s not happening. Im sorry tomorrow is the last day of VMK. I will miss you Tuffman GoldClearEnergy and all my other frineds i hope i will see everyone from VMK come to the new website VFK with me. Good-Bye VMK. 🙁 🙁
I don’t want VMK to go. It’s the only good site for kids to play on. It’s safe and very good for a fun site for everyone. I hate trying to find a site that I can talk to friends, its safe, and you have your own house,clothes, and user! When I find one, i register, and again its for 13 and older. Vmk is for everyone and its closing down the site and our hearts!
I wouldn’t be mad if the only took our stuff, but why can’t we at least move our characters and friends lists to another program. It’s just not fair. We’ve mae so many friendships and they’re just going to fade away in a blink of an eye because vmk was only a promotion for the 50th. Well, isney should be ashamed of themselves for ruining so many great friendships and dreams.
i thimk rules
Ghost (VMK nickname)
a poem…..
I was sailing on my tiny boat
in the midst of the ocean on a cold night.
I was lost. lost for good i thought.
but a light comes my way. a light that is VMK. if you shut VMK down, you’ll demote the light leading me to land, and kill many, many, little or big kids dreams. Keep the magic alive, keep me alive.
SAVE VMK!! save the magic.
we need vmk! like we just do time flies on that game!if you shut vmk down you break little kids hearts! i’ve spent so much time and moneyy on vmk! Its not fair! i love vmk and i dont want it to close! i’ve gone on trips to disneyland for the sole purpose to do the in park quests! i dont want it to close! please keep it open! A year ago,I fell into a hole.I get broken the two legs and I was in bed all the time.I was so bored,but one day,I discovered VMK.There,I can be a princess,a baby,a pirate or a figment girl.Now I’m always in VMK.Don’t let it close,or the dreams of a million of kids and teens will get broken.SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!! Hey guys! VMK closes in two days and Im watching the magic slowly dissapear. VMK was a fun site where dreams could come true. You didn’t have to travel to the actual parks to get the enjoyment of the atmosphere at disneyland. It was all right there. And now there taking it away from us, but were not ready. We all have tried our best believe me. There was nothing we could have done to change there minds. They had already made up there minds. They were not going to change there decision to close VMK. I would love to thank Isadora for being one of the very first people to stand up and take action. Obviously this site took hard work, but you still tried. You never gave up. And now your site is a hit. This must have been difficult to create so a big thanks to you Isadora!! Thanks for the memories!
vmk has been super speical, and i would like to thank you for making this petition to save vmk, if you would plz tell me your name in vmk and mabye we could meet somewhere?
peanutprincess (probably for the last time)
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 20,000 SIGNATURES!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!!! And didn’t Disney say that if we got 20,000 signatures they’d reconsider their decision?!?! I mean, it’s pretty close to the closing, but hey- they said they would!!!!!!
Well i love vmk its like my own little world that i can do whatever i want and no one can tell me no. I play on vmk almost every day. plz plz plz dont close it down just keep both vmk and virtual family kingdom. I have lots of good friends on vmk i dont want to lose. plz plz!!!
please save vmk i am crying because it is closeing now i am going to miss and this is the only website i love to play on i have meat people on here that where my best friends and i really dont have friends i hope we get enough signatures to save vmk but i know its to late to save it cry cry cry cry……………P.S. PLEASE DO EVERY THING TO KEEP VMK RUNNING I WILL MISS THIS GAME and are there going to be any other games like vmk if there is please message me back about every thing????:( 🙁 🙁
please don’t close down vmk, im begging you please don’t shut it down, please!
Vmk does not need to close it is the best thing in the world it doesnt need to close why would they do this to us what will us kids do on the computer now we r going to have to find a website just like this but we cant is is so sad why does ir have to close!!!!!!!!!! 🙁
There is absolutly no reason to shut down vmk. Everyone loves vmk. Think about everyone in vmk who will be so dissappointed if you shut it down. ITS NOT TOO LATE TO SAVE VMK!!!
Vmk means so much to me! since i first went to disney i heard about i joined and now i love it! i won’t let vmk go down the drain with out a fight and i think everyone else agrees to! Plz People sign and tell other people to sign i don’t want vmk to go and neither does anyone else i think! So plz sign and save vmk and fight for the right to keep vmk open!
I DO NOT WANT VMK TO CLOSE THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I CAN TALK TO MY FRIENDS IF I AM NOT ABLE TO USE THE PHONR PLZZZZZZ DONT CLOSE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please do not shut down vmk. This is the only web site that allows us to talk to friends and make new ones without the danger. vmk means alot to me a many other people. Just look at the number of people that is trying to save vmk. Please don’t do this to us. Just look in your acounts of how many people became friends with eachother.I am pretty sure that Walt Disney would not crush all of the hard work that we did not this game to shop. Disney took up thousands of dollars during the Great Deprison to make this company.People said he was crazy , but he still did it, I mean look at what his idea came to today. I hardley had friends before but now I have friends. The same gos for many other people. So, Please do not shut down vmk and think about the effect it would have on SO MANY PEOPLE around the COUNTRY. PLEASE DO NOT SHUT DOWN VMK.
madison perkins
please please pls pls plz plz Please Please Pls Pls Plz Plz leave vmk open i love it i was having alot of fun and making new friends pls dont close it pls i will die if you do 🙁 pls pls !
Save Vmk!
only two day intill vmk closes and i was banned for a week. oh my god
save vmk
dont close vmk it took me two years to have what i have know know it seems like a waste of time vmk sometiimes got boring but when u had friends there plus there is this girl i like and if vmk closes i will never ever see her again so plz dont close vmk
Virtual Magic Kingdom used to be a place where “Dreams Come True” of “world of dreams” now there closing it! that was no ones dream! SAVE VMK!!!! although it may be shut down VMK will stay in my heart forever! When i’m older and richer i’ll buy VMK and re-open it!!!!
Dont shut down VMK…if you heart will be even more broken then it already is!!!!!- cries –
If u go on and listen to The World You Dreamed Of Lately an REALLY care about VMK it will make u cry!!:( it made me cry…..
save vmk!
LetsSaveVMK (gymcake)
Hey guys! VMK closes in two days and Im watching the magic slowly dissapear. VMK was a fun site where dreams could come true. You didn’t have to travel to the actual parks to get the enjoyment of the atmosphere at disneyland. It was all right there. And now there taking it away from us, but were not ready. We all have tried our best believe me. There was nothing we could have done to change there minds. They had already made up there minds. They were not going to change there decision to close VMK. I would love to thank Isadora for being one of the very first people to stand up and take action. Obviously this site took hard work, but you still tried. You never gave up. And now your site is a hit. This must have been difficult to create so a big thanks to you Isadora!! Thanks for the memories!
i have spent lots and lots of time playing vmk. club penguin will never replace vmk!!!!! It brings me tears to see my character ‘die’ so young -sob- Why must the fun die young?! i have been a member ever so long. all that time wasted. wasted. when i could of been haveing a real life. instead of a virtual one, tragicly taken away…
Holly ( Princessurfsummer )
Hi pepol! I am Devistaded and i agre with all of you Vmk i Way more then just a game.. its why i get up in the morning.. so i can play it! I Cant Bealive they would do somethiong so crule.. do they relise they are Deavistading Depressing Hurnderds No Thousands of Children?? They Are Mean!! Yes vfk will be there but it wont be they same.. And club penguin you have to play!! If theres no vmk theres no point in life to me!!
Ciara ( bestacegirlygirl )
I seriously hope that VMK will accept our petition, and keep VMK open for a longer period of time.
Thanks for creating all this Isadora! Save VMK! [repeated many times]
Please please please don’t close VMK down. It is the only virtual game that I actually like! LOVE infactt. You aren’t allowed to use rude words, this makes it child friendly. I have only just got all the things I need for my room, started making friends and got to know the VMK world and now you’re closing it down! Please don’t. Me and my sisters love it. We go on there and talk and show each other new places. When I go on it, it’s nice because I can’t actually go to Disneyland in real life but on here it is exactly like I’m there. Please, I’m begging you.
VMK supporter!
i loooove vmk, please please please please please please please keep it open!
About a year ago I heard about VMK. I decided to check it out and I really enjoyed. However I only went on it for a few days because I had a bad internet connection back then. Now a year later, I have a laptop and got bored. I then remembered VMK and thought it would be fun to go on it now with a better internet connection. So i go to the VMK website and planned on making a new account since i don’t remember my username or password. So I get on the site and what do I see? “VMK will close our virtual gates on May 21st, 2008. Sorry, but we are not accepting new players.” I was shocked! now I can’t even make a new account because tommorow VMK is closing!! I am 100% in favor of this petition and I hope it works, becuase I would love to go on VMK again and see what I was missing with my new internet connection.
VMK can’t close! It’s the only game my siblings and I agree on, and I don’t have to worry about them talking to strangers. Please don’t close it!
thanx for the helping support~
Vmk should not leave! i know it has gone on longer than it was supposed to and thank you, but i think it should go on a lot longer. you see im moving away from all my friends and i want to have a way besides phone and other ways, to talk to them. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dont go vmk!! whoever came up with vmk is a genius but whoever is closing it… is… well… not so smart. plz plz plz dont close it. kids should have a say in this. or else we will rebel just like America back in the 1700’s when they gought britain because they did not have a say. i mean we won’t truly rebel but i mean we SHOULD DEFINATELY HAVE A SAY IN THIS. Don’t u think? well if u dont i do.
vmk is awesome. without it how are we going to meet new people. what wlse are we supposed to do when we are bored
Savannah A.K.A Tooth_fairy
Love ya My Friends
Im astonished i beleavie it should not be shut down he kids of vmk will be heartbroken i love vmk and i love all its surpises i think that closing vmk would be a humongus mistake i think you should think and warn us before if u close down this go ahead but know you will crush all the little kids hears and one other thing if u decide not to listen to us go ahead shut it down but please make a sequal to vmk in 2009 because I trully love this and i spent all my happy hours on here and all my sad hours on here this has been a type of therapy for me because when i chat on here they have feelings for me and i feel loved like they are my virtual family another thing is I love this website aand I spent all my favorite holidays on here to experiance with my vmk family I appriciate the host I appriciate the people on vmk and the creators but just know whatever happens i love you all and there will always be a space for vmk in my heart PEACE LOVE HARMONY AND VMK PLZ LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN OF OUR EARTH!
I think that vmk was only ment for a year and has been here this long is awesome but there are not enough good websites for us kids these days I mean that this is the first chatroom website that I have found that is good so if vmk stays open it would help us kids stay away from bad websites and help us stay safe and protective but at least let us talk say the words we wanna say and keep us safe – Anoynomus
i guess Disney isn’t the company we thought they were. They say “dreams come true” and stuff like that, but then they just crush our dreams and take half our lives away, knowing that it’ll make us unhappy. Why even bother to work on a website like this if you’re just gonna close it? I mean, if I knew it was gonna close, I would have just left and not made so many friends, so i wouldn’t have been as sad. But now i’m forced to say goodbye to friends i’ve made such strong bonds with,and to me, that’s just so unfair. please disney, please, we’re all begging, if u close it, I’ll never think of disney the same way again. I’ll always remember them as the dream builders who inspired us, then crushed us. its sad that it comes down to this, very, very sad.
We love VMK! You’ve crushed so many people with this…. we’ve worked so hard. This site was even featured on Channel 6 News! We’re dedicated, don’t you see that, Disney? And, if this is some plot to get us to buy POTC Online, Club Penguin and Toontown memberships, I can promise you I will NEVER buy anything from those sites. You’re alienating people, not getting them to go to your other sites. Don’t you understand that?!? I hate that you’re doing this to us. Over 20 thousand people have signed this! Please save VMK!!!!!
I’m sorry VMK is closing down. I had no control over it. Just like you guys, I will miss it too. Keep up the good work guys! Maybe we can save VMK.
i have just joyend vmk last summer and i was amased at all the cool and new things u had to offer! like all the difrent theams and events. i have made so many friends on vmk. but to be hones i havent even made it threw a hole year! i would really like it if you kepet it open for me and othe people plz keep vmk open :,) dont make me cry
I made so many frinds and it’s readlly fun and safe game that any kids have ever play i wish that VMK didnt have to shot it down so plz plz plz help us VMK just go to ( and threr you can save it befor they shot it down
Beth ( Blue.Apples. )
VMK is a place for me to make new friends and especially new memories. I cant believe VMK is closing , the game lets other kids interact with other kids so we make friends. This is a great way to have fun. Why stop the great idea? PLEASE KEEP VMK ALIVE !
ok will you please not close this please!!!! me and my friends play this for 5 hours. i am dead serious and we love itt please dont end it 🙁
Ok. I am going to be completely honest. I am not by any means a little kid. I am a teenager. But I LOVE VMK. It cant close. I have a lot of friends on here and i like talking to them. If i have a bad day i can get on here and it makes me feel alot better. So for the sake of kids younger that love this just as much DONT CLOSE! PLEASE! Everybody lovess to play this game. They have mad so many friends and have worked so hard to get everything they have. You cant just take it all away. You never really know what you have until its gone. In the blink of an eye you can lose anyhting. Please dont take this away from us. LIVE LONG VMK! <333
Thank you, Isadora Q for starting this! I knew someone would! Thanks sooo much!! Okay, so they say they planned to shut it down, yeah? Yeah, right! Why start an entire computer game for some festival that lasts a year, and keep adding on to it and adding on to it and then disappoint all these people? I about cried when I found out it was shutting down. On my dad’s birthday, no less! I know they couldn’t help that, but still it kinda makes it harder for me. I remember signing up for vmk. My Grandmother heard about it somehow, and she helped me sign up. I was 9. She died 2 months later. That is one of the last things I remember doing with her. So, there’s that which hurts too. My little sister also plays vmk, and she DID cry when I told her. She signed the petition as well. I don’t care if I get all my stuff back. In fact, I’d love to start over but keep my name! I’d just really like to still have vmk. They wrote a book which mentions vmk 4 or 5 times in it. The Kingdom Keepers, by Ridley Pearson. I think it’s a great book, but mostly because it seriously helped that I knew what they meant when they had reference to vmk. Now, if our children or grandchildren were to read this book, what do you do when they say, “Mommy, what’s vmk?” “Well, I don’t remember, they shut it down when I was about your age.” “It was an awesome computer game! I would let you play it but it shut down (x-number of)years ago.” Disney, pretend it’s a Pepsi Max commercial: WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!! That’s me speaking my mind. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for allowing me to write it. *sigh* Just, please Disney, consider leaving it or bringing it back. Thanks again! All yours, Naturally, Alainah
you should keep it im a kid and you make new friends and dont care what you look like because they dont know we love vmk it is better then club penguin so please please keep vmk we love it
please do not close vmk! it is so much fun! I love it !
Vmk, where do i start. Vmk is the best game in the world! sure it needs a bit of inprovent, but its cool! you get to talk to people who also like VMK! you can get magic like telporting and stuff. Best of all, its like Disney World but on the computor! So if you’re gonna shut VMK dont some people still want to sign up but you canceled the regrestration! C’mon! i’ve ben on for 3-4 years on VMK, and i love my person, CosmicBrownWolf, please dont shut down VMK! if youre gonna repair it or something.. do it when nobody is on! Don’ ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever v ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever shut down VMK EEEVVVEEERRR!!!!!!!!*
please don’t close vmk its walt disney dreams and you don’t want to crush his dream right? so don’t close vmk there is a big population and vfk is social studies and not part of disey so plz put vmk back for the kids and new ppl come every day! if its some thing else plz fix it for us please please please! we love vmk and we are thanking god and walt disney for vmk
Parker Crouse (ScoutMann)
VMK,Please dont close. It is a place for friends. Better graphics than Zwinky, more interactive than neopets,perfect for kids, teens, adults, and any one who loves disney. Please don’t close. Oh ya, I say if they dont open it up again within 6 months, i say we boycott disney, disney channel, all disney websites, disney artists, and everthing else disney, until the open vmk up again!
vmk closing oh no who do they think they are the king of egland! they are snobbs i love vmk i might be 10 but vmk is a safe place for everyone. i know it might be its the 50th but its more then its more then a game when i get mad at my mom and dad i go to vmk i meet good friends and i love that. and if they close it down i will die.

An Analysis of VMK, from Chris
No need to try to contact me unless you wish to.

I noticed the following things that happened in rapid order:

Following the end of the pirate celebration, specifically the big pirate quest, there was the Yavn “scolding” about all the cheating and other stuff going on in regards to that quest. A couple of days later, VMK announces its closure. The next day, I start seeing a surge in the “Year of a Million Dreams” television promotion. Then, I see commercials for the Disney pirates online game within days of that. As April rolls around, a new batch of Disney travel shows on The Travel Channel(which I have recorded). Also, notice sites such as MSN and other high traffic sites with Disney travel banner ads.

Obviously, Disney is spending millions on marketing, promotional and other advertising, with no real method of finding out what is working for them.

And here it is, VMK, a great promotional tool, which they have used to promote a good many things Disney. And like the print, television and internet ads, no real way of knowing what is driving income into the big pot of money that is Disney. The other games are not open ended enough to allow the direct and blatant interjection of promotional material. VMK allows this. Proof? Pirates stuff during the releases of POTC3. High School Musical mania promoted via a long running quest. Hannah Montana and Twitches got similar treatments. Ongoing games from the Narnia, POTC and Terabithia promotional sites handing out codes for use with VMK. The game helped get my little kids excited about their trip to WDW last November.

So, axe VMK. Let’s make every a penguin. Make everyone a pirate. Make everyone a toon. Soon, make everyone a fairy(let’s avoid crude jokes). Let’s make everyone a car.

Sorry. I like Disney parks. I want to be me. Unlike some people, I chose to make my little avatar look like me. I walk around in black shorts, black shoes, wear glasses and it even came with hair similar to mine.

VMK: I could be ME in Disney, as if I was there without the costs. My daily escape. The other games won’t do it for me.

Oh well. I’m a technician. What do I know about marketing?

Update: 5-26-2008 Thanks. I had more points…

People who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Of course, in school, this means having to take the course again. In real life, it often leads to catastrophic disasters or failures of epic proportions. Is Disney learning? It is unclear.

Years ago, people petitioned to save Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at the Magic Kingdom, which was replaced by “The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh” despite not only a written campaign, but also IN-PARK protests and “ride a thons” by protestors, doing what I guess were “ride-ins”. I suppose it’s a small consolation that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride lives on at Disneyland, although The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh evicted the Country Bear Jamboree(which may have been the inspiration for the movie a few years back: big corporation wants to oust a long time favorite…. recurring theme?) But I guess it’s a small consolation that The Country Bear Jamboree lives on in the Magic Kingdom.

I felt like the mini-rant by Yavn was done to soften the next blow of closing VMK. It was like in the words of Eric Cartman of South Park: Screw you guys, I’m going home. It was like “You cheated. Cheating is bad.” and then the bigger bully shows up and says “game over, man! We’ll show you all!” I for the record didn’t cheat. I couldn’t complete the quest. I dislike the Pirates mini-game and do horribly on it so I could not complete the quest after that requirement of scoring some large number on Pirates.

I feel sorry for Yavn. It can’t be easy to be the whipping boy and face of VMK. A guy doing his job and is now most likely scorned by a million kids. I hold no ill will towards Yavn. I’m certainly glad I don’t have his job. We shouldn’t shoot the messenger. Hopefully he truly is still employed by the Disney corporation.

All things change. Disney has made some mistakes. Need proof? Just take any movie on VHS or DVD that is a “Direct to Home Video Classic”: Disney is stating this wouldn’t make money in theaters, so we’ll sick it on the home market and see what bites it. Movies have flopped hard in theaters too. Atlantis anyone? The Emperor’s New Groove? Didn’t do so well and are considered box office failures. Most of the Disney live action stuff hasn’t done too well recently. Look at the quality of most programming on the Disney Channel? Not very good. Am I saying this because I’m 36? No, I am saying this because I’ve worked in entertainment for 25 years, and while I’m no media mogul, I can tell when something sucks(or aspires to be good enough to just be considered suck). I’ll leave out my extreme dislike for Raven Symone, who I’ve always felt us useless and should not be polluting the airwaves, but that’s a whole other can of worms I am not going to open. Let’s also try to ignore Britney Spears, an ex-Mouseketeer and her current lovely life. What about Cristina Aguilera? After her experimentation with “all things skanky”, seems to have unscrewed her head and really gotten her act together. Sure, she was jealous of Britney. They worked together. Seems the tables have turned. What about

Miley Cyrus or whatever her name today is and her stuff? What about that girl from High School Musical who ended up getting some nude picture circulated on the internet? Disney sure is in spin control mode right now on many aspects.

Likewise, Disney’s parks are also not immune. If a ride doesn’t work, it goes. But, why is it that despite all the new technology and advances in audio and animatronics(and hence, Disney Audio-Animatronics), it’s a small world does not “evolve”? I guess they know not to mess with a good thing, even if it’s over 40 years old. I went on that ride at my last Disneyland vacation in 2006, and again in my WDW vacation in 2007. Last time I saw that ride was in 1989 at Disneyland. Only thing different was at Disneyland, it was dressed for the holidays. Interesting make-over, held back in order to NOT be overdone, which could have easily happened with that ride. Astro Orbiters was taken off the platform at Disneyland and put at ground level near the entrance to Tomorrowland. Adventure through Inner Space was ripped out to make room for Star Tours. America Sings was taken apart and turned into Innovention, but most of the critters were recycled over in Splash Mountain. Mission to Mars was removed, not sure what replaced it. The People Mover got a name change to Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and while I was away, that was scuttled and turned into the high-speed Rocket Rods, which didn’t last 2 years before being given the axe. Right now, it appears those raised tracks are being slowly dismantled based on my observations. The sky trams are gone and the holes in Matterhorn are closed up, and Matterhorn itself has gone through upgrades that I didn’t see because it was closed in November of 2006. The submarine ride is now a Nemo ride, which opened in June of 2007. Space Mountain got an overhaul and some amazing new semi-syncronized audio embedded into the cars(I’m an audio guy, I appreciate this sort of stuff). And that’s just in my lifetime of what I remember real fast. Didn’t Jungle Cruise moved to a tracked system? I know Tiki Room is much more enchanted withe true multi-channel sound, but the speakers are bit too directional. Not everyone is clearly heard in the Tiki Tiki Tiki room anymore. Doesn’t matter when the birdies croon or the flowers sing if you can’t discern much of anything.(yes, this goes to the tune)

I went to WDW in 1976, don’t remember much. Magic Kingdom was the only attraction then. They added 3 more parks! Not be be cranky, but Haunted Mansion was vastly different(it had just completed a big overhaul) and while great, the first time through, the “Doom Buggy” had blown sound, ruining the ride for me. And while the Country Bear Jamboree had a major sound overhaul, it sounded like an underhaul. Blown speakers, damaged speakers, improper usage of amplification. It sounded run down, it even looked a bit run down. Is this about to receive the axe? This is a classic.

I’m one of those people who search the internet looking for “how do they do it”, and now that I understand how most of the effects are done, I can’t say this removes any of my enjoyment or delight of the attractions. If anything, it makes me appreciate and enjoy the attractions more and see them more(and hence spend more of my money).

I was hoping to see VMK evolve into a more park-like experience. While the Haunted Mansion got it’s walk-thru, I would have liked to have seen it expanded a bit more, although they took care of some of that in the Haunted Mansion mini-game. PIrates, I would have prefered a “dark ride” experience, but that’s just me. I would have liked to have seen more rooms and attractions added. I could go on and on. But one thing I did like is the non-competitive nature of VMK. Play a game? OK. Don’t want to? OK. Earn credits? Fine. Be lazy? You bet. And like at Disney parks, converse with people all over the place. I was talking with this family from the UK while waiting in line for Dumbo at Magic Kingdom. She ended our chat with “Cheerio”, while I responded “Rice Crispie”. They made an effort to run into me after our ride completed(we were in the same group) and they were confused. I said “you said a cereal, so I said another cereal”. I had to explain it a bit more. I’m not totally sure if they appreciated my humor, but I’d been waiting 15 years to use that one! And like the parks, the element of “closing hours” is part of what I felt was a good touch. The real parks have operating hours, and as such, so does/did VMK.

Just like things change, you also don’t mess with something that is working. An open ended promotional tool. Who plays VMK more? Kids? Parents? I don’t know. But, they hit you with promotional stuff left and right. What better way to promote Disney than in an Disney park? Heck, they even promote Disney INSIDE Disney parks. You’re already there, what more do you need? With that in mind, why not promote all things Disney in VMK?

But back to a point I made about marketing in my initial posting. What does a TV commercial cost? A few thousand per airing. Magazines? Depending on the size, can be quite pricy. Radio? Not sure if Disney is doing radio spots. Internet? Cheap, but still has costs. But, what if I order a travel DVD? Disney is out hard costs to a potential client. How can they tell if I chose to do anything with it other than use it as a coaster? They can’t. In 2006, my stir crazy wife on maternity leave had to get out of the house. TV commercials made her say “Let’s go to Disneyland” and 2 weeks and 405 driving miles later, we were there(driving burned a whole day) and had a great time. In 2007, what did it? Of course, the Year of A Million Dreams started in 2006, but don’t tell that to the powers that be that it’s in it’s 3rd year now. Yet, the Year of a Million Dreams commercials are still going on and on as well as other marketing campaigns. In 2007, a print ad got us to make the decision to go to WDW. But, does anyone ask how we made up our minds? No. But I did take part in a little survey on the 2006 trip. My wife, the 2 kids and her sister hopped on the train at Toon Town, while I walked with an empty stroller back to the Main Street Station. I was hit on by a nice Cast member doing surveys. I figured “I have nothing better to do, why not”, and not once did they ask what marketing method I saw made a decision. They wanted demographics more than anything.

Honestly, if I had my way, I’d alternate between the parks each year. But with VMK showing blatant disregard for users, I am thinking differently. In all my years, this was the first time Disney did something I really didn’t like.

How about I comment on “Disney not providing any transitional elements”. Why should they? They said it was closing, so go transition yourselves. I have to admit, we had plenty of notice.

As a promotional tool, they should have stated from Day 1 when they expected this to end. 90 days would have been more than sufficient. But then, they still have their Disneyland 50th Anniversary celebration parade going on in Disneyland. I guess time has no meaning in the world of corporate Disney.

Sorry for going on and on. Use anything you want, or none. I don’t mind. I own my own web server and domains, so I’ll preserve SOME of my VMK memories there. Like, the final incarnation of my long ride. My “stuff”, and some other images taken from VMK, in addition to other things I have planned for that particular site.

So, while LiveSoundGuy may have been silenced in VMK for the time being, doesn’t mean LiveSoundGuy is gone. He’s already on Virtual Family Kingdom and you can’t take LiveSoundGuy from his home at Studio42. I’m just one little player. I can only do so much. Of course, my little girl doesn’t see what part of VMK I am in now(she knows them all) and my 20-month old no longer has mouse ears to point out(he recognizes a good many Disney things now). I’ll make my own magic. Of course, this magic usually involves me pulling a miracle out of an orifice I will decline to mention in order to save a show(the show must go on!), but it’s still magic, nonetheless.

The failure or success of the petition is not dependent on the end results of VMK. If VMK is resurrected, it does help the petition. But, if the petition can reflect the actual user base of VMK(which I think it has a ways to go), it can show that even in the petition failing to save VMK, it shows Disney fans stick together. Can you ask for better success? It might make them think twice before pulling this again. Failing to try is a guarantee of failure. Trying and failing is still failure, but effort was put in, so it’s never a total failure. If one tries, one might succeed. But it one does not try, then one can not succeed. Those are the worst kinds of failures. I’ve certainly tried and failed a great many times at a great many things. Experience and knowledge is gained through trying, regardless of success or failure.

So, if this gets posted, and you read all the way down here, then you better be signing that petition if you haven’t already. What’s next? Take away the other virtual worlds on a whim? See how “free game” players are reaction. How about you gamers with your pay to play going to take it when Disney yanks those out from under you? Sign the petition.

Comments Submitted to in 2008
if you shut vmk down you break little kids hearts
hey u guys, ive been gettin alot of ppl 2 sign by asking penguins on CP to please, please sign and explain the situation. Try it! 🙂
vmk should be saved because people love it and vmk ppl are so nice to hosts and its not bc of the stuff its about friendship
i’ve spent so much time and moneyy on vmk! Its not fair! i love vmk and i dont want it to close! i’ve gone on trips to disneyland for the sole purpose to do the in park quests! i dont want it to close! please keep it open!
Thanks so much for featuring me TWICE on the homepage… first for my dad’s blog and then my VMK song. I really appreciate all you’ve done for VMK. -Tyler [You are welcome, Tyler! Your song is beautiful!! Watch out Taylor Swift!!]
A year ago,I fell into a hole.I get broken the two legs and I was in bed all the time.I was so bored,but one day,I discovered VMK.There,I can be a princess,a baby,a pirate or a figment girl.Now I’m always in VMK.Don’t let it close,or the dreams of a million of kids and teens will get broken.SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!SAVE VMK!!!
if u want something to do after Vmk is done go to it will open on may 22 register! my username is hannahisasquirt
vmk rocks!! i wish it wasnt closing! it is the most fun game on the internet! i spend so much fun time playing it!! please dont close vmk! please!
This is so like Disney. They give you something, you start to love it, and then they take it away from you. So much for kind hospitality! If Walt was still alive, this would’ve never happened. We’re all upset, we’re all angry, but nothing will happen if we don’t do something about it! People, we still have a chance! Don’t give up! Comment like the wind! Do it for us! We have to try. Kids have a voice, now use it! I don’t know what else I can say. I say this for all of us: “Let’s show Disney what we’re made of!” (P.S. I have another comment. I’m number 889. Keep scrolling, I’m down there.” -love to all, wake
hey u guys, ive been gettin alot of ppl 2 sign by asking penguins on CP to please, please sign and explain the situation. Try it! 🙂
Sara Batzer
Vmk is not ready to close too many people love it.Sure some of us get banned, but no one is perfect so many people love this it’s not just a place it’s our home please don’t take that away from us.We love this home, which is why we have this website to save this wonderful world. Don’t close vmk just read all of our comments and you’ll see what vmk means to all of us, listen to what we have to say about this. What i have to say is, I love vmk way too much to let anyone close it please don’t do this not just to me but to everyone who loves vmk which is Alot of kids,teens, and maybe even adults. Don’t do this please im ready to beg.
I have made so many friends on vmk and I really enjoy the ‘safe’ and clean atmosphere they’ve created. It will be sad to lose these friends as I’ve no way to contact them. They were part of my life as was logging onto vmk and playing. It is sad. I hope our efforts to save vmk will be heard.
plz dont close vmk.i have so many good friends.when i call them vmk is the only fun website we can play on.
i really want to save vmk because i really love vmk and i don tdo anything else on the computer and i just want to save vmk so that i can have fun on the internet
hey its hayley… i play vmk and its so fun.. how coild they take it away? disney world/land are supposed to be the most magical places on earth… right?
all of my friends say that “this place is great for us is like our home!”And this place on vmk rocks!!
Hi.Listen i dont get why you people want to shut down VMK forever.I mean VMK is like so important to so many kids in the world.Why crush all of our dreams?We all grown attached to VMK and you will definatley make a huge difference in our lives if you let VMK stay!! :p HOW RUDE plz i mean please let VMK stay!! if u dont how rude :p 🙁 Hi.VMK should stay and it can but no a toontown game has to replace it but that is the biggest mistake of your lives! So just think again before VMK closes forever and ever :(! I dont get why u guys and girls would wanna get rid of VMK 😛 HOW RUDE?!? VERY!! P.S. just think again and about all the people who love vmk and what u will do to them if vmk closes forever but i cant stop u just think about it though 🙁 !!! 😛
Isabelle or Ariel Wonder
VMK, or players, or whomever is reading this, I want everyone to know that VMK is “my home (thanks Tyler)” and its my hideaway. I have used VMK when i needed to talk to someone, id just go on and I’d play with my virtual friends and id feel much better. By closing VMK, you are shutting me out of my hideaway, my only place and that hurts bad. Where do I turn to now? -Sniffles- -Sobs-
Kaitlyn ( lilprincesscat )
Hello___ I’m lilprincesscat ( aka Kaitlyn ) I found LOTS of good friends like : MysterNeonStars, aust_et, lilprincesscat,brandon_jh,pinkxxrox,FootballTaylor,casie, Glow!!!!!!!!! But, last but not least Host_Lily!!! ( WE LUV U!!!! ) Anyways……. Why would vmk we luv it and i mean eveybody does! Like, just bc of a stinken promotion! U Rather Break Kids Hearts, Walts Dreams, And Take The ( stinkin ) Promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then have every kid luv u!!! I Bet If U Close Some-body Is Going To Get Hurt ( YUP!!! ) Like jump off a brige, or cliff! ( i luv cliffs 🙂 By : Cat! ( AKA Kaitlyn )
omg i sooooooooo hope that vmk stays because its just a place where kids can hang out on the internet and no bad words are allowed so its totaly safe! so i soo hope vmk stays!!
I like vmk. If they close it I will be upset.
omg we’re so close to 20,000 signatures!!!!!!!! and btw everyone my new name on virtual family kingdom is (not my real name)

My cat watches me play VMK all the time, and she loves all of the little people on the screen! Do you really want to take away a cat’s happiness? I THINK NOT! Sadly Signed, Jennifer/Cloudyredday

save vmk!
LetsSaveVMK (gymcake)
Hey guys! VMK closes in two days and Im watching the magic slowly dissapear. VMK was a fun site where dreams could come true. You didn’t have to travel to the actual parks to get the enjoyment of the atmosphere at disneyland. It was all right there. And now there taking it away from us, but were not ready. We all have tried our best believe me. There was nothing we could have done to change there minds. They had already made up there minds. They were not going to change there decision to close VMK. I would love to thank Isadora for being one of the very first people to stand up and take action. Obviously this site took hard work, but you still tried. You never gave up. And now your site is a hit. This must have been difficult to create so a big thanks to you Isadora!! Thanks for the memories!
i have spent lots and lots of time playing vmk. club penguin will never replace vmk!!!!! It brings me tears to see my character ‘die’ so young -sob- Why must the fun die young?! i have been a member ever so long. all that time wasted. wasted. when i could of been haveing a real life. instead of a virtual one, tragicly taken away…
Holly ( Princessurfsummer )
Hi pepol! I am Devistaded and i agre with all of you Vmk i Way more then just a game.. its why i get up in the morning.. so i can play it! I Cant Bealive they would do somethiong so crule.. do they relise they are Deavistading Depressing Hurnderds No Thousands of Children?? They Are Mean!! Yes vfk will be there but it wont be they same.. And club penguin you have to pay!! If theres no vmk theres no point in life to me!!
Ciara ( bestacegirlygirl )
I seriously hope that VMK will accept our petition, and keep VMK open for a longer period of time.
Thanks for creating all this Isadora! Save VMK! SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK SaveVMK Save VMK SaveVMK
Please please please don’t close VMK down. It is the only virtual game that I actually like! LOVE infactt. You aren’t allowed to use rude words, this makes it child friendly. I have only just got all the things I need for my room, started making friends and got to know the VMK world and now you’re closing it down! Please don’t. Me and my sisters love it. We go on there and talk and show each other new places. When I go on it, it’s nice because I can’t actually go to Disneyland in real life but on here it is exactly like I’m there. Please, I’m begging you.
VMK supporter!
i loooove vmk, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please keep it open!
I’m not sure if anyone else has heard this, but this site has become a favorite for kids with autism and adhd. This has been there thing for many years now. Them closing it now will be devastating for these kids. My brother has adhd and he was crying when he first heard vmk was closing. We need them to keep vmk running!
You know, I haven’t even made it to a year since I’ve joined VMK. I just started last summer. And the fellow members of VMK are right: VMK has helped us all develop friendships, practice social skills, grow as individuals, develop our sense of creativity and expression, and it’s helped us escape everyday drama. From my personal experience, VMK has distracted me from issues I’m facing in life. It allows me to create a more enjoyable and suitable life. For the younger kids, VMK helps them develop into responsible people. And for us older ones, it helps us grow in every way possible. VMK allows young adults and children to earn money and spend it wisely (which is an everyday need-to-know life skill) and it’s help any many more ways. I have made such good friendships that I will probably cry if I lost them. And think about it, how easy is it going to be to find our VMK friends in the exact same room at the exact same time in Club Pengiun or VFK? Logically speaking. So, people who have made VMK, I know this website was only meant to promote something, but it has become much more than that. I would rather you guys have told me from the get-go that VMK would eventually close. All I ask is that you VMK staff people please try to do everything in your willpower to SAVE VMK. We members absolutely NEED it. Find it in your hearts to at least EXTEND VMK’s existence. Do something that will help, not only you (Disney), but ALL OF US. – Rain-Melissa
Why does vmk have to close. are we going to be able to go on vmk on wedsday?
i agree with all the comments and i agree with vfk that they can make a tear in your eye but i want vmk to keep its magic and our dreams alive. plz tell me how to get on vfk!!!
i will cry if u shut vmk down and i will have nothing else to do plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz with like a million cherries on top dont close vmk down i love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
dont close vmk if vmk had never opened i would have no life its like my second home
why do you have to close vmk? someone in my family said dont fix what is not broken and that is what vmk is doing now . DONT CLOSE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
save vmk it is a true dream to me and all me friends and all the players gl to save vmk!!!
Why is VMK leaving? All the people that play on VMK love VMK so why is it leaving?
I love VMk do not close it!!!! Who ever thought of closing it man i am going to get them! no just joking.Do not closeVMK.
Man, its so sad VMK is closing! 🙁 I cant believe their doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why?! Why!? Why?! WHY!?!
they should never close vmk because a lot of people get on it
Hannah/ PrincessofPunk
Vmk, is my life! I’ve made some really great friends that I’ll never be able to talk to again, and that makes me sad. I don’t know what will occupy 80% of my time anymore. Ok, maybe I don’t spend that much time on here, but you get the point! Thanks so much for making this site, and hopefully, it will work!
i absoulutly love vmk it is my favorite game and i don’t want it to close so please don’t close we all love vmk and plz give me space pin free and the rare vmk that you can give me plz sinceraly, Alexandra
kelsey firth (budi)
I am really sad because vmk is closing. I don’t think it is nessary because, everyone on this website has met amazing friends that live all the way across the world and are never going to see them. i will miss all my friends pirate and everyone else and please i am begging you, DON’T CLOSE VMK!!!!
VMK can’t close its like MY LIFE! and if they close it down its letting me down and a BUNCH of other kids too. VMK helped me to make new friends all over and when you shut VMK down its like losing those friends forever! Disney always says “Where dreams come true” and when they shut VMK down it crushes our dreams of VMK. Don’t shut down our beloved website it means a whole lot to kids all over!
chain me to a tree, glue me to a post do anything just dont take vmk away from the people that love vmk and every one in it !!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel that vmk should not close!!
magic – kid
plz don’t close vmk it is very nice with magic clothes its alot of fun things so plz dont close VMK PLEASE!!!
Bailey a.k.a guyfguy
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee VMK!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dONT LEAVE I AM BEGGING U!!
i joined vmk about a year ago when my friend told me all about it and have loved it ever since. it gives me a chance to be confident in myself without worrying that people will make fun of me or be mean. i know that many people from around the world love vmk and no one wants it to end. i know that people can go on vfk soon but y not keep them both open? i just hope that websites like this have an effect on vmk and help it to stay open. best of luck to all vmk fans, hope_in_the_light
Why should VMK close? it is a TOTAL sucess!! it’ll be stupid to close it. some kids cant go to disney world and this is the closest they can get to it. I hope that you relize the problem u have brought onto yourself and hopefully FIX it! SAVE VMK!!!! DONT CLOSE IT!!! ARGGGGGG
Savannah ( Tooth_Fairy )
VMK May be Closing, But we’ve all had great times and we don’t need to blame VMK, Blame disney! not trying too be rude but ppl are saying they hate VMK bc its closing its not VMK ppl. and to all my friends i hope you have a great life and stay out of trouble. and i would love too give a special shout out too my best friend Cat_Gyrl. She’s my best friend on VMK and the thing im gonna miss the most is her. and cat if your reading this… Your always gonna be in my heart no matter what!
Tori Housley1122334455
VMK Is Closing in like 4 days…Like OMG! I can’t believe you can do that to VMK and I never will smile and my dad left a comment saying that his kids – part of my whole family – is on almost 24\7!He said he doesn’t have to worry about us on VMK because it doesn’t allow us to say bad words. This is a big deal to my brother and me because we sometimes don’t fight over it when we are sick!! I won’t like VFK because my brother will be staff and see everything i do!! :L( That is sooooo Not Fair!!!Why do you have to do this..?? I know it was for the 50th Anivesery of Disneyland.. But i will kill myself if you close VMK I am not kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Typed By: Tori*******
please save because this is the only website that i really wanna be on this is the only website that make me be on the computer! please save love brownsunnydisco a.k.a jasmine
i really love vmk plz dont shut it down i <3 it
I cant believe they want to close vmk!!!!!!!! This doesnt make sence i have so many friends on there and i have known some for over a year! We have to make a stop to this {; From Finekathy
Vmk has been so much fun and even though vmk was only for Disneys 50th anniversary after three awesome years you shouldnt shut vmk down. People are going to really miss vmk.
vmk is so fun i have no good, websites to go on and i think you guys should stay open if you dont then many kids will be sad and disapointed i never got to do things i just made mine soon and if you close down thats bad for many kids
VMK CANT CLOSE! *pulls hair out* too bad vmk is gonna close :::::::::::::::::::(((((((((((((((((((((((((
If looks don’t matter why do we need to see them? If it dosn’t matter where we come from why do we need to know? Why? You say it is all virtual but is a persons heart virtual? Vmk is a state of mind a love and magic vmk is a life style and a place for happyness don’t shut it down.
Vmk is something that needs to stay open for kids that have a dream
Hello, In school people told me i was a jerk now that i have signed on to play vmk, people on the game understanded me and gave me advice to help me now i keep playing with my frineds and family and im PROUD!.I have played VMK for years and its awesome!. Now that they want to close it i cry because its so fun you can meet new friends and have your own room. To me VMK is the best game ever!! ,Better then any virtual game ever. Plz keep vmk open i love it!!
im mad and sad that Vmk is closing manily bc i love this game and i met some of my friend from my school
Vmk Should not go!! It rocks!! I am really sad!!! Meh and me BFF on vmk, Grace, Are gonna eat people who shut down it!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is so like Disney. They give you something, you start to love it, and then they take it away from you. So much for kind hospitality! If Walt was still alive, this would’ve never happened. We’re all upset, we’re all angry, but nothing will happen if we don’t do something about it! People, we still have a chance! Don’t give up! Comment like the wind! Do it for us! We have to try. Kids have a voice, now use it! I don’t know what else I can say. I say this for all of us: “Let’s show Disney what we’re made of!” (P.S. I have another comment. I’m number 889. Keep scrolling, I’m down there.” -love to all, wake
VMK, i got to go to walt disney once but i was to little to rember much and going on VMK is like going there and is so much fun!! You can’t just close it on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on May 18 :
Aidan aka ShadowKey
Listen. A long time ago, I was the biggest jerk EVER. Nearly half of my school thought I was a jerk. Then I registered on VMK. People at school never expressed thier feelings about me like they did on VMK. After realizing what a jerk I really was, I changed my life and became, in some peoples words, wholesome. VMK changed my entire life. It made me the person I am today. VMK is more then just a game. It’s a community combining all kids everywhere. Not to mention, people treated me diffrent. Nobody called me names, nobody called me a freak or a nerd, it was like, well, I don’t even have words to describe it. DON’T CLOSE VMK BECAUSE IT’S MORE THEN JUST A GAME!
Hey there IsadoraQ, So I have a YouTube account and just uploaded a video last night called “Save VMK – The Song”. Believe it or not, I actually did write a song for our cause. If you want to check it out, go to my channel and watch the featured video: OR the video can be seen here: Maybe it will help, maybe not, but its also for the memories 🙂
I can not believe they would all of a sudden CLOSE VMK!! I mean it is ridiculous!!! What is your VMK username unless i see you some time??? Mine is DizBear! Hope to see you in vmk when it DOESN’T CLOSE BECAUSE OF ALL THESE SIGNATURES!!!!
Hey everyone save vmk even though vfk is there for us. If itter is out there tell him to get an account on vfk and keep his name. Also tell him i said Hi! By peeps!
i pray that God will keep this game alive! it is such a blessing to not have to pay for this! so i pray for that!
Amber (AmazingSurfer)
I can’t beleive they are closing i have pretty much family on there i mean i can’t let them go not now not yet. And we can’t keep in contact because they are on the otherside of the United states i mean this isn’t far disney you taking away friends that some kids may not have in real but they find confort in finding friends in vmk people on vmk may be they only friends they have we are learning to communitcate and understand other cultures around the US why can’t you understand DISNEY we need vmk this is like our mom telling us that we can’t have friends after we’ve been friends with our friends for like 4 years it’s all because of vmk we build up confendens totalk to people why can’t you see this DISNEY vmk make us want to go to disney and explore your losing out on major customers i mean realy think about it you had so many customers in vmk central when i went the vmk quests in Disney World makes us go on rides and explore disney i mean it’s more money for you.. but i guess you want to lose it
Hey, Perry, I totally agree with your comment! Kids on Club Penguin say explicit things, and they don’t even get into trouble! You pay money for getting to do more things and listen to people saying rude things. If VMK closes, what are all of VMK’s faithful users supposed to do? I think that who ever is closing VMK, should completely rethink their decision! If VMK actually closes, people will not think of Disney the same! Sadly Signed, Jennifer/Cloudyredday
VMK!! How could u break my heart if u dont keep VMK alive i will contact the person who owns Vmk, and give him a message of my own!! Hate you now, Sandra
My Life Throw VMK has been fun i have to life throw hate love and etc on this game but it will al work out and my mom just got hit in a car and i dont want my friends to leave me to tell me its ok she ill be fine! Andi h vae Disney You Ppl Suck @#%&
I really love VMK. I hate that it is closing. I am 10 years old, and I have been playing since i was 8. I love it. Please do not make it end!!
Omg, ive met so many good friends and have had sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun, im so sad to see it all go so fast! all the rare ive worked hard for is now gonna go to waste and i dont think thats fair!!! but still, im really sorry to everyone like me whos worked hard and have given time for vmk. i love vmk and hate to see it go. its the only way i can contact them. ):
Maybe theyre closing because this is the next best thing to toontown and were not paying them to pay. i hardly play this game but when i do i get addicted and now i heard it was closing in 3 days?! i really like this game i dont want it to close D: maybe theyre playing a trick… yeeaa! :[ dont close vmk we all luv u
please don’t close vmk. vmk is my world. if you close it there is no point to live. when i get on the computer it’s the first website i go on. my friends on vmk i will miss you. vmk will make people say goodbye. even if they don’t want to. i am new on vmk. i don’t have that many friends, and without vmk i never will. well here it goes goodbye forever. sadly, princesslikeable p.s goodbye my fellow vmkmians. 🙁
I joined vmk because My friend, Gtman, told me it was cool and to join. So i did. three months later, he got gold ears and i was always teasing him about it. i feel really bad about that now. later, he changed his name to Shinygold. all was fine till december and someone pulled a bad prank that made it so i thoght HE had a crush on me, and made him think I had a crush on him. So i told him i likeed him thinking he liked me back. now he ignores me and i am so sad vmk is closing on his birthday.

[banned] please keep vmk open!
the best vmk please this is the website for kids to meet!!please save vmk:[
VMK… When I first came (a long time ago) I was in heaven. What have they done now? THEY ARE TEARING A COMMUNITY APART. I am angry at vmk and there is a rumor going around. Vmk is closing b/c they want to make money (vmk is free) and coming back. PAY. TO. PLAY. Omg! I am sending them a link to this site’s petition. Why would they want to tear apart everyones friendships? i have bffaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae on there. Vmk, Im mad at you.
come on vmk, we kids LOVE vmk. it’s our escape world when ours comes crashing down. i know that my friends on vmk have helped me a lot more than some of my friends in real life have.i don’t want to lose all the great friends i’ve made. its just not fair. i have been on vmk for three years, and i’ve never heard of something so rediculous. we love vmk, and its not fair to take it away from us
Prettyy-Angel(On Vmk<3)
hhhhmmm where to start??? i guess with that i kinda just…. am alittle addicted to this awesome fun game and closing it….has made me go kinda sorta justa little INSANE!!!! i dont see why they close it only bc it was a ‘ promotion ‘ whats so great about a promotion, eh? and why, now that its over… decide to close it?! i’ll miss everyone (DUH) but still…why not just keep it open,? a promotion ending is no reason to close it, so ok… if u kept it open we could all be able to say ”oh yea this site was going to end bc it was just a PROMOTION, not look at it, its the biggest site EVERRRR” but if it closes we will be forced to say “eh, remember that site we used to go on? yea.. well they CLOSED IT due to a PROMOTION ENDING..” (sounds dumb,eh?) welll more than too many have said keep it open…its up to staff* deicde =] (AND HURRY; ITS GETTING TOO LATE =[)
EVERYONE!! Go on VMK and play as much as you can!
this place vmk is a place to meet friends and play games and have fun. its been up for a long time and to take it away is just wrong. we are losing friendships and fun.
Cassie( Ms.Molly ) Dear Disney, You cannot shut down VMK we all love it now we will all miss it.VMk means alot to all of us here who signed this petition and their are all ages from 7-17 and even though they are that old they still love it just as we all would. As you may tell I and all of the kids of these Untited States, please don’t close our beloved website!!!! please Disney and tell all the vmk’ers if you are or aren’t closing it. Thanks you
I think its unfair that VMK has to close just beacause of the 50 Year Anniversery.
Vmk means a lot to me and it would break my heart. I thaught it was about making dreams come true! VMK closing is not one of my dreams.
Monica (Kiara-J on VMK)
VMK is the best Virtual Kingdom on the entire internet, we cant let it end! SAVE VMK!!
tigercatgurl ( vmk title )
hey guys! its not to late! be sure to activate your signatures. Get family relitves to sign it. Before you know it, we can get vmk back! 🙂
plz do not do this this is all i do plz i love vmk
VMK was the best cause you could meet new people talk to old friends that has a vmk and you can go shopping get money for finding people!!i just dont want to have vmk close cause that was the best place that you can meet new people and old friends or just chat with people!and you can create your own avatar that is the best part so please dont close vmk!
Prettyy-Angel(On Vmk<3)
i love meh vmk<3 i wish it wouldn’t closeeee virtualfamilykingdom looks coool, but not as cool and it would be IMPOSSIBLE to find ALLLL of my friends<3 =[ i just wish we had alot more time<3 i dont want it close; i dont really think if they were just going to shut it down like this…why did they ever open it? it was just part of a that could have just been the beggening; now it can be so much more<3 its actually just one of the most popular sites… idk if all these signature, and comments will do anything for the staff but i sure hope so=] I love vmk…its too good to lose ( i have also improved on my spelling, by using VMK, since u cannot type words misspelled=] ) i hope they decide to have VMK stay<3! virtual family kingdom people look like barbies (Rofl.) i will miss it… but i hope they decide to keep it open i love it<3
I am wishing this and i know everyone else is please keep vmk open! I know everyone that plays it loves it and wants to keep playing util something else happens!And maybe people might be in there best behavior like won’t find away to sware or say bad things and won’t report people. And then if u keep vmk open u can change everything and make it bigger and put more rare stuff so people will have more fun!!
Hey there. (= I think that VMK should close, and also shouldn’t. I mean; What else would kids aged 9-14 spend wasting their time on the computer playing a virtual game? xD People need to have that feeling, where they can see themselves through a different perspective and also in other people’s eyes. If you’re one of those people who don’t really wanna tell other people who you really are, or just don’t like it, then maybe VMK is great for you! You can pretend to be anybody, like someone with pink hair! That would be pretty funny, huh? =P But whatever. Anyhoo, This is a long message; I know. xD But we can sit here and talk all night! [= Okay, so moving on .. kids need some inspiration in their lives, and VMK and other virtual games online help them with that. They can have fun and meet people from all around the world! Dress up in wacky clothes for Cute or Boot, and also be very proper at a dinner date with your special friend. (; Okay, Well. That’s all for now! Peace&Love;, Amy. <3
Kaileene ( Ace_SweetLavender)
Hiya people. I’m leaving a message about VMK closing. It’s closing very soon! But I can reassure you guys that VMK will probably stay open with all these comments and signatures. So make sure you sign! Anyways… Children NEED VMK! What else would they do in their spare time? I mean, come on! I also always play on VMK almost every day! They can also find out who they really are kind of. Because like, you can dress up in weird and cool clothes, you can buy a room and put weird and cool stuff in it! Make friends with people from like, China! And Turkey, and faraway places. But you can also chat with your friends! And it’s Kid-Safe! You can only say certain words. If you can’t say a word, it will blink red. So please, help save VMK! Tell your friends about! Tell them to sign!
Wow people! You have no clue why they’re closing VMK?! Well, I can tell you. It’s because VMK was just to celebrate this thing going on in DisneyLand or DisneyWorld ( Sorry, I forgot where). And they were only gonna put it up when it started, and now they’re going to shut it down. You don’t have to be like sad over it or anything, but I would want VMK not to shut down or close.
plz dont close vmk it means the world to everyone and just think on how many kids you are letting down by closing it. when i first started to play vmk i thought this is a place i can have lost of friends and just be myself but you closing it down will make my whole life just go to wast so just think about what i said and PLZ PLZ DON’T CLOSE VMK – in tears –
I’ve been playing vmk for a year and honestly hated it for a few days but now I can’t imagine it going. There was a lot of friends I made and can’t think of letting them go but if it happens, it happens. My favorite things in the game were playing haunted, pirates, and meeting with my friends so I’ll miss them very much and can’t think of letting them go but may Walt’s dream continue no matter what. 😉
i am not going to beg…but vmk has been important to me sence 2005 i love it! VMK was one of my first real internet experiences it showed me the rights and wrongs of the internet, the loves of new friends, and the closets friends that i would consider family. VMK has showed me ways of being me and made me want to go to WDW sence i started. I finally got to go in 2007 and it was everything i thought it would be. Thank you! and consider keeping your virtual gates open!
AceBulePaw – Kimberly
If vmk closes i blame Yavn. He’s the host of THAT wensite.
Jasmine Hargrove
event tho i been banned a couple times then i made a new account and gain all myfriend back , then stop laying vmk before all that vmk was like my seecond home and trust me i was addicted it was my anti-drug and i was obsessed i always have to have something rare and if i dont ill find away to get it by trading some stuff but now that its ending in 4 days what is people gunna do stop going on the ocmputer just because vmk closing there gates its not fair atleast have the game running for another year or month let me say ther final goodbyes
this is a awsome idea
PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ Don’t shut vmk down!! vmk is like the only thing i play on… i wish i could play it more often.
i love vmk its is so fun i am like so rich i just dont want to go away i love vmk vmk stay with the world!!
VMK Staff! The Day I Heard VMK Was Closing I Was Like ��NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!�� Yeah I Screamed Like That� UH HUH! So You Think U Can Close It, Brake Over 18,000 Hearts! Come On Staff U And Other VMK�ers Know You�ve Made A Terrible Decision. Come On VMK Staff I Know Your Wanting To Change Your Mind And Keep The Magic Alive!! Here Is What I�m Saying Right Now! ��VMK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON�T CLOSE! IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE THE MAGIC BEFORE IT CLOSES!!�� That is What I Said� Well Thought�.. Fine!! I Want It To Happen!!
This is not fair!! Take this petition to your hearts, and let us keep our favorite website. I am just totally dismayed by your decision. Please do not punish your faithful users, just because you guys decide to close VMK! If you really cared about us, you would not make us say a last good-bye. Well, I am at a loss for words. Sadly Signed, Cloudyredday
I always loved vmk from the moment I got on. I only went to dsineyland once every two years, so it was like me going to disnyeland all the time. It was soooo nice. Disney is going to loose a lot of money by shutting down vmk. Many people go to Disney parks around the world just to get the trading cards. If you take that awawy from them, disney weill loose millions. Who will use the card if they are not on vmk anymore? Let disney think about this. And disney, just to let you know, you are crushing everyone’s dream by doing this. Thank you.
Kerge and Maryv
i love vmk i dont want it to end and i dont get why they are ending it it’s great i also think they could make a profit out of this by selling I LOve vmk shirts and stuff like that vmk is our life save vmk i ? it
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz do not close down vmk all people like a lot.
We know people are trying to save vmk but,just about 18,000 won’t work!There is more then that on vmk.We know yavn probably doesnt care or its because he has some reason he cant tell us because he’s too afraid.
Wow. I can’t believe VMK is closing in four days!!!! But, I hope this site will help. I signed the petition. I hope our help will be rewarded by letting VMK stay open!
Ashley Tisdale
Hi, Its me and I Want Eveyone To Play VMK And i Wish I Can play this awesome game but i will try to sign this petition for all of you peace out, Ashley Tisdale
VMK means alot to me and many others; please yavn try to reconsider your plan to close vmk! (i hope this petition works!)
VMK doesnt need to close, i should stay open, i mean this is getting so bad we got MILEY CYRUS to sign, THAT IS REALLY COOL!!! and if we keep on going even when it does close, we can bring it back, remember this wenseday is when it closes so we are going ot have to get alot of people to sign, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
im going to miss vmk so much!! :[
Hey, i am a member on vmk and i have millions of friends who love and care about me so much, and i admire that alot.I want to thank all my friends on vmk for being there for me.In reality i dont have alot of friends and im not popular in school.In vmk i feel like its a new world. You can just start over and have lots of fun! But i guess this will all be comeing to an end. Now that vmk is closing. Thoose fun and cool memories will be gone and lost forever.This is a bad time for every player on vmk, its really very sad.And you want to know one more thing that is really bad??? Yes, its “Disneys” image.Maybe if my dad says:hey want to go to disney for a week in the summer?…i will say no because Disney already crushed my dreams and i dont wan more to be crushed. Because you know what? Dreaams dont come true…because mine was for vmk to stay open forever.If you close down vmk you will close domw dreams…
Oh my gosh I can’t believe VMK is closing down!!! My best friend first introduced me to it on my birthday about 2 years ago, and I’ve been playing every day since then. There will be so many memories I will lose with this, and the day it closes down I will be crying non-stop LOL. Thank you so much for this petition, though, and I hope it shows staff what they’re doing to us!
Amanda in texas
Disney is makeing the biggest mistake in the world! Disney is do dumb if they think they can take this great game called vmk away from us!Disney, just watch us save vmk. Sit back and realax.We will show you guys WHAT WE ARE MADE OF! I know one thing and that one thing is that im not going to play club penguin because vmk is where I belong and so do oteher kids!!! I HOPE YOUR HAPPY!!!
Website owner
Hello everyone. I play many online games and I even opened a website for one called and all the websites and online games i play are games you have to pay for. VMK was the only site or online game that I could play for free. If this game comes to an end, I do not know what I would do with my great friends on there. But if the games does close, thank you yavn and vmk staff for running the game as long as you did, thank you for the magic! ?VMK, 2005-2008 (maybe)?
i think you should’t close down vmk its a horrible thing to do so many kids own and they save their money and impress their friends by their house.i love vmk so why are you closing it. it almost means everything ive almost had mine for 3 years and i cant have a myspace so i use vmk. so please dont shut down vmk <3 Dlani
Help save vmk everyone wants vmk to stay alive so if you want vmk to close this is for you. YOU SUCK! Even though i have only been on vmk for a short period of time i grown fond of it to love it deeply. SO please help vmk stay alive. God Bless You, CheerLeaderAshley ( goes to vmk )
RetroAquaStar (title on vmk)
I wish VMK would stay open bc I have a whole other on VMK and if it is costing to much then 2 bad so sad!! I mean.. my mom and dad know how much fun my friends and I have on vmk….. and it keeps us out of their hair (lol) so PPPPLLLLZZZZ keep vmk OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN From 1 of your friends on VMK ~RetroAquaStar~ P.S. and by the way I know I am speaking 4 all the ppl on vmk who don’t want VMK 2 close!!!
katie williamson
plz have vmk stay open ok!! ppl!now keep it open and tell me if you are kepping it open plz!tyvm
vmk is gonna close b/c of the contract deal. but other then that good luck in life and Pans, Comic_Zane , Scrribles and other of my friends i wish to honor then so here it is ~ShadowX
dont close vmk
I’m glad that you set up this petition IsadoraQ and I really hope that this will work and we will still be able to get on and have a fun time talking to VMK friends.
vmk is an fun kind and sometimes helpful community and i for one think that this petition is a wonderful caring idea. i hope those at disney see it too! xx
Plz Dont Shut Down VMK!! It’s a whole new world thousands of ppl discovered!
why does vmk have to close … like some ppl how they always say the live on vmk!…. i now actually feel bad for someone including myself….. 🙁 peace! if u want to email me back then post it….. bc theres no other way dudes! and btw if your ultrapuppys friend tell me !… or if you have seen and talked to me … anyways SAVE VMK……xoxoxoxo friends and family …ultrapuppy:::: LoVe yA oh and if we dont save vmk think of the children!!! omg omg omg ( i feel bad for the parents listening to cries all day ) LOL anyways W00T vmk is a great place and many ppl lose the great richness and omg i lose inferno! ( never had it never will ) but i have a chance if vmk did not close btw im really super rich on vmk so it upsets me alot i mean when i first heard vmk was closing i did not believe it! but it really is….. LET THIS PETITION BRING VMK BACK FOREVER!
please keep VMK open it’s the only website that reminds me of DisneyWorld it actualy makes feel like i’m realy there so please keep the magic going and remeber what Walt Disney said “the magic lives on forever”
i loved vmk because i loved disney world and the safe chat dictionary and the clothing the quest and every thing please try to stop vmk from closing down…thank you
Hi-Hi i love VMK I JUST LOVE IT I wonder why they are closeing it…if you know plz email me
vmk oh vmk plz dont go if u go i well be so low vmk oh vmk plz dont go!!
This is great. I’ve been really bummed that disney wants to do this, after all these years. Your awesome :]
Starlina ( the real vmk Starlina )
Vmk is not just a online game, it is a life. We all disearve to stand up for wat we want. For Martin Luther king said, ” I have a dream “. Well I have a Dream that vmk should not and will not close! I want to make this dream reality. I have friends on that sight! I have rare items i worked hard for! I am realy shy in real, and this helps me make friends. If vmk does close they should make a new web sight were we can still have are old names to find our friends. I mean come on Miley Cyrus sighned! This is geting crazy and out of control. Are rights should be shown! We dont even want to read wat yavn says any more. He does not get the point. He does not get how we have friends on there. To loose those friends is like seeing family die. I would also like to say to all my friends to keep there old names on vmk if they go on other sights and for other ppl not to steal names. I was first person to come up with fame starlina on sight, and now it is taken in most of every other sight! I dont want my friends mistaking me for some on else. I just had my bday and have to say this worst present ever, From Starlina, your friend who all ways has a jar of dirt LOL
Hi, this is next and I just wanted to say thank you miley cyrus for signing and I Love my friends, Fan, Red, Fire, and Aqua oh and Guitar
I want this virtual world to stay.Walt would not close vmk.How rude of them and this is disney we are talking about.Lots of kids around the world have been playing VMK but all of a sudden they decide to close it!After Three Years! Lots of VMK players are devastated because of disney and it is horribe of what they are going to do.I want to stay on VMK for at least One more month so i can say goodbye and buy new virtual furnish on VMK. It seams so long. I have been going on VMK every day since day One and this is going to crush my vmk dreams. this is a nightmare that will never end. I dont want VFK because it is not VMK. What do we want!?1? VMK!! so don’t close it. Disney is supposed to build dreams not crush dreams.I cant believe disney would do this
Thank you for this site i just have onr question is there enough people that signed the petition going to gget to save vmk?? you dont have to answer.
Im so depressed that VMK is closing..i mean come on people this is half my life, i come home from school thinking “maybe today i can get free ears or magic on VMK!” i alwaysdo and i dont know why diseny has this idea to close vmk because most people who play it…GET btw im on write now as i type this..but im really mad and if you could do something about this…it would mean more then the world to any VMK member. ty byeeee 🙂
hi plz plz dont ahut down vmk i love it and i am not allowed to have a aol so this is the only way me and my BFF can talk alos i have so much stuff and fun time on vmk i would cry if it got shut down. plz plz thx ROCK OUT VMK!!
Emma a.k.a Fushia_Smart_Blues
vmk rocks! i glove it so much. vmk has just gotten new stuff and are still selling more stuff… people are even buying that junk. i just got a whole bunch of rare stuff on trade and i don’t want to give it up. i hope vmk will stay running, and i have signed the petition… so that is all i can do so far 🙂
I thought disney was about making dreams come true, not crushing them. Disney is not about dreams, it’s about their precious $$$
Telina White
if vmk won’t be saved i will be really sad because vmk made it feal like i was actually their, i made lots of good friends, i don’t want to stop chating with them so i hope vmk will be saved
Don’t shut vmk down !!! And will we stay keep our stuff when then new vfk opens ?!?!?!?!
vmk to me is very important i have something to look foward to after school and when im sad i play and it makes me feel much better. vmk should stay for the sake of disney. disney will lose fans if they dont do something to fix it. everyone knows about disney and they need that spark in their lives.
vmk is a great site i will miss it so much bc thats where i made alot of my good online friends from i will really miss it
I Am Really Sad That VMK Is Closing, And I Want To Help. People In VMK Please Help Keep Signing The petition, VMK Was Supposed To Close A Long Time Ago But Peopke Did A Lot Of Stuff To Keep VMK Here, And That Is What We Are Go To Do!! SAVE VMK, PLEASE HELP, I BEG YOU!!
I think it will be okay and not okay for vmk to leave because: 1. I checked out VFK(Virtual Family Kingdom) and it is all about going back in time to the Revoltionary War. You can be cool charactors and they have cool new places! 2. Its not good because i will miss the cool items and places just like Disney World. They are really cool, but i think vfk is kinda lame because its not the same and its all about the Revolution. That is just my opinion, but i bet some of you are excited about it! I am glad, but i think we all can agree that vmk is and will always be the best there is! Thank you for listening!
Jonas Brothers
Hey wat up little rock stars? I am here to tell you that vmk should not close down. I am agreeing with my bro who plays this game. He doesn’t like to anymore because he knows it won’t come back. but i tell him to relax and fight for vmk! I know it will work! Rock on Everyone! – Jonas Bros
Vmk means making new friends and having fun! I really want vmk to STAY OPEN!
I don’t think vmk should close. I really, really like this website. Also, It’s one of the only websites out their that you can type what you want on it! And I like everything about it. Because of that website, my parents might be taking me to Disney Land this summer, because vmk got me into it. SAVE VMK! I will miss it too much! =*( Your Friend, LavenderBella
VMK ROCKS!!!THey just dont relize what their doing to us.It EFFECTS us and our culture alot if they close it!lol SAVE VMK BECAUSE VMK IS THE BEST!!U WILL NEVER BE REPLACED VMK!!!WOOT!!
Save VMK

Posted on May 15:
I just read the thing about a class action suit against vmk & I would be so down with that! again I am disabled & have access to free lawyers. But how do I approach this subject with a pro-bono lawyer!?!? Also It has come to my attention that there is a new bill in the works about virtual worlds & keeping items etc. would that affect vmk could this be why they are pulling the plug?
california mother
lol who would have know my article would be on this page also the boycott of all disney stuff was my idea as well i sent messages the day after the announcement of vmk closing. i wont tell you who i really am but all i can say you everyone here is following my lead ty so much the lawsuit would be probable if everyone claimed implied understanding that vmk would be open for ever. also why did the sell all that stuff that gave the vmk codes if they were not planning on keeping it open. guys i am telling you thats a serious lawsuit. its scamming and felony misleading of consumers into buying products for the sake of playing a game with no intent to keep it open not to the knowledge of the consumer. dont be suprised if disney is investigated by the fbi and the attorney generals office. i and saying right now everyone get lawyers and contact your congressmen let disney have it . the more of us there are the more fear we will put in them. oh by the way it was my idea to go to the news as well. but ty for doing it have a nice day
Miley Cyrus
Hi, I don’t even play VMK and I am signing this petition for all you kids I don’t want them to break your hearts. Walt wouldn’t do that to you guys he would say ‘ VMK should not come to an end it will break kids hearts! ‘ I am saying that now! God Bless, Miley Cyrus
LianaLea (On VMK)
Disney, think of what your doing to us! Think about it. If your parents/guardian said you are never to speak to your best friend again, wouldn’t you hate it? I’ve formed many friends on there, and I don’t plan on losing them. So what if it was a promotional website, its turned into one of the most frequently visited sites I’ve seen, lately. I’ve had so much fun on VMK, and as you said, good things have most of the time have ends, but I mean, this was surprising, irritating, and depressing! Half the friends you make on the internet are people you will probably never meet in real life, and to have to stop talking, having fun, etc. with them, just because some promotional event has passed? I’m not happy with Disney at all on this decision, and I hope that the makers of VMK will read through all of these comments, and realize how important VMK is for most of us. VMK was one of the safest websites I have ever seen, and some kids, by being preoccupied on a safe website such as VMK, are probably less prone to making a MySpace account and potentially talk to some wacko. (I mean, you could also do that on VMK, but its not as likely.) Now, you may call this irrational, but is losing your friends, people you love to talk to, and would probably do anything for, gone, never to talk to again, just because Disney decides that ‘This has gone too long, and we are afraid we have to close it’. IT MAKES ME MAD. Good day, LianaLea
VMK is probably like a dream to some kids.if you shut VMK down your pretty much telling them that there dream doesnt matter and it will never happen.Please save VMK!If you don’t childrens dreams all over VMK will be lost and never remembered. who ever is shutting down VMK and your reading this just think about when it shut downs how can you live with yourself, you will be crushing every kids heart that has been on VMK. you will have to live wit the guilt that has been bought down on you!! i speak the truth i know wat i am saying i may be a kid but i and not only me will say this! you shut VMK down your life will be destroyed. by many kids hearts that have been broken. every person has the right to speak these wise words..WE WON’T GIVE UP JUST BECAUSE SOME PERSON IS QUITTING!! as you can see many ppl are furious wit the decision you ppl are making, Just keep VMK open thats all we are asking!
Dear Vmk, Me and all my friends on vmk are very sad about vmk closing. Everyone loves so very Much!!! Making friends, playong games Actually living in the Magic Kingdom has been very Very Fun and Exiting and I hope you see all the Blogs, Downloads, Websites, and even petitions from almost 20,000 people that want Vmk to stay. Sincerely, Blonde_Joker
Why would disney close something EVERYONE loved. Bc if u noticed, on an average day 6,000-7,000 ppl would be on vmk a any givin time, now there is only about 1,000-3,000 ppl on vmk at any givin time. i don’t think disney is going to make as much money off of their plan now. i really think they may have lost over a 100,000-200,000 kid fan base by doing this to us. not to metion i love vmk and i already spent about 1,000 dollars on buying vmk stuff. hear this disney, keep vmk open or give us a refund! wait here’s a good idea, howabout all the kids go on vfk to protest against disney bc they aren’t listening on vmk, maybe they will have a better “internet conection” on their new sight, or we could protest vmk by broadcasting it on a place where EVERYONE will hear it, maybe that will open up disney’s eyes. oh, and disney’s motto is no longs “Disney, where dreams come alive.” it s now “Disney, where we destroy all your dreams.” and i’m sure many agree to this. disney it certainly not following their procucer, the building blockes of disney, walt disney. they are cursing his name instead. that’s all i have to say
Hello, I had organized a protest in the VMK Esplanlade and we did things like block the gates and then we went through to every public room in VMK and then we all got banned for an hour! We spread the word about this site and told them how close, but so far away. – redclayton
i love vmk! i will miss all my friends and i will miss all my stuff i worked so hard to get! i am going to play famliy kingdom to keep the dream alive!
Amy Judge
OMG!!! What ccan we do now ? Its been months and they have seen the petition but yet the are still going to close plus I think may be its time they have been doing VMK for over 4 years now and its time we woke up from this dream and move on to our next one, and that next one is VFK Virtuarl Family Kingdom. So I say its too late and we need to wake from this wonderful dream. I mean im sad VMK is closeing but they have amd up their mind and they days are closeing in. So what can we do. I say we wake up from this wonderful dream and move to the next wonderful dream. Ya i know we are going to miss it but the time has come.Not only us in the U.S or canda or maybe even China we need to wake up from this wonderful dream and go to the next wonderful one.
the first dy i went on vmk my hart was in heven lol and this is for everyone SAVE VMK SAVE VMK LET OUR VOICE BE HERD! vmk should be open nothing wrong has happend to it so DONT CLOSE VMK DOWN!!!!
why the shutting it down why why?????? I MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE DUMB TO SHUT VMK DOWN
VMK has been a life dream come true to me and my friends. I’ve played vmk since the first day it started. I had many friends that were virtual & people who werent virtual. I thought of VMK as family. Not just friends. I thought that VMK was made by a group of people who care to give kids a safe enviorment to make friends to help them through life. But VMK staff if you are reading this, I want you to know that if you close VMK down, your closing kids down and the kids dreams. Please make a second thought about what your doing to the kids. I love VMK and i am not the only one who does. PLZ Think twice about this and SAVE VMK!!!
Oh my goodness. It seems like yesterday that VMK opened and we all rushed in. I can’t believe its coming to an end. Why? Well, the best game in THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD WITH OVER 10,000 PLAYERS is planning to shut down as it was just a promotion to celebrate 50th anniversary. Talk about the year of a million CRUSHED DREAMS
Dreaming of VMK
“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are!” I will go outside every night and find a shooting star and wish that VMK will stay open. I believe in the magic and hapiness! I believe that we, can make our dreams come true and that VMK will be open on May 22, 2008 till the rest of our lives!
im am really sad about them closing vmk because i been playing since last year and i love it th eway it is.
im am very very very very very very sad for vmk closing. i played since last year and i made magic, pins, and rare furnsiher from vmk. i made a new bff on vmk im going to miss vmk. and some pictures im going to download on my phone if im going to get one
I’ve never felt so alone than how I do now, these days I just can’t face up to going on VMK, everytime I see my friends I start to cry, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t even think properly… With VMK closing all I ever want to do is sit in my room alone, everytime I mention VMK my family just laugh, the’re all woried about me but I just can’t tell them whats wrong, because they just think i’m stupid. I wish disney could see how much pain i’m in, and i’m sure there is lots of others out there just like me, a bunch of heartbroken kids…
VMK is the best online game for kids everywhere! It is safe for me and my friends, only being teens, to meet online and protects us from anyone saying anything abusive to us, unlike other games we used to play. VMK is the safe haven of all online games and it’s fun too! If Disney closes VMK they will not just lose proud supporters, but also leave plenty of children to wander on other websites that might not be made for them. I hope this petition will help the nice people working at Disney realize that VMK is not just another game, but also a fun and safe way for people of all ages to meet and make new friends all over the country or even the globe. I only wish my opinion will make a difference in this decision.
vmk is the best do not shut it down plz
Nancy Pardo
V.M.K is a safe online game that both of my children enjoy (and thousands of others.) It is so sad to see it go, watching all the imagination creating rooms go to waste, and many friendships made disappear. I hope this will all work out.
i think that you should not close vmk bc it makes me mad and all my friends i just got a lot of rare in vmk this site is probely not even be close to how cool and awesome vmk is plz my life is ruiend bc you guys had to go close vmk i am really mad all i can think about and talk about is how vmk is CLOSING! i might check this site out to compare it to the BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD VMK! no website can beat vmk though so yea and people go to and type in the krisi and cassy show! it is cool and watch both of them with guest stars and with out then type Attack of the crazy lady! in the search bar surper funny so yea back to vmk LEAVE VMK ALONE DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY IF YOU DO YOU ARE SUPER DUPER MEAN!!!!!!!!
Puppycutie (VMK nammee)
cassidy goldmichelle (again) 🙂
heres a poem i wrote about vmk how i love vmk
how it brought me joy
how i wish it can stay
so i can play

you guys do not under
stand how much us kids
LOVE vmk to death
if you would just let us
at least have some more
fun how i wish that it
was just a joke or
just updating how
you make us sad and
all cry 🙁 and kick
:p and scream :0
just once i am asking

plz!!!!!! plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz plz just make us happy thats all i am asking plz rescue vmk!!

I never got to play VMK, and had no interest in it until I read the book “The Kingdom Keepers” by Ridley Pearson, published by Disney, in which the main characters frequently meet online at VMK to plan how they intend to save Disney World. It was a fun book and really got me interested in Disney again after I hadn’t really cared for a long time. I decided to check out VMK and guess what? When I go to sign up it’s closed to new members because it will be closing for good. Really makes me angry, because I’ve heard how much fun it is. I’d really like for it to stay open, and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t.
I dont think that they should close down VMK when everyone is in love with it. I dont even think they should have created it if they were just going to shut it down like they’re doing. I hope VMK will stay open, although there’s only a week until the day it closes! Forever! I really hope can persuade Staff to keep VMK as long as it possibly can! (the name i used is my VMK name, btw)
Flor A.K.A PrincessChrystal
I am really really sad that vmk is closing because i have had great friends. Mscini was one of them but i betrayed her. Im sorry mscini and i hope you have a nice life, I always listened to her problems and she did the same to me. I guess things change IM SORRY! SaveVMK!
please save vmk! i love vmk we al love vmk please save it we want to go there veryoday please!!
Kathryn (RadicalMCR)
thank god for this petition i hope it really works. vmk has been my life for like the last 3 years lol and i don’t have to be me i can be a disney character or a pirate anything i can imagine. thanks again.
I am 16 and when my brother first told me about VMK, I thought it was the stupest game for older people. I thought it would be a great for just little kids. My brother ended up convincing me to sign up for VMK just to see if I liked it. So, about a year and a half ago, I signed up not expecting to like it all. After about two days playing VMK, I absoultly fell in love with it! I have made SOO many great friends now and i dont want to lose them! Plz plz plz at least consider keeping VMK open because dont you see how many people are so sad beacsue of this? plz plz plz keep VMK open! I LOVE YOU VMK! your chica, michelle aka aint_i_good
yea as all the people say we all love vmk its a great game for all ages its a fun game to hang out with friends and make new friends winning those magic pins where also fun to and beating quests there is no other game like vmk so lets just listen to what the people who played vmk and SAVE VMK!!!
Why should VMK close? So many people love and care for it! Especially how there are so many people playing it. Everytime I play, before i click the play now button, i always see the number of people playing! The numbers i see the most is always over 3000. OH MY GOSH. And plus, VMK is the only way where i can think about disneyland, my favorite place in the WHOLE WORLD! thank you 😀
when i started vmk i had no clue what to do . but by the friendly ppl online i learned. i made many new friends and had many adventures.i love vmk and my friends . it would be so wrong if they take that away from us . the whole point of vmk is to make friends and go on adventures. if they close it we have know way of getting in touch. plzz help save vmk. i love vmk and the ppl on it no matter what happens.
even tho i got booted for 10 years vmk was the best game ive ever played. i had the best friends, the best clothes, and it was so cool. i had the best time on vmk and i wish i could play again!! but it is still swesome!!
ImJustAFlyingDude =)
VMK Rules!! We Can’t Let The Magic Disapear. As A Disney Lover And A Huge Disney Fan. I’m Very Mad At What Disney Did And Why… We all Know That We Love Disney And I’m Very Disapointed In Them!!!! Save VMK..
rachael (sunny!)
ive been playing vmk for maybe 3 years, about. one night my friend texted me and told me vmk is closing forever, i didnt belive her so i hopped on the computer and saw it. my jaw dropped and i started crying. alot of things in my life are terrible, so my life isnt that gret. but every day, as soon as i came home from school, id go straight onto vmk. my friends on vmk could help me more than anyone else. vmk was like a second life for me. i had fun with friends that became so close, its almost like id known them from birth. taking vmk away from us is like taking all our friends, second lives, and hard eraned stuff away from us. and that hurts, really badly. ive looked all over the internet to try adn find a game that is as great or greater than vmk. none. nada. zip. zero. get the picture? its not too late to save vmk. please. vmk closing is just one more thing that i can add to my list of things that make my life bad.
dont let vmk close.if vmk closes wat will kids do for fun is rainig out or to cold or hot outside to play outside.i am mad like i said dont close vmk dont close vmk. i am crying now. all i know is there better be a website like vmk or i will be mad.
You know i have played VMK since i was what? 7? maybe 8? Im 13 now and still play. Its a big part of my life believe it or not. But I love VMK and i dont want it to close.
OMG!! i cant believe vmk is closing!!! this is like my favvvvvv website ever:( i am going to cry..i really really really hope this works!
disney, why would you do this? lots of people love and adore vmk! if you shut it down everyone who plays will be stuck on their rears all day watching tv. or playing webkinz, ( which is boring) or playing clubpenguin, ( boring too). so please consider everyone’s reasons, and stop VMK from CLOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mikaila wood
why are you people shuting down vmk? WHY WHY and what are going to do for the rest of us who loved vmk?
roxjasparrow ( alexis )
A place where people from all around the world can meet.Vmk, a wonderful world filled wit smiling faces. Now it is going away forever. Instead of smiling faces we have sad faces. Save vmk and turn the faces happy again.
vmk is our family, if we get enough signatures before May 21st we can see if they can kepp vmk up. Save VMK! sign the petition
VMK is my life i loved vmk i wish this worked
ok you know what. vmk was the greatest thing that happened to me this year. it has been so boring in 8th grade and ive been going to vmk for fun. and also im so far away from disney and vmk is the closest thing i have to it. i love disney world and i cant wait to go agian. but until then i go on vmk. vmk is like a disney park. so closing will be like ending a disney park. would walt want this? i think not. disney should be ashamed -WDW Fan forever – shoutout to my friend : Wafflesyrup – and to my girl friend. crazyabout jack <3 – MaroonLightSand
We have been there since the begining and were not just gona stand here and let them take VMK away from us with out a fight. The time to help is now so join the effort to save vmk and who knows we might just acomplish something 🙂 I introduced vmk to all of my friends and now everyone i know is helping to save vmk it’s not just a game it’s my life and many others life to they take it away there making a big mistake
All i have to say is SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!
VMK’s the best thing that is on the web, and you shouldn’t close it when more and more people are getting on by the hour. The best thing in my life is when my baby brother was born, but VMK is heading up n second place. If you know what’s good, you wouldn’t close VMK.
Sarah (Wind)
OK, I am going to skip all the crying/kicking/hitting etc. and get straight to the point. I have spent three years of my life playing VMK and POOF they are closing on me, and everyone who plays. If it was a promotion and VMK would end, why didn’t they tell all of us? At least it wouldn’t be a total suprise if they announced VMK was going to close. Well my final words right now is what everyone is running and around screming right now: SAVE VMK!!
Vmk is my life i love it there it makes me want to cry the thought of it closing my friends are on it and i love it its the reason i go on the computer my bff who i never met is on vmk she and i love talking and that wont happen if u close it it is my fave place to go in the summmer bc it makes me a better typer Please, please, please,please dont close vmk Love, Katie_a
ok vmk ia closing for good. I am sorry but it is bad enought knowing that they think closing vmk will give them money because ppl will be playing games that cost money. I am not paying a singal cent to disney if they think just because they finaly get a game and it is free and a place were kids and just have fun free is to expensive. Disney is Rich they do not the money and now on vmk’s home they have things supporting other games I will not play anything but VMK! I will play it up to the last second until I get the messgae that it closed.
VMK is the one place where I can actually be myself and dress up however i want to! I can just walk up to somebody and ask to be thier friend! Also, it is just like Disney World! I will miss all of my friends on VMK: PirateAri, Alyssa_Flute, RoyalAbleRose, RoyalRichPirate, Jahqaun, PinkPlainWind, and all of my other friends! I hope this works! What would Walt think about VMK closing?! This was his dream! – <3 vmk always-AriBlackRose
Hello my name is savannah, friends call me vannah i know we all think vmk is bad to close, but think of the great times you have had, I do love vmk if your wonmdering. But take some time to cherish vmk. If you need to talk to me on vmk im Water_Kora. Thanks
AndreaD. :'(
I was introduced to VMK from my cousin and it’s been a real comfort because I have online friends on it that a real comfort that other people that you know may not be it’s just really upseting.
You ppl at Vmk head quarters SUCK!!! Why in the world would you want to close such a wonderful sight like this!?! I am not about to go on some stupid website were every room has sex and foul language in it!!! OMG give me one good reason why Vmk should close. (and don’t use that crap about it being for the 50th yr thing) I’m so angry i have more Vmk friends then i do real friends. and do you want to know why? It’s because on Vmk i’m not afraid to show who i really am! If you take away this one and only good website i will sue you so hard your grandkids will feel it!!!!!!!!! Use your stupid brains and keep Vmk open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your time. 🙂
Vmk is more than just a site, its a life! We have created close friendships and we, and all vmk staff have worked so hard for vmk to be great, and it is! We cant just let all that hard work and time go to waste!
Mashani from vmk
as soon as i heard vmk was closeing i ran up the stairs and into my room and cryed for 15 Minuts i love vmk so much it’s one of tree things i do on the computer i do go outside but i live on a street with almost no kids and the only kids there are don’t want to play with me and i had a fight with some one i go on vmk and talk to one of my friends without vmk i..i.. i just don’t know what i would do.
people if u are reading this and you have not already sighned the petetion please i beg of you please sighn it!!
please don’t close vmk. it’s the only thing that connects us to the magic of disney world. by taking this away, you’re taking the magic away! how else can we talk to our friends? my friends live an hour away and i love talking to them on vmk. i have no other way to contact them. they shut off my phones and my mail!
my friends is DYING…well not literally but still if you close downm VMK my friend will spend the rest of her life in her room crying her eyes out. So to save VMK and her social life please dont close it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN NOT CLOSE VMK CUZ IF U DO THEN I WILL I WILL CRY MY LITTLE EYS OUT SO PLEASE DONT AND PLEASE GIVE A REASON Y U R CLOSING IT OLEASE DONT CLOSE IT FOR MY FRIEND SHE IS COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TILLM IT CLOSES AND EVERYDAY SHE CRIES FOR BOUT AN HOUR PLEASE DONT CLOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love VMK! Its a chance for me and my friends to help each other and talk to each other and just connect. If you close it down i will cry. So i say, SAVE VMK!
none of your bees wax
i love VMK to much for it to close my name in VMK is LuckyBlueishEye and well i think they are redoing VMK bc vmk is way to popullar so it to close Down!! thx for reading and Try your Best To Save VMK!!
Dear VMK, I really can NOT BELEVE THIS! This. Is. So. Upsetting. WHY<why


save vmk!!! dont shut it down! i have met lots of cool new ppl on here and its just a great website! i hope they dont close it!!
i love vmk i have alot of friends soo plzz dont close vmk
Caroline Ahmetoglu
VMK has always been there for us now we need to be there for them! I love VMK as much as you, you love them as much as VMK staff do. VMK helps us get away from school and life and lets us have SAFETY, fun, and freedom. They did so much for us and now lets do something for them. KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!
emily ostler
please dont shut it down its pretty much my life well kinda please please
Hi right off the bat i really want to tell you i’m a HUGE fan of VMK. Before that after school i would go on club penguin. But once my friend should me this i was hooked! The Graphics are amazing! Every thing looks so real! I have never been to Disney ( I really want to go ) But this makes me seem like i’m there! I was so sad when i saw it was closeing. I would really like it to stay open….If it counts i think that the way they make the red writting when your typeing is a great idea. When i’m on club penguin i know it filters it but it does not tell you if something does not go through to the other person sitting at he/she’s computer. I think that is awesome and thank you for doing that. The people who made this site are very smart and you did a great job. Thank you! If the site has to close ok but please keep it open…Thanks
Dear Disney, As a member of vmk, I have meet so different people around the world. It would be a horrible thing for you to close vmk. I have been going to vmk for a very long time and have many great friends and memories! I have grown to love vmk and I really hope you don’t take it away from us. 🙂 Vmk member 4 ever, Kelly
plz dont close vmk all kids around the globe play it and love it if you close vmk witch rocks ill want to die and hope to still play plz ill cry love josie :]
Vmk is a place where you will always be accepted.Although it is just an internet site it has a huge inpact on many lives.You get a chance to meet new friends and connect with old ones.Vmk is not only a site it’s a home to many please don’t shut it down
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dont shut down VMK i love vmk so so so so so so so so so so so much plz plz plz plz dont its so much fun because evan though we arnt at disney we are in the game and it reminds us how much we love disney
Amy Jude
Hi. Its me again. I know you are most likly mad at me b.c of my frist comment and I am too . But what I said is true. I do try to get on VMK but i have gotten banned and so if you see me rubysplashornange tilte is runby you can tell me want you think of me like if im mean or saying whats ture you can tell me b.c what I said can be dif to every one . Ty
Jacob Nguyen
Hello,I heard VMK is closing in May.I’ve been told to report to the people that VMK should not close till 2010.The park should not too because that is where i love to go.If VMK CLOSES!!Then i have to play club penguin. Jacob Nguyen Thank you
I think that is the worst thing which disney had ever do…VMK MUSN’T close…most of the peoples had so many things and they can’t loose the..I hope there will me some way to send the items to VFK
Plz I really hope vmk stays!! If it doesn’t I would go nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite website!! My mom say’s i like it too much that i play it everyday to: 3:30 ( the time i get out of school ) To: 10:00. If it doesn’t go i will thank every person that helps out and made vmk Forever!!!!!!!!!
What VMK means to me: something to do after homework, something to do on rainy days, something to do when it’s to hot to got outside, something to do when no body can play, somewhere to go to have the time of my life. I love VMK, and I will never forgive Disney for closing it. SAVE THE BEST THING THAT’S HAPPENED TO MY LIFE ON THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!
i have been so close to vmk i got rare and everything 🙁 this is for everyone and for me SAVE VMK DONT LET MICHLE YAVN CLOSE i belive in you guys i have watched videos on dont let this happen to vmk vmk is still runnibg today but on the 21st on may 2008 it wont be here so we need you to everything you can do to keep vmk running everyoe i counting on you you can make a diffrence. you may write to me at XPrincessGurlz
Disney musy really hate all of their fans if they wanna crush all of our dreams like this.. VMK is the one place where i can have a great time, wear crazzy clothes, and just be crazy…..and now it’s closing!! I hope Disney is happy!!!!!
VMK means a lot to me. It’s not just a game. It’s like a life a life where you meet friends and have fun! Now it’s shutting down :'(
My Brother and Me we play vmk when they opened and its so bad vmk gonna close.VMK its so fun too kids, if Vmk gone, its gonna hurt many ppl of sadness and i will be part of it 🙁
Vmk has always been there so cant you meet with the creator of vmk and change there mind? I mean arent you big in power too?
I love vmk sooooo much i hope it dosnt close i always go by VMK values and i dont know why the are closeing it if everyone is sooo mad like me!!!!
vmk means alot to me because i have met knew friends and shared lots of my time with it please dont close vmk!! Signed truely, IMAMARICL
Well I think vmk is making a bad choice people loved vmk and now we are going to have to say goodbye to our friends that we talk to alot and we will never see them again because they could be around the world if the makers of vmk where kids they would understand but if kids voices could be heard this would stay alive without a one no!
vmk helps you met new friends and it is a very good site and the creators put alot of work into it. if you are sick like i am right now….. you can use vmk to take up time because we all there is a time of day when there is nothing to do at home. i love vmk and i sute thousands of other people do i no over 300 already. please dont close vmk i am speaking for everyone who does vmk DONT CLOSE IT!! 🙂 thx
vmk is a great online game. They say the reason there shutting it down is becuase it was just a promotion, but why not keep tha promotion alive for time to come?Please sign the petition!
John Doe
I really never heard of this site until i read somewhere online that they are closing this site. I would love to sign this up and play for it. I think this site can do better then for anime lovers). People have been on that site for five years and it is continuing to be stronger then ever Please do not shut down the website..If u do shut down, the person would feel so sad that they won’t do anything for the entire summer and be very depressed. and number two. many kids can’t have freinds in real life cause no one likes them so making friends on online does make them feel good about themselve. Disney please don’t do this……
VMK cant close! its not fair!
Vmk is more than just an 50 year celebration thing its a game that ment so much to us in every way.we dont care if u want adivertis it only but u just can shut it down!!
vmk is the best but i wish i could say more stuff plese do not shut vmk down
Why can’t the real vmk still be open when vfk is here? Don’t shut down the real vmk.
LittleBlueShorty (Amanda)
Hey, I Heard Vmk was Going 2 Close i could not believe it So Many Memoriez friends and More behind, Its Impossible 2 believe I hope this works! 🙂 I also want 2 give a Shout out 2 my bfflz! Onyinye, SillyTropicalGirl, AceKingOfBling, PirateBeatuiful and All Of My Otherz Love Ya’ll and Mostly VMK
John Cena
Just like everyone else in the game, I’m crazy about vmk!!! i’ve only been playing for a year now, but i have alot of great friends and memories on there! VMK is a safe place for everyone and unlike some of the other disney games, you can’t give out personal info. my whole family plays on it and we have alot of fun together. we’ll really miss the safe family fun if it closes!!! i know everyone on vmk (including myself)was devastated when we heard the news of vmk staff choice to close and i really hope that they change their minds. vmk is one of the safest games i’ve played online and it’s for all appropriate ages. VMK STAFF, PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!! not gonna tell you my last name but um anyway i have had a vmk for about three years and i get on every other day and i just love it i think that it was a great idea to start a website where ppl can chat but still be safe i think the creators of this website are awesome and i have a question for them… is there gonna be another website that we can get on? Two I have met some very cool people and life long friends. Three it has kept me from losing my mind, by having an escape to go to when i need one. VMK is one of the best places i can go to and it isn’t fair that Disney can just take it away from us in such a short notice. I think that if there is a way to keep VMK alive and it needs to be done.
Hey, VMK May stay but idk.
I really loved vmk it was the best internet game ever!!
ok vmk is closing i like the game its alright but i worked to hard 4 the things i have on there, keep vmk open my sister loves playing it she is only 6 as soon as we get home the first thing she asks is can we get on vmk plese. it really hurts to see her cry because vmk is closing but i beg you to keep it open becuse me and my family love getting on there its verry hard to say good-bye to vmk
If we dont save vmk i just want to say that i had alot of fun playing it for about the year i did and i will miss it alot.. 🙁 bye vmk.. and if u see this RuthieBelleBeauty i will miss u alot u are one of my best friends in the world 🙁
OMG!! u ppl are so stupid!! Everytime i get on there i start to cry and that is wat everyone else does!! Thx a lot host and staff! You are only worried about yourself and no one else!! Selfish ppl!!!!! VMK FOREVER!!
Hi i am sillypinkwater from vmk… vmk means alot to me. some kids cant make friends at school or at home but on vmk they can become just like everyone else. its sad knowing that vmk is closing not only because of how hard each and everyone of the vmk players has worked to get their ears magic or stitch hats, but the fact that on MAY 21, 2008 vmk characters will emidetly shut their gates kick you off and you will lose one hundred fifty friends ( or less ) you will look at vmks characters signatures and see that they might say something like this : walt disney wouldn’t do this he would want kids to be happy not sad. every day i had a smile on my face even if my day at school was bad i could come home knowing i could redo my day at school on vmks virtuial high school well thats all for now i love you vmk dont leave!!!!!!!!!
The fact that this “Promotion” lasted so long should count for something. SHOULDN’T IT? I mean, people’s kids BEGGED to go to Disneyland just so they could get whatever! People stayed for a couple extra days to do VMK quests, and had a blast with it. Heck, we’ve gotten everyone we know addicted to it, and they’ve all been to Disneyland more than they ever were. My whole family keeps asking why we’re not in Disneyland right now. No offense, but why would they close something that has done so well? They’re making more money by keeping it open. Nobody thought of the kids

. ~Namine
I cant believe vmk is closing! My mom made us all leave vmk for good until she let us on it again and when i got back on there it was vmk will be closing may 21 at 10:00 pm eastern! i cant believe it!i was so devistated! and then i saw all my friends again i was so sad! vfk seems a little fun but never will anything will be as fun as VMK! vmk is my second life my closest friend is on there. HI fairytalefairys! she was my bestest friend on vmk. the first thing i done after school is vmk! on weekends im on almost longer than 5 hours its the most fun game ever!! it is cruhing millions of dreams! IF ealt wouldnt do it then why are they!?!? i love u vmk!

Posted on May 11:
John Machen
Disney, As a Disney Vacation Club owner, a divorced father of three, VMK has become a venue that the kids and me can meet on the days they are not with me. The hours of just hanging out with my kids over VMK have helped the kids over come a less then stellar year. Over the past years Disney has become my happy times, the 20 plus visits to Disney World and the countless weekends at Disneyland (when we lived close by) have some of the fondest memories. VMK has extended the yearly visit to a daily joy. I know my kids are very sad to see this close, I feel the same. Walt’s dream was to have a place that both adult’s and children can enjoy together, that was done with VMK. Disney fan forever, John
My whole familly plays VmK we have from a 6 yr. old to a 67 yr. old playing we all do quests together, this is the clostest my familly has ever been. So I save Save VMK! So I save Save VMK! Save VMK! So I save Save VMK! Save VMK! So I save Save VMK!
vmk is my ENTIRE LIFE! when i told all my friends the ywere closing it they said this : Thats dumb! they are gonna hurt alot of children. and Thats the dumbest confusing thing i have ever heard! and alot more.. VMK LOOK WAT YER DLING PLZ SAVE VMK AND NEVER CLOSE IT I CRIED AND I DONT LIKE MY FAMILY SEEING ME CRY 🙁
recycle ( VMK Lover )
I don’t want VMK to close.. I’ve been playing for about a year now. If VMK closes i’ll be stuck on and i don’t like that! I’m hosting a room to save VMK on May 17th, it will be called Save VMK Progress or just Save VMK! My name is recycle on VMK so plz come to my room on the 17th!
I’m the same from above, VMK is the best site ever and i had a dream more like a nightmare that VMK was closing and the next day it did ican’t belive this is happening and I hope this is some kind of adult joke or something because this can’t be real can it? I live in canada and i can talk to someone in the united states i can talk to someone who is on the other side of the country. And my brother has hockey and sruff so when he goes away for a day or two we can still talk. and me i have not been to disney land in four (4) years and as soon as I played VMK I wanted to go to disney land the next day and can you belive my parents said no? lol
Save VMK!! alot of people who played VMK are gonna miss it alot. Think of how many people played vmk, and think of how many are gonna miss VMK
im getting teally scared thet this wont work. i got an email from the ppl at vmk saying to try their other games. but it just wont be the same! its actually worse that if webkinz decided to close (HA! sure like thatll ever happen theyre so popular!) but i love vmk i dont wanna let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a vmk lover and I will cry if it closes. My friends on there would be sad to not see me and I sent a letter to vmk and they didn’t read it they sent a letter back not answering my question and then I sent one back telling them to look at this website and then they said,” We thought that we answered your question and vmk will close no matter what you try to tell us.” I am so sad now and at school I don’t get along with people but on vmk I do and so that will never happen again and then I will never be happy.
Hi, I’m KarynKaryn on VMK, and I really like VMK. VMK has been fun while it lasted, but I never could have had as much fun as I have been able to in my time without one very special person. I consider him my best friend, and his name is Venasar. Venasar, if you’re reading this, I love you. Even if you are virtual because I know you ARE out there somewhere.
Hey, it’s me again. I just wanted to say some things to VMK staff. If they ‘ happen ‘ to be reading this, then here’s what I think. VMK staff members, I know VMK is a promotion, and I respect that. But when you are closing VMK, you aren’t just shutting down a promotion, you’re shutting down a community. It’s basically like saying: ” Hey yeah! Let’s close Walt Disney World! It was just a promotion.” I don’t blame Yavn for this and I don’t believe anyone should. Yavn has to put in the newsletter important news we should know. Yavn is not a staff member, so most likely did not help to make the decision. But there are more bigger and better adventures on the horizon, as quoted by Yavn, and it’s the law that if so many people sign the petition, it’s the law they cannot cancel VMK. So please, consider the following: CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK KICK PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH
ummm, vmk had better not close because some crazy girl is planning to rob a bank if it does @_@ gosh i hope it’s not my bank! but all good things must come to an end. try not to forget that.
ok now this has gone afficially crazy! i think that they are making the most bad and terrifying choice in ther life. how can someone just make a virtual world and they know that some friends became close to eachother this is crushing many innocent children and teenagers and adults that play vmk. this is not what i thought would happen. i have played vmk 2 years and i actually enjoyed the whole entire time i played it, but i cant enjoy it anymore because they are closing it. this is many childrens’ nightmares. i totally agree with them and parents they let us play vmk because they know it’s and a safe and fun place to chat and hang out with friends. u see some people have friends that are far away and the way they get to communicate and feel like there right beside eachother is playing vmk. i have seen so many signatures on vmk. they mostly say stuff about vmk closing and to me thats sad to hear and to be told and to look at the thing that says vmk is closing that dissapoints me. to little kids this is like a dream come true! and many parents love to know that! and if vmk closes they are all going to be sad and i know there is a but vmk is much better and it shows friends being by eachothers side and helping people and talking, having a blast! and u know who made that all happen? The Vmk staff and people who made vmk. we all thank them for there support and everything and just knowing that it’s gonna close we expect them to stand up and do something but sometimes it’s not a good choice because who knows if they get fired or not. and every child’s or teenagers heart will be full of memories of vmk. vmk is a place where a kid can be a kid so why close it? i feel miserable and i bet many people out there do because of vmk closing. Some people play vmk to see there friends and friends cheer people up and one day they will always be happy knowing there is a friend that could cheer them up. every word that anyone says about how sad they are that vmk is closing, that came from there heart. many different people in the world and we all respect it. no matter what place people come from what skin color they are even there culture we all and me have a good reason from the heart to tell you how much we care about vmk.
Save VMK
VMK cant close. It is so much fun. Ive spent hours and hours on it. If you close it you close all the magic. All over VMK, there are walks to save VMK. If it is shut down i think i will cry.
VMK. So many words to describe it. Fun,Friendly,Safe,Enjoyable,Amazing, Cool,Nice, Great, Heartwarming, Macigal and so many others. Please dont close it. It is a virtual kid-friendly world.VMK has filled that empty space in my heart. You can be anything you want to be. All the other online games are not as fun like toon town you pay alot. While club penguin get boring if you play it too much. Even that new Virtual Family Kingdom seems like a yawn. VMK is a safe and FREE world that lets kids express themselves. I am getting the chills writting this letter. So please i really need this place where everyone is friends. Please see my point of view and PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE with wip cream on the top let VMK still be open.
VMK rocks. Don’t close it! Your girl, CuteTabitha?
i dont think it is fair to take away VMK! there are a ton of kids who love the games
Please Save VMK its a virtual game and it keeps me busy when I am bored! Who is with me? If you are help save VMK!
I really dont want vmk to close. I only started a while ago, and besides, it bringed alot of visits to disney!!! Disney, you are going to go down the drain if u dont listen to us!! I will NEVER play on disney or go there!!
Haley ( Mangohale )
Ty IsadoraQ For Making The New, VFK And I Am Sure It Will Be Very Fun, The Only Thing That Kidna Bugged Me Was That It Is Set In The Past.. But,, I Bet It Will Be Loads Of Fun Anyway! So I Know We Are All VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY…-sigh – VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY..,, Sad Because Vmk is Closeing And No One Wants That To Happen, Right?? Well Yes, Well I’m Sure VFK Will Just Be As Much Fun Or Even More Fun. I Just Had One Question … Will There Be Best Guest Rooms, Game Rooms and Quest Rooms..?? Well I Sure Hope There Is. – So Everyone U Can Look Up My Room On The First Day, It Will Be A Room Were U Can Come And Meet New Friends, Called – Frist Day To Meet New Friends – I Will Have The Same Name .. Mangohale And I Did Hear Somthing About How There Will Be A Thing On The First Couple Of Days.. Were U Can Find Your Friends From VMK On VFK.. So That Should Be fun,,, So If Anyone Sees Me On VFK Come Say “Hi I Read Your Thing On The Comments”, And If I Have The Extra Rare.. U Can Have It So That I know U Read This 😉 See U All Can’t Wait To See U On VFK And Rember To Look Up My Room On The First Day! – Mangohale
VMK is such a great game! When i was home sick this past year with kidney stones it was all i did literally! I loved this game and i have a lot of friends that i got to know really well and i don’t want to see it go help save VMK its a great way to have fun when your bored!!!!
If Vmk Close’s i will lose my best friend… forever plz plz ppl i dont want to lose my bestest friend in the world 🙁 i will be sad
hey people my name is savannah firends call me vannah. i take dance and it takes up alot of my i get on the computer as much as i can. but vmk is just stupi, and its just not fun!!! i hate it. but thats wat i think abt VMK!!!…
Brady adams
It helped me to discover stuff thats in disney world and stuff as an adventure so i dont want vmk to shut down
I’m Allie, and i just want to say what VMK has done for me. One kept my brother and me in contact since he has moved away to Missouri and I lve in Nevada. Two I have met some very cool people and life long friends. Three it has kept me from losing my mind, by having an escape to go to when i need one. VMK is one of the best places i can go to and it isn’t fair that Disney can just take it away from us in such a short notice. I think that if there is a way to keep VMK alive and it needs to be done.
I am devistated that VMK is closing! Everyone on vmk is a huge fan and love all of their friends i hope you dont close it after all. And i have something to say.. well it is more like a question well here it goes.. Why can’t you say CHEESE on vmk? Just a question well bye.
Now I Ace_Riku, have one thing to say.. many people have many,many, friends, and closing down VMK is like closing down Disney, or possibly, the world
Some people bought rare codes for vmk those people who bought them’s money is going to be waisted and some of those codes are alot of money.
Vmk is like my second life and if it goes away half of me will be gone. 🙁 My friend will probally be even more sad then me. She has somewhat of a stressful life and me and vmk were two of her closest friends. Her computer just broke and wont be fixed untill summer time. That means her last day of vmk will never be spent the way she would have wanted it. Vmk will close and so will half of her. (and me) Think this over one more time disney. Vmk has no price but if it closes it will cost a million childrens second lives, second homes, and second friends. Vmk it isnt worth it!! 🙁 ~ Penguin_RocknRoll
It’s hard to imagine Disney, a place for people young and old and has been for 50 years, would close down a world like this. I cried when I saw the people that were hurt or had no friends so they went on vmk- and to see their hearts broken. VMK is more than something we can play on-it’s a part of people’ s lives, or at least mine. When I had no one else to go to I had my VMK friends. Through good and bad, I always knew VMK was there. But guess what? It’s not going to be there anymore!
Isn’t this supposed to be year of a million dreams??? Well geuss what! It ISN’T!!!! How could Disney be so cruel as to close down a WORLD…it’s like taking away a part of life. I hope Disney knows that many people will boycott, turn away, and maybe even hate Disney for a long time after this. Please don’t close vmk…wait, that was a suggestion…DO NOT CLOSE VMK! That’s better :)Just don’t lose hope. This is what Walt would want us to do.
Ppl Plz Save VMK
i love vmk it means everything to me if you take it away you take away my life
Noah Whitehouse
I dont play VMK anmore becouse it is sotra to yourng for me.But i think other kids who enjoy this game and cant find much other games that let them stay safe but still have fun.Then they might give up.So i encourage this is to keep going at what you bileve should stay
hey i dont think it is nice to close vmk liks i dont care much. but i do have good friends on it that ill miss and my friend has a boy friend on it and has a really good friend o there. oh and vmk gives me something to do some time s cause my house is boring 🙁 but dont close vmk oh and im on vmk right now telling how sad ill miss them and how much ill miss vmk soo dont close it oh and illl miss how i can chat with my friends with out the phone because i dont have texting and this is fun lol but ill miss vmk soo much oh and dont just think about me think about other ppl like how the one that cant get a hold of there friend because of long distance phone calls and the ones that have nothing to do and dont have a my space or just cant make friends in real life cause there uncool and not popular i know i have other things to do in life but be reasonable for other ppl like all of those ones i talked about im going to try to make this long as posible lol but sad 🙁 but think about it it would be so great if vmk was open for the summer you know like when it is raining and you have nothing to do and you have no friends like this one girl at my school but no one like her even me, but i have plenty of friends lol 🙂 oh ..any way keep amk open so i can shut up about it lol 🙁
santaslilelftoo (Andrea Muldoon)
I wish vmk didn’t have to close… :[ it was my favorite computer game! and I have had it for a long time… I also told many of my friends about it and they went on and loved it. It’s so much fun! If it closes, I will be so bored with nothing to play. I’ve always loved vmk and I have made many many new friends on here.. and some of them I know in real life. Every day I learn to play more and more and people teach me new things or play different games. CMK means EVERYTHING to me and I love this game sooo much. Please don’t close!! :[
Why would they even want to close vmk? Nothing is wrong with it.
I don’t want vmk to close
People, i know this might sound crazy, but this might have worked. I saw one use magic that expires 6/3/08…… I also saw a guest that just came into VMK. We will all mis this game…. My dad said he would sign the petition, and he did! I will miss all of u friends: Pencils, Charstar, ZeenaZeena,PirateAng, NarniaGigi, PInkRoyalPear, my gold mickey ears (LOL), IceInfamousGirl, lase, LauraB, Artmasterjl ( altho i know her in real ), KBBM, optimistracer, BlingCassidy, MsCoolMonkeyGirl, SwimmingIsLife, GriffindorGurl, and all you other people!
hi please do not close vmk everyone thinks it is fun exept for haters of course even my friend and my other best friends want a account and if you closed it they might not have that much time to play it like we did so please dont close vmk
plz dont close down vmk. We have met new ppl and seen a world outside of the world now. It is also a place where we can express ourselfs. We were able to look at ppl outside of judging ppl. SO PLZ DONT CLOSE VMK WE <3 U
dear to all who plays vmk and vmk staff/owners i want you all to know what vmk is. its a place to spread your dreams wild to live a fairytail life or even make friends in a safe ecosystem . the reason we get up early on our weekends or do when were sick living out our dreams and wishes to live breath and express ourselves to a new world from pirate bashing adventureland to a swinging new orleans square we dance wave and move to the rythem of the music game we make everlasting friendships never to be broke even through heart vmk is our world my world where i shall tell my children when i have them of the great wonders and joy we spent or spend on this magical site as it says in the name magic virtual kingdom home of pirates princes princesses explorers space people and anything u can imgaine or create in this mind consuming game where millions of people visit everyday and to save this land we will pay just let our dreams run free till the end of time shall go on in our life this is not a suggestion either its a command of your loyal subjects to free our mind and soul to this game and when you think about its more than just a game its a way of life for all who wants to spend from the people who have been there from day one to the people who just joined mothers and fathers want this to stay beacuse it puts a smile on there childrens faces vmk is a reason to live even in this world kids who have a bad life depend on vmk to help brighten it up like me my real life is not so wonderful but vmk is vmk will live through out my heart and all its players hearts closing vmk will break many hearts for i shall stand till the end waiting for the great grand news of vmk stayig open just beacuse it was for just one event doesnt mean that it cant live on it could be a new beginnning you could bring school and learning to vmk well more beacause on vmk we already learned how to make friends care and love and to express ourselves and i speak for all vmk players like the lorax spoke for the trees in a great dr.susses story and besides people have worked hard to be where they are right now in vmk and in the real world so many things are going bad to plz i ask i command to keep vmk alive for all generations to play laugh and learn because i want my six month year old nefew to play vmk when he gets older and to end this grwat speak as like the gettysburd address PLEASE KEEP VMK OR VIRTUAL MAGIC KINGDOM ALIVE FOR ALL TO SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey i met IsadoraQ Before and also im heart broken that vmk is closing hopefully Virtual Family Kingdom will go along well and hopefull vmk will stay and if it is Pay-To-Play then i bet all of us will pay to play the most wonderful virtual interactive game. Plus i want VMK to stay because if it doesn’t me and all of my online friends will cry. 🙁 so Please Sign The Petition To Save VMK!!!!!
What we’re trying to do here is great- Vmk must be saved! If VMK dies, a part of me will die with it.
listen guys: we must fight we must win we must PREVAIL our time has come WE can write the next chapter in vmk history WE can pull together and make it so disney doesnt make one of the biggest mistakes theyve ever made Though are time is running out, i still believe we can do this KEEP FAITH HAVE HOPE DEMAND CHANGE *YES WE CAN*
vmk lover
ppl who are trying to shut vmk down are making a huge mistake vmk is not just a game its a whole other life after a big day at school i like to just sit and talk on my other life vmk has touched my heart and so many of my friends i know i will miss all 150 friends my whole other life so if the ppl in charge of vmk are reading this plz think your mistake over and see if you made the right choice to hurt ppl or to take away there second life just plz think it over
vmk lover
here are 5 things i love about vmk 1.i met great friends 2.when im mad or tired i can get on my second world. 3.when i get to talk to other ppl. 4.when im sad i can go to a friend on vmk for help. 5.i can always count on vmk for me to have fun!!!!!!!!!
Lily (BrightThunderLime)
Ok, wow, this is pretty crazy and unfair T.T… this year my friends on vmk have been with me through sooo much stuff (i.e. volleyball season failing latin and math, being grounded etc.) and all of them have made this THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!! I dunno, i just wanted to say thx 2 Skater, brave, scar, lase, cat, glad, and Blue. we have had so many inside jokes my head hurts and that rope is still freaken there! ^-^ Brave: u are still awesome no matter what happens. Dont ever try the “waffle” thing again @_@! Skater: i could say alot 2 u but that would take me about three years! <3 ya Gold Lady!!! Glad; go listen to paramore >__<) Blue; yeah… i could also say a ton 2 u but that would take a few pages. i <3 u all!!! its not really fair that they are closing vmk on us, cuz they didnt take the time to LOOK at the game and see that its not just a game or a commercial, its a COMMUNITY with FAMILIES and FRIENDS and PPL WHO HAVE GOTTEN ME THROUGH STUFF AND I CAN TRUST!!!!! (p.s. my mom says your all not really there and im like ” Forget u for saying that ‘cuz no matter how many times u say that, THEY ARE!!!!” – Kenai, bright, thunder, brightie-whitie, soda or Cyan Lady 🙂
why the ____ does vmk have to close??!! Everyone loves this game! Disney is destroying a thing very dear to many people. And remember yavn or staff have nothing to do with vmk closing FOREVER (lol is that spelled right?) . Now I (astrothrash) will never get a BLUE STITCH HAT OR ANY FIRE WALLS!! IF YOU DO HAVE A STITCH HAT OR FIRE WALLS PLEASE TRY TO FIND ME ON VMK BEFORE IT CLOSES. I WILL MAKE OFFERS. Anyways, back to saving vmk. i mean why does it have it to close? LOL i will pay monthly to pay if that will be the _____ case. I would just like to say thx to some of my friends, awsome_wendy, druryes and many other vmk players. REMEMBER SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know vmk has been so fun but you know sometimes we have to let things go and summer is right around the corner so we will have fun with out vmk even though we love it and will always remember it. vmk has been a place for me to express myself and for many other people if you happen to see me on vmk i am cloudyclearpool and by the way vmk has to stay (p.s. i did not not know there was a website save vmk??) i was told about this website but never checked! Love ALL YOU peeps and remember if u see me and have questions for me please go ahead and ask jk now go play on vmk and some fitness bc then u will become fat
vmk is one of the funnest websites i have ever been on and its not fair that they are closing it because some kids got bored
This is plain not fair!
They shouldnt close vmk.why do they have to close it. they probably dont HAVE to close it they probaly just want to close it cuz’they have nothing better to do with vmk. thats just sad.
Ok this is the worst thing disney could do and i’m sure not going to use another disney online world that you need to pay for just for it to crumble under my feet and you guys VMK isn’t just a promotion it is a world of friends and family.
I’m really angry but I’m so happy that You’re doing this, thanks for leaving a comment on the blog! The reason I’m angry is because I have a life on VMK. They close it, they KILL half of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is totally against everything disney is for. If Walt were here, He would fire everybody who wanted to close VMK!!
i love vmk but i wouldnt die like other people. vmk is part of my life but not all of it.i love mark and grace more. my best friends and hezzy. but vmk is equal in everyway.vmk is a pretty cool name may seem weird but on vmk i am girlwithcoolstyle and on virtual family kingdom i am emo heather. yea but i was talking about vmk. it rocks my world!!!! love you mark and grace and hezzy and speacially vmk!! – Heather sincerly
lets try to buy the company give up money its probably gonna be enough to buy the company u can give up $1 so we can have enogh to buy the company. POST THIS EVERYWHERE U CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN SAVE VMK!!
KarynKaryn(Karyn J.Keane THE FIRST in real)
Here’s part 2 of what I wanted to dedicate to my friend, Venasar. I didn’t wanna listen to what you were saying. I thought that I knew all I need to know. I didn’t realize that somewhere inside me, I knew you were right, but I couldn’t say so. I can’t take care of myself. You’ve taught me well. I learned from you that I do not crumble. I learned that strength is something you choose. All of the reasons to keep on believing, There’s no question, that’s a lesson, I learned from you. We always don’t agree on what is the best way, to get to the place that we’re going from here. But I can really trust you And give you the distance to make your decisions without me. I’m greatful for all other times, You opened my eyes. I learned from you that I do not crumble. I learned that strength is something you choose. All of the reasons to keep on believing. There’s no question, that’s a lesson I learned from you. You taught me to stand on my own and I thank you for that. You saved me and made me. And now that I’m looking back I can say, I learned from you that I do not crumble, I learned that strength is something you choose. All of the reasons to keep on believing, There’s no question, that’s a lesson I learned from you. I Love Venasar.
VMK is one of the best things ever. You can make friends there. It is safe. It is probably the one of the only safe virtual worlds where you can make new friends without having to be scared that they are some sort of creep. If VMK isn’t there, what other internet alterative will we have to use?
I think you all are right. VMK should not be closing but I predict that they’re going to make another game similar to VMK. VFK sounds pretty intresting. I can’t wait for it to open. When your not busy write me back! 🙂
martina ( miss.pixelchick )
would Walt close vmk on us Would he let us think it was imortal would he not tell us it was part of the 50th anaversirey edition disney u just lost a paying customer- i agree with coolpinkkitty
Vmk is my life i live it breath it i would be nothing without it somedays i could be sad and as soon as i got on my vmk pals cheered me up i dont want to lose them =[ save vmk!! now and forever i would even pay to play and my family is on fixed income please everyone save vmk!
Meli is in Love with Dario!!!!!!
hi……my name is bob……i say hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!i am in luv with VMK!!!!!!!!!my real name is Billy Bob!!!!!!! if u ppl close vmk i will sit in the middle of a street and NEVER EVER EVER EVER……..okay u get it,n-wayz,EVER move!!!!!!!;(
garfield_boy Real Name William Walker
since my cousin mentioned vmk i got so excited and more exited when she signed me on. when i got on there i didn’t know what to do and i didn’t know where to buy stuff but i kept changing rooms over and over on my first two weeks on vmk and i knew by then where everything was except for the inner space shop because i didn’t have the pin yet. i started vmk in the june of 2006 and i thinked that was the releases of the blizzard beach room and slide a thon, i created so many accounts during rest of the year of 2006 and i always deleted my friends off vmk that i had and i didn’t had big rooms and expensive clothing. But during my first six mounths of vmk i only played mansion and wasted my credits on foolish stuff and sold them all rotfl. But when tron mounth hitted,then i was making a couple of friends but still deleted them. In tron mounth i created reerun_cute and stayed on there on halloween then created another account again. i had my first ride and it was a halloween theme cafe and i was excited for people to be in it. When halloween of 2006 was over and then i created reerun_man but now reerun_nice. i made a couple of friends and didn’t delete as much but still did and i was enjoying my new years eve and i had my friend, theluckyboy helping on my cafe and it was new years eve and i was helping him on his hotel. well i scammed him for his inner space stuff and deleted him. I felt so bad that i reported myself and i wanted to get banned for doing that to him, he deleted his whole entire hotel and i never seen him since janurary of 2007, after new years eve, i switched back to garfield_boy and still didn’t had any fancy clothing rotfl, but when i got onto the garfield_boy account, i started making friends and keeping them on the list and that’s when i met InTheRain and we became close friends but i deleted him and got banned for two weeks on that account so i went back on reerun_cute and i really made a ton of friends during that time i didn’t delete anyone and i havent thinking about deleting, when my garfield_boy account unlocked i found theluckyboy in the pirates lobby and we became friends again and i showed him my new account i was surpriced to see him again. in febarary, me and rain became friends again and we i never deleted him since, i met his friends and became friends with them. There was darlingg, chatterbox_cutie, jjcute, ms.beautifulace, Powerex ext. In march, they have cared about me so much and rain was teaching me how to be the random person on vmk, when i ended up in the emergency room last year, they have supported me and making sure i was okay, i met my very best friend in vmk and he was king_of_gold now gold_magic, and we became friends in one of powerexs rooms and we never had an fight, but he got banned and changed to gold_magic. When it was april, i had my very first costume and it was a pirates one, i had almost a full friends list and i never deleted anyone unless it’s only one friend or that i dont see often, in april i met a cool guy and his title was kettory. When it was end of april, things were going downhill just a taddy bit, me and straw had an fight, is because she deleted me and i threw pretend bricks at her and she got banned for a couple hours. In may when i got my best friend back Gold_magic, we pretended being ghosts and he serve us vmk poison mushrooms and ate it then turned into a ghost. we tried to cheer up para.dise up, but instead she deleted us. I was begging to be her friend again and again. By the way, i met gwennygwen in the mounth of march of 2007, i had my first biggest room ever and it was a short space mountain ride that goes around in circles and chairs were all over the things. But of course i deleted the room rotfl always had. when i moved to reno in nevada, i stilled love vmk and never quitted, i started buying the expensive cloting in the summer of 2007, and i was happy to wear them, when i got my black mansion, and my black ears i always worn that untill i gotton my dream ears then i worn my dream ears instead of the stupid black ones, In october of 2007 hitted, it was double day everyday, i always helped gold on his rooms, and giving him furniture lol, but he was my bestest friend on vmk and he was a better friend then the friends i have now. when it was the end of november, i switched off of king_of_run and went back on garfield_boy, when i got back on there, i had forgotton i had the four epcot rooms, i deleted two of them and kept the other two, when december of 2007 hitted, i started creating rooms and larger with alot of christmas furniture, i created my really first biggest room and the title of it was the town of gingerbread but it’s changed to gingerbread main street, then the other epcot room was just an hang out intill i changed it into the land of candy, but now disco dance fevor on choclate. i created a home sweet home in the winter wonderland room, but it’s moved to the haunted mansion hoilday room, but the rooms that i have now is Gingerbread mainstreet, Disco dance fevor on choclate, Home Sweet Home, My gingerbread house, A pirates christmas party, my news room, A pirate treehouse trade room, My teleporting mansion, Football prictice, Another one of my pirate trade rooms, Baseball practice room, that’s all my rooms, and i have an girlfriend and her title is bestmayo, and i have the best of friends since this may, so plz change your hearts disney and dont shut down what i worked so hard on, like my rooms for instance, vmk is my life and i dont want vfk, it sounds like it sucks and all i want is vmk vmk vmk vmk vmk so please dont close it down. hope you enjoy my history of the time i have been on vmk 😉
To me, vmk is more than just some online game. It’s a chance to meet kids from all around the world! I have a couple of sisters, lots of friends, and I even have eight kids. If vmk clsoes, I won’t have a chance to communicate with them ever again! So please people of the world, sign the save vmk petition! It won’y just give me an opourtunity to communicate with all the cool people I’ve met, it’ll also give you an opourtunity. I love you VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think VMK just waisted there time setting this up just to close it down a couple years later. Also all of us members spent our time on here only to seeit close in 2008. i think vmk should not close for these reasons
if any of you guys play cp its closing next year. anyways, if we dont have cp or vmk then what DO we have?!? i have a story to tell you all. so there’s this little kid about 8 years old.. he’s in the hospitol fighting canser. he has no friends but he does have friends on vmk. think about how he would feel if vmk was taken away from him.. :'(
plz dont close vmk it is my home and i love it when i go to disneyland im going to look at the vmk stores and say i used to play that but now i cant and i will be sad so plz dont close vmk stop and thing should i do this and reck memoires or should i not plz stop and think ppl love vmk just as much as we do plz stop and think.i love vmk!!!!!!!!!!!
vmk means alot to me it is the only wesite i go on and now that it is closing im going to be bored silly and i have nothing to be on or do i have been oon vmk since the day it opened so that is why it means so much to me!! Even my mom in real thinks that it is weird that is “has to close” i think the same thing!! Because there is really no reason for them to close so if there is a reason plz tell me so i no why i am maroonfancygirl on vmk!! Also i always respect vmk values and i have never been banned before!! thanks and emali me back soon thanks again bye!
please dont close
this is rong its been on for more than two years
You ask what VMK means to me? VMK means to me as a place to get together to have friends to talk too, have fun playing games with others, it’s also a way to get away from reality for a while. My dreams DID come true on here. I made alot of friends and everywhere I went, I always made friends. Now since VMK is closing, my dreams on here will be shattered, wasted, and gone. My friends are just going to go POOF, like they didn’t even exist on VMK. My sister ENJOYS VMK very much, and when she heard that VMK was closing, she was broke down in tears. See what I mean? My character, Rikku_Starstone was my favorite of all on VMK. I worked very hard on her, and now all that hard work is going to go bye bye. I just don’t get people these days. Once a person starts an organization for an online game, alot of people join it, and then that person decides to shut it down? I call that stupidity. This is just what is happening to VMK. The people/person who started this all want to destory all the young and old’s dreams, hard work, and friendship on VMK. Even though I’m 15, I still play it. It brings happy memories of my family in Disney down at Florida. I still think this is insanity that the VMK staff are doing this to everyone. Everyone will be broken-hearted, angry, upset, confused, ans so forth. Listen to me, VMK Staff, do you REALLY think this is a good idea?! Do you?! Well, if you say yes, good for you, because all the people who love VMK will have their dreams tore apart. This shouldn’t happen to anyone, ANYONE. It should remain open, because all the people who belong to the community of VMK will always love the online game no matter what. If it closes down, I’ll be tore apart myself. So, RETHINK it over before making a decision like this. Think about the decision and how it will affect all those people who belong to VMK. Just remember, dreams do come true, even if you’ve never been to Disney. People’s dreams come true on VMK, even for the people who can’t afford to go to Disney. As I said before, rethink the act before you close down the park, VMK staff. I’m just speaking my mind here. Thank you. ~~~~Rikku_Starstone
VMK, some people think that it is just for the people who are addicted to the computer. What most people don’t know are the lives behind the characters. VMK had inspired many of us and has helped us get through times. Everyone has made many friends on VMK and will be very sad to loose them. VMK allowed me to express myself and talk to other people who cared about he same things and we could relate. But now they are taking that away. Not just from one person but from several thousand and maybe more. VMK i ope you read everything that everyone is saying and know that you should do the right thing and stay open. I think that is what Walt Disney would have wanted.
SillySuperStar (:
Vmk is an absolute brilliant game,,we all no that. But vmk has now come to an end,,and as much as we want to,,we just can’t stop that 🙁 I bet right now your all thinking well she’s nice isn’t she saying that we can’t save vmk when we can,,but most people have tried but nothing has worked. And i’m sorry to people that absoultely love vmk but we just can’t save it can we? Yes it wud be nice to save vmk but we can’t,,all we have to do is think about all the great magical moments we have had at vmk. I know that it will be very sad to say goodbye so PLEASE PLEASE everyone and i mean everyone come on VMK on the last day. It will give us ALL the chance to say goodbye to everyone and have the last greatest fun. One last thing to also say is,,Gymcake if you go on this site then PLEASE PLEASE just say hi to me lol,,we were BESTEST FRIENDS ever iin vmk and i wud really like to say goodbye to you on vmk.
ty for doing this petition.. i really want to save vmk i worked so hard and long to make up all thoughs things i got in my dock and i want vmk to stay open bc it is the best website in the world!!!!!!!!!!! Ty and good night…
Please dont close vmk! VMK is like my virtual life to get away from real life! its like my home away from home. both me and my sister LOVES to play vmk i basically go on vmk every other day or every other 2 days or whatever. i just <3 vmk with all my heart! i wanted to make an account for my little brother until i heard it was closing my brother cried for a week and so did i and my lil sis. Keep VMK OPEN! Forever and EVER! EVERYONE <3 VMK so please keep VMK open if i dont ill never go to the computer again! >_< i <3 VMK and i want it to be open forever!! please keep VMK open! <3 SAVE VMK!!! <3
im sad and mad about it. i mean they just ruined many kids and teens and adults dreams.To have fun and play something actually free ( which almost nothing is )
Ok….I was devistated when i heard the news! Me and my friends couldnt believe it! VMK has brought joy to so many people! I cant even think of what will happen when it closes forever!!!!!!! Some kids have had a vmk account for a really long time like me..I “Heart” VMK!
vmk is a great place.If you all were to shut it down thousands of kids would be very diiappoited.
I’m so sad VMK is closing!! I go on everyday! I have close friends that go on! Im gonna be sad when it closes…. VMK IS MY LIFE. Help save it. PLZ DONT CLOSE VMK!
vmk mean alot to me im vrey sad it close i never had my birth day there i hat to see vmk leave vmk please stay vmk i will never be happy beacuse vmk is close that was my happy place to be it where kids can be a kid meat new people form all around the world vmk can show us it does not matter if you are big or small so please vmk please please please stay if there is no vmk it not happt no more stay
VMK is important to me because i have so much fun on there . i spen all my life on here almost . please dont close it down so many people love it ! it seems so silly to close it just because of another website
madibee (in game)
i Love Vmk and all my friends mean alot and i just got to figure everything out 🙁
hi im nikki _______ not gonna tell you my last name but um anyway i have had a vmk for about three years and i get on every other day and i just love it i think that it was a great idea to start a website where ppl can chat but still be safe i think the creators of this website are awesome and i have a question for them… is there gonna be another website that we can get on?
why is it closing so many people come on here and its a great sight for people to have fun on without them having to worry about poeple trying to hurt them like myspace. Wouldnt we rather have them on vmk then myspace anyway!
Katie (calica)
Hi. the main reason I don’t want VMK to close is because me and my friend (who lives 3 states away from me) talk on it all the time and if it goes away I’m afraid we won’t talk as much and our friend ship won’t be as strong which, I know doesn’t make sense but thats how I feel and I would even pay to keep playing the SAME PERSON (Calica) on VMK. plz keep it open…for… everyone because it makes people happy… isn’t that what Disneys all about??
hey! this is soccerfreak_kid from vmk. I have been a part of vmk for about 2 and a half years. When I first found out about vmk, it was like entering a magical world. It was entering a magical world. I made a lot of friends, and a lot of rooms during those 2 and a half years. VMK was a place I could be anyone I wanted and didnt have to worry about being judged. I could just log on and talk to the people i wanted to talk to, hang out with the people I wanted to, without them knowing my real identity. I am a kid. Im only 14. im not hiding anything by being on there. But its part of who I am. Disney has been my life. Ive loved it ever since i was born and watched lion king everyday. Without vmk, I dont have that ability to talk to my friends on there or anything. and after a while, you start to have a really good connection with some of the players. They are like your real friends, just on vmk. Please don’t close vmk! its part of me, and the idea of it leaving just eats away at me. =[ SAVE VMK! =] – soccer <3
Why do you have to take down VMK?We undersatnd it was a premotion but EVERYONE LOVES VMK!SAVE VMK PLEASE!!!!!!

Posted on May 9:
listen guys: we must fight we must win we must PREVAIL our time has come WE can write the next chapter in vmk history WE can pull together and make it so disney doesnt make one of the biggest mistakes theyve ever made Though are time is running out, i still believe we can do this KEEP FAITH HAVE HOPE DEMAND CHANGE *YES WE CAN*
If vmk closes it closes a part of me. I have spent hours on vmk trading my heart away I am proud of all the things I own. It really makes me sad that I will no longer have coolpinkkitty around. I have grown attached to everything on vmk my rooms my character my clothing my furniture all of it. I would hate to see vmk go. I currently have a acount on toontown while it is fun it does not come close to vmk. I have friends I will never be able to talk to again. If Walt Disney was around he would not care if he wasn’t making money on vmk he would care he is putting smiles on peoples faces. Isn’t that what really matters? coolpink
VMK is my life
VMK is my soul
VMK is my breath
VMK is my dreams
VMK is my heart
VMK is my tears
VMK is my thoughts
VMK is my believes
VMK is my freedom
VMK is my day
VMK is my love
VMk is my way of life
No VMK is my nightmare…
Mother of 3
I have 3 kids and my youngest just LOVES VMK!! She is on every chance she gets! My daughter told me why they were going to close Vmk. Want to know what I said, I said “That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!” Think about all of the sweet little children that play VMk. What will they do when it closes? Go on some bad website with swearing and violence! My daughter is alwys telling me what she does on VMK and it is letting me know that VMK is a wonderful and safe enviornment for my child to play on! She has made so many friends and is always laughing her head off! She is normally a sad and negative child, but in VMK, she is a happy-go-lucky kid! If VMK closes then she will never have a place that she can go to relax after a hard day at school, or a place to blow off some steam after a fight. Please save VMK! ( Mother of Flower_Kid. Love you sweetie! )
VMK rocks
Everyone help save VMK! The best game ever! You are like my second home, VMK, and I play you all the time! PLEASE DON’T STOP!
I am so happy you are saving vmk i play every day and i would be crushed if i couldn’t see all my friends on there!!If it does then i will try Clubpenguin please i hope we all can save vmk!!!LONG LIVES VMK!!!!!
VMK is a place of dreams, fun, and friendship~ Don’t take this oppertunity away from us!
VMK is not just a game. Its a virtual WORLD. Yes, a WORLD. A world is a place with many humans and other things in it that is totally separate from other places or worlds. There is life in a world. Your world is what keeps you living. It is where you live. VMK is a virtual WORLD. It is important to many people. They have characters in this world that they would like to keep alive. They have friends in this world. They have favortie places in this world. They have a home in this world. VMK is so important to many people that I know. It is their second world. Totally separate from their other life. And yes, this is a second life, just as important as their first. I have first life friends in this world. I have second life friends in this world, but they are all just as important as my first life friends. The people in my second life that have touched me the most are Destiny_Beautiful, crazy_kat, IceMagicSong, avatarsyd, Rhiley, gigglesofjoy, and MaliaTheValient. They all have touched my life and I consider them just as important and just as much my friend as people in my first life. When I am tired of my first life, I can just hop into my second life and forget the harsh realities of my first. If VMK closes, half of my friends and life will be GONE. I have worked hard to be a great person in my second life. I have worked hard and learned that I have to work for something hard if I really want it badly, and that is the only way I and many other people could have learned that, through soemthing we enjoyed. I have spent countless hours playing this game and building relationships I do not want to lose. I named most of them, but ALL of my friends on VMK should know they are loved by me and they will always have a place in my heart. 150 of my closest friends I will not be able to see anymore. If you really want to break people’s hearts and lose very many customers, including me Disney, close VMK for good. All I know is that I want nothing to do with Disney after this. I am sure many other people feel the exact same way about all of this junk that is happening. VMK was a way I could get out and go into my other world. Now that my other world is going to be gone, I don’t think I am going to do ClubPenguin, POTC Online, ToonTown, or any of those other games that cost money just for entertainment. VMK was a free way I could have the time of my life. I know I would not pay to waddle around a snow-covered animated computer game and meet other colored birds. Also, you can’t even talk in ToonTown, and that is an upgrade they need to make. You are a real person in VMK, just like you are in real life. You could even feel the magic as you were walking and talking with your friends. You can’t feel that in your first life at all. In your VMK life, you feel like you are important and you have a place in this world, especially if you don’t have a place in your first life. VMK is important to every player that ever joined it. It helped with some of their life crisis’s too because their was always somebody in VMK that would have sympathy for them. I know it helped me escape from my first life, and I am definatly sure that it has helped many others. Please, take all of this in mind and then think about closing all of our second lives.
Hi! My username on VMK is MangoCuteBird. Look for me on VMK! I feel so upset about VMK closing! I cry everyday now that it is May and VMK is closing on May 21st. I cried for 6 hours that day they posted it on the newsletter. All of my VMK friends have became very very close to me. VMK isn’t just a game, it is my life where i can be myself not a smart geek who wears glasses. I am so sad. Bye
vmk is my life i love it so much it is like my secound life i hope that it will stay and so does alot of people so i hope you come to the desision to let vmk stay please let it stay and if you do it would mean the world to me and a lot of others we all love it so much it means the world to me and each day my heart gets gray because vmk is closing and we all do not understand it so tell us all why !! we need vmk it is the best web site and each a lot of people come on it because it rocks our heart!!
In real life, I am a nobody geeky girl, but on VMK, i feel so popular and cool and like I can do anything.This place has made me feel like with enough determination, I can do anything I want!(Also if VMK closes, I will scream and cry and probably rob a bank. Just saying.) 0_0
please dont close VMK!! It means alot to me and everyone else who plays it.Everyone loves it so much so please please dont close it.Ilove it so much it means the world to me and everyone else so please please please dont close it!!Why are you closing it??If you do close it i wouldn’t have really nothing else to play on the computer.Please please please please please dont close it!!
VMK is the most fun i have ever had and when I found out it was closing i was so upset. Please save VMK!!!! I will miss all my fellow plays on VMk if we cant save it. LuckyAquaSpade
Will a.k.a RoyalCuriousFire
man i have been playing VMK for a while and i feel bad for the people who wasted they’re time trying to get 5 star inferno magic. but seriously they never told us they would close. if they told us they would close maybe we wouldn’t had devotted as much time trying to get some cool stuff like magic and stuff. i mean i just got the kiosk it suckz to have to lose it in 13 days! man!!!!!!!!!!!!
A every day VMK user
VMK is such a fun website! I’ve made so many friends, and worked really hard to earn my stuff. I think it’s pretty sad that my entire life is on the internet, but at least I’m socializing. VMK has inspired me (as a musician and an artist) by the rooms, furniture, and people on the game. I really hope VMK doesn’t close, but if it does, I just want to thank each and every one of my friends for being there for me.I also want to thank Disney for giving me this wonderful opportunity! So many memories… I just hope there will be more SAVE VMK!! and Ice.Prince say……
– From a couple of vmk playing twins ice and ice.i – We know vmk is only a game and that a lot of people don’t understand what it means but if you were on vmk and you met the people andheard there stories then you would know vmk is more than just a place to go when your bored it’s more. It teaches you valuable life skills plus the two of us have made some of the best friends we could have ever asked for there. It also brings discaonnected families together and gives them a place they can all see each other and call there family home. I – ice.i- – realize that when ever i was stuck on something like while i was writing a new part for my story i would go on vmk and think of something perfect. But come on now everyone be smart. whatever you do just bc vmk is closing doesn’t meanyou have a good excuse to kill yourself or whatever. Sure we’ll all be sad about the closing but let’s have a bit of faith. Maybe the wonderful efforts of IsadoraQ will help save vmk! boy we do hope so…. But if not we just want to say to our friends Doc, Real, Skate, Sparkle, Kewl, and any of our friends we may have accidentally missed, thanks for being the awesome friends you are and maybe one day if we all happen to go on VFK – if vmk is gone that is – we can all find each other and be friends again. But no matter what happens we hope to see you soon. I’m ice.i and duh of course I’m…. ice -haha that’s was a dramatic pause just to let you know. – BYE!!! @–;-‘—“-,– -ice.i Ice.Prince-ice – haha doc in a box –
I like VMK so much! I go on VMK once I’ve finished my homework when I’m at home. But now its coming to an end. Time has went quick for me and my 2 years on VMK but I want VMK to stay open. I hate to see VMK close on everyone but VMK is a safe site that I’ve ever seen where you can go talk to other people and chat! Hopefully it stays open! ~ Venasar ~
VMK rocks
Everyone help save VMK! The best game ever! You are like my second home, VMK, and I play you all the time! PLEASE DON’T STOP!
Save VMK,let others see how fun it is,it’s a place for kids and adults to interact safely!
I dont see why all of a sudden vmk wants to close its been doing great and all of a sudden bam its closing what are they thinking i love vmk i have been on for just about like two months it opened i have a lot of good friends plz vmk stay open
Flower_Kid (hi mom)
VMK is a great way to have fun. And anyone who is saying that VMK is just a game needs to scrap the crude out of their eyes and do something to save it!!! (jeeze you think ppl would want to help save VMK.)
Hello I’m acestripesboy, and I’m outraged! VMK Will last forever in our hearts!
if every body loves it why close it down? no one on vmk wants it to close down!! all the ppl will be happy if it stays open!
save vmk please! vmk is my favorite webste. if you do not save vmk i will watch videos from youtube
Isadora Q i think this was an awesome idea to save our virtual magic kingdom! keep up the good work!!! 😀
vmk is so so so important to me, i have made so much friends and i would hate to loose them now. We got so close and i love them and vmk. vmk is not just a game its an escape from the real world… its a place where we can just leave all the drama in the real world and just start over again in a virtual world. people have always been wishing and dreaming that they could just forget everything and just start over. I LOVE VMK AND I WOULD HATE IT THAT IT LEAVES!!!!
Virtual Family Kingdom is not as good! VMK is better! I just went over to VMK and noticed that there weren’t many people on. That makes them think we are giving up and in! If we all play now, they will see they can’t close it down! You should go play anyway, to PLAY YOUR LAST MOMENTS ON VMK!!!
We HAVE to stop VMK from closing! I signed the petition and sent a message to everyone in my adress book telling them to sign. How can VMK close!!
I feel saddened about VMK closing. I’ve made so many friends, and I’ve had a lot of fun playing VMK. What will I do in my spare time??? I’m hoping it will be playing VMK for a much longer time!
Everybody please sign the pitition because vmk is the greatest online game ever!We want to have everybody sign so we can play more and meet new friends and everybody who has one likes having friends.So everybody please sign the pititon to help vmk.Thank You.
VMK means to me as… V-very M-much K-kindness. It is a fun cool and awsome place to play and meet lots of new friends and we have to tell them to stop!
We HAVE to stop VMK from closing! I signed the petition and sent a message to everyone in my adress book telling them to sign. How can VMK close!!
I cant stand this anymore I have been very angry and upset about this since I heard about it. I cant see why the staff would want to do this I mean they where kids once and we all are kids now and they should keep VMK open for at least another year or two. Please Disney I dont want to lose all the friends I made PlEASE keep VMK opeN PLEASE.
why in the world are they closing VMK , i love VMK , its the funest game EEEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRR !!!!!!!!!
Jessica or RedCosmicGuitar (again)
DO NOT CLOSE THE WEBSITE! its not doing any good 4 anyone! not even tha creators bc everyone hates them now LOL
Listen, vmk, I feel really bad, do you know that im crying right now, really I am, and im not lying… I’ve never been to disneyworld, bc its in florida and those other places that I cant go to… but what i wanted to say was, this was a fun and educational WALT game for me, M.magical I. internet K. kindom Y. yours to keep M. magical O.ordinary U.Ultra safe little commutity S. spectatular E. Extreme from safe game!!! thats what micky mouse also stands for, and Magic, Making friends, and memories is where the M comes in, VMK. But if dreams come true, then….. why isn’t this one coming true??? all im trying to say is that… no matter what happens, friends were there, the little fun ppl, the rooms, the music all the vmk maps and new places that were built……… were so, so, breath-taking in a great way, vmk… you gave up my hopes to a game that would let me onto a little community where I know im safe, and I know the shops would be there, but in the vmk esplanade… it said ” something magical is coming to main street “, was is the magic shop? and then after that it was this??? I mean… you gave up my hopes!!!! please, my sister is playing this game too, but everything will be gone!!! Cant vmk see that the other games didn’t make me that happy? vmk, omg… it made me.. you should of saw me, its the first only vmk world and virtual world ive ever been too, ok? All the other game you have to pay for, and there not that fun. Im sorry but… vmk Im really in love with my little character, please, i may have alot of feelings, but I have a heart!!! and remember the first vmk homepage? it was royal blue, anyone remember??? and it had little characters on it.. but now its all new…. but now we are just shutting down… WE ALL LOVE VMK and I bet that there is someone in vmk staff who doesn’t want to shut it down, im pretty sure. Just bc we’re kids, it doesn’t mean we cant fight for what we at least want one thing for.
Vmk has been the greatest Web site ever but now your taking it away why? Everyone wants to know Why? Why? Please anwer Quicky! I LOVE VMK! SAVe VMK!!I hope you Save Vmk or I will be bored in the summer because now me and my sister can’t talk to each other we live in difference states so do us a Request SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love VMK just as much as anyone and everyone else. I feel all of your sorrow and concern. But I also understand how it costs money to run a world-wide connected online community. I am in just as much pain as the next person. I also would like people to recognize that VMK was created for the 50th celebration. We should all be very, very grateful that it actually lasted as long as it did. Another site that some of you may like to try out is – – I know that this site will NEVER take the place of our beloved VMK. Nothing ever will. ~ Allison – LightRedEnergy.
I’m heartbroken vmk sould stay other than what is going on in school this is among this problem vmk is closing do to the celebration that happened three years ago it ended and since people always played vmk they let it run three years longer they’re closing now because of disnes’s Magic Kingdom celebration
As soon as I joined VMK, I was so excited. It was one of the first online games I had ever played, and by far the best. It helped that I had been to disney lots and knew lots of places! Then, I decided I would really get into VMK. I got lots and lots of rooms and tried to become rich. It didn’t really work, but I realized I liked hanging out with friends more than buying things. Then, on April Fools Day I got REALLY into VMK and became really rich. The day after, I couldn’t wait to go on! When I got on, I found out VMK was closing. I am SO upset! Please change your mind for me and my friends on VMK.
it all started with a mouse, and walt. we have to keep the legacy going and not let it stop because of yavn. if more people keep signing we can beat this fight – PixieDustSammy.
Okay once again I must say I am outraged. Taking VMK away from us is like taking a mother from her child. You can’t do this to us. This is an an outrageous scheme up Disney’s sleeves. And they know it!!! I won’t just sit here and watch VMK lose. VMK will always have a place for us in our hearts. Maybe if Disney had a chance to play VMK they’d understand our sorrow. Without VMK there is but an empty hole in my heart. But there is hope, and where theres hope there is in fact, a way! Live on VMK, Live on. -Christian
Frost_Heart (vmk name)
Please don’t close VMK! It is my home! It is suppose to year of a million dreams not crushed dreams!!
Dear Disney Officials and VMK staff, When I heard you were planning to close VMK, I was heart broken. I have been playing on VMK for about five years. I have made the best of friends and i wish to NEVER lose them. I have made friends, and a few enemies, but with those friends, I gained an everlasting bond. And with those enemies, witch I have made only one I can remeber, Decodac, I believe his name was… we are now great friends. For I know, we will never meet face to face, so VMK is the only way of me keeping my friends I have made. So PLEASE hear me out, Save VMK, for if you don’t, Most of the world will be depressed, I know I will.
Fatimata or AceFlower_Star
let me just say it out striaght..I LOVE VMK!! vmk has been like a place where i can chill when im mad our sad! i have lots of friends there!! This is not only me but it is to everybody who has have the bestest friends ever!! WE NEED TO SAVE VMK!! Plz Plz Plz!! i just know this will work if we got enough people! so if u really do love vmk join the petition!!
Obviously, putting on our signatures SAVE VMK isn’t working right? And the news letter that yavn wrote saying about the letters and calls they were recieving was basically him saying: So what? I dont care what you do or say its final were closing. DEAL WITH IT!Well, yavn isn’t to blame because well…he isn’t real! The people behind him are! We need to march up to the CEO of VMK and lay down the law! If the CEO of vmk hadnt noticed that they get over 5,000 people a day then he must BE BLIND! So what if we dont “pay” to play. That is probably another reason why they are closing is because they aint got enough money is the sack. Well they should be getting some kinda share from disney! Right?! So again ( even though this probably wont make a difference because of the millions of other people who right on her but..) SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please do not shut down VMK!! There will be nothing else to do but send e-mails!! 🙁 I haven’t heard why u r shuting down vmk. Please tell me why. I have a question. Can u make vmk stay open for a couple more of days?? Please!!!??? Vmk staff, please tell your bosses that we care sooooooooo much about vmk. There is nothing else to do. Sincerly, Cammie
Wow, I can’t believe that they are closing. Despite the fact that so many people play this game, they are going to rip it from under our feet. Walt Disney, a kid loving, adventure seeking man who may not be here with us today but lives in our hearts. He would never had made this game if he knew that it was going to be closed down after so much success and children, even adults play this game. I really wish that he were here, because Disney has never been the same. They don’t have the same funny kid cartoons, they made a movie like the signs, and movies that Walt would never have approved. It’s time to really tell if Disney will ever be the same, and if the people who work at Disney realy care anymore.
VMK, the escape from the real world and a new door to dreams, friends, and Disney. Seriously, VMK may not be like Toontown where you have to pay but money isn’t everything in the world ya know! And think about it. Closing down a site that has helped many kids and adults connect with each other from beta to the end. I would think you’d be concerned really because damaging your reputation on bringing “magic” and fun into people lives and probably your own lives would be a big problem with your “money outcome”. Walt Disney, maker of Disney, wouldn’t have wanted it that way. Bring in fun, leave VMK, and mend broken hearts by just keeping the thing on the web. I mean it probably would do you good as to all the angry fans and crying children that would be after your guts when it closes�
Hi vmk is alot to me i think it shouldnt’t end because it would be like if some one died and it is really inportant so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont close vmk and thank you
I realy love vmk please don’t close down!!
VMK is not just some silly game for the 50th celebration, VMK in my mind, was created to better lives, for everyone to get to be, who they want to be. There is alot of things that will happen on May 22nd. I am more then positive some people will die, the rates of drugs, accidents will go up, and more stalking and raping will occur do to online information given out, and kids with depression will deepen. I know, that VMK was an alternative to all of the above, because it gave children (and others to) a chance to just have fun, and have friends, and have a safe environment online, because I know that children that don’t have VMK, will explore other sites, and most of these sites are not child friendly. VMK was more han just a game, it was a home, home to those that just couldn’t fit in, or those who would rather spend their time online then outside. I am sure if i were a parent, (I’m 13) I would rather my child on a online computer game all day, then outside with gangs doing drugs, cutting themselves, or even making wrong choices, VMK has bettered these problems, for the thousands who play it every day, think about, the percentiles for those going up, and thousands of kids doing it, because VMK shut down. Please re-think the decision to close VMK.
I can honestly say Vmk is one of my favorite websites. IT is a fun replacment for families who, maybe can’t afford the real Disney Land. When I log onto Vmk I feel Comfident, I know if I’m having a bad day my friends will help me. Vmk is more than just a game it’s a way of feeling good about yourself. If you closed Vmk it would be a terrible lose for families everwhere. Do you really want to close such a sucsessful site?
Vmk has to stay open because it’s really a great way, for people (kids especially) to relax after a long day, even the drama is fun.
Aaron Jacob
I have been playing this game since the beginning. I have loved this game not just like a game, but like another one of those Disney memories. VMK, even though it is just a game, inspired me to believe in the magic that can make dreams come true.
kayla ( same as other one )
We need vmk and it’s not fair to any of us.I know that you,isadoraQ are not in charge of this, but at least send this to the vmk workers!I mean,I love this game.You know, I worked so hard, maybe since the first day i played vmk, to get all these EXPENSIVE items that i have,and now i can’t even use them.So, GET VMK BACK
Caroline Winther
Hey! I love you! Thanks for helping us try to keep the magic! 🙂
Vmk means so much to me. I love to add friends to my list, talking to my friends, inviting my friends over, going to different rooms and much much more
plz dont colse vmk its like a second home to us all

Posted before May 9:
I know what will work!! We can save VMK but we have to let the right people know we care! VMK staff made the decision to close it so we have to go tell their bosses we care. Write a letter and mail it to

Robert A. Iger
President and CEO
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

and write to the man in charge of VMK and all other Disney internet products it’s not Yavn it’s

Steve Wadsworth
President Walt Disney Internet Group
5161 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

and a very influential Disney stockholder

Steve Jobs
Chief Executive Officer
Apple Corporation
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

You and or your parents need to write a letter saying why they should save VMK and what good VMK has done. Don’t just complain or they will throw the letter out. This WILL work if we all work together we can save VMK!!!!

Please post this message everywhere you can!

I am so, so sad about the closing of VMK. My granddaughters live very far away. The exorbitant price of plane tickets prohibits the number of times our family can get together for a visit. VMK was the perfect answer! All of the family joined and played together. It gave me the opportunity to visit with my grandchildren daily, to watch them mature and the growth of their self esteem. The day I read Disney was taking that family connection away I cried and cried and cried. But then, I realized we would find another virtual world to meet and play in…and you can bet we’ll be buying their merchandise and NOT Disney’s! My first visit to Disneyland was in 1957. I’ve been a Mouseketeer all my life. I have been fiercely loyal, even as I watched the corporate policy and mission disentegrate over the years. I can assure you though, NOT ANY MORE!!! Walt must be spinning in his grave!
Melanie Duckworth
My niece is handicapped and is confined to a wheel chair or laying down, her social life is very limited due to her disability. VMK offers her the ability to form friendships, and enables her to have the pleasure of walking, shop, decorate, play games she normally can’t play, swim, drive, diving in the ocean, barter, and other skills she can’t use in her reality. I can’t understand how Disney ( a company geared towards magic with children) cannot have the compassion to keep this website open for the disabled.
alex (again)
i know someone that has a very rare condition. her body cant feel pain and cant control her body temperature. so she stays inside her home most of her life in a controled temperature environment. if she dares to go somewhere, she has to wear what looks like a vest packed with ice packs. she is home schooled. since she cant go outside to play with other kids and has to be carefully monitored in her activites, she plays vmk. on vmk, people dont know she has this condition. she can have fun and be just like any other normal little girl. she doesnt have to be concerned about the temperature or being careful because of the virtual environment. it also helps her with typing, reading, writing, and some spelling. it also gives her parents a break from monitoring her activies 24/7. they know she is safe on vmk. now what will she do????? they are just being down right cruel to do this to her. when she found out what was happening, she was in tears for nearly an hour. please vmk staff or whoever is doing this, DONT CLOSE VMK. DO IT FOR HER. DO IT FOR LITTLE KIDS ALL OVER WHO MAY HAVE RARE CONDITIONS AND VMK IS THERE ONE CHANCE AT FREEDOM!
VMK has been the one thing that i can do on the computer where i feel safe.I have a very very good friend that moved far away from me and because we both log onto vmk i can keep up with him. if it werent for vmk i probably wouldnt still talk to him. i have played this game for about two years and i can’t even begin to tell you how many friends, fun, and all the hard times ppl have gotten me through in the game. i had a kid from my school shot and killed and my friends on vmk were there for me. i would really enjoy it if they didn’t get rid of this game. too many ppl like this game and have been loyal to it.i say for all those ppl that were loyal to the game disney should be loyal to us and keep vmk.this site already has over 6000 ppl sign the petition i mean come on disney just save vmk dont get rid of it…what do you benifit or lose from keeping the game.well you benifit so many happy ppl that love the game…get rid of it and all you got is a bunch of sad kids that will have nothing better to do but go around and make mistakes….Just save the game WE LOVE VMK
it all started with a mouse,now it looks like it’s ending because of staff..
Disney, VMK means so much to hundreds of people. I have the most amazing person as my best friend, and it would kill me if I lost her. She understood things. Please, don’t close it down.
For me, VMK marked a turning point in my life. Not only was I able to express myself freely, I learned to deal with the situations of everyday life with confidence. When i look all around me, there are those with a soul and those without ones. So, i have decided to create a poem about how i feel about this.

Look into the skies above,
Into the skies of midnight black.
Where nothing at all can be see,
Where nothing at all can be heard.
And in that sky of midnight black,
I am hidden.
Hidden away from those who live without fear
Behind these blurry, bands of black,
Lie nothing.
For I am nothing.
Look into that sky of midnight black,
But, to look into what?
There is nothing to look at,
Nothing at all.
Unlike those of pleasant freedom,
I am trapped.
Trapped in my own sky.
Like a bird longing to be free from its cage.
My life is just a road of endless doubt.
Nothing will ever penetrate it,
And nothing will ever penetrate my darkness
~ that was me before playing vmk
Across my sky of midnight black,
Something finally penetrates my darkness.
A bright light of shooting star yellow.
I watch it pass by me,
Filling me with a sense of wonder.
Suddenly it vanishes,
Leaving me once again in my despair.
But, every once and a while that same light will come again,
And when it does I’ll be waiting,
Waiting to bask in its warmth.
For I no longer wish to reside in the dark,
I wish to be free of all burdens that bear me down.
I wish to escape on that star,
And follow my dreams.
But, once again my darkness will overwhelm me.
Though I am no longer afraid.
I’ve proven myself to the world,
And now I will go back,
Back to the world of those without fear.

And this is me after playing VMK. VMK was my star in the midnight sky, shining so brightly to help me find my heart.

I do agree that VMK closing will bring sadness to all of us.. i’m practicly new to VMK -.-
I love VMK. It’s been my favorite game for years now :)I’ve always been excited when the new items came out, and looked forward to my next Disney trip, so I could play all the quests! I’ve also met so many great people on VMK. Please dont let the site go.
I like VMK a lot. It was one of the best games ever but the new version that is coming out should be fun.
I use VMK to play with my friends.
Jack Johnson
Hello Everyone, I have been born with a type of Dwarfism that I can’t even begin to spell.. I am made fun of at school all the time because of my hight, but on VMK was the first time I realized that just because I had a problem outside I have an extreme love for Disney.. I love Disney and they should just let us win.. this one time..
VMK is the only thing that I had close to disneyland. I have never been to disneyland or WDW ever in my life. Since I found vmk I have felt that even though I haven’t been to disneyland or WDW, vmk has changed that everytime I log on it seems like I am even closer to going to disneyland. This was the only thing that I have to experience WDW or disneyland. So if you take VMK away from me your taking my only chance to actually experience disneyland or WDW.
I am 1 of 18 family members who play VMK. VMK is the main reason why we are annual passholders at DLR. Please don’t take VMK away from us. I would hate to not renew my passes 🙁
PLZ dont close vmk!! i dont have any friends because i am black and i live in a whiteplace. so i go on vmk to be loved.
Jennifer (Zacharina) Horton
I found VMK when I needed someone the most. My husband had just been activated with the Army for a two year deployment, and I was home alone with my one year old son. This was my place to go, have fun and Dream. That was almost four years ago. And I still get that spacial Disney feeling that you could only get at the W D Parks! I don’t get to go to WDW as often as I would like. I live at least thousand miles away in the mid-west. VMK was my way to be there at least in my mind a little more. I also very much enjoyed sharing it with my 4 year old son. VMK kept the Disney parks in my thoughts all ways, which meant I wanted to take my family there more often too. Now I do not now were or when I will be able to get my WDW fix. This saddens me very much. I also don’t know how you give up such a great marketing tool. You had just as many adults with a true love and passion for Disney and VMK as well as kids. And we adults are the ones who took our kids to the parks to show them that it was all so a real magical place that you can also go to in person. So we could participate in the in park quest and buy the movies that offered codes for vmk . Please reconsider you decision!
Chandra Morris (princess-quester)
I joined back when I came across the promotion during the ebay give away. Upon receiving the virtual magic code, I said Vmk, What this? I went to the site and fell in love. My family has been on for a little over two years now. My daughter started with this great safe site before she could really even read. It’s been very difficult to explain to both my now 8 year old daughter and 3 year old son, that the doors are closing soon. This program does not distract from going to the actual Disney parks resort, it enhances it! We get a little of the Disney wonder and excitement each day. We purchased many disney videos to receive points to get inferno, theatre system, and red stitch hat. We went to Disneyland for two days to play at Disneyland and to make our son’s own in park character at a young age and to pick up our in park quest prizes. We purchased many boxes of VMK pins to have more virtual prizes that we could trade and enjoy with our VMK friends. Taking away Vmk is not just taking away another game, it’s taking away the magic of disney each day, some long-time friends that we are not able to contact after the doors close, not to mention the time and effort of creating elaborate rooms with virtual items. I have been a part of many of the other programs like Pirates of the Carribean and Toon Town, I am a member of both of those sites and visit not nearly as much as I do Vmk. VMK has a completely different feel too it. It’s even more kid friendly oriented then those sites that my son can’t even navigate easily in. It’s supervised very well by it’s staff and system, that I don’t have to worry what my 8 year old daughter will find regarding adult content ideas. Just like toon town and pirates, my husband and I along with many of the other people on vmk are willing to pay for the service, if it is a matter of the cost. Please, save VMK and keep the dreams and wonder of the Disney Magic alive in all our children and even their parents who are strong Disney kids at hearts!
Chandra (Princess-quester)
Aaron (outerspace_cadet)
Crysta (Ariel-candygirl)
Brandon (IceFinalManatee)
The Morris Family
I really dont want vmk to close because i have amazing friends there and i wont want to never see them
Please, please keep vmk alive! Clearly it is very popular, and my daughter and I share lots of fun times together. It would be a real shame, there aren’t many sites out there like this, and the new ones are clearly for just the youngest of players.
Mom of 5 sons
I have to say that I am very sad and disappointed that VMK will be closing. My oldest son LOVES VMK more than anything. He has been playing since a week after it opened. He has formed many friendships and has worked very hard to create wonderful rooms. He has spent time and a lot of money collecting rewards and even went to Disneyland to get VMK cards. He has learned how to work hard for things he has really wanted and also learned how to communicate well with others. His typing skills are wonderful, and all from playing VMK. Having VMK in his life has help keep him motivated at school. He knows that being on the computer is a privelage and has stayed on the honor roll at school continually. He is very saddened by the news that VMK is closing along with my other children. i would gladly pay to keep VMK around. I am very protective of my children, and was so glad to see a safe and respectful place for my kids to form friendships, play games, and most of all be creative. I hope that VMK can be saved for all!!!!!
my daughter has been playing vmk since Halloween 06. She has loved vmk so much since she started i think it’s a terrible thing what they are doing, just closing it. She played all day and had so many good friends on there. We just got back from Disney world yesterday and bought these two boxes of pirate quest and i think she should have a little longer to enjoy them. Disney should not just do this. i did hear that they are coming out with a new game though, VFK. But nothing will replace the vmk magic that everyone enjoyed. This is NOT right at all everyone needs to have a chance to play and have it be passed on and on because its way that people who can’t do everyday activities to enjoy this. i think Disney should know better then to just shut down a progame that kids all around the world love to play and can make new friends that they would have never met in real life it wasn’t for vmk. if they do close Vmk i know a lot of people will be heartbroken because i agree with my daughter it’s more then just a game. So Disney this is WRONG Please allow all of these kids and some even adults such as me to keep vmk for kids to keep playing because so many kids play this! i heard that it was not suppose to not go on this long but look how many people played and had so much fun, in a safe way to. So all i am asking and a lot of people to just keep vmk up and running so many people would agree, Because of this horrible thing so many kids are gonna lose friendships without even saying goodbye. we need to all just pitch in and Sign this petition to Save VMK!!IT’s MORE THAN A GAME!!
This land is your land,
This land is my land,
from Main Street,
to the Tycoon Islands,
from the lions forest,
to the elephants bathing pool,
This land was made for you and me!!
As a parent of two children and as a player myself of VMK for nearly as long as the game has been in existence, I am deeply saddened and disappointed by Disney’s decision to discontinue VMK. Though nothing in this world granted lasts forever, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate our priorities and ask if perhaps some things should be allowed to stay before we simply discard the old and move on with something new and as we are always told “better.” Yes Disney, we know about your other sites and your great plans and wish you all the best. However, in spite of our own involvement with Toon Town already, Pirates of the Caribbean Online and Toon Town Online just don’t have the same appeal. My children and myself by our own decision have invested a lot of time and energy, and yes money as well into this marketing site sponsored by the Disney corporation. Yes, I said money…nearly $2000 to stay at DLR to obtain ONE Stitch Hat! Sure, the 50th Anniversary Promotion has ended, but is Disney not interested in continuing to promote their company or parks? What makes VMK no longer worthy of promoting the magic of Disney? Where in all the publicity for this did I miss reading that VMK will only continue through the 50th Anniversary? When the 50th Anniversary came and went and VMK was extended, was that not a decision of VMK and the management of Disney Internet Group to do so due to its overwhelming popularity and continued growth drawing more consumers into its parks and other pay to play virtual games as Yavn himself stated in a newsletter? The latest financial statements available online indicate that Disney in spite of current economic downturns, has enjoyed a profitable gain of over 10% during the first quarter of 2008. By affixing my name to this petition, I am requesting that my voice, that of other parents and countless thousands of other VMK players, many of whom are too young to even understand what a petition even is or how to sign a petition such as this, be given the opportunity to have our voice heard to continue the game. VMK is a unique place where Disney fans of many different ages can interact with one another, face challenges together, form lasting friendships, and share their enthusiasm for all things Disney. VMK is a safe place where parents and kids can have fun together. The people of Disney should be proud of the tremendous work done by those who have rendered this beautiful, interactive and safe environment that brings the magic of Disney into the homes of thousands everyday, some of whom without this site would never know about the magic kingdoms of Disney. VMK has helped my children enormously with reading, spelling, computer and socialization skills. Every VMK Staff and HOST has provided in my opinion a model example of friendship, courtesy, maturity and professionalism, and they are to be commended! I am sure I speak for a multitude of parents when I ask you to find another alternative to completely shutting down the game. If money is your concern in spite of your profit gains, then at least have the courtesy of considering pay to play as a viable option or create a package that enables us to play VMK and some of your other virtual games as well. You ask in your recent home page poll, what items do you want more of in VMK? Furniture? Clothes? Etc? No VMK. We would be happy with little new, we would be happy if one of the options we could vote for was keep VMK alive and the friendships we share there! This is not just a virtual game, this is a network and community of people that you have allowed to be formed. What you see is the sincere expression of people in today’s world who are striving for a place to find and escape from real life issues if only for a few minutes and enter into that world that Mr. Disney himself sought to create for “children of all ages.” A world that encompasses all that could be happy. For a change let’s set aside our thought of what is best financially, and think about what is the right thing to do and wipe the tears out of these kids eyes and make sure the “gates of VMK stay open for all who enter this happy place.” Thank you for your time and consideration.
VMK was a win from the start. Pirates of the Caribbean is a little violent for kids. Fairies and Cars aren’t what we want to be. We want to be guests of the Virtual Kingdom. Don’t close down this amazing kid’s game.
Well..I had played VMK since about…10 months after it had been launched. I was soooooo excited!! I wanted to be the richest person in VMK. Well… that never happened (lol), but what did happen, was I met beautiful kind people who shared their thoughts and feelings about.. the world. I also liked playing the game and earning credits so I could save up to buy something that I really wanted. It was such a great feeling to know that I worked hard for something, and I earned it. I know the game was only supposed to last 1 year, but why have a game for only one year? Especially a game like this!! With the wonderful world of Disney. I practically grew up with VMK, and to see it close down, well, thats HEART BREAKING!! Think of it like this: Some little kid, right now, WAS going to unleash the magic, but instead, he goes to play Toontown. Oh wait, he can only play for three days because he can’t afford it. Oh wait, thats right, VMK has a weekly offer on Toontown. Oh wait, thats right, VMK closed. So now he is going to go to You-Tube and see things he shouldn’t see! One of the best things about VMK is that its free. Some kids can’t afford a monthly payment on a childrens virtual game, and that’s why a LOT of people play it. It’s also a postitive thing for parents too. They can trust thier children in the hands of Disney, and VMK also improves typing skills, reading and spelling skills, and how trading and bartering works. Let’s say you have a rare item. You’re not going to trade it for a grey box!! You’re probably going to trade it for equally the same amount as the item that you have. VMK, Virtual Magic Kingdom. The game itself is a lot like Disneyland and Disneyworld. So kids can expirence what Disneyworld or Disneyland is like when they can’t afford to go. So some kids get left out when they can’t go. They won’t have a chance believe that dreams do come true and a chance to believe in magic. VMK has done soooooooooooo much for kids in America, please don’t shut it down! That would be a heartbreaker!! I hope you have read this through and thought about what the kids might feel like, so please, do you’re part and sign the petition. It will only take a moment of your time, its free, and it may help a child unleash Disney magic. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney
why wont u keep vmk? i dont wanna be rude i swear, but i love vmk and so do my parent. when i first found out about vmk i thought just another website that my friends want me to join but then i thought maybe this is the right website for me so then i joined and i loved it! sure i didnt have all those rare clothes when i first joined and stuff but i made new friends and had a blast……… until i found out vmk was closing i acutally started to cry. bc what would i do without my friends online, just write down the memories? i dont know what to do now. its like living in a nightmare. my worst dream, vmk closing. it makes me depressed and again, i really really dont wanna be rude but this is the truth and what coming from my heart. sure the vfk looks really super duper fun but i wont have the friends next to me helping me complete quests, and stuff. but making new friends is good too, but new friends arent the same as old friends. i love vmk sincerely, FABULOUSfashions
VMK means so much to me. I find the people on VMK to be nicer than anyother game that I play at Disney online. I understand that the Disney company is not making any money on VMK, however they at least offer it with a “pay to play” option for all those who love VMK. I would gladly give up my toontown account if it means VMK is here to stay. This is my Disneyland when I can’t be at Disnyland.I thought this was the “Year of a Million Dreams”. So please don’t cut our dreams by shutting down VMK. Thank you! WildPurpleWaffle
First of all i would like to say that Vmk is a fun, safe, free environment where kids (and maybe even sometimes adults) can escape from reality and just have fun! My mother is always WANTING me to go on vmk because its a fun, entertaining, SAFE, free, and a million more positive things that would take up to much space to say! To the Vmk Staff, If You take away vmk, Aka: the only fun, safe, free, environment on the web, you are taking away a privilege, the only privilege most kids may have, mostly because they cant afford to go to Disneyland Or Walt Disney World!! Like, Imagine how many Thousands (even Millions) kids imaginations and dreams and fun activities and fun free time you would be destroying, crushing, killing, demolishing, and so many other NEGATIVE things that would also take up to much space! Why Take Away Vmk?!?! Why can’t it be for a promotion AND a long-lasting Safe, Fun, Free Game That Anybody Can Enjoy!! Please! Keep Vmk! Keep vmk for the millions of kids out their who can afford Disneyland or WDW and never experienced Disneyland Or Any other Disneyland Parks and this is the closest thing they Got! If u take that away u demolish their chances of ever being close to Disneyland…u demolish their dreams…How would you feel after you have committed this sin (You heard me Right! I said SIN!!) Don’t Take Away Dreams!! Don’t Take Away Hope!! Don’t Take Away long-lasting Friendships!!! Don’t Take Away The things that make us laugh the most when you are with awesome coolio people!! DONT TAKE AWAY VMK!!!!!!! – A List of All my awesome vmk friends who i am thinking of right now: ifound_atlantis,ayefobisdabest, Mz.Sokker, happiestplace, (dare i say it) VolleyBalDude!! I Love You All!!
Ok listen VMK!!!! If you want to break my heart then listen to this!!!! My Best friend and i played vmk, talking to each other, playing with each other, and just having fun!! Then a few months after it opened…She MOVED!!!! Not just a few cities away but ACROSS HALF THE COUNTRY!!!! My parents wouldn’t let me contact her through phone because of the long distance phone bills, so they let me e-mail her ( which i am still doing ) but then our e-mails started getting fewer..and fewer everyday! I finally was able to organize enough time to send her an e-mail ( Note: This took Place a few days before vmk opened ) telling her about vmk – I actually got a reply back! She said it sounded really fun! so ever since vmk opened that has been our Only Way of Contact. Yes E-mail is also another contact, but it feels good to actually be chatting with her like we would in the real world…we dressed on vmk like we would in the real world…We enjoyed not having to wait for an e-mail reply… but NOW that vmk is closing…I’ll be torn away from my Best Friend In the World!!! This goes out to My Bff VictoriaK!!!!!!! Vmk Staf…Do you want to cut me off a friendship that is hanging on by a thread?? I Dont Think So!!!!!!
I am 13 almost 14 and I have been hooked on vmk for quite a while now. Before New Orleans Sqaure Opened. I am sick right now and can’t go outside cuz i have to stay away from pollen and I am on VMK almost 24/7. It is a true Boredom Buster and a great way to go to Disney without actually going to Disney. But that doesn’t keep my fam. from going to Disney. I was sad when I heard the news and almost cried. Virtual Family Kingdom will never hold a Match(or candle) to VMK! -Skye
Disney has billions of dollars its not like its going to make them go bankrupt to keep the only game that you dont need a membership running.
VMK means a lot to me. it is a safe extremly fun virtual chat room. I meet my friends on there and talk or meet others from around the world. I don’t know what i’d do without VMK. PLEASE SAVE IT!!!!
One thing about vmk is.. it’s amazing. my friend told me about this game, i decided to play it. it lifted my heart 100%. there’s no other way to describe vmk.! when im older, i want to design computer online games. this game made me want to design when im older. i met people from all around the world! i got to share the magic with other people. yes, my heart will cry for this game, and yes.. tears will come when this game will go. please don’t shut down vmk, well all love it to much.. shouldn’t we all have a say? – from a girl that really cares about this game 100%
Vmk means alot to me. Its the only place where i can act like a normal person and not get teased by people. Please dont shut down vmk! it means alot to me.
I am a disabled adult who was diagnosed with a terminal disease while working for Disneyland in parades. This will not be the first time Disney has Crushed my hopes & dreams!!! You had to audition for parades often, so it was easy to get rid of me, even with full time status. (in Parades?! unheard of anymore! unless in supervision.) Anyway, I am considered completely disabled & live on a very limited income from fed & state. I say this because I am such a Disney freak, that I don’t let it stop me from going crazy at the parks. I spent pretty much every dime at DLR just this week.(Thank goodness for friends! ;)) VMK has been a way for me to save money to visit the parks every two months! from a six hour drive away. instead of spending my money on other expensive fun things in my area. Because of the vmk promotion, I became a Disney pin trader as well & have a collection of over 600 pins to date. (in just over two years of playing vmk!) I want Disney to no that this is extremely saddening to me, as I will probably quit buying/trading Disney pins & buying Annual passes. ( I have been a pass holder for over twenty years!) even with my moms silver pass & my own sign in pass while working there! I hope Disney will change their minds & save vmk! I feel completely betrayed and led on in this! if the 50th thing was only 18 months, why did they continue with new promotions? They lead us to believe that this promotion would continue to grow & evolve with new movies and products affiliated with it?!?!
Raelene, Alyssa, and Emily Tilley
We have only played VMK since around last October. My daughter has written school reports about it encouraging additional participation from school mates. We all sit together behind the computer (we only have one and no router for the laptop). We root for one another when playing the games and have great times exploring the Virtual Kingdom. We have a huge binder full of creative quests that we have made for one another. They are all themed and My youngest daughter finally decided that the mural she wanted me to paint on her wall was one of Castle Gardens in VMK with each one of our characters standing there. We are truly a Disney dedicated family and really feel that VMK is “virtually” the happiest place on earth. Please understand its importance to us all.
Lucy R
Vmk means a lot to me because that the place that i know that i am safe and i have fun making new friends and chating to my friends i think vmk is the best website in the world and i love VMK.
Raindrops fall from everywhere
I reach out for you
But you’re not there
So I stood waiting in the dark
With your picture in my hand
Story of a broken heart

Stay with me
Don’t let me go
Cause I can’t be without you
Just stay with me
And hold me close
Because I built my world around you
And I don’t wanna know what it’s like without you
So stay with me, just stay with me

I’m trying
And hoping for the day
My touch is enough
To take the pain away
Cause I’ve searched for so long
The answer’s clear
We’ll be ok if we don’t let it disappear

Stay with me
Don’t let me go
Cause I can’t be without you
Just stay with me
And hold me close
Because I built my world around you
And I don’t wanna know what it’s like without you
Stay with me, just stay with me

I’ve searched my heart over
So many, many times
No, you and I
Is like no stars
To light the sky at night
Our picture hangs up to
Remind me of the days
You promised me, we’d always be
And never go away
(That’s why I need you to stay)

Stay with me
Don’t let me go
Cause I can’t be without you
Stay with me
And hold me close
Because I built my world around you
And I don’t wanna know what it’s like without you
Stay with me, just stay with me
(Oooh, oooh, don’t leave)

So I stand, waiting
In the dark


vmk is very special to me. the only 2 websites im alowed to go on are VMK and SAVEVMK. idk why though. my parents are somewhat over-protective. so yea if vmk closes i will only be able to go on this website and if this website closes down i cant go on the computer at all so plz dont shut down any websites!!
thanks to the maker of give hope to the ppl of vmk
Ive just read some replies wich people have been recieveing after emailing disney and can say how strongly I disagree. Walt once said that we ‘keep moving FORWARD’ and I cant see any posible way that this is following in his footsteps. I think Walt woud have loved too see his magic kingdom online and for thousands of people too see and bring happiness too. By closing VMK Dsney is making a HUGE mistake wich may even come back too haunt them
I’ve been a player since the end of the Beta times. My sister played it before me and when I sat and watched her play I was completely entranced. I was very young, so when I started I didn’t have much. But as I grew older I now have rare and understand the concept of VMK. Recently the noid of my throat was swollen. A noid is what fights off germs, so I was of course, stuck inside since I had no throat protection. On VMK the players understood and I got great sympathy. I also recently moved and my best friend since kindergarten and I play on there. Webkinz is too confusing too arrange a time, and with texting it takes a while to get through the wires with the distance. So we arranged a time to get on VMK. While my noid is actually still healing, I can talk to my old friend and if VMK wasn’t closing I could talk to me new ones. It’s very painful, and if it stays like that I will get a high fever. VMK is a community of people, behind these virtual avatars and computer screens are actual people. People have feelings, and if Disney is that financially in trouble, make us pay. Feeling the fact VMK is closing is like paying a fine of one million dollars.
VMK is a great oppurtunity for kids to play and grow. No that it’s about to close down, people are beginning to miss the excitement and originality that the game has taught us to do. Not only is this game one of the most safe, and original, it is also one of the most well-planned and interesting. Although VMK was meant for promotion purposes only, why not keep the game out, without all of the promtional advancements? We could leave what’s in the shops forever if we had to and not worry about new things coming out, because anything would be better than shunning a creation that most likely took tons of thought and imagination to plan. On VMK’s account, please consider the remaining of the game. LONG LIVE VMK!
thanks for the great effert! hope it works! good luck!
I’ve played VMK since about a month after it opened. i just recently toook a one month break off to work on some stuff (school musical and singing) and i came back to see VMK was closing, and all of the rumors were true. Disney, i know it was promotional but why can’t you just keep it and not add anything new. just keep it the way it is, you wouldnt have to spend anymore time or money. VMk really actually taught me many lessons for life, such as friendship. i have talked to so many different people from all over the world, and ive made some VERY strong friendships, saying goodbye is saying goodbye to every friendship i had. im not sure that disney is actually looking at how much of an inpact that VMK has made on people like me. the reason i loved playing vmk was because it really let me forget about my real life problems, and it took off the chains of the real world stress. i would go on every day just to talk to friends. sure we got into fights like real friends do but that’s one of lifes lessons that we have to learn. i have so much to say, but i cant really find the exact words to say it. i guess ive made attachments to people that i dont even know, and in a way i love their friendship, although i’ve never met them. the hard part of the matter is understanding that we’ll never get to talk to these people again. its like tearing a friendship apart, and like so many issues in history, that never worked out too well. also. VMK is THE SAFEST online gaming out there. Even clubpenguin isnt this safe. its amazing. the staff members are also amazingly cool. all i have to say to disney is why? why would u tear apart so many amazing friendships? just because you let a promotion be run for too long? i thinnk that’s impossibly unfair. just please….. keep VMK open, so the next generation of kids our agee can learn good internet skills of what to do and what not to do. most of the players from 2005 such as myself have grown out of the game in age, but at heart we’ll always be a proud VMK player. thanks pixiLizzieA
Ya know the Hannah Montana song.. .. Make Some Noise. listen to it and you’ll hear some tips u really need to know to help vmk! Here are some tips from the song: Dont let anyone tell u that you’re not strong enough, Don’t give up, nothings wrong with just being yourself that’s more than enough, Raise your voice, speack your mind, Shout it out and let it show, Don’t be afraid to be all that u are, you’ll be fine, You wont know if u never try. See… there’s 10 tips to save vmk in that song, use the tips and we will win vmk back!! There closing it so u have to re-jion and pay for it!! i saw that on a website and my mom told me!!
I cry every nite for vmk to not close and now that this sight is launched I feel hope. I had a room called free since vmk is closing! I gave away all of my stuff but like I said you have made me have hope GOD bless you. 🙂
Me and my friend love vmk! This is where we chat and play games together. After every softball game, we say to each other ” can u go on tonight!” PLEASE KEEP VMK ALIVE! U CAN TAKE AWAY MY CHARACTER ON VMK, BUT NEVER MY SPIRT! GO VMK!!!!!!!!!!!
Please don’t close vmk. It is one of my favorite online games and the only thing keeping me liking disney.(face it you have’nt been making very good movies lately.) So plz plz don’t close vmk. I have so many new friends and if you close vmk it’ll be like they’re poof gone forever. I’ve made an oath though. If you don’t leave vmk open I’m never buying a disney product again or even going to your parks!!!!!!!!!! So if you want to potentially lose about a million disney fans fine by me. It’ll be your fault when you have to start shutting down the parks because of low budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DESTROY VMK, I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU DISNEY! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way, think of how many newspapers have published about this already. If you shut down vmk you may even lose a couple million because of the press. Plz disney. have a heart. Don’t dissapoint so many people. Don’t make the magic leave.plz. I mean even yavn your own guy from vmks newsboard signed the petition.So please don’t let all these years of magic end. Don’t make me lose all my new friends “-_-” please!
down wit vmk!! up wit vfk!! down wit vmk!! up wit vfk!! down wit vmk!! up wit vfk!! down wit vmk!! up wit vfk!! down wit vmk!! up wit vfk!! down wit vmk!! up wit vfk!!
i love vmk! i hope vfk is as good as vmk! 😀
I can’t believe they’re even THINKING of closing VMK! I love VMK, and everything and everyone in it! I really hope this works!
I have been playing VMK since it opened and am very very very sad to see it go. All of my friends and I would go on together. That was our thing. We formed friendships and thousands of stories were told. A promotional thing is one thing, but they kept it going for 3 YEARS!! It was the safest site I know. I am looking into this Virtual Family Kingdom thing but I don’t trust it. Don’t close VMK please don’t. Plus, with this website probably already lots of people are going to boycott disney products. So to save your company, save VMK.
I really hope every one csn get vmk to stay opean this is the best game and ill really be dissappointed if it will close PLEASE SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allie 🙂
This is my third comment and I am still begging for VMK not to close. If anyone who has the power to help VMK is reading this right now PLEASE dont shut it down. Unlike other virual websites I enjoy accually being a human. (not a penguin or cartoon) You have to read some of these comments… they will break your heart they broke mine in half.P.S vmk is more than just a game to us kids its a place where we can be free… free to be anyone we want. Free to escape the cruel world that tore us up
ive spent soo much money(near 60 dollars)on vmk vards, and now their shutting it down! they cant!!!
A father of 2 sons who love VMK
My sons have been playing since beta and I have been playing since the first day it opened. I just can’t believe they would take our dreams away.
This truely is a disappointment. I couldn’t believe it when I heard they were closing. My feelings ran through me because it felt like they were putting my second life to rest. I call VMK my second life because of all the hard earned effort, laughs, tears, relations, emotions, successes and down pours in that magical place. “It all started with a mouse,” is correct, so in order to keep that quote alive and remembered, than cajole everyone you can in every candid way to keep the happiness of this virtual world existing. As i think of it, calling VMK a virtual world shouldn’t be so. VMK is so indefinate and filled with hopes people couldn’t imagine or accomplish in the real world because of the ignorant actions of real people. VMK is another story I may say, and closing the gates of this mystical world would be like putting down EVERY SINGLE dream of EVERY SINGLE child on things that thrill them. Its amazing how the simple things such as a “minnie hat” or “stitch hat” or “inferno” magic puts a big smile on someone’s face. Yes, i know everyone likes feeling a little thrill of joy in knowing that they put forth alot of saved up virtual world items to get the one magic, or one hat they’ve been wanting since day one. Personally, closing VMK is devastation on my behalf. My friends and make believe family will extinct, and i may never see them again. That statement alone puts a tear in my eye and melts a hole in my throat knowing “I may never see them again.” Please please do everything you can to keep a million dreams alive, in a world of long-wanted PEACE. No judgement. No violence or ignorance. No bullying. And especially no evilness. Consideration is wanted. Yavn doesn’t HONESTLY want to ruin our dreams, does he? As i write this raw piece of essay from the pit of my heart, the memories roll by like the sound of laughter from children experiencing the times of their lives. We truely dont deserve having our dreams ruining by Yavn do we? Dreams of being happy with friends, sharing feelings, love, enviness? Do all you can. This is a nightmare.
Hey there! I just had a really cool idea that MIGHT work. I think we should have like a log in day where we get as many people as possible to log in at the same time. I don’t know what will happen EXACTLY but it might show that tons of people really DO care about the game.
Donna O’Brien
Dear Sirs,

I have been very upset and wanted to share the sentiments of thousands of Virtual Magic Kingdom players. The closing of VMK gates on May 21, 2008, impacts the lives of many people. I woke in the night thinking of the many people that depend on VMK for their entertainment and communication to the world. I began playing with my daughter to make sure it was safe and not violent. We had such a great time experiencing Disneyland together. We then told my mother, who lives in a distant state, to try and visit with us. We have 3 generations of Disney fans spending time together. After I began playing, I discovered that there are many retired, ill, and shut-in type people that play together. This is their way of escaping loneliness. They will never be able to visit a Disney park, but have the opportunity to make friends and experience the magic of Disney. Further, after our kids go to sleep there are groups of adults who spend time together. They share their disappointment, joys, problems, and anything else that builds friendships. I know of women who are dying of cancer, lung issues, depression, grieving from deaths in their families, children arrested, and the list goes on. One friend commented that she would not have made it through her illness without meeting new friends to encourage her on VMK. Another friend explained that she had people to share her grief after her husband died. We listen and pray for each other. We have built an encouraging group of friends that will be lost forever.

I am disappointed that such a large corporation that prides its self on providing dreams to all could shut its doors when so many people need this escape. I believe Walt Disney would have looked at the benefits to others and would have decided to continue for the sakes of many. He wanted everyone to experience the magic of Disneyland. The magic that VMK provides is much larger than virtual stuff, but it nourishes relationships and human compassion. I have watched the children of all ages comment on how they are experiencing great loss. They are losing friendship, entertainment, a place to be creative, an escape from harsh realities, but more importantly, a way to reach out and touch the lives of others.

I know VMK creators have commented that the game was intended for a short promotional time, but when something is successful, why stop what is working for so many. If it is a financial issue, charge a fee. A fee would be lots cheaper than therapy for some I am sure. They have explained that Disney continues to move toward innovations. But look at what the current VMK is doing for the futures of many. This saddens me that they cannot create other sites to promote their future endeavors, and leave VMK as it is.

I am asking for you to look into this and see what you can do to further the cause of many who need VMK for varied reasons. It is not just a game, but a place where people of all walks of life can be creative, be nurtured, escape, and share themselves in a safe and fun way. You may think this is just a game or not that important in the big picture of life, however I have discovered how important this it to children as well as adults in different situations. Helping others comes in many forms. I hope I can help people from ages 7 to 70�s with my plea to stop the closing of VMK.

Thank you for your consideration on this issue.

Donna O’Brien

Kathleen Sievers
“Virtual Online Game” is an understatement for Vmk. Vmk is MORE than just some computer game, its a place where anyone can be whatever they want to be. In Vmk, people cant tease you if you are “Different” in any way becuase that is what makes VMK beautiful. I have made so many amazing friends on Vmk and to us Vmk’ers, it doesn’t matter if we met them online because we think about them just the same. To me, there is no difference between my friends on Vmk and my friends in real life. VMK is my home away from home, a place where i can just be happy even when im sad or stressed out. VMK is NOT a game. It’s a Community.
VMK means so much to me. My friends are bummed. Not about clothes or furniture but about me and thier friends. Dont you understand? Friendship has been keeping VMK strong.And if Disney is going to take that away then go ahead but I warn you if you do I am never ever going to go anywhere where there is disney. No disney channel no websites. You guys are saying sorry but then convincing us to go to another disney place. Are we gonna see HOST_Lilly, Phinny,Hurricane? Are we going to notice are friends? What if they walk right past is in one of the games us and we dont even know thats them. Are they going to have the same wonders and miracles as VMK? Pirates seven year olds and up can play VMK but in pirates ten year olds and up can play. Really not fair. Club Penguin say sorry itsfull but in VMK they give you a pass.So you have to wait a while but it isnt that long(sometimes).Toontown,kinda many(ok a few) reasons for Toontown. Here it goes. You cant chat the way you want unless you know the code.And you need a clothing ticket to buy clothes (bummer).But all of the things they dont have is the magic(Im not talking about magic pins) and friendship. They have a dance button on Toontown but I hardly ever see anyone use it.And really when they dance they talk. I hardly ever see anyone chat there too.Club Penguin they talk alright and I was wrong about club penguin they do have freindship but the magic not so much(Sorry Club Penguin).Pirates mostly people just want to show of thier moves and say “Oh Im on level 20!” And people just be freinds to defeat the bad guys.Really sad.Now VMK has all the stuff these websites dont have but now its gone. Where is the magic Disney? Did you get mix up magic with money or was it always this way? SORRY IF I WAS RUDE FOR WEBSITES( Im calmed down now ) IM JUST SO MAD YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? Well thx if you do Im Susiesus on VMK. See ya there.
If VMK really closes forever, I am boycotting the Disney Company!
VMK I can truthfully say is my favorite website on earth. I make so many new friends, have so much fun, and forget all of my problems in the real world. On VMK I can be myself and be proud of myself. Please, from the bottom of my heart, don’t close vmk!
Grayson W. (superflowergirl)
VMK is about the best website i have ever been on! when i moved to NC, my neighbor Lea T. (prinsessdixie) told me about VMK i was like okay that sounds pretty cool. so i signed up for it and made a character, and that was in 2006. princessdixie and me since i moved i her neighborhood we have logged and for about every single day and we would be on it as soon as we got home after school and till about 10:00 or 11:00 pm. i can’t believe VMK is closing the gates on May 21st 2008!!:( but virtualfamilykingdom is opening May 22nd! and princessdixie and me both have about all the smae things and there all rare. for example: cowboy pants, dreamears, pins, posters, and furnishing! all those other kids on VMK send more time on VMK then princessdixe and me superflowergirl and they have all these things that are so rare you can’t ever get them again now that it is closing! also a lot of other kids at my school are also fellow VMK participants. and we all are mad about VMK closing!! and i am going to write a letter tp the VMK staff bosses telling them how VMK is a safe place for kids to chat and make new friends! sincerly, Grayson W. (superflowergirl) 🙂 i hope this works!
i think that you should not shut down VMK because there are ppl that have made friends on there from different areas of the country. it is the best thing i have played on the internet. EVER!!!! we hae worked so hard to get the things we have and now we are going to loose all of it. VMK is very impoertant to me.
donovan or vmk name superpixkid
i have told most of the teachers in my school about vmk and how its closing down then i asked about 7 teachers to sign the petition they all did and in a couple of weeks i will ask evevy body in the school to!!
Recently the Disney VMK community received news that the Virtual Magic Kingdom game was shutting down on May 21, 2008. This is a sad day for all of us. I don’t think that Disney is aware of just how loved this game is. I understand that it was started solely as a promotional game to celebrate Disney’s 50th Anniversary, but it has become so much more than that through the years. VMK has become a home to thousands of fans. We have made lasting friendships there. We have laughed, played, danced and worked together to achieve sometimes impossible tasks. You are making a huge mistake closing it’s doors.

There is no other game out there like VMK. You are mistaken if you believe that we will move on to your other games, like ToonTown, Club Penguin or POTC. Most of us won’t because it’s just not what we’re looking for. It’s not that we don’t want to play to play. I would pay to play the VMK game. You’ll find that the majority of your VMK community would pay a monthly fee if it meant keeping the gates open. Most of us would be willing to give up every item we have aquired and start fresh if it meant we could continue to play.

I just don’t understand why you would shut down a game that already has a huge fan base and is already so successful. If it’s not making you money then charge to play. Neopets did it with their game. You’re already charging for all of your other quality Disney games. Please, give VMK and the players a chance to make it more than just a promotional game. By the way, a promotional game runs for maybe 6 months and then ends. This game has been around for 3 years!! It’s not promotional anymore. It’s been expanded and improved many times over since it’s opening.

Your fans have taken many hits and we’ve still stayed. You shut down all questing in your parks, a move which probably cost Disney good money because you have many players that went to the parks only for the quest items. They’ll still go to the parks, but not as often. But, we all still play the game. You have many players that just can’t go to your parks, either because of the cost or travel restrictions. For those people, this game is the closest they’ll ever get to a Disney park atmosphere.

I know that you have received a huge amount of complaints from the community regarding the Big Quest a couple weeks back. Yes, we complained. Yes, we were angry at the way the quest was handled. Yes, alot of people threatened to quit the game. But, they haven’t and they won’t. We get over it, we move on. We go back to playing Fireworks or Pirates or Mansion. We go back to building our rooms. We look forward to the Host Events and sit in line, sometimes for hours, for a chance to get into a Host room. We have spent thousands of hours in this game, sometimes too many hours. To just shut us down now is not fair and it’s not very Disney. What would Walt do?

I’m just asking you to please reconsider shutting the game down. Charge to play if that’s what it takes but don’t just take it all away. Start a poll. Ask the players yourself what THEY want.

I thank you for listening. I hope you’re listening.

VMK Player TrinaBird

Plz I would like to make reservations to go on stike at main street, main street north east if thats ok with u i would suggest maybe friday May 2 plz contact me thanx
Dear vmk, Vmk is a good site for little kids and out in the internet there is not very many kid friendly games. Think about it. This is a one of a kind game and we will not let close. We go on STRIKE.
Please don’t close down VMK. I love it so much and i had so much fun with it. When i found out that VMK is closing down i almost cried. Also i finally go alot of rare iteams but that is not the big thing. You had VMK and don’t close it down for really no reason. Everyone wants VMK to stay so please let it stay for along time.My sister and i always used to go on afterschool and have so much fun and i don’t want that to end…….. ( i am crying right now) I am crying because i always had so much fun and i don’t want it to go away so PLEASE PLEASE save VMK and don’t shut it down. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats! 100,000 hits! You are awsome!
Hi runners of vmk, As a personal player, Ifeel that it is kinda unfair that you should close such a public, open, well known, favorite place of kids(and teens). We make so many new friends and it would hurt us deeply if you closed it. plz consider our requests to keep vmk open and also answer the question as to why you’d close it.
so i played because it was a connection to kids and a connection away from reality. When my friends hated me and my parents where mad at me, Vmk lifted my spirits. It was an escape but it also gave me life lessons. It gave me a since of responsibility with my actions and with “credits” aka money. I have learned cooping skills and social skills that i just wouldn’t have learned if vmk never existed.
the funny part is, My birthday is May 21,
happy birthday to me
I cant believe vmk is closing! I went on there everyday! I couldn’t find my happy place here in real life and vmk ALWAYS made me feel better. I hope these comments will change the minds of the people who want to close vmk. Vmk is a great family and friends. Vmk has magic for everyone! Please dont shut down vmk! Dont shut down! You are our last hope!!!! :'(
The site that brought us all togather is splitting us up! save vmk for all!
If vmk closed i would hate disney i wish i could boycott you guys rock i cant wait till vfk opens but we totally need vmk
this isnt fair!!!
i loved vmk even tho i have only been playing it for about 2 years i had so much fun! i live in a place with no kids at all so im pretty bored most of the time than i foung VMK, now im going to be bored out of my mind because they are closing it. i had the best of friends there a can tell u all my 151 friends were awesome and are all going to miss VMK. please dont close. i sure VFK will be just as good the thing is that i want to be able to still talk to my old friends from VMK. to all my friends and to VMK i’ll miss you!
Its hard 2 think in 18 days vmk will be gone! When I think about I wonder who will play VFK will any of my vmk friends play it? I wonder what they’ll do with there lives so please its heartbreaking to think vmk is closing so plz dont close! – THE BEST MEMORIES I’VE EVER HAD ON THE INTERNET! So dont close!
Liam Morris
Some People say Disney’s VMK is closing due to the lack of funding.. Well VMK Has helped u sell DVD’s And Maybe more tickets for your parks. Many kids who play vmk see that these Items you prmote on the game look cool and draws them out to buy it and really enjoy it. VMK has brought me through alot. And Also to meet new Friends. And if people pay for Clubpenguin Or ToonTown would the pay for VMK? YES!!!!!!!!! THEY WOULD DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys VMK rocks (like me) and we can’t let it close but also there’s a new website called VFK (virtual family kingdom)It sounds like fun (also like me) But still we can’t let vmk close!!!!!!! I’m not sure how but somehow we have to let everyone that works for vmk know how we feel. Because vmk is awesome (once again like me) Oh and one more thing I rock I’m fun I’m awesome and here’s a new one I’m beautiful!!!!!!
To me VMK means a whole different way of life! When you go on vmk there is no such things as only a couple of minutes! You get addicted to the online game! Plz dont close vmk!
save vmk so many ppl have gone on and made best friennds. nobody wants it to close if it does everyone will loes best friends they made on vmk. i have no friends at school my only friends are on vmk plz don’t take that away from me. plz SAVE VMK
It’s so unfair that this is happening! I love vmk! We have to do something about it!!! Ahhh! It’s murder!
I Love VMK! =] How could Disney do this! But I don’t care because there is a new virtual kingdom coming! I am sad about VMK Leaving But I also Can’t wait till VirtualFamilyKingdom Comes:)~ <3 I Love Disney!
you cant close vmk its so sad all the friends in other states have memberships and that how we communicate. i love vmk and i just started getting rare things plz plz plz dont close vmk!!!!!!:( it will make my life – – that less intresting and sad i love vmk and you cant close it because every member on vmk will lose and their work and time getting cool things oh plz plz plz dont close:(
There are so many things I have to say about VMK, that truthfully, I don’t know where to start. I must say that what kids need the most these days is a safe place on the internet to hang out with friends and be able to play and chat, knowing that it’s impossible to use bad words, give out personal information, and that everything on the whole site is completely clean. This is a place that our parents trust, and it’s a place that thousands of kids everywhere and of every age have discovered. And now it’s going to be taken away from us. Whenever it’s gone, what’s left for us to do? Sure there are other sites, but what about all the great friends we’ve made on VMK? Some of us live so far away from each other, and it’s totally impossible to ever speak to each other again. I know I’ve made some awesome friends on VMK; and I will never forget them, with or without VMK. I don’t know if anyone else out there feels the same way I do when it comes to WDW or Disneyland. But Disneyland is located across the country from my home, and WDW, even though we live closer to it than Disneyland, it still takes many hours to get there. And since WDW is really expensive and I belong to a pretty big family, our time there is limited. We only get to go once every three years and only for a week. But the way I feel when we first cross through the gates is worth the wait. Because when I’m there, I feel like I’m on top of the world, like everything going on in my life is drained out of my mind, like everything I’ve ever dreamed of or wished for came true, like magic actually exists. And when I wake up every morning of that week and I’m in a Disney hotel, I smile, knowing I get to feel that way another day. But when that week is over, I cry. I cry because I know that the enchantment of WDW is put on hold for another three years. But when I get home from that eight hour road trip, I log on to VMK, because in a way, I have the same feelings when I go there virtually that I have when I go to WDW physically! Of course, nothing could ever replace being at WDW, but when I’m on VMK, I feel the magic of Disney in my own living room. And it helps me get through those three years, because I know that anytime I want, I can go on a free trip to Disney that doesn’t take several hours in the car, but lasts as long as it takes to log in, and I feel the same way as I really do at the parks. And I know that the magic of Disney is never far away. There really aren’t enough words in the world to describe how I feel, but please don’t take that away from me. I am asking -no- begging you to keep that spirit of enchantment and magic alive for me and every other kid out there dedicated to VMK. Because if you take that that away, then how am I supposed to keep that Disney magic alive for myself? The point is, I can’t, and I love VMK so much. I’m completely devastated about the decision, as is every other kid, but I’m begging that you please reconsider. I would hate it if I never got to feel that Disney magic but once for a week every three years. I, and everyone I know on VMK is doing everything we can to keep VMK alive. Please make our dreams come true and SAVE VMK!!!! Thank you for your time, PRINCESSleiaGURL
Drayona Robin Denson a.k.a prettyprincessfrog
I am heart-broken after vmk and Yavn annouced that vmk would be no more than a figment of our memorys.After i got from school and martial arts and my school churus,vmk was a get away from this life to the virtual.I used to rush here to my computer and go to was overjoyed the first week of my vmk.I thought it was going to be just a game i went on every now and then,but it wasn’t.It completely wasn’t a regular comeputer game.It came out to be another version of life to me now i can communicate with friends i never knew and friends that have moved a far distance.VMK completely saved me during fourt grade FCAT.Now. i think it’s time for me to return the favor.Save vmk,you won’t regret it.Think about it with us kids,vmk could be on for the next millenium!you won’t regret this true act of kindness:)!!
Disney was very stupid to have singed the contract with sulake knowing they would not do it for ever and not tell any of the people who r registered. I have COMPELETLY lost my trust (something that is very vauleble). the Disney company should bow their heads in shame. Because now there r hundreds of thousands of kids who r probably crying and complaining which means the parents will be mad at Disney which will mean in a couple of years Disney will gradualy lose its profit. If Walt were alive he would never have let any of this happen not for the profit but because of the broken hearts of millions(tear drop).I myself hate the whole idea i even only played scince MARCH!!!!!!! AND NOW I BARELY PLAY. From, Brandon,13 CA
We hereby respectfully request that Disney please keep the ‘magic’ that is the Virtual Magic Kingdom alive, open, and available to all.”
if your wondering why i dont want you to contact me back is because now that vmk is closing i hate you yavn and so does everyone else maybe if you didnt close i would adore you but no so you take away something special to me and about i dont know 16460 people and more bye – cries –
VMK was a site I thought I would hate, but I snuck on and found it was amazing! I had another account but I was scammed and gave up but I couldnt stay off I loved it to much I had friends there I became use to ppl and without it idk what will happen to me. Also staff of VMK if you read this I know you probably dont care about the game or us, only your jobs, but try to think of us, some may not have any friends in real I know I dont! Sorry Disney but your crushing dreams not making them you crushed my dreams to someday become a staff or a CL Disney you shouldnt even be called Disney bc I know Walt wouldnt do this, he enjoyed kids he liked helping dreams come true and not be scammed or treated like dirt (which he was) now your treating kids like dirt Disney you should now be called Crusher of Dreams World you made so many kids cry and shout and be angry you advertising sites that aren’t really good for pre-teens and younger I thought teachers would know better (staff) your ruining our lives and thats all I have to say. Bye all ppl of VMK whether you hurt me or not I’ll still miss you:(
VMK was my life outside the real world. I felt safe and close to my online friends. I became so close to them that they are like my family. I am really sad at the fact vmk has to go. It is a real shame…
Ive been playing VMK for quit a while and when I heard VMK was closing, my eyes watered. My best friends are on this game. Think about the kids that found new friends and now they can’t ever talk to them again. My little sister Sydney, played VMK a lot and when she heard it closed, she became depressed. VMK is about the best game you could play on the internet right now. Think about it that’s al I want you to do.
Plz dont close down vmk, i love it so much. Dont make any website make u do anything u dont want to do. I have played vmk for such a long time and i would hate to see it leave. Another thing is ,is that my brother cant type yet so he cant go on vmk, so when he does learn how to type vmk wont be ther, and he said he wanted to play really bad. :[ And for once i feel bad for him. Just plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dont close vmk. BYE!!
hi vmk, I’m shocked that your doing this why are you gredy thats what someone said to me i know her and she plays here i’m not amused i almost stared crying is that you want to do i have a friend on vmk the-magic-man he is a close friend on vmk he is fun and i only know this boy on vmk i love vmk if you take it away i’m going to be angery and sad at the same time threre are thousens of kids who love vmk are you just going to take it away no i apuject to this ‘im only 9 not 20 not 12 not 13 croos my hart i love vmk love it love it love it email me and tell me why your closeing it plese:( from amber
Hey, i did the idea that another person wrote him – i wrote to Dr. Phil! We haven’t gotten a response yet, but here is what i said! Dear Dr. Phil , I’m sure you will be receiving many message similar to mine – regarding the common issue of a children’s and young teen’s online virtual world. Otherwise known as VMK ( virtual magical kingdom ). In April, we vmk players found out some devastating news. Our virtual world was coming to an end on May 21st. All the hard work we put into getting our virtual prizes and all of our close friendships we’ve formed on there were just a wasted amount of time. When vmk ends, it means that we will never again see our true friends on there. You may be wondering, how could such a family friendly company, run by Disney, with moral values; make such a heart breaking decision like this? That�s what all of us are asking! For some players, perhaps a large percentage, vmk is a place to escape from the real world. They may have diseases, illnesses, disabilities, or other issues that don�t allow them to explore and live life as many of us are blessed to enjoy. Vmk is their escape from their disabled life to enter a new one – filled with magic, dreams, and most importantly real friends who don�t care that the person really sitting behind the computer is in a wheelchair, or is bald from chemo , or has some other defect that the real word makes fun of. On there, they can be who they want to be and learn valuable life lessons. For the other fortunate players who do not have disabilities, vmk is a place we can go to and relax, have fun with friends and play games. And even stay connected with long distance family and friends! I ask you this, could you please ( and I beg you ) do a show on how Disney’s selfish decision is leaving thousands of children heartbroken and crying? Perhaps this can persuade Disney to reconsider closing down our online virtual world. Thank you so much for your time! Blessings, Kaitlin A. ( a vmk player as well ) 14 yeears old.
VMK Creators, A lot of people have been at VMK from the first day, some are VIP’s, and some where even born in the VMK park(says those pins). I and other members have met a lot of people and new friends on here. Yes people get banned for things they shouldn’t do, but they learn from their mistakes. Any time I get banned I feel bad and regret that I did it, but I’m writing to you because I love VMK so much and I know a whole lot of other people too that love it, so if anyone is reading this please sign the petition on saving VMK. It would be greatly appreciated. I would love to thank IsadoraQ for making the website and believing that there’s hope in saving VMK, and the VMK supporters out there. Sincerely -AceRockerHannah-
I think your ideas to save VMK really matter, and I think that after VMK sees your petition, they will change their minds about their “money making” scheme.
Alex Pink_Girly_Grace
Please dont close vmk means its means the world to me its like its a real world when im on i feel so happy like i dont have to worry about anything and my real home isn’t what i would pick and vmk is what i would pick please Dont Close!
I am a shy girl and this was a way to express myself and not feel shy.I met so many amzing friends on there, that it’s so unbareable for vmk to close and say goodbye to them.
Just to tell you when vfk ever closes i think you should do a future vmk like it should be called Also im sad about vmk’s closing so can this and vmk stay forever because i am going to miss my friends on vmk and i also cant wait for this game to come out
Dinsey why would u take this wonderful land for kids away:(? it ment alot to us i wish i could save it but i cant laone but atlest we mmigfht run into old friends and it might be better but it is really hard to forgot the great friends u made already!! i wish that all the vmk player could use the same accout i mean like tranfer the stuff to this one it would make it better so u have the same ppl on the list. I have had so much time while i ahve played vmk ( only for 3 monthes though ) i have had a great time hanging out with alot of ppl i just dont think its fair that this happens!! if i had control of vmk i would not let is close even if we didnt have enough money i would allest try to get it. i will miss these ppl the most fording, spacespookyshoes, goldensillyperson, kyela, Sonicacepoem, and retrofinalsky they where my best friends ever i haope that u change your mind disney! i will alwayzs miss my bf fording he has been kind to me with anything i need! i will miss all of u guys till the end i hope this makes u happy forever cause u guys made me. i love u guys!! p.s Disney pls chnage your choice. and last i hope u all have a great time!!
i will miss vmk so dearly why must it close down i mean it will ruin our lives forever wanna know wat i going to do i know a staff member (vmk_wolf) and i will invite her to my house and tell her my speechs why must vmk close forever its so sad i will miss it to death and i want to say to her to come here and read wat we have said and tell the owner to come to this site maybe he will get the idea of keeping vmk strong instead of closing it forever and be hated for the rest of his life it true my bff know him welll save vmk i will miss it!!!!!!!!!
if they cancel vmk they would erase all the work ppl have put into getting beta items and beta rooms. also they wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with their friends that live far away that have vmk accounts, plus some ppl create these accounts so that they can escape the real world and just not be teased or made fun of by their friends
I can’t believe Vmk is closing! Vmk is my favorite on-line game and I don’t know what I will do without it. I always come on right after school to play. I am very unhappy about Vmk closing and I think that those who want to shut this game done don’t know what they will be doing! Even though I am mostlikely the only on in my school that plays Vmk it doesn’t mean that nobody cares! I have friends that know about this and are just unhappy as I am! Vmk is not only a brilliant game that millions of people enjoy but a great learning experience as well! Before playing this I knew nothing about Disney World or Walt Disney Him self! I was able to learn so much in my years of playing Vmk that my friends and family got annoyed of me saying them all the time! I know that all the kids that play Vmk feel the same way when I say this is very hard to deel with! I don’t know what I will do in my spare time any more now that Vmk is shuting down. But my main Questin is why? Why is this happening to one of the most popular games on-line? What did all of us kids do wrong? I mean Magic is Magic! Spells are Spells! Why can’t Vmk keep being Vmk? I think that everyone, even the parents of those who play will feel sorry for Vmk. I am sure that those who own Vmk have a good reason for doing this, but is it an important enough reason to disappoint all of us who care about Vmk?
VMK players will like VFK it’s by the same people so it’ll be the same, but we need to Save VMK!!
i hate that vmk is closing now i will have nothing to do. plz support vmk prostesting by protesting in front of disneyland on the 10th (i think) vmk stay! vmk stay ! vmk stay! vmk stay vmk stay vmk stay
I am becoming very sad. I log onto VMK and go to different public rooms and see that some are very scarce. Its sad because a lot of people seem to be quitting because of this “disaster.” I just want to tell all you VMKers to stay on until the end. Make the most of your experience just in case it really does close. Don’t leave your friends behind, keep hanging out with them on VMK. They need you. We need you! Sign the petition and fight for this. – WHAT WOULD WALT DO –
After getting online after two months without VMK because of a virus my computer had… seeing that VMK is closing so soon… is terrible. I mean, there’s no reason for someone to get so obsessed over just an online game but, I have made some of my best friends on VMK. It’s a unique site and I can’t believe after all the time, money, and imagination the VMK Staff put into this project and they’re just going to delete it after so many people had loved it. It’s really shocking that they would do such a thing so we need to try our best to convince VMK.
Casey Carwell
Why do u have to end the fun and games of vmk now all summer i won’t have anything to do 🙁 plz dont close i will miss all my friends and the fun i had i <3 vmk. 🙁 Blake WE NEED TO SAVE VMK WE CANT LET IT GO TO WAST OR GO AWAY katelyn Please don’t shut vmk down its alot of fun and ever one loves it and i just got ungrounded and i need to keep this i glove it so so so much it means the world to me you can’t close it down i would be lost and i would cry all the time i mean it my 2nd life and i would lose touch of all of my friends i mean we act bad but i don’t mean that we are just having fun we at least some of us are and we need this site so so so so bad i mean it helps mean keep in touch with my friend who has a bad sickness and i can’t talk to him but i can talk to him on vmk i need this plz plz plz keeep vmk !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WISHES TO VMK ,katelyn stovall heatherv help save vmk. we want to save vmk because it a place were we have fun playing games talking to our friends and just have fun everyone love it, it the best and it is something everyone enjoys thank you! your, Heatherv P.S. safe vmk we love it and so we want to save it gabrellaminime I hate so much that VMK is closing. But if we work together I know that we can get enough signatures to prove to VMK bosses that we care enough and that they’ll keep it running. Please please please care. ACESUPERHERO You see, this could all be a joke.. Like it said in the POTC survey , Do you currently pay – to – play VMK? They could be doing this to make us beg them and our parents to make it pay to play.. Just in case it does go on pay to play , they are begging their parents to make sure if VMK does go pay to play, then they can pay.Maybe the higher range staff , just maybe , might be joking after all so we beg our parents and we all pay to play.. I don’t know if that made any sense , but i hope it does. – ACESUPERHERO Iovanna why do they have 2 close vmk down. it was so fun to play and kept ur attention. they said it wasnt meant to be left up 4 so long. if that was the case they should have closed it down when they were meant 2 close instead of letting everyone grow attached 2 the game. i am so sad =( Jessizoid why must you close down vmk? it is the best website EVER!! I will still be Jessizoid on virtual family kingdom if VMK closes down Nadia I really hope vmk doesn’t close SuperMonkey_Girl This may work! We just have to tell everyone we know who plays VMK and ask them to go to this site and tell the to “SIGN THIS PETITION!” We can do this, but only if we work together! Camille Jo Vmk maza keeana blame. Me sore de componets bea Disney! I sgoloty preteest. chiba we’re not gona take it! guitargirlrock why do you have to close vmk famouskaitlin vmk is sooo much fun so i hope this works anaclara i really, really, really, really dont want vmk to close. i bet everyone doesnt want it to happen. please dont close vmk!!!!! we all love it with our hearts. if u want t close vmk, fine then!! u will see how many ppl will have their hearts broken and their funnest adventures of life gone. i hear ppl say when i plat vmk that it is the most fun game in the world!! would u like their hearts broken too?! i agree that it is the best game ever, and i jus joined! if u close vmk, ppl will go on stirke, thats wat i heard. So plz ppl of vmk, dont let them close it!! and ppl that are trying to hurt kids the most, dont close vmk or we will all die!!!!! we guard it with our lives!!! dont close vmk!! dont close vmk!! dont close vmk!!!!!!!! ACSEagles1998 I love vmk so much that when I am bored I play then I get addicted to it. I DONT WANT IT TO CLOSE DOWN! bluelittlecutemint plz save vmk or make a new one it would mean alot to me and 25 of my friends my life will be gone if vmk is gone IGGA OOGA BOOSH BOOOOOOOM VMK IS SPECIAL TO ME AND THERE’S NOTHING ELSE I THINK IS FUN FOR ME.THINK ABOUT ME THINK ABOUT OTHER PPL OOPS I MEAN PEOPLE AND THINK ABOUT PEOPLE WHO NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO GET AN ACOUNT ON VMK.THERE PROBABLYCRYING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THEY NEVER GOT AN ACOUNT. Harplonda I have no clue y they have to close vmk for good. I think it is unfair!!!! 🙁 I really really really really really think they should NOT!!!!! SAVE VMK grrrrrrr monkey! LOL that is my x-box live thing Candy VMK Rocks Don’t Shut Us Down It is So Fun ANd it keeps kids away from bad sites 🙂 – Save VMK Today ! Hlp Out ! Hollywood Gal ( Expensive CLothes and Name Brands FOR me plz ) ! Save VMK Becuz it Rocks is the best ever it is free so i can use it and it is safe and omg did u know it is Awesome Yea it so is omg cool !!!!!!! VMK 4ever !!!! Gabrielle Pettway (candysweetqueen) vmk i think that if they dont save vmk my whole life will be ruined i mean i get on every single day after school if they close vmk this will be the worst decision of there lives and all vmk ppl should agree with me amen i love vmk and read this to save vmk plz My uncle works for vmk and he said that if every person vmk signs the petion they would keep it so tell every one you meet if you really want it to stay plz plz plz dont just tell your vmk friends tell every one on vmk plz spread the word and maybe vmk will survive!!!!!! Iceprincesskiri Hello my vmk name is IcePrincessKiri as you are probably wondering who i am i will not tell you but if you are reading this you should know that i have experienced vmk and am very saddened that it is shutting down. The VFK world i know will be a great sucess and a very entertaining experience to all but i want you to think about this comment Right here > The world is a very big place and to make it shrink is impossible < Now remember that because guess what Vmk did the impossible, they made it possible to talk to people in canada without using a cell phone and all you have to do is type a username and password ( after regestering of course) then you wait 1 or 2 minutes to load and there you have it a brand new way to talk to people all the way in canada A and so i am here to explain vmk to you all everyone who is reading and to all who are going to read. Vmk is a place that i could go if i wanted to go to disney land without paying i could go and play the games and ride the two rides they made and also make new friends and get the clothes they make for us so please please sign that petition and save vmk for me and for all who are going to play thankyou for reading and plaese sign thet petition gabs im a big fan of vmk am i want to save it! who s wit me! nicediego123123 VMK IS THE BEST WE CAN SAVE IT! cutie_jelly Vmk means fun for evrey person no matter how old or young they are vmk is a wonderful place for us to be at and remember the beautiful ideas and pictures in cartoon of disneyland (: please dont close it. Jessica i go on vmk every night when i get home from school and i will miss it so much i dont see a reason to ever use a computer again except for using it for homework maddie vmk is so cool and people love it it’s wrong to put us down but im a girl who love’s it way to much that i told every one in my school Sara or girlNicole Vmk rocks! The disopointment has had are hearts broken. It is fun to share of laughfter and friendship with everyone in my vmk family i can meet people from different countrys and learn! My heart is broken because of this i love my family and they love me. All the times with my friends have gone and have been ruiend My vmk friends Merkaty Junglerivergirl Horsebacklady Lisaa_Nicole Lisa Led_zep Joyarlene coolcowboy and much more as i have had my friendship with and my brother spart even though he does not care about vmk he is a great brother ???? ~Sara or as girlNicole in vmk brandon i glove vmk. i made friends here and it just cant go i try even to get my friends to come in but they cant.thanks for making this place. but it cant go. it just i never got to go to my friends room yet. 🙁 Courtney Hiya, This is Sweet_Courtney On Vmk I’m Asking You Can You Please Keep Vmk Open Everyone Loves It, So Much. And If You Do Not Keep, Vmk Open That Is Fine To I Love It So Much That I’ll Let It End, But Thanks For Listening To, What I Had To Say 🙂 Thx So Much. skate-er-dude if disneyland is the happiest place on earth… why is vmk closing?! Rachel VMK means alot to me beacause,I had so much good friends.VMK is so much funner then the way the vfk looks.I love VMK because there more exciting things.Please Save VMK because i love vmk.thank you katy i dont want u to close vmk is there any way to keep that particular dream alive???????? Lia Vmk was the only way for me and far away friends to connect.. due to storms in my area, i havent been on the computer for awhile… but since im on again we can chat, and play games together… If vmk closes, we’ll lose our friendship, and phones just dont do the trick.. plus to much of a cost!! Please think this over wisely, and about how much u are affecting others, and my own lives by closing vmk. Chavona Hall i love vmk its almost the first place i felt like i dont have to afeaid of who i really am it leaves me heartbroken to here they want to shut it down i could actually cry right about now piratesrawesome I have made so many good friends on vmk that i cant imagine leaving. And what will i do with all my spare time without vmk? I have been playing for less than a year and it cant stop now, why would Disney want to do something this disapointing? Mary-Caroline Please don’t close vmk! I always go on! Why are they going to close it?! This is my favorite website. It just can’t end!!!!! liltimpertoes VMK IS AWESOME! STAFF SHOULDN’T QUIT ON US AND CLOSE VMK! PLEASE STAFF JUST LET US PLAY! acestavy if we all sign the poteion they will re concider and not shut down vmk so get anyone u no to sign the potetion for vmk my heart belongs tovmk if they shut down my heratwill be broken disney dont do this because everyone loves vmk and many other people want to being playing vmk.all were asking is that give another two years to play please.vmk is a wonderful virual games to play online.thank you katie omg like dude my friend is like so depressed that it is like going to be shut down so like dont make her turn emo. thanks dayna 🙁 vmk means so much to me.. its like fun, because i can meet people who i really like. Its breaking up alot of really good friendships i have with people Katie (khakilavendermoon) VMK may be just an internet site, but to me it is a place for imagination to rome. VMK helps kids, teenagers, and even adults, get their imagination out along with dreams. And while they’re are doing it they make friends. Please save VMK! DrPapii As soon as I read that VMK was closing; which was a while ago, I was like, “That’s just not right.” We’ve all had this site for communication with other people around the world in which who knows; they can be sick and all. In VMK, nobody cares about that. We just all make friends, and say hi to everybody whom we’ve never seen before. And possibly never will, but who cares? VMK helps boost up our socialization skills. Other than all that, it’s just an amazing creation Disney came up with. It let’s other who haven’t been to Disney World know what it actually feels like to be there. They won’t have to miss out. And sometimes, that’s the dreams of people; to go to Disney World for once in their life. VMK is the only thing that can help them; unless they actually go. Please, don’t shut it down. Everybody has made a lot of friends on this, possibly their only ones they’ve ever had. It helps kids; in some way, it does. It’s a fun way to entertain your boring time. I mean, come on.. Just don’t shut it down, please. ]: We all just beg.. /: Abby Hi 🙂 cleanspotlesssnow dont close vmk plz!:( samantha I love vmk so much that I wish I could play it everyday. Me and my bff’s play it allthe time. We wish that we all can save vmk. KGtheKid vmk sould stay opened there is no better place then it and if i have to regret all the hours i played this then i am shore u will be hear in from me! Wavearly Since Sulake controls VMK we have to write to Disney about encouraging a huge contract. We just have to promise to give Disney enough money to keep the contract, since Sulake may be greedy since Disney wants us to be happy and Disney will pay Sulake. We need to write to Sulake telling them about how much we love VMK and that they need to keep it open, and we all beg. SPREAD THE WORD!!! Kailey (Kallei) I cant believe that disney is being so heartless and shutting down one of the most popular disney websites ever.Vmk is one of the few places where you can live without problems. AlTheFireMan If walt Was Still Alive So Would Vmk It Was Never His Dream To Wreck Our Dreams. mic-mouse why would people want to close vmk it is fun!!! I think vmk should stay open and not close May 21st!! SO I SAY NO, DON’T CLOSE VMK!!! prettyaveragesand VMK has been the world for us and we would hate to see it go away. Dont let any website tare down what u have been doing for a life time, and what people love so much. Because an infanant amount of people love going on vmk, and people have met a lot of friends and just so they could chat online. Dont worry we love vmk much better than that club penguin or any other website. We are begging u not to close dowm. John Vmk.. eh decent shuld stay open tho miss.little.ace Vmk is my life. I moved to a new city away from all my friends. But on vmk i can get on and talk to all of them.(well if they are on.) and if it shuts down i will not be able to talk to any of them. plz oh plz let vmk stay. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Linnae This is the way my friend that lives in a different town talk. i cant give her my phone # vmk is the only way we chat,we need to do something! pastangel vmk rules!!!!! disney has no right to take it away from us >:[
hi i am sparky_purple_rose on vmk and if u want to find me in my room i can help save vmk so why dont u guys stop by
Man i totally agree… I have met some amazing people on vmk. Sadly, I am not longer able to go on it, because of my own computer issues, but It is still VERY VERY important to me. I have kept contact with some of my best friends from this amazing site. Please please dont take this away from other people, they will be heartbroken, as I was.
I don’t believe vmk is closing. So many people are mad and very sad. So please Disney don’t close vmk. No one wants it to close except you. I have had good experiances on vmk for such a long time and it is my favorite game in the whole world. Vmk is the only game i play. I do not personaly think that vmk is addicting but i guess some people do. Anyway please Disney do not close vmk. Eveyone gloves it. You will be ruining so many people’s lives if you close it. Well i know u already did but re-open it please. SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been homeschooled my entire life. I have a bad sickness and I cant do anything but stay in bed every day. My mom bought a laptop and I played vmk. I was no longer ill in bed and months later my sickness got better and better because I had been social and worked my brain they said. I am now better and so long bed! I am now going back to the illness. SAVE ME!!!
Jassy Jas
Hey u guys… if u dont want to lose all your best vmk friends create an aim or yahoo messenger with your vmk chaacters name as your account name.:)
I wish that we could use codes over again. Any way VMK please don’t close i have played this game for two years!!!
i want vmk to stay becouse i have really good friends and they are really nice and if vmk closes i will never get to hear or speak to them again. please keep vmk!!!! please, please, please, please, please, please
Vmk is awesome! They shouldnt close it down. I hope they dont cancel vmk
Jared L.
Vmk closeing is I of the worst things ever happening, vmk is my life i failed so many times in school only because i wasnted to play vmk this game is apart of our hearts and for us to let go is like kill my self who ever created vmk should just sell the idea and let vmk stay the way it is, if i had the money i would hire ppl to run vmk but i am so poor i have a hard time affording this computer. If anyones out there i ask plz help dont let vmk fall lets keep it standing! Forever!
i really love vmk it rocks why does it have to close you know people have made great friends on vmk and now they wont be able to stay in touch VMK ROCKS!
It’s a shame, but the bottom line is the bottom line. Would you be willing to pay to play VMK?
hi vmk i love vmk so so so so much its so fun it rocks and my parents love it to dont close it plz plz its so much fun tho plz plz dont close.
Wasn’t it walt who said his parks were never finished? So keep VMK open and add new things. But please don’t close VMK and as i type this i think i type it for all of us when i say: Please don’t close VMK everyone loves it! I have some amazing friends and it’s hard to let go hust keep the old VMK and make people pay! They would because they love just like me!
why do u have to do this????!!!!!
hey i really like vmk it is my life plz plz Plz Plz dont shut it down and if u do all i ask is WHY?
Plz dont close vmk bc its a fun place and i have made alot of friends there. But i have not been so nice to mscini and i wish to be her friend again b4 vmk closes. Keep the Magic alive. Besides i just got dream ears from the treasure detector magic. That is something i have wanted since i first started playing. KEEP THE MAGIC ALIVE! SAVE VMK! IsadoraQ, you rock! See you on Vmk ppl!
Mad and Sad. It’s honestly not fair at ALL. And no i wont thank Disney for the time they gave me to play i wont, I want to continue playing this game Because if i thank them all they will say is We keep vmk open as long as we could.blach blah,. I will go stinkin’ talk face to face if thats what it takes. And i read so comments about the disabled kids that VMK has mentally and i guess emotionally and PHSICALLY helped. And i don’t think VMK understands what they are doing to people around the World. If VMK isnt changing there mind by now, There is a stinkin’ news report on it! Come on. Its pretty sad that you wont change your mind. And yeah you say theres 100s of other games on so? Those games are.g…-nvm-stupid. Not near as fun. So change your mind
Vmk means every thing to me because the people on there are very nice they chat and other so i’m trying to tell you if you know some one who workes for the Vmk thing tell them DON’T CLOSE VMK it means a lot to me
I felt like i was losing a piece of my heart when i heard vmk is closing. I suggest we send letters and e-mails to the staff of disney? If It Doesn’t work i will miss all my best friends and vmk altogether.
i don’t get it everybody goes on vmk so there shutting everyone down which is dumb so many people are on their computers so the electricity bill is going to decline so not as many people are going to get paychecks making thousands more unhappy with disney so overall there is like 5,000 people mad
I just want to say that I don’t leave near Disneyland or Disneyworld. By being on VMK, it made me feel that I was there! Don’t go away I don’t want VFK I want VMK!
to me vmk was pretty cool but i am glad it is shutting down it did stinck i am looking forward to virtual family kingdom
I am sooo mad that vmk is closing it makes me sooo mad!!
Listen VMK!! There are a lot of people who like VMK and have made a lot of friends online and are gaining support from people who only judge them by their personalities. I think that if you close down, you will be hurting a lot of people and that you are going to be ruining everyones lives!!
Hi…It’s a realy sad thing to be closing vmk because I love this place I really do, I wont forget the memories of the frist day when tomorrowland opened, and when i frist signed on……it’s a same vmk is leaving and i’ll and may other people will miss it to……I guess 2008 isn’t a good year for me…with my 2 favorite teachers being fired and now vmk closing…….well…if that what you want so be it….
we gotta stick together to Save VMK!!! i cant live without it its like… MY LIFE!!! i would never ever quit and im never thinking of it BUT VMK is like the best Site for kids ever!! so we gotta save VMK i would give my life for it so please help us all SAVE VMK!
Why are you shutting v.m.k. down! Everyone I know(and me)love it so you just cant shut it down! It is the best online game ever that is awesome. If you care for the people you will keep it!!!!!!!!!!
i love vmk i want to keep playing i am not new to vmk but i got on vmk in january 2008 and i want more vmk and my friends are the greatest i dont what them to go some are weird btu nice and i will die if it leaves i learnd lots of slang like rofl tyvm ppl and zmk is so cool plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dont close vmk almost every body love vmk so much that they are asking you if we can keep vmk. KEEP VMK!
i love vmk keep it ppl love vmk just because we can live a life that is fake but real and like i come to vmk every day after school and talk to my friends i feel free and it feels like i can do everything vmk is more to me than soda and cand vmk is a nother side of me and i feel like i can fly when i see that ten min. heads up i cry i dont want vmk to take a break some on line words stay on untill like 3:00 why cant vmk stay on until 9:00pm on the weekdays and 3:00pmon the weekends dont cose vmk it is like a new family person plz from the bottom of my heart keep vmk. plz i will be so 🙂 if vmk stays dont let me cry 🙁
Hallie Heffernan
What VMK means to me is when kids from all over connect and make friends. I love VMK, it is my favorite thing on the Internet, but it can’t be anymore because it is closing. PLEASE! EVERYBODY! SAVE VMK!
vmk means everything to me if im bored i will just go on vmk and talk to my friends and i wont be bored anymore i mean excited for vfk to open but i will pretty much miss my friends 🙁 and i will miss everything there and i just started to get rare stuff so im really sad! 🙁 VMK DONT LEAVE US!
vmk is not just a virtual world to most of it is our life. I have made wonderful friends on vmk and ill never see them again its so sad! Yeahtoast, Rainbow_rose, Running_diva, and pinkcooldolphin are my closet friends! with vmk gone i will never get to talk to them or play games with them, i look forward coming home from school because that means i get to chat with all of my friends! Im so sad that they are closing! It needs to stay up!
how can you stand shuting down my vmk and my life how could you stand torchering us kids and shuting down our life you really really should keep it up if there is any way yuo can kee pit open i dont want to lose my friends if i go onto vfk and that is cool how you made it colonial but i really damaned to keep it open vmk is my life and you dont even play on plz plz plz plz plz plz keep it open i glove oh i mean love vmk it is my life
VMK has helped my kids to learn to read, write and use the computer to make new friends. As a working Mother, those few precious hours of peace during the week when I know they are playing non violent games in a safe environment are very important to me, and the kids are horrified that VMK may be closed down. I hope this is not just some sort of publicity stunt, and if it is then it is very cruel. Please lets keep these kind of magical games going! Thanks, Emma
We need to send the petitions to WDIG on May 11,2008!
I am outraged with VMK closing!But why i am outraged is because Disney has the nerve to open up a NEW vmk when we already like this game.I didn’t know why i cried because it was a computer gme,but i finally know why i cried.I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!I am actually crying a little right now because of all of our hard work and they are now smashed to nothingness by Disney.Walt wouldn’t have done this EVER!!!!i feel the nerve to protest at Disney.This is a battle and Disney can win it,us kids can win the war.i feel like-,i feel lik-.I don’t know what i feel like because this game has truly been near and dear to my heart.I just can’t imagine what my life would be like without VMK being around.The day that i found out vmk was closing i cried and cried and cried and criend.I can’t imagine life without vmk at all.To me,this is like when my grandfather died to high blood pressure.I was so happy because i finally got a flip hat and some tron and my dream room,too.vut that day was like the civil war for me.I made rooms with speeches about vmk closing and i said colors to wear if u wanna save vmk.i feel nothing without the rush of vmk when i get home from school.I’ll even miss the scammers even though scammers succeded with scamming me. I even wanna protest Disney and Yavn for breaking the news.I feel nothingness with the thought of vmk closing,nothingness.I thought Disney was the place that dreams came true,well,now i see Disney’s true colors.Thank You for reading this message and cotinue working to keep VMK alive forever.:).Keep our dream alive.
drayona(a.k.a prettyprincessfrog)
My heart will go on where ever you the song My Herat Will Go On,from the hit movie, heart won’t go on without vmk ever again!It’s like Danity Kane’s song Damaged,like what Disney has done to us. Sincerey,Drayona Robin Denson
hi! i love this website and i was looking at my friend list when one of my friend’s said to go on so i did and now whenever i am on vmk i walk around asking people to go on!
I have been playing VMK for a little over two years. That was when I played toontown. I was talking to my friend on the phone and we were on and she said, “Go to! It’s sort of like a toontown!” So I went on and I was amazed at how safe and friendly it was. I called my dad up to come and see it and he checked it out and approved. I play daily and I’m greatly astonished how many new players come on. I try to help others and others try to help me as we build up to virtual friendships. To take away a game so kid-friendly is really upseting and disloyal to many. Some of my best friends are on VMK, and to lose them all- well let’s just say it won’t ever be the same. VMK gives me a chance to escape from all the problems of reality and talk to my friends and not have to worry about anything! I was recently given a pair of free dream ears by someone who was going to quit VMK because of this closing. That meant I had all the mickey ears except for the silver. I will never be able to get the silver if VMK closes. I get on mostly for the costumes and friends. My friends and I get the same costumes then we match! We have oh so much fun on VMK, and it’s really disappointing when they decide to take that freedom away. Please, please sign this VMK petition if you care at all about what I just said! Thanks. -iLindsey
i really want vmk to stay open plz make it happen i can not live without vmk i love vmk
Rana ( real ) aka susiey ( VMK )
Its not fair! of course vmk wasn’t meant to last 4ever but it couldve lasted more! Why cant they just stop the close and get on with it? and think about the staff. They wont have any jobs if they close vmk. Think about all of us. All the children with their hearts shattered to pieces. VMK holds lots of our lives, in fact, half of our real life. Most of my friends are in vmk, and its good cuz they wont see me and they wont judge me by what i look but what is under that. If they close vmk they’re closing most of the disney fans love to disney. They might think vmk is just a game but to me its my fun-time life and without vmk its a meaningless life.
jajaa_lOves skiittles lmaO
dOnt shutt dOwn vmkk i havee learnedd alOt frO
ok i heard vmk is closing i was all scared and so i just scresmed and i went every ere to help save vmk i was so sad and i dont know about vfk it does not look that fun so idk wat i will do when vmk closes and i have a vmk magic and so if anyone wants to send me a message my username is simba12344 if u dont have on get on at its is fun and if you have on if you would like to send me a message go ahead and send me on i send back ASAP ok so back to the whole vmk closing thing i cant think of vmk closing its my life and im so sad and its thins month that vmk is closing and thst is why im really sad today and all of this month and the reast of my life and i dont want vmk to close but it has to 🙁 and to all my vmk friends ill miss ya
i think that if everyone signs the petition that vmk members will keep vmk.i wish they don’t close,do you?everyone who goes on vmk should sign the petiton.even if your not a vmk fan you can still sign.please saveeee vmk ‘-‘
Sarah Caitlin Martin
vmk is one of my and my friend’s only sources of fun. Please don’t shut it down! 🙁
Everyone on VMK takes the time to make friends, credits, and items…. and if vmk closes… all the friendships will be broken, credits made worthless, and items dissapear. Keep the Magic of VMK alive!
plz plz plz don’t close vmk. it’s the best online world. trust me. hey vmk owner and workers, here’s a good idea: why don’t you only leave vmk open for players who are already on? other people who are new and want to play can play to, if they pay a little. it’s kinda like the way club penguin makes you pay. plz plz plz don’t close it! by the way, if u don’t like this idea, i bet you could come up with something else. thank you very much.
almost everyone i knew loved vmk. even my parents. it was so safe and nothing could be reaveled! i am excited about virtual family kingdom but i dont want the magic of vmk to go away! thank you for running it as long as you could but even my friends dont want it to go away. buying stuff and being able to talk to people was a blast and staff kept everything safe. it was enough to keep me playing for hours and i loved that feeling. please again dont take all of our fun away. thank you for litening
Aww I glove vmk so much and I have so much rare:(
Harlin Mae
Vmk is the only disney thing that kids can play on for free and most of us vmk players have work long and hard for our stuff. its not fair if disney closes it down because we love it and i am speaking for all who love this website so please try to keep it around for a few more years of longer!!! please please please
Why should we boycott Disney? Think about the hotel managers, the food service, the imagineers, they didn’t have anything to do with closing VMK. Just one specific group, which we need to find out. The experience of a Disney park is amazing, I know that boycotting isn’t the best way to solve a problem. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest people ever, did boycott. But his speeches and powerful words of peace I think conqueared the most minds to give African’s rights. So use speeches and go to Disneyland. Much love, Wavearly
Omg! How can vmk close on us like this! I made so many friends and i dont want to lose them! If i never see them again i will…idk. i am so sad that i will never see them. vmk is a place to ppl to meet others. i would laugh so hard for almost no reason. i would get on when i was down, and wanting someone to talk to. or happy and wanting to share the news. or just for no reason, except to talk with my friends! whoever is shutting it down needs to think of the ppl who need it. think of ppl like me and everyone else on it! i have comforted, been comforted, laughed with and at my friends :). all the memories! i dont want everyone’s memories to die with vmk like im sure the will. and just so u ppl know, im crying and dying right now. i wish i never made a vmk, cause now im addicted. VMK LUVR 4EVER ALLI P.S. on VFK my name is going to be devil.hearted.gurly ,look for me!
i think they should keep vmk because i just got the space pin and all magic exept for bat and i have really been working hard to get coool things and alot of points and my acount is really good now!
I honestly love VMK. I have been on it for 4 years, and it is so much fun. It has provided me with safe internet fun when my parents aren’t home, and when I am sick and bored. VMK should stay alive because its a part of Dusney! This is like the Magic Kingdom closing! PLEASE KEEP VMK ALIVE!!!!
Why did whoever who started VMK shut it down?!?!?! VMK was the still is and I will always love it, and it will always be in my heart..VMK,Virtual Magic Kingdom! I MISS YOU AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!!If anyone wants to be my friend on VFK i’ll be known as ( NoahLindseyCyrus )
Mik E.
Guys. I know VMK is making a big mistake but at least they are making a new VMK. It won’t be so bad. At least there will still be a virtual world we will come to love in time. Just give it a chance. I’m sure the people who made vmk possible are sad they have to give it up too. They have to do what they have to do. What if one of those people working there really loved vmk, but she has to listen to her boss because she needs money. You could be hurting people you don’t even know. Just give virtual family kingdom a chance. Please?
—>–KiErA—>— [ [ duneprincess ] ]
Hey you guys, I’ve been playing VMK since it started. Im VERY DISAPPOINTED to see it only worry is “What will I do over the summer??!” LOL. I hope people for our beloved Virtual Magical Kingdom, sign up with the new Virtual Family Kingdom(VFK). I really hope that all of these signatures help. SAVE VMK!!!!! [ [ look up duneprincess too so i can meet u 🙂 ] ]
hey vmk is a great place to express yourself if they close vmk there is nothing its like life is dark but please don’t close
tike or tiffani
plz dont shut vmk down, it’s so cool to come on vmk with your friends and well its something to do , vmk gets u away from your parents lol well it does i ? u vmk
I told every one of my friends on vmk to sign the petition and they did!!! then i went to the Blue Bayou and told everyone go to save and sign the petition!! and most of them did and at my school i told a bunch of my friends to go on here and sign and they all did even my teacher!! but we need something else i have been protesting on vmk for weeks you should too! form a group and protest!! you know what is really sad my friends just got dream ears and now its closing no fair!! sign this petition today! and tell all your friend s to also!!
don’t shut down vmk i’m ordering you not to
I will work as hard as I can to keep the dream alive!
don’t go vmk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ppl just to let you know IsadoraQ is one of my best friends on VMK .:-:. frog (‘(II)’) pig ..:- duck people I love ya all who want vmk to stay it’s like my second home I love it I want it to stay!!
Hi! i really hope this petition works. Vmk is my home. it’s the only place i can get rid of my feelings so i wont get mad at people. please be my friend. please respond to me! BYE XOXOXOXOX Gal To Gossip
I have noticed, there were a lot of things vmk said they would do but never did. Example: The CL’s returning, the substatoution for the hidden mickey’s, and a lot of other things. Also, if VMK closes on May 21’st, why is there a June calander on there site? Hmmm.
see ppls, i don’t want to sount evil or anything, but get over it! i mean i know we all love vmk, but if you’re seriously upset because they’re closing it, you need to get a life. go to, it is awesome, go ahead and pre-register it opens may 22nd the day after vmk closes, it is going to be BETTER the vmk, just give it a chance!!! love ya!
im really sad that vmk is closeing because i gave us kids something to do or have fun i only went to disney land once an vmk is like me going back to disney land for the second time so plz dont close vmk your crushing all of walt disneys hopes an dreams! ):
This is the best idea to come up with. i dont get why VMK has to take away someone so valuable to us.
Thank you for making this petition. VMK is awsome and they cannot close it We love && care about VMK && if they see how many people sign it maybe they won’t close it.. Again thank you!!
They cant close vmk they just cant me and all my friends love to play and… they just cant close vmk!!!
Pennybelle Email:
Please dont shut vmk down!!!!!!! I go on it everyday 🙁 I really LOVE it!! Im begging you!!!!! Think of this: If vmk shuts down u will lose 150 virtual freinds!!! Pleaseeee Pennybelle 🙁
i really don’t want vmk to be closed down because i really enjoy playing on it and having fu smashing things. i am not the only one who loves to play on it with all of us together they won’t want to shut it down.
Lauren (the-pirate-queen)
My best friend introduced me to VMK last fall. She helped me come up with my character name and showed me the basics. When we found out VMK was closing we were just..kinda depressed that our favorite game and home-away-from-home was going to be taken from us. Some of my friends on vmk I’m never going to forget. (Kool, Eagle, Dance, Crazy and Court) I’ll never forget them. -Lauren aka the-pirate-queen or Pirate
sup se if u can find me on vmk and plz let vmk stay open plz
kayleigh/aceice shark
vmk u cant do this bc yavn saiid on sep 07 2008 that they promiss not to brack that but they did but u know wat they cant!!!!!!!!!!
kelsi young
Why are u shutting down vmk? VMK ROCKS!!!!!please save vmk!
i am so sad that vmk is closing! i have tried other similar wesites like pirates of the carribean online and paid for it also club peguin and nothing compares to vmk! It is such a excting place where i could just have like a second care-worry free life! i am 13 and i stil love to play vmk! I can not think of any reason why disney would want to close vmk. I would be willing to pay for it and everything! wow i am on vmk now and i really dont know what i would do without it! i got banned for like one day and was miserale witout it! does anyone even know why they are closing?!?!!?!
every on think about the good time u had a vmk. We all hope to save it but do u really think we can. I really wantg to save it but i dought it will stay, later! (bluegreenhero)
there are alot of people who need this site!! many need cuz of parents not letting them go on other sites!! at my skol we are all not likeing this at all people are just crazy!!im in middle skol and kids are crazy ,thatz crazy!! all i am asking is that so many people work so hard for pins and other things on vmk!! all i am asking is that u stop this plz plz!!=(
Disney’s heart is as black as night. Better yet, they have no heart. I don’t feel this way because they’re closing a game, but this was an escape for people, a place where they could take refuge from the real world for a chance. It was home for them.
I will forever miss VMK. I still believe that we can fight this, but if we fail in this protest, we’ll always Virtual Family Kingdom. This feels like the segregation protest almost. It’s like natrual VMK history right here. We need to fight for what we believe in, no matter what. I’m just so scared, though. The VMK staff do NOT know how many people their affecting by shutting us out of the kingdom. We ruled this kingdom for 4 in a half years, we controlled it. It was a place to be happy, no harm. Every little boy or girl knew they were safe. But we still question if it’s the closing of the kingdom for good, or the closing of the kingdom for OUR OWN good. We can win this, and we WILL win this.
I hate that VMK is closing! Walt would never do this but you have!!
Lily – neokara
My friends are who I talk to in times of need, how can they take away soething so dear to us! My parents dont get the fact that the people on there are pretty much like my brothers and sisters. I learned to spell, ype faster, and trade better on vmk. I thought we would grow until we dont like vmk anymore on there. Yet they decieded it’s just gonna dissapear. How can we let this happen to us? If we try hard enough we can keep it going maybe a month more or up to two years. I’m not saying vmk should close I’m saying dont close right now let us get ready. Let us have more time. We need vmk to keep going! Thanks to this friends: Rose Dude – a Dude – d Atom Daisy Adventure Aye neani Bubble Blue Aqua alik nicoletti Dance Glow Amazing Gracie And Many many More!!!! Lily – neokara
vmk is not only fun it helps you because it can help u meet people and learn to spell words so dont close plz dont save vmk!!
vmk the kids seem to love it so dont close !! my bff loves it and is crying because it is going to close !! ps my bff mackenzie
VMK why are you doing this there are thousands of players that play everyday and we all love VMK. You cant take that away from us… So please dont close vmk.. it would be a horribe mistate and just think about all the people that have spent money on the cards. Like my friend she has spent at least a hundred dollars getting cards like bird and gold ears. You cant do this to us VMK please dont
i am so happy u made this site but how are you going to show disney it? or wat are u gonna do with it??
plz save vmk plz im beging you
please dont let vmk go!!! please i beg you i love vmk it is sooooo fun!
i dont think vmk should close down because, i have made so many trustworthy friends and i dont wanna loose them they’re the only people i can trust . and ive gotten so addicted to vmk that i am gonna cry when vmk closes. my life has fell apart since i have known that vmk is closing down. Thanks for your time. lets hope vmk does NOT close!! 🙁
vmk means so much too me almost my whole family plays it and my friends! i only do my homework so i can play vmk!!!i would cry if it disappeared on me lots of people play what is wrong with it?we i mean the people of vmk care so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH!!!i want to know why u must close it down and make a family kingdom u will not have as much players in the family kingdom as you did in the magical kingdom i know that because people of seen the video and thought it was boring there was this giant conversation about that with lots of people!!i mean tons of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why do u have to shut it down i mean you probably get about 200 reports a day but they have to deal with it not u people!!We are standing up for what we belive in and care about it keeps us busy when there is nothing too do but so many people are bored now because they are leaving so they wont have to see it or hear about it.i love vmk so much and so does my sister my brother my cousin my 18 friends also love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They love it more than any other game in the world!! when i first heard about vmk closing i thought it was a joke but now i know that u are just hurting peoples feelings i was really sad but also happy at the same time because so many people took away there trade rooms cute or boot idol boys ask girls to dance and much much much more!!They all opened save vmk rooms and lots of people came i no we cant save vmk but we are trying to show u that we care we would stop being mean and trying to find away to say bad words they would stop that they really really really really would so i say dont close vmk its breaking many hearts and many feelings vmk isnt just a game or something to play when your bored its a treasure the best treasure in the world that a kid could have so i say dont close vmk and everyone i mean EVERYONE would would agree with me!!! Im fabprincess
you people are crazy you know how much people love this web site i herd yavns talk and i am not happy! why don`t you people think a next time about this one more time so you do not break my heart and every ones heart to my bad birth day is that day why do you make my birth day so hard like this
Why is vmk shutting down i don’t understand why they would do that when we are have sutch a great time on it and we are making friends that are becoming more and more close to us.
Sasha ( iceamazing )
Hi Everyone, on VMK im iceamazing. I think that closing vmk is a BAD idea! I mean vmk is kind of like a playful home, yea some kinds are bad, but they learn. Closing vmk down really means that your closing kids dreams down, and I think that is A SHAME! All kids who join vmk have an intrest in it, and we dont want to lose that intrest. So plz change your mind Disney people, PLEASE DONT SHUT DOWN VMK! 🙂
i would never want VMK to close i made many friends
Shae Gutrick
please do not close vmk! it is the best game in the world and i would be hurt if u closed it sincerly, shae a.k.a TrackPrettyDolphin
TEll vmk we care!!! I dont want it to end and i dont want it to closesave vmk!! HURRY!! SAVE VMK!
hi i love vmk and would like to pay to help u people out and save vmk there are to many rumors about vmk being a scam. I think and know thats not true i love vmk have a nice day!
plz post somehing about VMK and save vmk quest on vmk. i g2g bye
dont leave i love it here
Good luck!
I love VMK I have played for a long time since I was Ten One of my friends told me she tried to get her kids to play and they Loved it I’m just now getting all new rare stuff, The new game sounds like a lot of fun but do you really have to close the best game (VMK) to do it?!?!
Dear sir or madam: VMK means alot to me. i an meet my friends here. i’m going to middle school next year and i’m not gonna be with my friends. VMK can let me know when there moving .plus, VMK is just plain fun with and without friends, and it can cheer me up on a bad day. without VMK i wouldn’t know how to spend my weeks. All in all, thank you for cosidering my concerns.
My older sister had introduced me to VMK some time ago, and I instantly got hooked on it. But about a month later, my sister went off to college. I rarely see her, but we still keep in touch on VMK. I’m glad something is going to replace VMK, and I know VMK will in fact close, but I just want to say how much VMK has helped me make new friends in a safe enviromnet and help me keep in touch with my sister. Thank you to whoever made VMK…thank you so much.
the best online game ever. since i found you out i would only go on vmk every single day. when i found out it was closing i told my frind and we were both sad. also she cried. vmk is a best best firnd to me. so don’t close because there will not be a ga,e like you!!!!
hey im pink also a former vmk player. I have been playing since it opened and had gotten very rich and had gotten a lot no a ton of rare stuff. I am NOT gonna just loose all the hard work now.
i have had a wonderful experience in vmk it was like the only way to make friends across the globe i am not happy with the closing vmk idea… 🙁
I recently went to WDW and enjoyed EVERY bit of it. While I was there, I noticed that the VMK cards, and codes are no longer in stock. Four years ago, I was unable to get a tour about VMK, so a kind worker for WDW told me all about it, and gave me around 30 VMK cards. Ive been a fan ever since VMK has opened, and im deeply sadened they would consider such a thought. I hope they reconsider, since this is a huge help to Disney, and it helps hundreds of kids around the world get by. If VMK doesn’t stay open, I will understand, but will be horribly mad. haha But anyways, the owners of VMK should reconsider, because VMK was a great sucess. A long time VMK player, ForeverLikeThis (A.K.A – Prettygeorgeous)
I really hope that this will work! I love VMK and am so mad that it might be shutting down. You had a great idea on making this website! Thanks for atleast trying!
I think you should not shut down vmk becouse I have a great time and like to hang out there.
I am so sad! one of my friends was just discovering vmk when, the day after, no one could create another account! i just cant believe how aweful this is!
hey, vmk has to stay alive, how could they even think to close it?! its not just a promotion, its a family, a community.
i love that u r doing this keep on going do not stop cause i love vmk
i dont know why they even considered closing vmk. but i know it will work if we keep on trying
i cant believe vmk is closing why would they want to close something so big?
this is outrageous! vmk can not close down and the thing is vmk was close to many peoples hearts and they made really good friends so why not leave it open forever. vmk plz dont close!!
Its sad vmk is closing.. i dont want it to close!
vmk means so much to me when i come home from school i go strait to vmk but now that your closing it what am i going to do. vmk is MY LIFE!!! PLZ DO NOT CLOSE VMK!!!:)
Jalen (vmk: Lizah)
I was obsessed with VMK for the entirety of 2006, and though I’m not on as much as I used to be, the thought of it closing makes me unbearably sad. Save VMK!
thx for making vmk but i will be sad that vmk will close it’s doors.i have not ben on for a long time but i really enjoyed playing dream is for more people to sign this petition so i can play more on vmk.. Save VMK
I have been playing VMK for about three years. And so why didnt you tell us three years ago! And maybe some peple like to play VMK If it costs to much that is nonsense. You have kept it up for almost three years! Dont stop now! Keep going. Dont dissapoint people by letting them play for three years and stop! Do something please!
I have been playing VMK for a long time. I have made new friends. And it helps my social problem. And VMK helps understand a budget and working. And I love how you make holidays in VMK so graphic! Please VMK Dont stop now keep going! Help my problem.
please dont shut down vmk we all love it i dont know why u would want to shut it down when u are gitting so much people on there. we will all be crushed if u shut it down we all love it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE.
If vmk closes i will have a site to get on so i wouldnt be able to use the computer ugh!!! DONT CLOSE VNK!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love vmk and if every member writes a letter maybe we can keep it!!
Vmk shouldn’t close its our life my family and i always play together
Hey i no ive left a comment b4 but vmk hasn’t shut down n i want to share what i think of vmk: vmk has filled me with wonders and opened doors to new beginnings (like new friends)if only the vmk organization could release in our hearts that losing vmk is like losing a puppy we have friends and have made rooms beyond our wildest dreams hasn’t anyone in that organization no how its is to lose something??it hurts so why do they want to hurt over 5,000 kids when u dont have to if u we’re going to have vmk temporary in the first place then say that from the beginning bc nothing for nothing having it temporary is the stupidest idea i’ve ever EVER!!! heard…even tho vmk is closing in may n all new releases r coming out it just isnt the same..i used to go on vmk almost everyday but now knowing its closing i stopped adding things to my new rooms,i stopped buying new releases and i’ve just stopped playing as much as i used to bc vmk crushed my heart n i dont want to go on as much anymore bc i no it will come to end…that my virtual world will come falling down upon me…yavn says to play games like potc online or clubpenguin or toontown but u have to pay for all of those which stinks so im not going to play them…ive been on clubpenguin i even have an account but it gets boring and toontown is just straight up dumb and potc online i haven’t played bc i dont want to plz vmk find it in your heart to leave vmk open n not crush the thousands of heart u have helped over the past few years
Please dont close VMK!!!!!!!!!
Leslie Burke sucks
Why are they closing VMK. Disney is falling into evil!
Disaster 1: Bridge to Terabithia
Disaster 2: VMK closing
Disaster 3: Who knows what’s next?
omg!! i hate that vmk is closing. i have met some great ppl on vmk and yea maybe i dont know what they are really like in real what does it matter ?? im gonna miss my friends and i hope they will miss me. Vmk should stay open because im gonna miss my friends and i know that a lot of other people are gonna miss their own friends. So plz plz plz dont close vmk because its not just a game its a place for kids to make more friends.
I am very udset VMK is closing. It has been a way for me to talk to my little cousin and do things together since I don’t live close to her.Thanks a Lot for Stopping our bond Disney!!!
I’ve been a V.M.K member for over a year and so has a ton of my friends, when we heard the news of the closing I could not believe what I was hearing. PLEASE don’t shut down V.M.K PlEASE
i cant believe vmk is closing i hope this works or that someone is a millionaire and buys out vmk and keeps it open
I love VMK it is so cool.If you shut it down i will be super mad at you guys!!!!!!!!!
BroadwayRocks (VMK name)
I don’t mean to be rude but…. VFK is eductional!!! I love VMK because of its care-free and magical adventures,not historic education adventures!!! PLEASE let VMK stay!!
Hi im bluegrasshayley i really love this site and so for my friends ive been playing VMK ever since it started also i have rare stuff just saying but i don’t want to lose it and i don’t want to lose my friends. My dad is glad that i have something to do but i don’t play on it for a really long time. Its sad to see people leaving and giving kids free stuff i just can’t stand the sight of seeing kids leave. I am a pirate on VMK! I have great friends like, IceCosmicKnight, AceCaptainJackie and also my two special friends LilRichie and famouscarysilence so i hope we can save VMK!! Bluegrasshayley
look i think vmk is an amazing site and it should never close, but i think if u added more games it would be a lot better!!!
Please Please don’t close VMK! It’s my favorite thing to do! It’s like my hobby! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi i’m a normal vmk resident and i love vmk plz don’t close please please please oh please just don’t close!!!!!!
Megan ( aka Rockinwhitekcat)
PLZ TAKE TIME TO READ THIS EVERYONE!!:]I am terribly upset and disturbed that Vmk is closing. Poor Walt Disney is probably spinning in his grave. Like many other vmkers, I am a giant fan of disney. I thought this was the year of a million dreams, not the year of CRUSHING a million dreams! Vmk is – or should i say was? like living in WDW. I hope we can all save vmk- Write to disney!!Check out virtual family kingdom. com It is not a scam. Hopefully it will be just as fun as vmk! To all my best vmk friends: Miakoda,CleverLavenderStars, RoyalBlueRice, and SoaringNiceStars- U guys were the best i <3 ya to death and i shall Never forget ya’ll. Lets work together Vmk community all for one to save vmk! Thanks for your time. Yours truly, Megan(aka rockinwhitekcat)
If you want to close VMK, then why are u putting out all this new stuff for no reason?? Answer that question staff!! VMK Forever!!
I’ve been playing vmk for about 4 years i hate that its closing and i hate that there making this website replacing it on the other hand at least I’ll have a fun game to keep playing hopfully its just as good but it will never be the same as the vmk everyone knows and loves ( i <3 vmk ) ACEPIRATELOUIE i LOVE VMK (repeated 31, 680 times). Root If we are saving vmk does that me vmk will be back cause thats walt disney dream and you don’t want to ruined his dream its making is heart broke and sad so please let vmk go on people are having a good time there and just fix the lags in vmk so if you safe vmk it will work save it a millon or more times i know u could do it!!!! gregory vmk is important to me i am able to talk and hang out with freinds outside of school and so do other people and i like to pass time by playing it yellowpanda HEY ISI!! Great work 🙂 yellowpanda [Thanks, Panda!! -IsadoraQ] Carissa I love vmk they have no reason to shut it.but the question is how are we going to show it to them? Tyra we need to let our feeling be express on thiis virtuial magic place where dreams come true, but if it closes no dreams will come true chelsea hey i love vmk and its the best and i should think yavn should not i mean NOT close vmk its the best site ever when i dont have nothing do its a safe place to go on and its wonderfull and cool and i love it so much they should not close it i love it and thats it thx for reading by 🙂 Jessica or RedCosmicGuitar Plz! i am beggin you not to close vmk..everyone has made many good friends and since you made vmk for us kids/teens why do u want to take it away? i just dont think it is really rational to close it….ive been playing on the site ever since the first day it came out..and it is now pervs can get on! some of my friends on vmk i dont know if i can live with out.. So.. KCSonic and Redguybrad and icedragondude.. if your reading..i’ll miss u alot and i’ll miss tlking to you bc u always made me laugh and always put a smile on my face even when it was super hard to do.. Roxi As a 14 year old, I have played this game for years and Im not done yet. All these years of my life playing vmk have been the best because in real life I have so many struggles and just to play a game that lets me escape reality and make friends,real friends unlike the ones in realife who lie and betray me.If there was one message disney promised to send to kids all over the world is “To Keep Dreaming” why ruin that and make them think its fake?Disney I thought you were to keep dreams alive and make it the happiest place on Earth well you know what that was all a lie and a fake story you told everyone to seduce them and guess what it worked and just when you had them in your trap you shut it and you shut it tight to earn our trust. Just because money is low do you care that much about greed to destroy a dream? Let me answer that for you, yes yes you do because the world out there is cold and cruel and you want the money to support your family now thats a topic that is controversal but you know suprisingly I wouldnt blame you but you need to understand what these kids are telling you. What if you destroyed your kids dream? Wanna have that on your conscience forever? No I Dont Think So…take your time dont make a decision your gonna regret HERE IS A SONG I WROTE TO LET YOU KNOW HOW EVERYBODY FEELS::: ALL THESE YEARS, ALL THESE LIES, ALL YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD HIDE, IN FACT IT WAS JUST A VERY TRUE LIE STAB MY BACK AND YET I”LL BLEED BACK, BROKEN DREAMS, BROKEN MEMORIES, BROKEN LIVES, ALL BECAUSE YOU NEVER DARED TO CARE, THE HOUR GLASS IS TICKING AND ITS TIME TO CHOSE, MIND,SOUL,OR HEART? FALLING FASTER AND DEEPER, EVERYBODY IS UP AGAINST YOU WITH NO AIR TO BREATH, HOW CAN YOU BREATH WITHOUT AIR? HOLDING ON AND MORE THE MEMORIES AND PHOTOS THAT WE REFLECTED, ALL THE LAUGHS ALL THE JOY, ALL THE PAIN… BECAUSE OF YOU, BECAUSE YOU NEVER TRIED, BECAUSE YOU CHOSE THEM OVER US, BECAUSE YOU DID WHAT YOU KNEW, YOU RAN AWAY FROM THE SITUTATION, BROKE THE HEART OF MILLIONS, TOOK OUR DREAMS AND SHARTERED THEM FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH NEEDS, MADE A VIRTUAL POSSESSION SEEMS SO FAKE AND VIRTUAL, WHEN TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE IT WAS FAR FROM REAL, AN ESCAPE A CHOICE ANOTHER LIFE, SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TOO, SOMETHING TO HOPE FOR, SOMETHING TO KEEP THEM FROM GIVING UP, WHAT HAPPENED? DID YOU STOP IMAGINGING OR WAS THE SAND POORED OUT??? HERE IS A POEM::: Roses are reds Violets are blue all these years I spent trying just for you. Wasted all these years hoping and thinking one day everything would change.Making my life better just when you wanted to destroy emotions and twist lives.Break there confidence and courage.Together we bleed but we bleed as one.If you take one of us you shall take all of us.Push us far away,shut us out in the cold,but from here there will be no forever future in your life.BECAUSE everything you said you had accomplished was a foolish lie and never did succeed because it didnt last against the harsh currents. MY STORY OF VMK LIFE::: When I was young I loved vmk so much and I played it for so long many hours that my parents would yell at me.I loved vmk so much because everything in my life was full of despair and everything felt so dead.Vmk brought color back into my life it changed me,it let me view the world from another essence.It showed me that a kiddish game could be so real. It made me feel this way because I wanted to have something to look forward to because my friends were so fake and I want to escape reality but going everywhere I knew I was gonna always be in it.The friends on this may seem virtual but the friendship is so real.Walt Disney told us To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.�He also said All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.And this is the most true thing Walt Disney said Disneyland is a work of love. We didn’t go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.Here is another quote by Walt Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.Also he said this ” If you can dream it, you can do it. Finally you guys have to remember that as long as there are advantages there are also disadvantages like this from what he said: “A man should never neglect his family for business”.”I do not like to repeat successes, I like to go on to other things”.I’d say it’s been my biggest problem all my life… it’s money. It takes a lot of money to make these dreams come true”. I just have one last thing to say and this quote comes for a dreamer and a believer.HERE IT IS:: “TO SUCCEED IS TO FAIL FIRST KNOWING YOU TRIED TO HOLD ON TO SOMETHING WITH NO HOPE IS TO DREAM AND TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING YOU KNOW WONT EVER COME TRUE THAT LASTS IS BELIEVING THOUGH MANY GREAT THINGS SAY THEY SUCCEEDED WITH FAILING ON THE WAY THEY ARE LETTING HOPE SLIP AWAY FROM THERE HANDS KNOWING THE WHOLE TIME THE GENUINE DREAM WAS RIGHT IN THERE HEART THEY JUST DIDNT HAVE THE GUTS”. ed to me vmk has always been a fun thing to do and i was always going on vmk and i wonderd why is vmk closing is it because of vfk paulie vmk is much better then any thing i played !! so plz save vmk and don’t close it rebekah hi 🙂 I really like vmk I understand it was only for the fiftieth anniversory but please do not close it 🙁 taylor i love vmk because it gives you a place to hang out and meet other kids all over the united states. it teaches responsibility with maintaining a house and it fixes your grammar. i would hate to see it go =( Briana i really dont think VMK should close!! its a place where kids all over the world can chat with each other. and by closing u would hurt us so deep and doesnt DISNEY mean happy and safe? as in the happiest and safest place in the world? most kids go to disney just to get VMK cards. VMK is also a place where after school kids can play and unwind there stress here. since playing on VMK my typing is VERY good it came to 20 words per minute to 41 words per minute! it also helps with common sense and being able to use money wisly. when i herd that VMK was closing i actually cried!! so please do not close VMK!! cant u make it be for at least another 3 years? your making thousands and thousands of kids hearts break, why do u want to do that to us? do u want to break our hearts or some-thing? i say again PLEASE DONT CLOSE VMK!!! thank u for listening to what i have to say and i will make sure to play every day until my heart breaks when its closed. also, did i mention that because of vmk kids are staying off the streets and not doing drugs? if u close vmk i garrenty u that more and more kids will go on the streets. so think about that before breaking our hearts. good day. nicole aka princess alejandra i know we can save vmk if we just try harder. ps hi to all my friends and i hope to see all that love vmk on vfk. ill miss u vmk! – cries – Chloe4497 hi i have had a vmk account ever since my sister foynd it. i would like to say that i am very thankful that you are trying to save vmk and i am with you all the way! i really hope that it works and if it doesn’t then i mihgt see you around the new VFK kingdom! look for me, purpl-girl ( thats my vmk title and yes, it is spelled correctly)Thx! ElectricRealEgg I was reading the comments and i realized something.Not that vmk should not close but that it is closing and nothing will change it.My friends and I love VMK.Since I told them about all we do is play.I realized that VFK is now where we need to go the ppl that made VMK want us to do this bc they think we will do to WDW to get over it.What we need to do is get over and they will realize that closing it will not help them in any way. Akusia ( username on vmk) i am as sad about this as the next person who writes in , but think about it IS a new begining and nothing can last forever but i still dont want vmk to close i have made a lot of friends on there that mean a lot to me taking them away is like a bike without wheels like a flower with out petals. We all want vmk to stay open but i have got an idea if the same ppl sign up then can we still get our old things? well some anyway i dont want vmk to close … WE ALL DONT Shyann Hello, I am typing this today for VMK! not pirates toontown vmk! Only vmk! i will have memories but one thing u can’t take away from me is my friends espesially lynna, astrosweetydelana, princess_ofasions and whattheflip! those are my best friends ever! and i have much more! i just love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love….my vmk friends! it would mean so much to me if u keep vmk open! make us pay idc! i want vmk open! Yummysushi Thanks for making this lovely petition!! Vmk is the best!! They can’t just close it down, we worked hard to get the stuff we have on vmk! Louann (princess_aqua) i am really upset about this whole vmk closing thing. what i dont get is..if this was just a promotion..why did’nt they tell us in the beginning that it was going to close someday. if it was “just a promotion” then why did it release all this in park quests, vmk central and WDW and Disneyland.. If it was “Just a promotion” Then why was EVERYONE talking about it? a promotion in my opinion is something like..with cars! rebates, sales, Etc. Or something a fast food restaurant has a deal on or what toy their giving out. But something as big as this.. a big two year thing and to shut it down like this. So sudden. saying was never meant to last forever. or its just a promotion.. Well, what if..neopets shut down because it was just a promotion? see, this doesn’t make ANY sense to me. but all aside, I have best best friends on vmk. CapnKoolBobby..Kagome_Mickey, Cutetinkfan..cosmic_soccer, and alot more.. and i would absolutely HATE to lose them. please..i want this madness vmk closing to stop..and let vmk continue on.. i ? vmk, Louann hayle blunk hi it me again hayle and also on vmk acekitty-cat why do u have to close vmk? i like vmk so does everyone else if u are watching vmk i hope u saw my thing at my room it was a parde to save vmk i was makeing good choices and so where everyone else i told them to speard it out but ppl did not listen so i help them but nobody listen to me this girl was say here she goes again i got mad but i did not do that why u need to save vmk!!!!!!! ashley Please dont shut vmk !!! what will we do in the summer the day they close it the day we get out of school .please everyone in theis game loves it and its so cool to meet new people and leave all your memories here and be bored and scared for your entire life . And whe you grow up and have kids you can show them about the game you played in your childhood . SAVE VMK !!!! tan tan fyi im mexican and we rule !!!!!! Theannys Plz dont shut down vmk. TheItachiAkatsuki Why does VMK have to close?! I mean really, VMK has been running for 3 years! For that period of time, people have been making great friends with others. Imagine if all your friends disappeared. How would you feel? VMK was like the only place where I can meet new friends and just hang out. Even if it was just a “promotion”, VMK still shouldn’t close! VMK should be an everlasting place where people can build strong friendships with others. Please don’t close VMK! It would be like destroying all those friendships – big or small – with others. Just remember the time when you met someone who was just friendly. You thought to yourself: “This person is pretty nice!” And later on, you two began to build a strong friendship. But now, you will never see that one special person on VMK again. Even VMK creators and staff must remember a time like that. Maybe in the real world or just in VMK! I was so sad when I heard that VMK was going to close. All my great friends… gone. Closing VMK is just absurd to me. Losing friends is pretty harsh. It’s like REALLY losing a friend in the real world. Is VMK just a simple joke of a promotion? So I just ask that: PLEASE… Don’t close VMK! Brrianna I’ve been playing VMK for about..uh lets say 2 years so far. All my friends and I play this game together! I even get to say hi once in a while to my friends who moved. VMK is a great place for all children to play on, so please do not close VMK. If VMK closes, I’d like to say thanks everyone for trying there best to help VMK stay open! Thanks all again, your VMK friend, Brrianna. ashley.b i hate disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shannon hi, im shannon, i love, love, love vmk and been a member for over a year so as you can amagine i have a ton of friends. if you shut down vmk i will lose contact with them forever!!! and some of these friends are amazing and people who i always want to be able to talk to. even if they join virtual family kingdom i wont no who they are on the game because i dont have thier username! and they cant tell me on vmk because its reconized as”not suitable” and sure you can just say youll make new friends, but these friends are very special to me. yes VFK sounds fun but cant you keep them both? please think about it and reply asap! divamya(vmk name) Hi,OMG vmk means so much to me, i love that site and i was so mad when i found out that is is closing.. i have met so many friends and best friends on here. some people say vmk is boring and stupid a waste of time but really they dont know what they are missing ! so this goes to you VMK much love from my heart ~mya Marissa Why do you guys want to close VMK? Kids love it and pretty much their lives are on this sight. Have you seen the progress you guys made? over a thousand people have joined VMK! if i heard that im sure i would want to play or help it NOT CLOSE DOWN! do you know how many kids are crying just because you are closing VMK?? Alot. and out of 1 thousand im sure they all want it to stay open. kids have nothing better to do. and all those other sights aren’t as safe as vmk. Moms and Dads even love this sight for their kids, because they know its safe!I’m just asking you one HUGE favor… PLEASE KEEP VMK OPEN! and besides for me being a player on vmk i still want it to stay open so us kids on VMK are asking you one huge, gigantic favor! KEEP VMK OPEN AND RUNNING!! ~Thank-You~ Pugcutie (known member :u) michelle I think VMK should stay open forever or atleast for like 20 more years.Here is why: people use their own money to buy stuff so they can get vmk codes. People get bored at home over the summer so they go on vmk and they enjoy themselves. I think vmk should stay open for a long time. SAVE VMK! I hope you try to help in some sort of way to save vmk so we can all use it and enjoy it. This is why VMK should stay open forever. braxton jolley i hate them for closing vmk i hate them!! i hate them!! i hate them!! ps my name is pernounched braxtin NiceHelpfulPerson This is pretty much the only good site kids can go to, to talk to other kids and pretend to sell and buy or trade for things. everyone loves it and this is like every single kids dream, so if u get rid of it there will be many broken hearts all over the world, so please re consider deleting forever. shelby plz keep vmk Sydney Herbein I am so sad that VMK is closing. These last few days I have gone on and just enjoying it. My family can’t afford going to Disney World so that was my way of going to Disney World. There are so many fun things to do in VMK and soon they will all be gone! I’m trying my best to get the last out of VMK but its hard not to cry knowing that this will be my last month enjoying VMK. DONT CLOSE VMK!! Alicia VMK to me mean Very Much Kindness beacause everyone i see is kind. If vmk closes then i cant see any of my friends anymore. Keep vmk alive so you and see the magic kingdoms from here and cherish the moments. Acegumdrops Hey, it is Ace, lots of people now me as the Cookie Man, but i wanted to say that, if they take VMK a lot of people will be mad, one of them being me. Thanks for reading this. P.S. a lot of us will lose or online friends. I think i speak for us all when i say, i don’t want to never see our online friends ever again. So please, sign the petition. Thank you. – Ace: Cookie Man babyjesus i just want to say please save vmk! but also make vfk it is going to be a wonderful place! hey i was wondering can i try to be a staff please do your best to make me a staff but if you already have all the staffs or you dont have the time to make me a staff that will be fine with me because i know that you are working very hard on vfk so it is hard to get people to be a staff and of course millions of people are going to want to be staffs. but like i said before please take your time to make me a staff. (if you can) thanks so much!! 🙂 p.s:i give a million percent for saving vMk. vfk will be so much fun thank you for making it. all my friends want vmk to stay just to let you know take your time with every thing!! thanks (i am over 13 years old) Acegumdrops (again) Hey. it’s me again, Ace. Wow. i was scrolling through the comments but i stopped and read one. It was: Dizacee’s poem. It stunned me. I thought: wow. That was an amazing poem. It just wowed me. Thanks for reading this again. Cookie Man Ace iceprincessdani hey. we can save vmk!! we can do it. anyways, coolmirandagirl hasn’t been on since mar. 28, 2008. and i cant cotact her. i wanted to know if u can for me Royalsharpay!! SAVE VMK! I Can’t understand why they would do this. I Mean COME ON!! my best friends and i live ALONG way apart, and this is the only way we can communicate. Even with my new friends, still. I MEAN COME ON! kids have to be with vmk! NOT AS AN ADDICTION though! As a fun cherishable game! listen to all the sad stories! :[ PeanutPrincess (yet again) I really don’t want VMK to close. I still can’t believe this is really happening. WHen I read that newsletter (THE WORST OF ALL TIME), I immediately called me friend, who is a fellow VMK fan and player, and told her the news. The next day, I told two more of my friends who also play VMK. We were so sad we almost cried (but we were at school and teachers would have asked if something was wrong and we would have had to tell them). It almost seems like they’re acting like VMK’s closure is no big deal. It’s like they’re saying, “Sorry guys, VMK is closing. Instead go on ToonTown! And Pirates online! And don’t miss our new Fairies and Cars worlds!” I mean, there’s nothing wrong with those other games (I am personally a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan), but they’re not the same as VMK. VMK is a unique game. It’s so good, that some other companies have even copied the idea (cough cough, Barbie and Nickelodeon…). Does this tell you anything?! Like the fact that VMK is the BEST GAME EVER?!?! Really! I mean, Club Penguin is admittedly pretty nice, and Virtual Family Kingdom seems like it might be OK, but VMK is irreplaceable. We’ll always remember it, and in 20 years when we’re all grown we can say to all our old friends, “Remember VMK? That Disney multiplayer game? That was so much fun, wasn’t it?” And we can tell our kids about it, and they’ll catch on, and maybe even grow up to design a multiplayer game similar to VMK (but not TOO similar). It’s a bit of a long shot, but if you can dream it, it can happen. VMK is a magic place where anything can happen. Disneyland and WDW and all the other parks are also magical, but they have their limits. VMK has virtually no limits. Really, look at it-there’s magic, in which you can levitate, drive a hovercraft, dance in a circle of flame, or turn into a shark; and games that wouldn’t possibly be allowed in reality-I mean, as fantastic as it would be, you’re not allowed to try to shoot at each other and make each other’s ships sink or shoot eight different kinds of fireworks into the sky at once. You also can’t vacuum up ghosts or walk around in outer space for free. Face it-VMK might possibly be the most magical place in the world. Pumpkin VMK was not just a game. It was more like a refuge for me. To get away from my life at home; from all bad feelings. A simple game of Potc ship battle could cheer me up if I was gloomy or upset. Pirates online is a tad violent for kids, with all the guns and daggers and all. I know I would not want my younger brother, operated two years ago at the age of four for a throat condition, playing that game. So he could learn to be as violent as those scallywag pirates? Clubpenguin isn’t much fun though I’m a long time player. I played long before it was a part of Disney. You can’t trade and the chat is much more strict. In Cars online, I wouldn’t want to be a car. Cars can’t wear clothes can they? The only game I will migrate to IF you still decide to close VMK, is Fairies Online, but only because I am a die-hard Tinkerbell fan. Please reconsider, as you are losing many valued consumers. I’ll be going to Disney half as often as I used to, since I can’t quest in the park or buy VMK cards. Togi VMK wasn’t just a game; many people have developed great friendships on that site. All of us players are like one big family, do you really want to seperate us apart? I know VMK was only made for the 50th celebration, but it’s grown into so much and helped many of us get away from the real world. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was having a bad day, getting on VMK seemed to make everything better. So VMK wasn’t and isn’t just a game, why else would we be fighting this hard to keep it open? There’s too many people out there that would hate to see VMK fall. Please consider everything everyone’s doing to keep it open. If it means we have to pay to play, then so be it. Nobody wants to lose the friendships we’ve developed and the great family we’ve all become. Keep fighting guys, Kaity ozzietropics Guys, it is impossible for us to save VMK. Look around you! Read the newsletter! VMK IS CLOSING!! There is nothing you can do about it. You’re wasting your own time and energy on trying to save this game. VMK is set on closing. Who knows, it could come back in another kind of game or incarnation, but for now, I am so sure that VMK is closing that I would give away my inventory if it didn’t close. I am very serious about that. MetaLInsomniac VMK was opened as a promotion for it’s 50th birthday, I think, but anyways, my point is that there is nothing wrong with a long promotion, or one that lasts forever, well until we die. I’m not going to beg for VMK to stay open, but I wish they would just open their eyes and notice what’s going on. I’m just going to prove my points. But as I was saying, VMK also promoted Disney films such as the classic Peter Pan, or the modern ones such as Pirates of the Caribbean. VMK also promoted Disneyland and Disney World itself, many people were actually inspired by VMK to go and resort there. I’ve actually never been there, but I plan on going. Before VMK, I never really gave it thought to go. Oh yeah, I also never cared for Pirates of the Caribbean until I kinda got addicted to the mini game, and purchased all three DVDs and the soundtrack set for all three…. anyways, moving along. Let’s talk about friends, or I’ll talk about friends. We made so many friends on VMK and how can you guys (the staff of VMK of whatever) be so cold and tear us apart. I guess we can keep in touch with friends over IM or something, but it’s sad that we can’t, because we’d get banned for talking about it, so we lose both ways. How can you guys be so unfair. Opening VMK and closing it. If I knew it was gonna close, I probably wouldn’t have signed up in the first place. After it closes, what am I suppose to do, nothing. To tell you the truth, I play VMK to escape from my horrific life, meeting new people and stuff. Makes me feel better. Now, who am I going to talk to, my family who doesn’t get me, or my friends who don’t get me? I don’t know, maybe I’ll try non-moving objects next time. Anyways, I probably proved my point, I hope you’re happy shutting it down, maybe you’ll enjoy the guilt of bringing sorrow to thousands of kids in one night, you know what, that’s a record. Good job guys! Have a nice day. Macy Mottley Oh my gosh, VMK is so mean! We kids deserve a website like this. And guess what they are doing to us!? They are killing us inside. Didn’t they think about our feelings to!? They are so going to pay! VMK VMK VMK VMK VMK VMK VMK VMK VMK HORRAY!! VMK is not the best sight ever but still, it means something to us and they shut it down right in our faces!! So not fair. vfk is not going to be the same. it’s just millsberry. and millsberry sucks! just wait till they see these messages. they all say we want attention, but this serious! I am not going to stop sayng my feelings intill they poen the stinkin site up again!! Generaldude, AceCatiousMask In case your wondering, these are my two accounts. Anyway, VMK is the only place where people don’t pick on me. If thats worse enough, I suffer from Atypical Depression, and VMK is the only place where I am always happy. If Disney shuts down VMK, then Disney can kiss my money goodbye. Reena (FlowerField) Disney can’t close VMK. They just can’t. There are so many kids who have fun on this game, and there aren’t a lot of parents who can find a game as safe as this. It’s just so heartbreaking to find out VMK is closing, because I know someone who lives very far away and can’t chat or anything. I told her about VMK and we see each other all the time. Now, it’s going to be very hard for us to talk to each other, because she can’t use the phone a lot. Disney is being cruel to all the kids who are ridiculed in real life, online, no one knows you, so this gives you a great experience to start over. Disney doesn’t know how many people care, they don’t have our minds. Just because they own this, doesn’t mean they can just close it. To really close VMK, they’d have to get everyone’s opinions on it first. I just don’t understand how Disney can do such a thing. I wonder how Yavn feels about all this. VMK user since 2005 FlowerField GeneralBirdman If Disney goes through with this, I am hereby proudly boycotting the company. LavenderBlueSky/MsBored I am soooooooooo sad VMK is closing! But I’m glad I won’t be seeing all those MEAN popular people >.< Who never accept guests or ‘poor people’ But so happy that won’t happen anymore 🙂 smartSorna its a great thing your doing to save vmk. amazing , in fact. its great to be assertive and stand up for what you believe and then thousands of people who believe in the same thing join you. 15,000 of us!! saving vmk one signature at a time miguel i met the best friends on vmk so we need vmk to stay together we were so alike save vmk u no wha? anyone who is going to disney land or world sometime soon , talk to one of the employees that might help disney fan I LOVE DISNEY SO MUCH. my family is fortunate engough to go there alot. i cry at nights when i think about going to disney. but when i am on vmk i feel like i am there please dont take me salvatiob away disney fan(again) i just read the story about the girl with the condition i am crying now please dont take it away from her SAVE VMK LavenderBlueSky/MsBored VMK is the only game that’s free, Club Penguin, and ToonTown is just boring on free. And POTCO is just… well…piratey… VMK is virtual PEOPLE not penguins >_< And you can make rooms, make friends, I have so many friends, now lose them just because Disney is dumb? I don’t think so. If VMK closes what wil I do? I can’t do anything with my family because my brother’s only 2 months old so they only care about him! Today I wanted to play with my mom but my brother started crying. I have nothing to do!
why are they closing down vmk i have made so many friends and have so many magic pins plz vmk do not close plz
I am going to make these brief and short for Y’all. Did you ever notice how VMK was fine and everything, but then all of a sudden they said they were closing??? It is almost like they don’t want to run the website anymore. Disney 50th anniversary is no excuse! I say we should get down to the bottom of why VMK is really is closing and no more Lame excuse! I wish this petition luck with all my heart. <3
yobubblegumyumyum ( on vmk )
VMK is like another life to us. To lose all those friends is awful. Most of my best friends I don’t even know on other sites. It’s really bad to hear this is happening, and its so big that VMK Closing made the News! 🙁
i am so happy it is closing
WHY Close VMK YAVN?!?! Im gonna Get you when you replace VMK With TOONTOWN!! This is a Song why you should not close VMK! Never Ever Close VMK! Hearts are breaking, Songs stop playing Yeti is sad too! Black heart, Dragon; the other ppl! Even Gator Waitor! they stoped plaing talking! and its soo SAAAAAAAAAAAD! We stopped singing we think we will never see each other! We will never ever go on VFK! the hat is cool but Still! never ever close VMK VMK VMK VMK VMK!! VMK! VMK VMK! VMK!! VMK!! think about others! Instead of thinking about yourself! ppl are Sad! we will never see one another Agaaaaaaaaain! think ABOUT that!
So this is how it ends, because of the greedy company Disney has become. Walt Disney created this company, he wouldn’t stand for it. It was always about the children to him, not profit. -WWWD “What Would Walt Do”
vmk needs to stay because a lot of kids love these game.
One of the most important things in my life is music. Another is VMK. I have made so many friends on VMK that i know I know that it will be impossible to forget them. I used to listen to wonderful music but now all my music seems to be sad and depressing. Why would VMK want to do this to us?
Why, VMK??? Why make us give up everything we love! We are just kids! We need friends, and the internet! Disney is being sooo freaking stupid. They wont even tell us the real reason that they are closing! Come on, we all know if it was really bc of the 50th celebration they would have closed it long ago. And why bring out all these new quests and cool stuff?? To make us even more sad. Disney stinks. I always wanted to go there and get a real pair of ears, but they can forget getting my money now.
omg i totally do not want vmk to close plzzzz this is the best website evaaaa!!! dudes plz plz plz it is the best place 4 mii friendzz and everyonee <333 =)
Well I am hoping Disney wont shut VMK down. I just want to say if they do then we should let them keep their decision don’t complain and send bad emails…. That wont solve anything. Just please let everyone who has signed this petition to keep their head up high and keep hoping. VMK has always meant a lot for to everyone it’s a place where anyone can dream and feel….. well free. You can dream all you want and it seems like your in Magic Kingdom, but Virtually. 🙂
I know the main man incharge of vmk, i tried to talk to him he said they are coming out with something better . but still DO NOT GIVE UP
I love VMK I have only been playing it since January 08 but I just love it! IT IS MY HOME AWAY FROM THE WORLD where I can make new friends and play things! I will be crushed if you close it! I will miss all of my Vmk friends! I ask that you please reconsider closing it for the sake of the thousands of people who play it every day! We all love vmk and will not give up to keep it open! Remember Walt Disney said “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing-that it was all started by a mouse” I hope I never lose sight of one thing also, and that is VMK!!!!
vmk is cool but whene i heard that vmk is closing it made me sad
julia (ms.blackcat)
me (ms.blackcat) and my cousin (goldenchiez) are very close. but we only get to see each other twice a year because she lives in Florida and i live Maine. Vmk has made it seem like we are closer then we really are. Also that same cousin got banned for about 15 years on her first account. She will never be able to go back on that account if vmk closes. I hope this petition will change vmk’s mind. i think vfk should still open but they should just leave vmk alone. even though vmk was ment to be just a 50th year of wdw but they should make it so they can keep it intil the 100th year at least maybe even 200th that would be great!!!!!! well i know vmk thinks they should close but all these people who play vmk have friends and since you can not give out personal information on vmk they will never see or talk to there friends again. Just because they are vitual friends doesn’t make them any less real. some people have no friends in real life so they come on vmk and they feel popular or st leats have friends. PLEASE WHO EVER IS CLOSING VMK READ THIS AND RETHINK CLOSING VMK. PEOPLE LOVE IT AND HAVE FRIENDS ON VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plese rethink closing vmk From , Julia W aka Ms.blackcat
VMK is what me and my friends used to see eachother when we were far away from eachother, and my friend who recently went to another school uses it sometimes bc we cant see eachother in real life. AND it is a great place because friends and families can go to DISNEY without actually going 🙁
I know vmk thinks it is not a big deal thaty they are closing vmk because vfk is opening but if you close vmk nobody who played vmk would like vfk because vmk is shutting down. but i think if you didn’t close vmk then people would make an account on vfk and maybe even like it more. But if you don’t give them a choose they may not even think about making an account on vfk. yes maybe vfk people think that if vmk does not close people will ignor vfk but if they do close vmk people will hate vfk. I don’t know how many people agree with me but i know i will make an account on vfk if they don’t close vmk!!!! Yes maybe vfk and vmk have nothing to do with each other but it sure does seem like it. I alway thought vmk would never close i even thought about showing my kids vmk but if you close then that will never happen!!!!!!! some kids may only be on the edge of dying from cancer or other problems but vmk is helping them live normily there is no cancer on vmk. Kids may have no friends but they do on vmk. if you close vmk they may loose hope and get sicker or may even die!! i know it kind of sounds a little extreme but it could happen!!!!!!!!! Even adults who are going through tough times go on vmk and can get thoose bad thoughts out of there heads. please if anyone who has a say in closing vmk is reading this please do something vmk could be saving a childs life!!!! Yes i am thinking outside the box but it could happen!!!! Please read this and do someting!!!! Please do something!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we all love vmk maybe we should not go on the new website until they decide closing vmk was the worst idea since snicker bars. opening vmk was the best idea since chocolate cake!!!!!!!!
Ok I just want and need to say you can’t close it down!!
PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE VMK! I have alot of friends there. I couldnt live with out them. Like my friend QueenSingerMe, I love hanging out with her and if you close vmk there is no way that i will ever get to talk to her again. So i am just asking one thing of you..DONT CLOSE VMK!!!! All of us Love playing it and we have made lots of friends.
i say vmk hasnt been on long enough to live, but has left an impact on our hearts so save vmk and lets add to the three years vmk has lived!
I know a girl who got parylsed in her legs so she can’t walk.She plays vmk and finds friends who care about her she feels if vmk is the best, when she found out that vmk was closing she had her mom lock her in her room for a couple hours when i came to see her pillow was soked with tears.SO vMK PLEASE DONT CLOSE DOWN FOR HER PLEASE DO IT FOR ALL THE KIDS WHO LOVE VMK!
I think Disney has become very cheap and that this is just another example of this cheapness. I can just cant believe that Disney would pormote themselves useing a website. What about Walt Disney himself? He didn’t want this did he? There for i am very disapointed in Disney. I bet so is everyone else here.
I’ve read tons of comments, and they’re all so touching. It makes me feel even worse about VMK closing, not just because it makes me sad but because of all the freedom it will take away from people who used it as a getaway from real life. Didn’t we all?
i think vmk is a place for little children to have awesome time together and hang out! =] i really think so. i like it alot. but they need to change it up a bit and new hair styles and clothes to make look like the real world and to make it look magical all at once i really think they should. i really think vmk is a good place for children i may be a little to old for it but it makes me feel alot littler to just meet new kids and escape from my evil un-enviromental world and not have drama and to just have funn times. i think it is the most saffest place for children i may be weird and all but i care for it. everyone there can be little. i think adults even care for it as you can see with there child loving it so much i really think it is absolutley safe and addicting for everyone! =] i really really think they should not close vmk down if they do i will march but booty all the way to vmk head quarters or whatever and tell them how much vmk means to me and print off everything on this page to prove it and show it to them that they should not ever close vmk down. =] thanks for reading ~Rae~
please dont close down vmk, it means a lot to people. and if you do lots of kids,and teens wont be able to talk to their friends on vmk.its like if your parents taking away your favorite cd,game,or even toy. so PLEASE DISNEY, dont take away vmk! every one loves IT!!!!!!!
hi i do not want vmk to close i am crying right now we have to save vmk! we could tell the hosts and staff we do not want vmk to close Save Vmk!
hayle blunk
hi i don’t get why u have to close vmk ppl love vmk and i do to i made a save vmk ppl listen and i said ppl have to help vmk to be save they listen i told them to spread it out and they did but they said ppl were not listening to them so i went to places to help them PLZ DON’T CLOSE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!
hayle blunk
hi i me again plz plz SAVE VMK!!! plz tell me why u are closeign vmk is it bc it a old game well to us it isn’t we think it so awesome plz plz don’t close vmk i will do anything and plz contact me back well if u can bc i know alot of ppl been talking to ya’ll on this and i think i will be messageing alot and i really want rare stuff and rooms well u don’t have to but can i met a host like host-lily host-bella
SilverSnowHero (VMK Name)
Greetings, I just wanted to say this to the Disney Internet Group. What do you think Walt would have done? What would he say? Disney isn’t recognized for this: Breaking childrens’ hearts, and creating tears… Or is that what you want Disney to be recognized for? In my point of view, Disney is a magical thing. I think I remember the people who started all this magic. Walt Disney and a mouse. A few years back, Walt and his kids were playing with eachother. That’s when Walt got the idea: To create a place where dreams come true. To create magic. He wanted to make a place where families could play with eachother, and have a good time. Without Walt, we would never have had Disneyland Resort, or Walt Disneyworld, or even every other Disney park. Without the Disney parks, we would have never had VMK. We would never have these friendships, magic… any of this. Without Walt Disney, we wouldn’t be doing any of this right now. We would probably be doing something way different. We probably wouldn’t even have our computers on, or even have internet available. Before, when the Disney parks had VMK Quests, families probably couldn’t wait to get there. Some people paid for tickets just so they could get Stitch Hat, or Red Space Magic… I knew you probably would, too. It’s a sad event. Very heartbreaking and tear dropping. The day we saw the VMK newsletter, that one day: No one did any games, quests, or even shop anymore. They had to do something else. We had to save VMK from closing. Friendships, as well were broken. Some people in real life were probably pushed around, and had no friends at all. But VMK was a magical place, like Disney parks, where everyone was nice to you, and your only friends were people you’ve met in a game. I know VMK Staff didn’t make the decision, nor did Yavn. Disney had to because it was an extended promotion that needed to end. Yes, we can turn to POTC Online, Toontown, and any other online sites: But here’s the truth. VMK was a place for all ages, and I think I speak for all of us VMK players when I say: VMK was much more fun than the games you actually had to pay to play in. In VMK, they don’t allow “Pay to Play”. But for real, I would pay to play VMK. It’s fun, and a creative idea. I hope this message had touched your hearts, and I hope to be able to play VMK on May 22nd, and further on. I know VMK will have to end sometime – but please, end the promotion when nobody gets into it anymore. Please do this for us. Don’t you know how sad this is? It’s not fair! If we wanted VMK to close, we wouldn’t be doing any of this hard work at all. Please, don’t close VMK. Keep it. Keep The Dreams Alive And Dry Those Tears. Make it really: THE YEAR OF A MILLION DREAMS. Make a million dreams come true.
Hi this is DomnioIsAlive from Vmk and i think that vmk closing is the most dumbest thing EVER! they should just leave vmk the way it is id care if they are making a new one! i have and i know other vmk players have worked hard to get their rare so poop on them!!!!!! well i hope more ppl leave comments too!!!!!! PLEASE VMK STAFF DONT CLOSE VMK EVER! LOVE, DominoIsAlive aka Jozie
Thomas Lisa… Shinycleverfish
Hello Vmk staff im sending this message to save vmk from closing I think that this game is a good game to play in your spare time and it is also a good game by making friends or meeting a relative or friends that live in a different state , and i think that it is the only best virtual game and all the stuff you can buy and the exiting part is when you get new stuff and new rooms. It also has traditions of Walt Disney World. This message is worth 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 votes to save VMK!
Sherrye L Smith
My daughter loves this program, and it is one of the safest sites for her online. Please don’t close it, and find a way to keep it open! She has been playing VMK for two and a half years, and thoroughly enjoys it. Sincerely, Sherrye Smith
I know you might not have the power to tell VMK Staff not to close VMK, but if they do close VMK I’ll be the most UNHAPPIEST girl in the entire world of Virtual Reality AND Real World for the rest of my natural born life.
Chris Pickett
I discovered VMK after a trip to Disneland in 2006. I had been away from Disneyland for 17 years. Then, Ebay does a promotion for VMK, so I check it out, and immediately, I am enjoying a daily dose of Disney parks. My life is filled with many ups and downs. I’ve had a horrible past 4 years, and it appears I may be getting things to turn around. VMK was my little bit of e-escape that I needed to let me forget, if even for a few minutes, how much I was depressed or feeling sorry for myself. Nobody on VMK sees I’m hurting, which is fine. Disney is about fun, fantasy and enjoyment. I can act like a responsible adult, yet still be a kid on VMK at the same time. I can use the judgement and wisdom of the adult side, while enbracing the fun and enjoyment of the kid side. My 2 young kids enjoy watching me play the game. They sit next to me on the sofa while the laptop is in my lap. The baby points at Disney icons he recognizes, while the older girl recognizes my avatar and ask questions and recalls the trip to Disneyland in 2006 and the trip to WDW in 2007, as well as elements from the many many Disney DVD’s we have. Of course, I’ve met some people on VMK that I’d like to remain in contact with. Without this little daily escape, I’d probably slip deeper into depression. I’m third generation Disney, with my kids being the fourth generation. So, without my daily visits to VMK, I’ll just be reminded how much garbage I’m having to deal with in real life without rest or at least a break from it. What have I noticed since VMK announced it’s closing? Well, all of the sudden Disney vacation ads are appearing all over top-ranked web sites(such as MSN for example). Pirates Online is having more commercials. Disney’s pushing their $700-million purchase of Club Penguin. Toontown is another virtual world being pushed to VMK users. New online worlds are being announced. On the Travel Channel, there is suddenly a surge in Disney promotional programming. Sure, VMK was intended for the 50th Anniversary Promotion of Disneyland. And yes, that promotion ended quite a while ago. Yet, a parade made for that celebration survives. Why is that? The Disney Year of a Million Dreams started in what, 2006? It’s 2008. How many days are there in a Disney year as the Year of a Million Dreams goes into it’s third year? Something made for a promotion doesn’t need to end whent the promotion stops. VMK is such an example. Yes, a celebration of “50 years of Disney” does need to wrap up. But, VMK was able to stand alone. VMK also has the power to be a continuous Disney promotional tool, as they’ve used it for many Disney things, like movies and DVD sales, as well as pushing other Disney merchandise. however, I’m sure those don’t all show on the VMK bottom line since those funds ended up in another pot. So, Disney can push their other online worlds down my throat all they want. I won’t go. Why? Those are not Disney parks. I want a Disney Park. I want that magic. VMK is what I am looking for, I found it. It’s not that change is bad, it’s that I want to wander around Magic Kingdom or other Disney theme parks all day. Heck, if I lived near the parks, I’d be a season ticket holder and probably go there darn near constantly. But, I don’t live close enough. So, VMK is my substitute and my escape. My WDW trip took me out of reality completely for 7 days. This much needed escape was exactly what I needed. And VMK is my daily reminder of the Disney magic I enjoy. So, if they take VMK away, it’s down to me and my PAL Mickey I got on my 2007 trip. Maybe he can get me through the rough times. He was my pal on my trip and he stays on my desk at home, fresh batteries and turned on. I better squeeze his tummy now.
You couldn’t even count the many times I came home sad and went directly to the computer. On VMK. On VMK,I couldn’t be judged, my age, my height, my looks, they didn’t matter. VMK taught me how to be a true friend- it taught me how to be a friend with words. Without VMK, I don’t know which friends I would have lost, and where I whould have been. Now, I have to lose what got me here.
vmk please do’t go america loves your website.we made alot of friends.vmk why america loves you so please don’t go
Christian (GumBoy)
– please put this on the home page – For all the heatbroken VMK Lovers. I am so amazed by all of you. Especially those who have developed your character/avatar this far. Three Years. Wow what a long yet short time! Many of you have obtained Stitch Hats, Sparrow Shirts, etc. I have gotten a few beta and high priced items quite a few times and I know it’s SUPER hard! I’m proud of everyone and I have a few other things to say. Many of us have developed a family of great friends. Sometimes I cry, I will never speak to those great people again… Sometimes I feel like balling because I will never talk to someone I know again. My friends in VMK are the best friends I have in my life. I’m sure it’s the same with a lot of other people as well! We knew VMK would end someday… we just didn’t expect it to close right now.. I really hope that VMK wouldn’t close, but there is a high dumb chance it will :(. I hope all of you aren’t crying too much… I’ll help you with VMK’s close, but You Got To Try To Do Something. Help Save VMK! Help Us Keep VMK Open. Don’t give up… don’t let your character die.
Lauren (starlace)
To me vmk is my home and sometimes this is kinda weird but it feels like i fit in better there than in the real world idk about other people i would really like vmk to not close so people keep signing the petition 🙂
Why are people against VMK some people after they play on VMK they try to save it but some people after they play on VMK go here and tell people to stop trying to save VMK but people are very sad and want to try there best before they stop and why are people leaving bad comments like stop trying to save VMK no matter how hard we try its not comeing back thank you for lisening
vmk is very important to me because i can chat with my friends and i will risk everything for vmk
vmk is the best if they close i will not have a fun game to play in my spare time. vmk was adream come true whene i saw it. if there is anything i can do, please tell me.thank you.
Deanna ( PrincessSuperQueen )
Vmk can’t close! its means alot to us and if staff closes it there will be many many broken hearts! WE LOVE VMK!!! no one wants it to close! we’ll lose so many of our friends, and i love how vmk is made! staff cant close it!! I cant even believe Yavn is agreeing to the closing of the virtual gates! SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK!!!!! We’ll all be really sad and heart broken! We have so many friends that we might not be able to make in real life! SAVE VMK!! staff cant close it down! we love vmk and have lots of fun everyday! there is no other site that i love! and we’ll lose all the stuff that we worked super hard for! VMK IS SUPER FUN AND WE DONT WANNA LOSE OUR FUN! I DONT LIKE ANY OTHER DISNEY SITES OR OTHERS!!!!!!!! iVE BEEN PLAYING SINCE JAN 07 AND NOW I HAVE SO MUCH RARE! WE ODNT WANNA LOSE OUR FRIENDS OR THE RARE BUT MOSTLY FRIENDS! VMK CANT DO THIS! IM REALLY MAD RIGHT NOW! AND I WONT GET OVER VMK CLOSING! SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – CRIES –
VMK pls we the vmk ppl love vmk more than u think i think about it all during school i only get on the computer is for vmk and if u take it away there is no use to living
please do not shut down vmk!! it is my life!! why did you start it if you where going to shut it down
Alex (a.k.a Gabbee )
ugghhh this sucks that vmk is closing 🙁 I’ve been on vmk since it first opened.. well actually the second day but who cares? I REALLLY want vmk to stay.. to tell you the truth ( this is kinda dumb ) i almost cried when i found out vmk was closing 🙁 me: Pirateears
Please do not shut down vmk, i have so many friends and so many memories on here. I do understand that it was only a promotion, but lets change it to a permanent game! i have found hope and happiness in helping people from all over the country and even in canada. I was hoping that someday i could be a community leader or possibly a staff. And i can assure you one thing, if i was staff vmk would Not be shutting down! vmk gives anyone the opportunity to make friends and to learn how to live life through a virtual means. My friend ace lives in the countryside, is home schooled and has barely any real friends because she is so isolated. vmk gives her the chance to get “outside” her home and to meet people she never thought she would ever meet. vmk will always have a special place in my heart, they gave me my fiancee about a year and a half ago. If it wasn’t for vmk my life could never have been so great and i would have never found the love of my life <3. please staff, keep it open. WWWD (What Would Walt Do?) ~Forever in my heart, thanks for the memories and the greatest bunch of people anyone could ever meet… you have brought great happiness to everyone SnowAwesomeLake(Marissa) I Never Really Knew what VMK Was about..But my friend,Sierra,Showed it to me,and i was soo excited to sign up , signed Up at her house.I Met One,Very,Very Sweet Person,We Never Fought,Yet Never Gotten Into Fights,Yet Never Deleted Eachother,Oh and How I Will Miss It.The Day Which Was,About 2-1 week(s) ago,When I Logged Into VMK,I Saw it said it would be closing down.I Was soo upset.I Was About To Call The Owner Of The Stupid Company,But,Not Stupid At All Really 🙂 I Just Hope,vFk Would Be The Same,Except For The Whole Past,Thingy.Haha , But Like I Said,I Hope Its Wonderful,And,Yes,I Will Sadly Miss My Memories Of VMK,Not So,Vitural Magical Kingdom. 🙂 Britney Hello! I love VMK! I play it a lot!!! We have got to save it! Kids and teens have so much fun!!! They are making it hard for ppl who love VMK! Please save… show that you care. Thank you! – Britney vivaldo Vmk mean’s the world to me its such a fantastic fun and brilliant site its a shame to let it go Mark my word VMK IS > “FANTASTIC”.
i think you should not shut down vmk because everyone loves it and if you think you can try and close it down then you have me to answer to ok because i love vmk its the best web site i have ever been on and lots of people love the web site so like i said you have to get past me first all right
CrazyRachelCrazy ( vmk name )
Vmk means alot to me and we made thousands of friends and then we will never see them again it will be sad leaving vmk and our friends!:(
Blair ( Cute_Blair )
VMK Since i started to play you i am not scared no more to talk to other people in my neighorhod i always have been since i played you i am not scared no more but since i heard of VMK i am not as scared to play VMK!! My friend told me about you and since i played on VMK i really am not shy no more cause the people do not know that i was evey this scared of people that i dont know i just want you VMK to know that all the VMK PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU WHEN YOU GO! If Walt Disney was here he would know what to do! SO please try to read all of the stories these wonderful kids grownups and other age groups have to say about VMK CLOSING and VMk please try not to CLOSE NOT JUST FOR ME FOR EVERYBODY!!!
My family includes 8 VMK players, spanning 2 states and 3 generations. It’s like a family reunion every time we play. My mother takes pleasure in “spoiling” my son – her only grandchild – with credits and virtual items. It gives all of us common ground, and something to talk about and have fun with. VMK has such a special way of bringing people together, just like the real parks do!
I have one thing to day to Disney: I have played VMK since it beagan and if they take it down i will never again buy any Disney related item whatsoever.
dont close vmk!
Ok, Im greenteagirl on vmk I love vmk because it is a magical place and then their just going to throw the whole game away they sacrafising their buisness because there will be alot of people who will go on strike Plus all my friends are on their how could they close vmk why are you so cruel DISNEY!!
we love vmk
Hi Im Michelle, I was crying when i found out about vmk because vmk is part of my heart and i met so many people earned so much stuff and i dont want that to come to an end VMK lets kids have fun its safe to and parents love that i do not want vmk to close because its special and i love it and i dont want anything to happen to it i want it to stay forever!!!!!!!! Biggest Fan, Michelle
hello i am kinsycutie from vmk to me vmk was not another website where u meet friends and talk it was where i go when i was sad or happy my mom usually cought me saying to her vmk is better then the real world i had gold ears and many rare items i believe should stay open 3 years of friendship is like having a bff then losing them i met someone named mckatie i thought she was awesome unfourtanley now i am not getting on it is just to hard to see the wonderful times passing away within my eyes but i believe if everyone in the hole entire texas signed this vmk would stay open p.s. thx for having the heart to keep the DREAM alive from kinsycutie plz reply
i think that vmk should always be open everyone loves it
VMK NEEDS TO BE SAVED!! For some they dont know what it is but still want to help. For others they dont care. For others it means the world to them and thats all they do. For us: We want it to stay. VMK is not being fair. They could of told us it was a promotion and it was gonna leave sooner or later but they didn’t so we have little time to save it so start by petitions. GO VMK!!!
Sara McBride
it’s really not fair that vmk is closing a game that thousands of people like. Me and my friends just got back from disney world in florida and one of my friends wanted to play and he couldnt!!!!!!
Dont close! Please! I ABSOLUTELY want to join!
hi, my vmk name is BeautifulBrielle, and me and my best friend in real life use vmk to be our communication site i love vmk and so does she,a nd since i have made my vmk back in december, i have told many people- 25 or so- about vmk and the have all made one and even though we all can talk on our aims or myspaces, vmk is the safest and most fun. i am in seventh grade and i still love vmk. 2 of my cousins- that are in highschool- also have vmks and love it. i swear to you that vmk is one of the most safest, funnest web site in existence. and probably the only website that parents feel completely content with latting their kids go on. please dont shut this down. i am not very religous but i swear to you that evernight since i found out about vmk shutting down, i have been praying evry night! so please please please dont shut vmk down. thanks BeautifulBrielle, and all vmk lovers <3 <3 🙂
Hi this is DomnioIsAlive from Vmk and i think that vmk closing is the most dumbest thing EVER! they should just leave vmk the way it is id care if they are making a new one! i have and i know other vmk players have worked hard to get their rare so poop on them!!!!!! well i hope more ppl leave comments too!!!!!! PLEASE VMK STAFF DONT CLOSE VMK EVER! LOVE, DominoIsAlive aka Jozie
SilverSnowHero (VMK Name)
Greetings, I just wanted to say this to the Disney Internet Group. What do you think Walt would have done? What would he say? Disney isn’t recognized for this: Breaking childrens’ hearts, and creating tears… Or is that what you want Disney to be recognized for? In my point of view, Disney is a magical thing. I think I remember the people who started all this magic. Walt Disney and a mouse. A few years back, Walt and his kids were playing with eachother. That’s when Walt got the idea: To create a place where dreams come true. To create magic. He wanted to make a place where families could play with eachother, and have a good time. Without Walt, we would never have had Disneyland Resort, or Walt Disneyworld, or even every other Disney park. Without the Disney parks, we would have never had VMK. We would never have these friendships, magic… any of this. Without Walt Disney, we wouldn’t be doing any of this right now. We would probably be doing something way different. We probably wouldn’t even have our computers on, or even have internet available. Before, when the Disney parks had VMK Quests, families probably couldn’t wait to get there. Some people paid for tickets just so they could get Stitch Hat, or Red Space Magic… I knew you probably would, too. It’s a sad event. Very heartbreaking and tear dropping. The day we saw the VMK newsletter, that one day: No one did any games, quests, or even shop anymore. They had to do something else. We had to save VMK from closing. Friendships, as well were broken. Some people in real life were probably pushed around, and had no friends at all. But VMK was a magical place, like Disney parks, where everyone was nice to you, and your only friends were people you’ve met in a game. I know VMK Staff didn’t make the decision, nor did Yavn. Disney had to because it was an extended promotion that needed to end. Yes, we can turn to POTC Online, Toontown, and any other online sites: But here’s the truth. VMK was a place for all ages, and I think I speak for all of us VMK players when I say: VMK was much more fun than the games you actually had to pay to play in. In VMK, they don’t allow “Pay to Play”. But for real, I would pay to play VMK. It’s fun, and a creative idea. I hope this message had touched your hearts, and I hope to be able to play VMK on May 22nd, and further on. I know VMK will have to end sometime – but please, end the promotion when nobody gets into it anymore. Please do this for us. Don’t you know how sad this is? It’s not fair! If we wanted VMK to close, we wouldn’t be doing any of this hard work at all. Please, don’t close VMK. Keep it. Keep The Dreams Alive And Dry Those Tears. Make it really: THE YEAR OF A MILLION DREAMS. Make a million dreams come true.
Save vmk Save vmk Save vmk
Why close VMK? for people who live nowhere near a Disney theme park VMK is the next best thing to one whenever i feel happy,bored,sad i just go onto VMK i have made possibily the best friend i will never meet over VMK when i heard it was closing down i instantly got on and messaged her now it takes alot for me to be upsetbut when i heard i felt heartbroken the thought of me and my friend never being able to talk again is absolutely heartbreakin!!! Disney pleasedont close something great down
As we all know VMK is closing its virtual gates as though Bill Gates Has turned it into nothing. But we shall move on to our life knowing how sad we were when we were in our youth. Keep Moving Forward. Quoted by: Walt Disney. Keep keep believing, keep keep believing:)
nick vmk:nick.g
For VMK the virtual magic kingdom is closing we wont leave it without a go to the VFK virtual family kingdom is not and never will be as great as the virtual magic kindom VMK.There for GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!
well my friend introduced me to vmk, and since then i’ve loved it! yeah i always get lag but i still love it! i’ve made so many great friends on here and i probably won’t even be able to talk to them again!! so im begging you wonderful creators of vmk, please do not shut it down! vmk is very close to the real magic kingdom and it always puts a smile on my face!! so please take mine and every one else’s concerns in mind!! I LOVE VMK!!
Hey Everyone im mr.funnybunny in vmk we have to save vmk!!
Hi sportcar 🙂
I am very sad that vmk is closing but if it cannot be saved.. try VFK. (if you think it is a scam… look at the website)and… dont believe any supposed YAVN comments on this.
I love vmk and i would rather pay for vmk than let it close. Anyhow, try VFK!
plz! plz don’t shut down vmk it’s the best sight i ever went on and i just love it besides it’s the only way i can contact my friend who moved. so plz1 PLZ! don’t shut down vmk
Hi sportcar
If VMK closes, then what will happen to all of the friends that we have made?? We might never see them again… nobody wants that…
:'( i dont want vmk to cl;osse
good bye vmk but hello vfk i am so sad that vmk is closing i think it is wrong bc um lets see where i start?! first it ruin our live next i will have nothing to do and neither will my friends i think vfk will suck and be terrible if u think it cool u wierd but if flower_kid like well she my friend (she weird in another way) i glove my boy friend so much i never want to leave vmk oh i forgot vmk will not let me go on until may 18 for no reason they stink oh and go my house save vmk although they make up their minf already i no a vmk staff member and she very nice (vmk_wolf) omg she like my bff we hang out all the time ok by ppl of this crazy world
sad mad sorry scared afraid worried angry and others u dont want to no that describe how i feel about vmk closing . 1 thing i hate about vmk closing is i can not see all my new friends in the real world it suck why cant vmk stay open another couple of years it would help alot in many diferent ways ppl would have some thing to do ( well only some ppl can not go on vfk like me) and it would make our lives alot easier if only the last day of vmk we could give out personal info because we could make the best friend ships all bc vmk let us give out personal info sorry iwant to make this super duper long iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii ta da i finished ha ha by peeps
its ********
This is probably going to be the longest most complaining letter on this website so if you are easly bored just scroll down…a lot…..LOL! Disney, SO MANY people have grown to love vmk, and i know you said the decision to close was final, but does it really have to be? Many of us have found NEW friends in a SAFE way and we truly dont want to let them go!I could go on for eons about my bestest buddies… SHOUTOUT: Coyotes! What about the games? They are so creative and fun! What am I going to do when I get sick and have to stay home now? Weekends? Vacations? Summer!? After VMK closes the answer will be NOTHING. There will be NO pirates blasting each others boats, No ghosts running in terror from ghost catchers, NO photo-taking cruise ships traveling down the adventureland river, No music booming down by main street ir in the monorails, and NO fireworks blasting over the beautiful castle in fantasyland. What about the npcs? I know it sounds silly, but I have grown close to my credit-giving homies! (Esmeralda, Dragon, Yeti, Captain Blackheart, Shrunken Ned, Ghosts, and Waiter Gator) What about all the areas to explore? They will be NO MORE if you close VMK! I have only been to WDW once, and because of VMK i knew the entire magic kingdom before i got there! (it was a lot bigger in person though) To top off this rather rambling comment, I will write a poem about VMK: Oh kingdom of all magic fair
I have had so much fun there
It is so fun to play
Im on there almost every day
It turned clouds of gray to skies of blue
It helped me make friends who are fun and true
Those buds are almost family to me
I love vmk, down to the last virtual tree
So kingdom of magic should not end
Or the worlds happieness will deeply descend
PeanutPrincess (again)
Everyone sign it, please please! I saw the update saying that Disney might reconsider their decision if we get 20,000 signatures, so please sign the petition! It only takes a minute! Also, there’s a small problem-my sister, who’s a VMK fan (like all of us), can’t sign the petition because we share an e-mail address…is there any way she can sign it?
Sahrah (VMKname)
Hello i am sahrah, and i don’t want vmk to close! When i first heard somebody say vmk was closing i thought they were joking, then i read the newsletter and when i did, i couldn’t breath, then tears swelled in my eyes and i ran into my bedroom and cryed my eyes out until i was comforted! I assume so many others had the same experience! So VMK staff plz don’t close vmk it means so much to me, my friends, and the ppl of VMK! My friend DITTODOT has had computer troubles and is not able to play but when i tell her she will cry on my shoulder at the same time i cry on hers!Plz VMK staff have a heart for the tens of thousands of ppl who care enough to come on this site and whrite all these save VMK letters!I love VMK very much so plz dont close it plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this sucks. all our friends will be lost forever. heh. kwl. bye.
Kaity (koala_girl)
This is kinda just something I want to say to all my friends from vmk who are on this. First of all Tinkfan, I miss you! You’re my bestfriend ever, but I wont see you till May 11th, you soooo better sign on! Super: Hey, I know we’re still in contact but I would like you to tell everyone I say hey, and that I miss them all soooo much. Silver: Hey wassup sis’! Sorry I’m banned till May 11th =( I miss ya! Chance (carson): Idk if you even know that vmk is closing or not, but whateve’ I miss you so much. Prince: I know you probably still hate me, but I still love as a friend, sure everything didn’t work out as planned but there is still a place in my heart for you. Bear: Hey meanie! lol anyways, congrats about you and snow. Tell her I say hey btw. Anyways, Tink found out and is very mad, I don’t think she ever wants to talk to you again but I’ll work on getting her to, also I’m banned till May 11th =( Moon: Hey, I’m gonna miss ya so much, and already do. As you might know if you read everything else I’m banned till May 11th so I’ll see ya then! – Well I think thats about everyone I really talk to, but if you think I missed you on my list you can just idk post something saying you either know me or whateve’,and y’all Chip says hey! Okay now to why I want vmk saved: 1) VMK is a safe place for all of us no matter what age. 2) We have so many great friends we’ll never be able to talk to again if you get rid of this on us. 3) The joy this brings to kids when they sign on and talk to their friends is just amazing, it just makes you forget about you’re real life sometimes. I’ll be posting every once and a while, umm for any of you who think you know me on VMK please post something telling me so we can find another way to chat. Thankies! Byez.
I really enjoy playing on vmk, it is like a second life to me! Taking vmk away would mean, at least to me, lost friendships, and waisted countless hours of building them. If vmk does have to go I want to know that all of us fighted for it, and did all that we could do to try to keep it around! I want to say, Miss_Marie you really mean the world to me. You are one of the best friends on vmk I have ever had! MickeysBigFan, you really are a great friend, and you have been a good pal as long as I have known you! All I can say is your swell and,”see ya real soon.”
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this may not be a Disney decision. The date of vmk’s closure (so close to its anniversary)and the rather sudden announcement points to the strong possibility that this is a result of a failed contract negotiation between the Walt Disney Company and Sulake, the development company that developed and (if I’m not mistaken)hosted vmk. It is highly unlikely that the Walt Disney Corp. wouldn’t do everything in its power to avoid this backlash. The good news is that there seems to be indication that the Disney Company is increasing the size of the Seatle-area staff that manages their various web servers (,, etc.) Perhaps they plan on hosting some new in-house project in the near future? (Unfortunately such a product would have to be significantly different from the Saluke program for legal and practical reasons, so you’ll still have to say goodbye to all those wonderful trinkets and rooms. But think of vmk as a practive run to work out all the kinks on the new project.)
this is really wrong!
I was so sad when I heard VMK was closing their vitrual gates. Shouldn’t we have a say in this? I mean, what’s wrong? If we let them close, we will never be able to play anymore. Let’s hurry to save it before they close!!!
Adrian Avila
please dont close vmk this is a place were kids can live thier dreams by living in disney world no parents just fun and all the clothing and furniture and pins. all the childrens hearts would be broken this is the only site my parents think ill willl be safe in please dont close it down..
The only reason that VMK is closing is money. They created Toontown, for which you have to pay to get an account, so why would they keep VMK open since it’s free? I agree, very selfish.
Sunshines-VMK user (Unfortunately)
Hey Gammy, you know what? You need to open your eyes. They are closing it because they have too, now you know what, stop acting like a baby without a lolipop. They hope youll keep coming back, because they are very upset about this to. Now they were able to say this to me. ” We want to keep moving forward, opening up new doors and opening new worlds.” Do you realize who said that Gammy? Or are you too ignorant to listen. Because it was Walt who thought of that. He would not be happy with your behavior. I hope to see you at again. Your friend, Frogki
im a fellow vmk player, and my name is Cya_Later.. i am with you on the fact vmk should not close! i am verrrrryyyyy Sad!!
I wouldn’t quite say vmk means everything to me but what it stands for i take pride in. Vmk is more than just a chat website or a promotion. Its a great place to hangout and sometimes when u feel u have no o ne to talk to u have your vmk friends. I feel great pride that vmk will not close and will leave is virtual gates open much longer!
i dont understand why vmk is closing i love it i cryed wen i heard it was closing i want it to stay open forever my friends play to and they love vmk like i do its fun it cheers me up wen im sad its like if it closed i would dye i hope it stays open i dont understand its been open for 15 years
Teresa Lepore
I can believe you guys are closing this. This is the only way i can talk to my friends. I just moved to hong kong and i am so mad. I go to international school and so this is my english life. Plz save vmk. I love this place!
I ant watch vmk leave! ive been a member for about 2 years and hobowendy tought me alot! she was always there for me. here are some Walt Disney quotes I started, actually, to make my first animated cartoon in 1920. Of course, they were very crude things then and I used sort of little puppet things. Walt Disney I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters – to make them personalities. Walt Disney I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. Walt Disney I’d say it’s been my biggest problem all my life… it’s money. It takes a lot of money to make these dreams come true. Walt Disney If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse. Walt Disney It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. Walt Disney It’s no secret that we were sticking just about every nickel we had on the chance that people would really be interested in something totally new and unique in the field of entertainment. Walt Disney Laughter is America’s most important export. Walt Disney Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end. Walt Disney Mickey Mouse popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner. Walt Disney Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood. Walt Disney Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language. Walt Disney Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal. Walt Disney Or heritage and ideals, our code and standards – the things we live by and teach our children – are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings. Walt Disney People still think of me as a cartoonist, but the only thing I lift a pen or pencil for these days is to sign a contract, a check, or an autograph. Walt Disney The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. Walt Disney
if you shut vmk down do you know how many broken hearts there will be in peoples life. some of us have found friends that we havent ever had before.
plz do not close vmk it is very cool and why are you closing it now but you didn’t close it then it makes no sense at all you should keep it open vmk is very popular you should keep it open because you have alot of people on
one thing for u bud why is vmk shutting down leave a commeant love.mizzcrazycute\amanda <3
Elizabeth Griswold
I am a middle school Language Arts teacher and I discovered VMK after reading the book Kingdom Keepers. I have all my students read the book and they were excited about literature because they could create a character. It was a cool way of bringing technology into the reading classroom. It was cool to meet with their teacher and chat on VMK about Kingdom Keepers (and they knew their teacher was playing online games too). We all wish VMK would not be shut down.
help us save vmk. vmk is sooo much fun! help us please!!
vmk is fun a secure when i go on she know im safe on vmk. sometimes i wish that vmk was who we really were in real life it is so much fun.
diana doakes
The site allows my daughter to spend quality time on VMK with her friends. As a secure site it give me the confident of knowing she will remain safe from predators.
If you close vmk down it is like destroying a child’s creativity.Kids love vmk and don’t want it to go.So i say we save vmk because it gives us a chance to meet other people and have fun so please don’t close down vmk…please don’t.Everyone is so so sad about thisso we beg of you don’t close it down.
Emily Hatcher
i am not going to tell u why i want VMK to stay i am going to tell you a good time i have on there like once i was playing with my friends and we were in the pirates of the carabian and all the sudden a host comes and we were talkin like forever and then my friend says why cant we trade with you and the host said because we would give things away for free! i love VMK i dont want it to go if u feel like it should go then ok i am not going to stop you but if you had a survay of all the people on VMK 80 persent of the people would say i love VMK save VMK!
To me VMK was a place i would spend my weekends. even though i gotten older now i still go on every few oftens and ever since hearing the news i couldnt let this close. When our Genertion of kids grows up a new one will start using VMK and will enjoy what we did. I hope vmk last forever so when the new generation of kids enter their parents can say “I Remember this game” and i hope that happens. VMK Forever
i think this is a great idea and i hope it works :]] im so scared that vmk is gonna close then stupid vfk is gonna open and your gonna have to pay for it
i love vmk plz dont shut it down i love it i play it every day plz dont shut vmk i will not let it get shut down because i love it so very very very very very much i will be sad if u shut vmk down i will be sad and i will be mad plz dont shut vmk down plz plz dont shut vmk down i love it i put alot of effert into it and so does everybody out and that stupid other game they made i love vmk better than that other game yall made vmk is a hole lot ter than that other game so plz dont shut vmk down! i have tried the other game and it is boring so plz dont shut vmk down.
Plz dont close VMK my sister and i Luv VMK if VMK closes then what i we gonna do? I know ” VFK ” is opening but i still want Vmk
chelsey b
vmk rocks don’t shut it down I have A LOT of stuff in there so i am going to save vmk.
hi i will miss vmk and princesspixiepop 🙂
VMK is the best thing to me because it has a way fojr me to interact with my best friends online. A lot of kids at my school go on VMK and are VERY sad that it’s closing…
No please DONOT claose vmk i really love it i will be soo sad if u do please please dont i will miss it so so so so much
hey person hey…well i hope this works!!because if it does not…i will be TOTALLY MAD! sorry got a little angry there :)well please write back soon and thank you for every thing u are trying to do(and i hope suceding in…lol)BYES! hope this works, kelsey summers or kels-o bethbethl
Dear Vmk listing i love your website. but plz keep vmk alive. vmk is the best website ever it’s perfect. and i’m just getting at ship battle and ghosts by myself. and it’s hard for me because i can’t walk or sit and little use of my arms. but i just got at it. and as i said it seems dumb too just make a website just for a little while. and think about this I’m willing to pay but plz do not shut down vmk. just plz think about it from bethbethl
Vicky Morales/Jhenna Dazek
Vmk!? Why does vmk have to shut down..i mean some people have a point that its just a game and BLAH BLAH but, even parents have signed the petition. They are concerned too! Just..IsadoraQ im gonna keep signing this petition. PLease contact me and tell me if you are able to attend some sort of meeting with VMK STAFF bcuz..Me and my cuzin dont care if it was open for only one night. More people Joined the Disney Channel Website..Now people are gonna quit the websie bcuz of VMK! Vmk is such an educational good website. It shouldnt close.. And if it does, you are making a mistake..VMK STAFF and YAVN think about all the childrens dreams your crushing..Just think! Thanks 4 reading. =) ~Jhenna/Vicky/Hypersweetgirl~
Mia salamone
plz tell all the ppl U know to help save vmk. I love VMK and I don’t want it to go!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!! help save VMK PLZ!!!!!!!!! PlZ!!!!!!!!!! VMK don’t go 🙁 -cryingforever- plz help us 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 PLZ!!!!!!!
why are you doing this?Eveyone of your fans play on vmk…If you Shut it down I will never visit your website EVER again!!!!!
I am so glad I found this. I’m going to tell all of my friends so they can sign. OMG!!!!!! I don’t want vmk to close
sam 13 aka samsoccerstargirl
i so want vmk to live!!
vmk lover
i love vmk its fun cool and i just love it love vmk lover
Every day my family continues to log into VMK. And every day I feel more sad. As they release new items, I can see how much work Yavn and the other staff had done. They still had park tie-ins, Disney Travel rewards, and even Haunted Mansion items that I am sure would have been cards. Part of the reason I am so sad is because I know that my husband would have taken us all to Disneyland to get those items. To be honest, I play VMK, but nothing like my kids or my husband. I do the online quests, but my favorite part was the in-park quests. I have been to Disneyland over 12 times in the last few years. The quests were a big part of that. I thought I knew everything there was about Disneyland until we did our first quest. I was stumped and it was awesome. I am sure we looked strange as we walked up and down Main Street reading all of the signs for the first time, but we loved every minute of it. Who knew Walt painted his dad’s name on one of the windows? I would never have if not for the quests. When I saw the Haunted Mansion stuff, I wanted to know what the questions would have been for it. While Disneyland is fun to go for the rides, I loved learning something new and having a new experiance everytime we went. Without VMK and the rewards you earn, who would want to do these insane quests. And I do mean insane. While some questions were fun, others will drive you nuts. But always in a good way (except the one where you had to count how many languages you saw Merry Christmas written on “Small World”. I will never get that song out of my head.).
vmk should still be alive bc every 1 loves it here just bc of u great awsome ppl made it for us and we all liked every thing u every done for us and we love the staff the ppl and or friends
VMK PLEASE DON’t CLOSE EVERYONE LOVES VMK SO PLZ DON’T CLOSE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have loved VMK for a very long time. But I had to stop because my dad took out my Dell. Now I have apple. Then I figured out how to work it, and got on. I saw all these rooms like Save VMK! The I read Yavn’s Newsletter! I’m so devastated. I only figured it out since like 2 days ago. I only have 4 more weeks to play it?!?!?! I really hope we save Vmk! Everyone sign please !
PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!!Who cares if the time has come to an end! They see all these people on VMK having fun but when we walk around VMK we see friendship. There are like tons of people on there and now they are going to take away that?! That is very dirty business Disney very dirty business.But theres good news they put it on news! If we do this we will make history us kids. It will be very good. But we need more plans. Remember … KID POWER!!
i think the kids get too must into vmk and looses track of there home work and studies . i donnot mind that vmk is closing or if it stays open but you should a time limit on a child on how much hours they are allow to be on vmk per a day concern mother
i love vmk it is the best thing since myspace it is protected and my mom loves this site as long as m on this site she doesnt care wat i do because i cant do anything bad on there so please please oh please dont take vmk awawy from me!
I think vmk is so cool. I was a beta tester and loved it. I think that closing vmk and starting up something less popular is stupid. By crashing the vmk world is going to take families away from disney. And thanks princessroyan for the address
no one should have the right to be angry at yavn he is only the one who told us its closing but not the one who made the decision change your anger at disney because their the ones that’re closing it.
This is the letter i sent to Disney: Dear Sir, I know you must be hearing from a lot of kids just like me about VMK closing down. I would like you to please just give me a chance to explain why your decision is upsetting to me and my peers. Many people have signed up for VMK knowing it is for Disney and that has to help extra sales. People worked hard to get what they have on VMK. And lastly, for people who can�t afford to go to Disney world or even just a pay-to-play game, this is their way of �Experiencing the Disney Magic.� VMK is a very popular online game and really promotes Disney. Last year, my family and I went to Disney World of course for the magic, but also for VMK. I found out that you can do quests there and that finally made us go. Do you want to take this away? It is showing people that Disney World is more than some place; it is a magical place that has many varieties of �fun�. People on VMK have worked so hard for what they have on there. They play your game every day to earn something. Isn�t that enough, just knowing you made a game that everyone can enjoy and love? If it means enough to us to play it every day of our lives, isn�t it enough to get you to keep this amazing magic going? Lastly, many people I know dream of going to Disney World, but can�t afford it. These people all have a VMK account. They have gotten to experience a small bit of the Disney magic and yet it is soon to be taken away from everyone. I don�t mean to make you feel bad if I am, but it is wrong to end VMK. Ask yourself, would Walt have ended this magic? I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read my letter, it means a lot! I just hope it touched you in a way to change your mind. I have read the newsletter and I understand you have said the decision is final, but please, take the children into thought. Thank you for your time. Please send letters!! (i also included some of your comments from this site, lets hope it works!)
ok, this messgae will be long, but oh well. also before i start, i just wanna say: GO PHINNY! GO GO GO PHINNY! u rock ANYWAY here it is. to my vmk friends:

lilmimi_tapdancer: you were on almost every time i was since i found ya! and the feathers thing- lol that was the best. we had the best of times together, and u were never mean! help us plz!!!

PirateAng: without you, i would have never laughed and cried at the same time. you were so funny (soaring, flying -crash- oh no troy fell off the stage again – yay!) that made me laugh so hard the first time i saw it. ill miss u unless we help – now!!!

RainBowE: you were the source of a glitch – and also a really good friend. i don’t wanna lose you forever

bravekairi: wow, even if it seems like years since we’ve seen each other, i still don’t wanna lose you! be careful, oh well… help out!

PinkKianna: hey, i no ur kinda my bff (NOT! lol jk)and ill still see you after vmk closes, still it was ok that you helped me meet PirateAng, my funniest guy friend! ARG!!! now those days are falling off the cliff- and yes we’re days! ok! p.s.- BE NICE YOU! ty! also nice try on those silly little internet talk things (haha beat you at one- ty!) byes

NavyPirateStarr: aww its sooo sad we had to leave you and vmk behind, oh well… i don’t wanna loose ya!

wowaycool: well, now don’t ya wanna save vmk? i no u do! thanks!

isadoraQ: thanks for making this site! we might have hope now that vmk is closing- think we can make it?

and finally to all those who i didn’t mention… but ill always remember you! .:Save VMK!!!:. a quote from the nightwish song “eva” “In this cruel childern’s game, there’s no friend to call her name. Eva sails away, dreams a world far away…” plz help us! look for meon youtube, soon to be 7FridayGirl109 thanks VMK ROCKS!!!!!!

Now that it has been a coupe of weaks since we found out the terrible hews that VMK is closing, things are getting kinda quiet on vmk. Notice that the big counts are down when I sign on. But you know what, I see my same friends on ,just not as much, we are all still clinging on to the hope that Disney will come to their heads and save a very good thing. Maybe they are not on everyday now, they have been hurt by this, but the hope shows by the fact thaat thewy come back on, searching…hoping…. Please, don’t shut down our link to this world, alot of friedships were formed here, and alot of good feeling for Disneyland and their products. There has to be some value in that! Plese give us a break, save vmk so we can continue this great enviroment.
I love VMK and disney is being relly annoying closing it! Aargh!
Sarah ( PinkSavvySquare ) (ONCE AGAIN!)
Okay, I know the promotion ended a while ago but… WHAT’S THE POINT OF CLOSING VMK? All it’s doing is breaking peoples hearts, and Disney will loose money because many people are saying they will NEVER buy any more Disney items. I mean the LEAST you people can do is have a PAY TO PLAY! Sorry I’m complaining but this is making me, and hundreds of others so angry and so sad! How are we going to be able to talk to our new friends on VMK? We can’t exchange phone numbers, or emails, or IMs. No, we have to LOOSE THEM. FOREVER. Why? Why break little kids hearts? Why take away disabled kids heaven? Why make people cry? All Disney is doing is loosing business! No one is happy AT ALL about VMK closing. There is no REAL reason to close it down. If Walt Disney were still alive, VMK would NEVER close. Little kids would NEVER loose their chance to shine!
Vmk please don’t close! If its because of money you could chang it to Virtual Disney Parks! Then anyone who pays to be a member can have acess to Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lygoon!! Oh VMK PLEASE DON’T CLOSE!! I love this site just as much as I love the parks!!
Hi go to to learn about vmk and hear what you feel. Thanks
PLS DO NOT NOT NOT NOT close VMK ive learn alot from it. and since my family cant afford to go to disney i play this and it makes me feel like im in disney having loads of fun. PLS DONT CLOSE IT!!
VMK to me is the best thing ever, thats what i play almost in all my free time, VMK also helps me write faster in the computer and that way i have better grades in my computer class. Plz tell us why on earth would someone would like to close VMK, i know its because the 50TH annyversary is over but if u gave a present in my 11TH birthday when i turn 12 would u take that present away just because my 11TH birthday is over?! PLS DONT CLOSE VMK!!
I joined VMK on May, 23 2005 as one of the first Beta testers. At the time, my mom was working for Disney and she heard about it and told me. My first day of VMK was interesting, there was only maybe 50-100 people, scattered through all the different rooms, it got kinda boaring. But I was persistent. I kept playing and got the ropes pretty easy. I remember a lot of VMK firsts, the first Pin Trading event that was coremorating the 50th aniversery of Disneyland. I remember seeing the person that got the first Inferno, I bought the Tomorrowland 7/8, the Space Suit, and all the other costumes which became quite valuable later on. I spent the entire time at the Boys&Girls; Club afterschool for 4 hours playing VMK, then I got some other kids addicted, and then I got other. At one time, all 18 computers where playing VMK, then I told everyone to start playing Pirates. That was so much fun. After a few months, new lands were added and that was great! new things kept rolling in, trying to bring in more players. But, eventually when they added so much non-disney stuff, I didnt play as much. This is Virtual Magic Kingdom. Do you see anyone in the real Magic Kindom going around saying “R u Taken?” No. Do you see anyone going around “Do u wanna be my bay be?” No. Thats not the Disney magic. For me atleast, Disney always had a sence of magic, and I loved it and experienced it alot growing up with it. And at the times I wasnt park hopping the real parks, I was park hopping cyberspace. If any Oldbies are reading this, you probebly remeber walking to each of the different areas, or taking the monorail to get to a different land fast. Only using the map to get to a Guest Room. But now the map is your #1 tool. VMK has changed A LOT in its 3 years, and I mean really! Its not even staying open for its 3rd Birthday! I will miss VMK a lot and I will play Virtual Family Kingdom to meet up with some friends, but its still not Disney. I program in 6 different languages, C, C++, C#, BYOND, Python, Java, and some other minor ones, and I once tried creating a miini-vmk. I made it multiplayer, semi good icons, and it was mediocre. I had it up for about a month, but closed it because only 5 or 10 people where ever on. Good luck all VMKers! My dads going to go see Bob Iger in person in a few days, I am sending a letter to him as well and I am going to start watching my stock because I am seeing Disney is going to go down more….
Vmk is like a second home.At 10:00pm when it closes bc i cant talk to myb friends…..I LOVE VMK DONT CLOSE ON US!!!!
I think that Disney is starting to lose it, IF they wanted to close VMK, LET US, YOUR USERS KNOW OF THE IDEA! They tried to sympathize saying, and quoting,”VMK was a Promotion for Disney’s 50th Celebration and lasted much too long, so now, all of us at VMK bid you, Aediou.” Also adding later in my e-mail, “We won’t just leave you though with Toontown and Club Penguin, we already are deciding on what we will do for our new Virtual Worlds, name unknown.”
ill miss vmk if it goes. i hope it doesn’t i will be praying, wishing, and hopeing that it doesn’t close down. this petition will hopefully work, ill be so happy if it does.
Sarah ( PinkSavvySquare )
For me, VMK is a great time to chat with friends, and others about anything! My favorite thing about VMK is Cute or Boot. I know it sounds weird, but it’s so fun! I don’t understand why VMK should close. I mean so many people love it! VMK is a chance to go to Disney World without taking a step out of your house, a chance to meet new people that live across the country, a chance to have fun! Please don’t close VMK. It’s dumb. No one is happy about it. I will keep fighting until VMK is PERMANANT! And I know that hundreds of others will too.
Sarah ( PinkSavvySquare )
Hi, me again! Another reason I think VMK should stay open is because it has so many places to explore and I have barely explored any of them! We need more time to the the wonderfull magic VMK holds! One more month isn’t enough to explore, play, and see it all! I don’t even think 6 months would do it. I have met so many wonderful people on VMK and by closing it, I will never be able to talk to them again! SAVE VMK SAVE VMK SAVE VMK Save VMK. ; )
I love vmk i would miss you and my friends mostl my bff tholdsand ILL MISS YOU ALL!!! – CRIES ALOT –
I have had my friend download all of VMK’s program files. When (if) the site goes offline and the domain name goes up for sale, (hopefully) he will have VMK back up and running for all to enjoy! SAVE VMK, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!
hey isadora why are they closing vmk anyway? please write back
yasmin descartes
dear fellow vmkers, we all know what vmk is doing to us .. and it’s sad. if we close vmk .. would’ent that break walt disney heart ?? it will aslo break disney’s magic family !
sheyienna other wise known snowflake_storm
If these VMK people know what they are doing, they will shut down VMK just because 50th Aniversary is over. There are so many people on this game that love it so much and then the VMK people are just taking away something that we love. If it was me I would let VMK go on forever. It is one thing that I have when there is nothing else to do, one thing that I love. These people are just being rude by taking this away. I thought that VMK was supposed to be one of the happiest places on Earth!! These people have no idea what in the world they are doing! This is the best website ever. It feels like I am acutally at DisneyWorld when I am on this website because I have not been there very many times. So this is the only way that I and most of my friends can feel like we are acutally there! You people must be nuts if you want to take away something so great to kids and adults. My mom is acutally on here and she just got dreams ears. And what that is now for nothing!! VMK lovers will fight until we can get this website up again and running forever! VMK FOREVER!!!!
Hannah Smith
Hi Isadora, i just cannot believe vmk is closing! I joined vmk last year in November. Now, I was grounded for about maybe a month or two, and I wasn’t able to play on the computer. I have recently gotten back on and I have had so much fun! But, I just cannot believe it is closing! That is so unfair! VMK, don’t go!
kara burke
vmk means alot to me and other people if u close vmk you will be greaking alot of hearts I would have to say that vmk was one of the funest games I had expirencted and so many people love it and its not a wast of money u can do whatever you want but I just saying alot of people will be crushed.
This is a great website! thank you for helping save vmk!! 1 signature at a time
vmk means fun to me its a great .com
Save VMK !! Its a wonderful site and safe too! Keep it…
VMK is something for me to get away from my life – if it closes down.. oh boy.. i’ll lose SO SO many friends..
I’ve been a loyal player to VMK for about 2 years and ever since I signed on, I thought it was the best game I’ve ever played online. It was so awesome how you could dress your person in some cool, fun, maybe even some weird clothes. It was also fun how you could decorate your room, make friends, and on top of that, play more games. Where I live, people aren’t really the best role models for me and my siblings, and it’s kinda easy to not resist peer pressure, in fact, some of the people at my school have been doing things they shouldn’t be doing, especially at their age. Another thing is that I’m not really the most social person, I have a lot of friends, but I don’t hang out with all of them all the time, so I just stay with one group of my friends, it’s pretty big, but not too big ( Just the right size ). Over the weeks and months I was playing VMk, I actually learned life lessons ( which was hard for my parents to understand, they knew it was Disney, but they thought it was just a game, nothing that effective ) I learned to be just a little bit more social than I was, which showed right away, I learned many other things, but I don’t want to put them all down and forget what I was going to write next. Since I was far away from my friends, I decided to try to get my friends to join so I could talk to them, it worked, so I tried getting my friends, it didn’t work completely, but it did help. I made a lot of friends on VMK, many I didn’t know, but VMK was an excellent place to see friends I know, and friends I have never met before which was kinda cool. I started out as everyone did, poor, you don’t have much, then once I got a blue princess dress, everything went up from there. Eventually I was making cool rooms, I was looking great, and I had the pins that I wanted, and was contented with my VMK life. I was always excited when they were releasing new items, and I always tried to buy the things I needed when they were needed or when I thought they looked cool. I was very content, I had friends, cool rooms, nice clothes. I was almost completely happy. There were things I didn’t find completely fair, like the dreams giveaway, most of all the stuff went to people that already had it, or the really rich people who stayed on all day. I’m not saying I was poor, or that poor people didn’t ever win those prizes, I’m just trying to say that a lot of people were devastated when the dreams month ended and they were left empty handed. It was the same for the St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway, people were again devastated when they either found the leprechaun staff member, but was too late, or didn’t find any ( which meant no prize, and that only lasted a day! ). I had a time limit on my computer which actually kicks you off when you’ve spent your time so I didn’t always have time to do it. What really devastated me was the pirates treasure quest. It had such a big prize, I couldn’t help but think, It’s probably not gonna be that hard. It was 67 questions. I thought, even though it’s 67 questions, I can get through it, just think of it as a really big test with some tasks that require work, but on a subject that is fun and easy for you. It was until I got to the pirates part of the quest. I was absolutely no good at pirates, and every time I made a group, I got kicked off. So that ruined my chance of winning. I was so furious with VMK, all I had really wanted was the minnie, I could care less about everything else. After I finally got over that, I found out that VMK was closing. I was really mad because one, I was looking forward to getting trading cards at Disneyland when I went for orchestra, but it turns out VMK closes just FIVE days before I go, and the fact that VMK was the place where I could leave all my problems behind, and just be myself. It was paradise that I didn’t need to leave home for, that I could go to whenever I could or felt like it, it was the closest thing I had to going to Disney World ( I haven’t been there yet ), and the closest thing to going to Disneyland ( current favorite place o me in the world right now ) and I kinda have the same magical feeling on VMK that I dod when I go to Disneyland, well without the thrill of the rides. It was my escape, where I didn’t have to reveal who I was or where I live and didn’t have to worry about most of my school/home problems. I sent something to VMK staff through contact us, which didn’t work and the replying message showed how heartless they are, I didn’t just complain, I know that doesn’t always work, but I tried to appeal to them, and it just turned out to be not worth my time. So right now I am trying to fight and take a stand for what I believe in by signing petitions, which I hope works, but I can’t be too full of hope. I just have to wait and hope for the best.VMK was my free vacation I could have everyday, and to have that taken away, my parents might as well take away the computer because VMK is all I go on, and if I don’t have that, what’s the point?
i am half and half about the whole virtual family kingdom website. It looks kinda of corney, even though they say they spent years working on the tech stuff. Nothing, i say NOTHING will ever be as good as VMK. On the other hand, virtual familt kingdom, is the only thing we have that is almost as good as VMK. Hence i used the word ALMOST!! I would give it a try..but (its a risk)
i really hope they do not close vmk!! i was reding a book called The Kingdom mentions vmk several times because that is how the charecters communicate sometimes.i didn’t know if it was real or not so i went online and signed up. i loved it from the start. this was a year ago and i still love vmk to this day and am disappointed to see it go.
OMG!!!!!Whoever created vmk is the best person ever.Whoever is shuting it down, is the worst person in the History of the earth. I hate you person who is closing vmk!!!!
VMK Can’t close!! its so fun i just got good rare and know its closing!!!!!!!!!! I glove vmk and i wish it could be open forever it rocks. If i were in charge it would run forever. Vmk means so much to me. it means all the fun i have each day. It is the funnest place ever invented. I will not stand for this and i never will. My final word is that.. I glove just can’t close. Please let vmk stay. i don’t want to go back to boring club penguin. I miss u vmk:(
Alright, now a million people are going to tell you to “save vmk” and “my life is so much better with vmk”. I agree with every stinkin’ one of ’em. I’ll tell you the story of how I got to vmk. I read this book called “Kingdom Keepers.” Amazing book, by the way. The kids in it decided to meet on vmk. That’s how I heard about it, but I figured it wasn’t real. My cousin read the same book a little before me. She called me up about a month after I finished it and said, “Go to! It’s a real site!” I was psyched. Vmk was real! I spent two years on it, chatting with people and living a great life…if you could call it that. Then I see these signatures on vmk. They all say “Save vmk!”, and I’m thinking, “What in the world?” I asked around and found out that VMK WAS CLOSING! After everything that I went through, how could this happen? After earning all those pins, and collecting all that money, after all that time! They’re taking it all away from us! Sorry, lost control for a second there. But do you get what I’m saying? What I’m asking disney is, what did we do wrong? Why? -love to all, wake
VMK means more to me, and my friends, than any other online site. It has helped us to make friendships, grow, and learn about safety, and other people, and maybe it has even showed a few people to not be so shy all the time. PLEASE…don’t shut VMK down. I know it would break my heart, along with many others, if you did. Thanks for listening to me…it means more than you know. <333 KEEP VMK ALIVE!!!
VMK means everything to me!I couldnt live without it.Even on my signature it says “save vmk and save a life!! My life.It might save yours to ” So come on,dont close VMK!!Think about how many friends we would lose.I would lose about thirty.
vmk rocks
Hey, I’m in High School and I’m sad that VMK is closing. I have to be strong for my friends with their problems and my family as well. I feel like I’m always helping other people but no one ever helps me. At least until VMK rolled along. I was ellated to actually have a place to talk about my problems while people actually listen and help ME! I can tell my mental state has been getting increasing calmer. Now however that vmk is closing, I will have to sever most of the connections I have made and find a new place. Yes there is the “Virtual Family Kingdom” and I’ve already preregistered but it’s NOT VMK. I’ll try it but who knows… All I’m saying is that people with some mental issues are also going to be affected with the closing of vmk. Not just people losing a normal life, it’s also people losing a NEW life. I felt like a new person after vmk and now I am losing a part of who I am now. THAT can never be recovered. Thank you for reading this and may God help us all.
I was wanting to go to Disneyland but then i found VMK. And since i wasnt going to Disneyland anytime soon (still havent) I started playing VMK. It was awesome!! I played games and built friendships that I hoped would last forever… Now i might not ever hear from my closest friends ever again 🙁 Plz keep VMK
I’m homeschooled, and that means I don’t have very many friends. Also, I don’t feel like I can trust very many people because of an incident that happened when I was 6 or 7, and that makes me not be myself around most of my friends. VMK gives me a chance to be myself, to be daring, do stuff I’d never be able to do in real life, and make friends. On VMK I’m more outgoing than in real life, but I can see the effect carry over into real life. Disney, if you take VMK away, you’ll lose the respect of many people. Including me and my sisters, who have known about VMK for a long time.
VMK isn’t just a game. It’s a community. If VMK closes, I lose my girlfriend. If VMK closes, CLs will have wasted months getting to where they were, and will have wasted some of their lives. SIGN THAT PETITION!!
VMK has been a great experiance for kids that cannot go to the real disneyland/walt disney world parks. It has grown gradual from the time that i started and i loved watching it progress. but I do understand why they are closing, The staff was only hired for a limited time, and there pay-days might have been getting shortend since the game went longer then planned. many hearts will be broken after the closing. But its for disneys sake, they’ll bring something new 🙂
You guys are doing a really good job. i was introduced to vmk to after a few months after it opened. yeah i know i’m 13 and its disney but its the most fun game i have EVER played i go on this game MORE than myspace where ALL of my friends are. but i have like fake sisters on her named adventurelillypad she is the coolest person i have ever met. and closing VMK i will never to get talk to her again. so please please Dinsey keep vmk up its the most important site to kids and its really fun and safe. my mom is very strict and sometimes she even goes on my account.
I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want vmk to stay. Im going to cry if it goes away!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
VMK is more than a game ins a passion. A way to live!
Here is a poem: Where is a place where I can imagine and have fun? A place where i can meet friends & homework never has to be done. Where Disney comes alive right before my eyes. And where the magic never ever dies. That place is called VMK. And I never want it to go away. Then i found out it has to leave. Now my heart of magic can never rest in peace. =[ Save vmk for hearts who need magic in their life. Then the magic may never ever die. SAVE VMK!! <3
if we make a room with alot of people in the line like i mean over 1000 we could possibly keep vmk alive they are not going to ignore that there are so many people will to stay in line for as long as they need to, in order to keep vmk alive
Please save vmk we have worked hard on this site!!
Vmk rocks!! I don’t get why you guys can’t keep it open. I know it can’t be money problems because you guys make alot of money. I know this because my dad works for disney. When i first got on vmk I thought it was awesome it felt like i was in disneyland. Can you please keep vmk open please? I really like vmk. Who ever came up with vmk i think they are cool. I like vmk more than toontown and pirates and club penguin. I would pay to play vmk if i have to!! So again can you please keep the gates to vmk open please
You must understand kids are making save vmk “cults” just to try to save vmk. Please think of all the disapointed kids out there who look foward to go on vmk and see there friends. If you know what is right in you heart DON’T SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!
Please,please,please,please,please let VMK stay!!
I think We should do the best we can to save vmk i have best friends old friends new friends and the game is for All ages and it is stupid that they would do that because if the game is doing so well after the 50th celebration of disney world But if VMK is doing so well why cancel it? that is everyones questions on VMK if vmk ever gets this letter Well i just think that is very stupid and so many ppl would agree With me thank you please responde
I cant believe vmk is closing.At first i thought it was a joke bc it is april fools month but i’m wrong.
Hi vmk people of the world! I really hope vmk reconsiders their desion, as owner of this site said. I really love vmk and I don’t think there is any reason to close it down. It is my most favorite site and I would be devistated. Please vmk, if your reading this right now, I really want you to keep vmk alive. The place where dreams come true! I may never be able to go to disney again, due to my accident, and vmk really helps me keep the great memories I have of disnet in my head. I feel like I’m really at disney. Please keep this wonderful virtual place alive. -SimpleLuckyFire
VMK is the only safe and fun place to talk to your friends!!! I wont have anything to do when i go home now. WALT IS TURNING IN HIS GRAVE!!!
why do u staff have to shut down vmk! i mean think of all the people on it u want disney to live not be shutterd! : (
plz dont let vmk go! this is the only thing im alowed to do on the computer or the laptop plz vmk dont close! i promise this is the only thing im alowed to do on the computer
I do not want vmk to close even though there will be a new one called virtualfamilykingdom. Thanks a lot vmk now i am going to cry because it is closing plz save vmk dont close it.
I really like vmk why is vmk shutting down it is so fun everyone loves this website!!!!
I just wanna say that im so sad vmk is ending and here is my screen name to keep in touch with vmk friends: tennislover101kh
I have been playing VMK for about three years, and it has provided, fun, entertainment, an opportunity to meet other kids across the country and loads of competition. Thank you VMK for all that you do, but I can not see how you can end such a wonderful and popular game! I’m sure that if Walt Disney were still alive, he would not come to this conclution. I LOVE YOU VMK!
im sooooo sad that VMK is closing, ive been there since the 15th day and i JUST got rich. =[ i love vmk, and i have never been so connected to a online game before. PLEASE VMK, DONT CLOSE IT!!!
Please don’t shut down vmk everyone who play it love it please don’t. DON’T SHUT DOWN VMK!!!
BigBadger (St. Louis)
Me and my cosin always play vmk. Even though he lives so far away, I feel like he’s in the room with vmk. Why not keep one of the only ways for people to connect with each other and have fun???? Vmk is almost my second life: I can get cool clothes, have some fun, and can talk and make new friends that I would never meet if I wasn’t on vmk. Plese bring back vmk!!!!!!!
mary faith
vmk is very important to me and lots of people it is very safe and parents feel very comfortable if this is about the rude cheats people find to say what they want to say ban them not vmk
Taylor Phillips
it is soooooooooooooooooo not not not not fair that vmk has to close
please dont shut vmk down I love this game and so do all my friends so all i’m asking is to not SHUT VMK DOWN! Thank you for your time.
vmk is one of my fav places 2 go.when i got on today i saw a sign that said that they were closing there virtual gates.i couldnt believe it.i almost cried.vmk is a great website i learned alot from it,and i hope they decide to keep it open for a long time
plz plz save VMK its the number one chat for all the kids and i have lots furnishing and i dont want u to close it because i love VMK i need VMK my mummy say that it isnt VMK its but i dont like that so save VMK its my only chance plz plz – cries –
Hi this is vmk’s Arubeanprincess, I have played vmk for three years since it was born. I think vmk should stay on because vmk is a big part of my life, my sister plays it and my friends and most importantly me! So please, please let vmk stay! Save VMK! Every petition counts, make a difference for all generations to come!
Hello anyone who pherhaps may be reading my comment. I want you to know how much vmk means to me and how long i have been on! I traded alot for my three stitch hats and my inferno’s and i dont think it is fair i or even all of us did so much wok for nothing! I am so greatfull if vmk does close abou how many friends i have made.
i think vmk should stay i love this website to help vmk
VMK is the best site ever!!!! Please save it. Thank You!
VMK was the first game i ever liked to play plz keep it
ok i no it is sad that vmk has to close i dont think it is fair and many others dont the petishion has a lot of signatures plz dont close vmk i have tried to fing another fun site to play on and i cant vmk i so fun and if u ppl do have to close it forever fine but i at least think that if u do then all of the stuff that everyone has worked so hard for was for nothing i just got a pair of gold mickey ears and now i am going to have to give them up and all of the people that got the huge quest earned i think that in virtual family kingdom we should get the stuff that we had in vmk and many many ppl are sad
I love VMK and I definetly do not want it to close! I have been a member for a very very long time and so this is heartbreaking to know that it is oficcial. – dizzyredhead (dizzy)
i like vmk because u can talk to people and u can get money clothes magic and lots of stuff vmk is the best place to go on to on the internet i love vmk so like if im bored i can go play on vmk i love vmk and so do lots of other people!! so plz save vmk im begging u plz dont close down vmk!!! plz plz plz dont im begging u!!!
I think it is a shame that VMK is shutting down. I have been a member for about a year and a half and think that it is somewhat unfair that vmk should close. Myself and thousands of other online players have been working hard to gain certain rewards on the game…..playing games….earning credits….and challenging ourselves to quests to build a strong virtual character. I, we, the whole online of community of vmk, hope that this petition will create a way to stop vmk from shutting down and becoming a full online game. VMK’s thriving flow of players, all of whom enjoy the game, should prove that vmk is not a game that needs to shut down…at about 6,000 players online at high time during the day, should create the sense that vmk is the type of online game that can be made permanent, I hope that this petition helps the future of VMK.
A lot of people love Vmk! some kids can’t have myspace so they get a vmk. I think Vmk is a very good site and does not need to close So vmk please do not close
Andrew Victorio
Ah… VMK!!!!!!!! STAY!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!! YER MY ONLY THING TO DO AT HOME!!!!!!!!!
I’m just like all/many of you, im sadden and sorrow about the closing of Virtual Magic Kingdom, i joined December, 2007. And i have had good times and bad times. Im sad about it closing. But seriously guys what can we do?! it was meant for the 50th anniversery. “VMK wasn’t meant to live on forever” -Yavn And he was most definatley right! im gonna miss it more than you’ll know, bc waking up at 7am to go on..was so fun now its all gone which really bumms me out! But i know begging yavn and the staff to keep it open is not gonna work! its closing no matter what and there is nothing ANYONE can do! And another thing is: Dont blame this on Yavn!! Ive been on VMK everyday and everyday i see a signature saying something mean about poor ‘ol yavn! He didnt do anything, alls he did was keep it going and made us all happy!! Everyone should just be thankful that they kept it open for as long as they could!!!! Im definatley gonna miss all my friends, and dont think im not sad about it, im extremely depressed!! i want it open so much , but we cant do anything and blaming it on yavn isnt gonna make it any better!! keep vmk open or not i will always love it, and never forget the memories! THANX 4 THE MAGIC, FRIENDS, TRADE, ROOMS, QUESTS, FN, & EVERYTHING!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Thanx 4 keeping open 4 as long as u could! And Welcome VFK!! Thanx 4 reading ~Adrienne~ a.k.a – Scary-Teddy <33
i don’t want vmk to close. i’m a big disney fan. please don’t close vmk i like to play there everyday i always have fun and playing is the best game i ever play.every time i go to vmk i think that im in the real disney world and having the best time ever. please don’t close vmk.i’m going to be sad if they close vmk. 🙁 PLEASE DON’T CLOSE VMK!!!
I’ll miss vmk and all of my friends that were on vmk. I really hope that this website has basicly the same stuff as vmk and it’s just as fun. I hope I make a lot of new friend that match my old ones. Welcome everyone and have a good time.
As you can see everyone wants VMK to stay open. Its a fun internet site for bored kids to play on. They make friends play games and just have a good time! Please save VMK. do you want all of the VMK kids to be bored and unhappy that the have no VMK to play on?
if their was a bad post, it wasnt me. but really, we cant stop vmk from closing. its bad enough that its closing, but we cant stop it.
I have respectfully played vmk regularly for 1 1/2 years. I have seen many things pass and own many rare things, so it’s obvious I want to keep it alive. I have made friends that I will truly miss if vmk shuts down, but with this petition, hopefully we can save vmk!
vmk means so much more than just a game. it is a virtual world where people make friends and escape the real world to have some fun! if vmk is shut down, then what will happend to all the great friendships that were made, the hard work that these kids have done here, and most importantly, THE FUN!? is this what we deserve? i think not! please keep vmk alive for the sake of everyone!
Emily Heavrin (PrincessSurfEffect)
ok first of all i know everyone is freaking out about vmk closing i mean this one family has already got it on channel 6 news. but in a way everyone needs to kinda calm down.. yes i love all my friends on vmk and i would never wanna lose them and i know this vfk looks gay (ps the ppl look like girls from and then yavn said to look at it as graduating..graduating to clubpenguin and toontown is like graduating down.. they are little kids games @_@ also you have to pay to do anything..and then ppl are always saying how safe vmk is..its not really all that safe everyone knows how to get around it but i know everyone is right about how u cant find any other sites as good as it..idk what to think right now but i know ill miss you all.. ps.. if u have a yahoo or aim my im is Emilyhev 😀 luv ya
hi!! i luv vmk and i will miss it so much 🙁
When I found out VMK was closing, my friend called me. I didn’t believe her at first…It was just too unbelievable! She told me to go on VMK and see for myself, so I did…and I STILL couldn’t believe it! At first, I didn’t know how to respond to it. I knew that I was sad, but I guess I was still in shock. The same friend that called me found out about the website VMK, and told me and some other friends to try it out. We did, and we loved it! We made friendships, learned about self respect and treating others kindly, and most importantly, we had FUN! The stress of school, and trying to get good grades, and all of kid’s after school activities can really get to them sometimes, which is why it’s so nice to have VMK around! It takes our mind off of things that we’re worried about. I actually met a girl on VMK, and she was being abused. It made me so sad that I couldn’t do anything about it…or so I thought. I learned that I COULD do something. I could be her friend, even if we don’t REALLY know each other. Her situation got better, though, and now she’s living with her brother. I’m glad that this happened, but the real point of that story is that VMK lets us have friends when we REALLY need them…so, please, have a heart! We NEED VMK. Thanks for listening…it REALLY means a LOT. <33333 KEEP VMK ALIVE!!
Shelbey Sjoquist/ Telyri Uchiha
VMK was part of my life, friends, magic, games, disney, chatting to REAL players – it was more than a game. If VMK dissapears, part of my life will be gone too. Most of my friends and I on there are really, really close. If VMK closes, it will be devastating for us all. NARUTO ROCKS!!!!!
Hey! I’m VioletSoaringGirl From VMK. Come on Closing Vmk My Heart Is Broken! Send letters to Walt Disney Company! its not Vmk_staff’s fault its disney’s! Vmk is important to everyone who plays it. vmk is great, it the only thing i dream about. Please i have a vmk friend is real life! Tell everyone to go to We can save vmk if everyone here puts their mind to it! if u believe you can do anything! I sang ” you can do anything if u believe ” in vmk. well PrettyMaroonFellow did ( other character ). it might not have won but to all my friends on vmk SAVE VMK!
Brittany ( VioletSoaringGirl )
Hey it’s me VioletSoaringGirl! All i can think about is vmk. So i wrote a story to remember it, please write it down. Once i was invited to this awesome party. When i got there i saw a sign, with a teleporter behind it.i walked up to it and the sign said ” DO NOT ENTER ”. i pushed the sign and stepped into the teleporter. i put the sign back. And as fast as u know it i was in a magical world! i smiled and a little version of mickey mouse popped about my head smiling. i walked all around the room. then i said, ”Omg i’m in my chat site!!”. I went to visit Shrunken Ned, Captain Blackheart, Maleficent, The Yeti, Esmeralda, and Gator Waiter. After That i went to my room crying. I Closed the door and went to bed. While I was asleep my friends threw a party.My friends are liliani, Dragonbloomlight, pink_sunset, wassup_rabbit,and TropicalNextwizard. i woke up and said, ” Who could that be”? then they all shouted ” Surprise VioletSoaringGirl”! We danced for a while, but then VMK_Red, Host_Lily, Host_Phinny , and VMK_Toni. everyone froze cause mostly when a staff comes in your room your in trouble. ” It’s Okay no one’s in trouble”. Then VMK_Toni said ” And why weren’t we invited?!” I said ” Well you’re invited now”!! We danced a long time, until this rich girl stole some of the staff and my friends. I asked HOST_Phinny if she could give me a room makeover. then she said ” How about i let you help me give someone a room makeover? Would you like that?” i said ” OK!! ”. We went to LilBubbleGum’s room and i was frozen. i was scared of that girl because she hugged everyone in the town. then she hugged me and said ” Happy Hug Day! ” … That’s all for now , i still need to finish it, have a great day and plz save vmk its my life!!
well i am fire-ice a vmker and i will not let this happen to the safest place on the internet
i can talk to my frinds on vmk when my mom whats me to get off the phone.
darth ephidel
i am now almost 15 and am one of the few people i know to have never got the chance to visit one of the real disney parks due to that i live about the same distance from either one, but with vmk i feel like i have actually expereinced being in one of the parks first hand and its great so please, dont close the vmk.
Emma a.k.a Fushia_Smart_Blues
I have been on vmk since 2006-2007 and I have really loved it. I wish that vmk wasn’t closing, but vfk is supposed to be better.
xclusive blonde
vmk is the best thing that happened to me so leave it but put the other website that u r planning and leave both of them
VMK rocks.My brother and I play it for hours a day. It is the only site out there that our parents will let us go, bc of how safe it is. It is not our fault that Disney payed too much for Club Penguin. So why do we need to get punished for their mistake. VMK is awesome. And since my parents do not have much money, my brother and I can still enjoy Disney without being able to go there. We really need this site. It is alot better then your other sites. We all have tried them and keep coming back to VMK. Does that not mean anything to Disney. They are all about hopes and dreams, but they drop us just like that. We all have supported all that Disney has done for us. Disney is all about going after your dreams and happy endings. I hope they listen and give us our Happily Ever After!!!
I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! when i first heard i start to cry for a whole day. I’ve been on vmk for a year. but i love vmk like everone who plays it. plz don’t close vmk it would break a lot of kids hearts. i’m real sad i don’t want to play anything else but vmk.sure vfk sounds ok but vmk is the best. i don’t know what i would do without vmk! my heart will be broken for good if vmk closes. save vmk
Alison A.K.A The VMK geek at school
VMK has become my home. If it wasn’t for VMK I would probably be in a lot worse shape than I am. After I learned VMK was closing I cried non-stop through the entire weekend. I have made friends on VMK and Some where kids in my neighbour hood. ( I learned this because of dog walks and bike ridding. ) I have sent 15 letters and gotten some kids who dont play VMK to also. ( Shocked me to ) So I draw to get my feelings out and if VMK closes im growing my hair out will it touches the floor. Then I will save it and leave it as my final memories of VMK. My home ame: Maddie
You are so nice to do this for vmk! You Rock! I hope this petition works. if vmk dose close go to vfk Virtual Family Kingdom. But thx for your help. – Maddie
please do not shut down vmk!! it is so cool i would never have a life again if you did!! you know vmk has a lot of visitors why do you not keep it going it is like a bad birthday present my birthday is that day 🙁
Well All in vmk don’t wanna leave vmk here we met alot of good friends and family vmk is not just a game! is a comunity and family plz try too do your best too save it!:)
VMK means more to me than everything i stay up every night until it closes i love VMK plz try to keep it alive. ty
i think vmk should stay becuase vmk is a place for kids to chill out or relax! they cant if u take it away from us! it always has at least 3000 visitors everyday is’nt that awsome! just please dont be mean to the kids of vmk. we love it! just hopefully u love this letter and not cancel vmk for ever. please!!
isadoraQ you really should not do this. i love vmk as much as the next person on this planet , it was my life! but seriously, its time to move on.
This is supposed to be the most “HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH” but it will be the most miserable one now. Walt Disney must be rolling around in his grave. He made Disney the happiest place in the world for kids. Greed is what is happening now. The share holders don’t want to see kids have any fun. If they take this away I won’t go back to Disney any more.
i really dont want vmk to go for good. i spend like all of my time on it and would be bored to death if it went away. this is the funnest websight i have ever been on. i would hate to see it go… 🙁
I’ve spent so much time on vmk. I’ve spent over 3 days all together on vmk
Please do not close VMK. Everyone that I know on VMK enjoys it and does not want it to be shut down forever. Maybe you could make some improvements but keep the game alive. When there’s nothing else to do I turn to VMK. Please don’t shut it down!!
Im so dissapointed Disney has decided to close VMK. As a isney fan for many years I beieve that this is making a big step backwards in that it is breaking Walt’s words of “We keep moving FORWARD” Many people all around the world are simply gutted at this discission and I hope sites like this will do the trick in saving VMK
We need to save vmk! I am making something on the computer about your reasons to keep VMK open email me at ********** to tell me why to keep open VMK.
vmk is so great!!!!!!!!!!! i go on it like every day and i know it sounds weird but when am having a bad day in real vmk is like another life i can live and always makes my day!!!!!!!!! =)
vmk was like magic but now is closing for good we dont get vmk was like family and now is closing
Wat does vmk mean to me well here is your answer it means the world to me bc on 4/20/08 i meet a cute person but i don’t know his name bc he deleted for i don’t know we where good frinds and if u close vmk i’ll never see him again and that just is not right not on bit it is just really harsh me and him had a lot in comen we liked the same sports and bands and if u get a chance to read this where ever u are i have on thing to say to u LONG LIVE VMK!!!!!
You shouldn’t close vmk. Nobody wants it to close. So why are you closing it? Really why are you? Is it bc you want to make ppl mad? Bc its making me mad. Im about to banned the report button to. You should not have the report button on so ppl can play on vmk before it closes.
hi umm why are they closing vmk? From,ShyAtomicCake
i love vmk! i hope vfk is as good as vmk! 😀
Rj Winchester
Well, Isadoraq thankx for seeting this site up.I got on vmk when i got back from my WDW trip in 2006. The funny thing is i saw the ad on the buses little tv thingy. So if i didnt get on that bus. I wouldnt be signing this. SAVE VMK!!!!!! …….please?
You can’t get rid of vmk it’s great and my mom loves it a lot because you close it and open it at a certent time. Why do you have to close vmk?
We all <3 VMK!! VMK should stay forever and ever it is the best Game ever!! Nothing can ever replace VMK ao it should be here to stay!
Hey, I go on VMK ( virtual magical kingdom )and I think it’s a great idea what you are doing. I hope that VMK will stay but i’m glad that this will be here for me to play on. Thanks.
I have had so many memories on VMK with all of myy friends. Why close the website when soooo many people do not want it to be closed? I have had a VMK account for about 2 years! It is sooo much fun! So many of my friends and family play on here. VMK is the closest thing we have to Disney. I know that if Walt Disney was alive, he would not want you guys doing this. It all started with him, and now its all ending because of the VMK staff… Please do not do this!
Although I don’t play online games, my 19 yead old son has for many years. His game is WOW and I’m quite familiar with all the friends he’s made in that game. When I read the Post-Dispatch article all I could think about was how devastated my son would be at age 19 if they took WOW away. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it would be on him if that happened when he was 12. The friends he has made in WOW are very REAL and are an important part of his social and emotional support group. I definitely think Disney should re-think their decision. This isn’t just some promotional gimick to these kids.
Mik E.
They can’t do that! We have to get the word out about how much we care about vmk. I’ve made really good friendships and if vmk shuts down, I’ll have no way to contact my friends. Disney is about to go through with a terrible thing if they shut vmk down. SAVE VMK!!!!
VMK should not close down.It is not fair because VMK is a fun,safe,and good web site 4 kids to go on. So plz plz plz dont shut down ive been playin VMK 4 like two yearz already and if u close now, kids wont get to see their friendz on VMK and they wont get to have fun on VMK so PLEASE DO NOT LET VMK CLOSE 4EVER… SAVE VMK!!! 🙂
Keep vmk.
Hi I just want to sy that VMK was not just a game, it was like my second home….. whenever something was wrong I would play VMK and I would feel like somebody in the world really cared about me and it felt good. I know that VMK was just a silly little game to some people but i will truly miss it for all it was. – Emmy
VMK is stupid for closing the site. People enjoyed it so much and then they close right in front of our faces! Thats CRUEL!! We kids like VMK, but if they are going to treat us like we just don’t care, let’s go on strike! Don’t just sit there and cry! Protest with me!
VMK was a wonderful game. I played it everyday. VMK’s wonderful, and I made a lot of friends just by playing it. I’m gonna miss VMK, All of the players are gonna miss it… plz try to save VMK
Erm well at least the everlasting friendships will last in our hearts….I suggest trying to get your best friends ( that you dont know in real life ) to go to another site so you can stay in touch…
plz! i heard there is gonna be a new one so everyone needs to keep their nick name in vnm, for the new one so u can meet your friends again.
Julia&Rachel; aka Manarasa& Rache-Rach
Julia: I am an only child who’s parents are NEVER home, i repeat NEVER. When i discovered VMK I was like, Wow i actually have someone to talk to! So every day i would go on VMK (unlessed banned) and i would help people and solve there problems. when one day when one of my friends left because she had a very serious illness that nobody could cure. When i helped her she thanked me on the day of her life :'(. I was upset and when she left i knew that if i could help her with her problems before she died she would be happy. My attemtp to help her helped me. I want to continue helping people but i cant do that now because vmk is being clossed down just because of one rollercoaster! SAVE VMK NOW OR NEVER!!!!!!!!! Rachel: Nice 1 Julia, That girl who died was one of my closest friends! ( Next 2 Julia ) I HATE roller coasters! and it will be really big but idk how they want to ruin kids lives!! i was on VMK as soon as i coild i would do my homework first but i did hear they are coming out with something called ” ” or maybe ” ” but VMK is colosing SAVE VMK NOW OR YOU WILL REGRET YOURSELF!!!!!! ( sorry if that sounds mean. )
( Hopefully ) A VKM Saviour
Alright, Now, I am officially angry. I was cheesed off the first time I found out VMK was closing. Now, I am to the point of no return. I am going to message all of these comments to the VMK staff. :}
Hello I just wish u all luck in trying to save vmk i know there is a way i just know it but at least if vmk does not get saved we still have Vfk (virtual family kindom) well Good Luck! :~D :~C :~O
kelsey wheeler
plz dont close vmk i glove it
Hi, Im Miley, Ok im sad vmk is closing, IM new to it im i think guest_____ and then a bunch of nubers, but ya’ll who is yavn?
What we have done: VMK has been on the news. It’s been in newspapers. It’s been, well, everywhere. VMK is closing. We all know that, and it’s a big mistake. We must keep up the fight. We have to save VMK! Keep the dream alive! Go to this site, and tell everyone you know that plays it about it:
PreincessSerenity ( VMK name )
Why cant the disney ppl just ake vmk pay to play if oney the issue? i know i will pay to play vmk! i really would and i am sure amny others owuld too!!
Ashley- cutepirategirl
Please Disney, these are children you are dealing with. Please Save VMK!
Bob Myers
Save VMK! It’s a very well loved website by little or bigger children. My daighter loves its and so does my son. Please save VMK!
i want to save vmk so much here is what i need to say about it : vmk is are 2nd home we haave leaarned to earn o life and eanr our money vmk means alot to many pepole who want to save it sunday 4/20/08 all members of vmk are meeting in main street at 2:00 to shout ” save vmk it’s our home ” hope you can be their your most beoved player , RubyMagicGirl
susan hinckle
I think it horrible that VMK is closing i have only been play for eight months but im addicted. VMK is the best online game. Sure in the news letter they say you can go to other online games and stuff but clubpenguin is not for kids of the 11-15 age raange! Did the VMK people ever think of that?Maybe some people cant pay for toontown and dont like Pirates of the Caribbean ever think of that!!??
Bennie ( DixieHorse )
Omg! No FerretChrms! No SalainaNight!And No Simbafan! Idk What i will do if i dont get to see them ever again!These Are all my friends and there is lots more that i will never get to see again if they close VMK!? And grooveybrennalol! OMG! Think of all the good times that will have been wasted! It was good hwile it lasted but make it last longer!I worked so hard, so very hard to get where i am in VMK, and it would be a shame to take it all away!? Im on VMK so much that it makes my parents mad! It the only place i can go to be myself and not get in trouble. I can hang out wityh friends and since i live so far out in the backwoods, there is really nobody to hang with except… my brother and sister…. Which is no fun! So please VMK! Dont close!
vmk is the best ever. its crap that itts closing
we have to give the petition in before its too late!
ppl we’ve put up a good fight so far and i want vmk to still be open and i’ve been telling ppl if we just keep fighting they’ll give up but ppl face it vmk is already starting to dissipear on us its leaving already,they’re closing it and they mean it ive met the hosts in some of the rooms and they want it to stay open too but they already know that its closing for good and we cant stop it,its out of our reach of hands of the tips of our fingers. PrincessMcKay P.S im still trin g to make it stay forever and by wat i wrote i dont mean i want it to close im just telling you wat the hosts said.
Lauren and Gabbie
VMK is what allows me to play with others and interact with others. I love to use my imagination on this game. It makes me more social. I would hate for it to close. I have made many good friends on it also. Please keep VMK open. Thankyou.
Hi, to any of my friends that are reading this comment. If you can, please come here on May 22, 2008, so we can all say Good-Bye, i will surely miss You. I’m getting all teary right now in real because I will miss you guys so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH!!!!!! I will TRUELY miss ALL of you, i’m CRYING right now in real.. Good – Bye…. 🙁 🙁 I don’t want to leave.. and if any of you go on webkinz, my user name is LOVE4545
I’ve played VMK for two years and it makes me sick inside to know that I will use VMK for the last time on May 21, 2008.It makes me mad and upset to know that I will never see those unknown friends again. My VMK buddies are like my second family. It hurts to know that VMK will take our friends and us away from VMK! I know that their is a new virtual game out (VFK) but nothing will be close to being VMK. I worked so hard to get to where I am on VMK and I’d REALLY REALLY hate to see it disappear at the flip of a switch! They cant do this to us!! And to think that VMK staff think it’s okay to shut down VMK! IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT TO TAKE VMK AWAY!
in vmk i have lots of freinds and if u close it down ill lose all of them! (and i have lots of stuff)plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz DONT CLOSE IT
oh gee where do i start.. lol well we all love vmk and we hate it to go so sign this petition!! Im gonna miss my friend and my rare -_- Best Wishes, – The_Angel_Katie
please do not shut down VMK it is practically my whole life! if u shut it dow there are thousands of kids out there that will be sad and have nothing to do all day every day and not have anthing to live for.
I will be depresed if there is no vmk, I think it brings joy to millions of kids.Why does it have to go.:[
please dont close vmk Disney.Me and my friends love going on it and if you close vmk all the friends i have got so close with will be gone forever!:(
OMG VMK CANNOT SHUT DOWN! VMK iz so much fun and is very safe 4 kidz 2 go on… plz plz plz plz do not let VMK go out of buisness everyone luvz VMK…and so do i!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
Adaira Matson (Adair)
VMK, children, teenagers and adults LOVE this website, and I cannot believe you’d take it away. For some people, it’s their only friends, and the only place where they feel accepted. You are ruining people’s lives. Think of what Walt Disney would say. You guys just care about yourselves, and not about how this will effect others. All you care about is how this will effect YOU.
Olivia aka smiles-r-us
I can’t belive they’re shutting vmk down! I love it that they’re making other virtual kingdoms but why do they have to shut vmk down? can’t they keep vmk and still have the other virtual kingdoms available? SAVE VMK!
I’m not putting my real name. I’m putting my nickname. Where did I get the nickname Cat? VMK. And I’ll miss that nickname with all my heart
Look not into your wallet, Or on the screen. Look at the names, in all their hearts. I’ve seen goofy ones, like Ima GonnaSaveVMK. Others put their nickname, like CoolKittyCoolCat. Others, like me, just put Sandy Jones. But look. ALl these people, Ima, Cool and me, Sandy, want to keep alive VMK. IF DISNEY READS THIS, I AM WILLING TO PAY A FEE TO GO ON VMK. AS LONG AS IT STAYS OPEN!!
I hate Yavn. XD *eerie glares* What? Can’t I shed light on the subject.
I’m very disappointed in the Disney management. They keep on their payroll a pregnant 16 year old and yet they close an innocent child’s game. Great message they send to the kids of the world.
Disneyfreak <3
VMK meens more then just a game for me. I get to keep touch with my friends that moved away and i get to meet new friends. Im sure this goes with a lot of people. But when VMK closes its going to be alot harder to keep in touch with my friends. It wont only be closing VMK but also our dreams. – Awsomemariekitty a VMK adict
PLEASE READ THIS!!! PLEASE READ THIS!!! PLEASE READ THIS!!! Disney is not our enemy. You shouldn’t be mad at them but you can be mad at the VMK company. Disney is magical and almost unable to think how fun it is. Belive it or not many of the Disney workers want VMK to go on. This site can help. Everyone should go on VMK and say to go to If we want to help we wont do it by not doing anything and letting websites do all the work. Make more rooms saying VMK should stay. Or go around saying go to or say save vmk!. If you can contact a VMK worker and tell them what it meens to you in a mature way. Ask yourself what would Walt do? All we need to do is to do what Walt would. Walt wanted to make a fun place for families and a magical place for all. He followed his dream. Now we have to follow our dream of VMK staying open. And please sign the petition. sign all the petitions you can find to save VMK. VMK isnt just a game. Its a place for hopes and dreams. – Awsomemariekitty a fellow VMK player <3 Mary VMK means the world to me and my friends! Without it, we would be bored to death! We have nothing else to do! All those rare items and credits to waste.. Come on please dont close VMK!!! awesomejackster i am the coolest guy around! Mik E. I thought Save was the right thing.. but I just checked out the VFK (stupied name though) but it looks kinda cool. Maybe we should give it a chance. NiceGoodBlues Go To To Sign Another Petition! Chant With Me! Save Vmk! SAVE VMK! SAVE VMK! Also Go To Neopets.Com For Other Fun! My Username Is MusicalOfHighSchool Save VMK! CuteBabyInVMK I Love VMK! I Have A Really Nice Mummy Stacey_A Save VMK! VMK is so awesome! VMK! VMK! VMK! Sam ok i know i am only 12 but i have been playing vmk for two years.So why shut it down i have loads of friends and i would hate to loose them. So please don’t close vmk i am begging u this is the best and safest game ever Racalita Since I found out vmk was going out I have ben realy sad. vmk is the only was me and my friends can talk. but now i cant talk to them so I’m going to be friendless! im soooooooooooooooo sad! plz plz plz plz plz plz dont stop vmk!!!!without it im friendless! !@#$%^&*Brooke. I really don’t think the whole “save VMK” petition is going to work, because they have a reason to shut it down and they seemed to have made up there minds, but this is worth a shot.. *MOST DEFINATELY*. We worked for rare, which we value a lot. It may be a little odd, but it makes us feel like we’re in our own little world for the time being. Also, as most people have mentioned, we have all made amazing friends and great memories. Some bad, but I’d rather keep the bad ones going than not have any memories at all. I loved exploring and meeting new people. The magic of VMK and it’s different worlds has a huge impact on people. Trust me, it doesn’t take long to get addicted. I liked my VMK friends almost more than my real friends.. maybe it WAS more. Pretty sad, but hey, I’m sure I’m not the only one.. But anyway, most kids probably feel like they’re moving away from a place they love, or they might even feel like they lost someone. I have to admit, I was in tears after I heard the news from my brother. The Kingdom is a wonderful place. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere exactly like it in real life.. even if it meant having to earn credits. 😉 Well, I hope this petition is a success and good luck to it. I’ll miss VMK and my friends on it. Seriously, I’ll never forget it.. Love, Brooke. 🙂 coolitsvmk why are they going to close vmk down? Everyone loves vmk!!! Dont ruin it please! Manarasa (VMK TITLE) ____ __ _ _ ____ / / \ \ / | \___ /____\ \ / |__ \ / \ \ / | ____/ / \ \/ |___ _ _ _ _ \ / _ _ | / \ / / \ / \ |_/ \ / / \ / \ | \ \/ / \/ \ | \ If you try… The world will too!! _______ / \ / ( ) ( )\ | ? | \ \__/ / \_______/ Save now! Or never…. VMK_RedScorch I love VMK and that is that. I am also a Disney Shareholder and former Cast Member. To everyone out there who is a Disney Shareholder, you need to call the shareholder office or write them a letter sharing your disappointment about closing VMK. Let’s win back the virtual magic. Here is the information: Disney Shareholder Services 500 S Buena Vista St MC 9722 Burbank, CA 91521-9722 Phone (818) 553-7200* Fax (818) 553-7210 Chris McManus My daughter is addicted to VMK. I, as a parent, feel comfortable in letting my daughter play on VMK as opposed to other sites. I know on VMK that she is safe online and that it is monitored extensivley making me feel more secured that she is not seeing content not suited for her. I was saddened to learn of VMK closing as it broke my daughter’s heart. She has made a lot of online friends through VMK with the same interests as her. Also, this has been a great tool to those that may not be able to get to the theme parks as often. I was beaming when we took our WDW vacation last week and my daughter could pinpoint certain icons from VMK in the park itself. This was her first trip to WDW but knew quite a bit about it because of VMK. From a parent, please keep VMK alive. With many websites posting anything now and days, VMK has been a heaven send to us parents! Let the morals and values of Disney live on!! LoisAlene VMK has become my home. I can’t imagine leaving it. We were never informed that this was a promotional game, that it could be taken from us at any time. I can’t help but feel betrayed by the one corporation I felt I could trust. Disney Online, I beg you, please save VMK for all of us. We are as diverse as the people who visit your parks but we all share one thing – a deep and abiding love for all things Disney. For many of us, trips to the parks are infrequent but eagerly anticipated. VMK has been one way to keep the magic between visits. I don’t want to be a Penguin, a Pirate, a Fairy or a Toon. I want to be my little green self that I have been since mid-May of 2005. I want to keep my friends. I want to dance in the forecourt every night and lament that VMK is closing(Scurvy Box!). Please don’t take VMK away from us. Please don’t break my heart. Peyton Please Please Please dont shut down vmk i’m begging you! vmk is a safe and fun enviroment for kids and everyone loves it! do u know how heart broken we would be if you guys shut down vmk and be forced to go on club penguin!! vmk is so so so so so much better than club penguin because like they are penguins! how lame! vmk is real charecters that we can dress up the way WE want them to look and The way WE want them to act and behave with out them waddling around. and vmk is like a teens only web site. i mean come on who wants to be talking to like a 10 year old if were like 15! so please please dont shut down vmk 4 ever!!!! Taylor Ok, this can’t happen, I can’t believe Vmk is closing. After all the fun times we had on Vmk, they have to close it down. After I told the whole 5th grade to start going on Vmk. Now what am I going to tell them huh? You tell me, what am I going to say to them. Ya know what, how would you feel if someone told you to go on a website thats totally spectacular and then a week later they come up to you and say “oh, uh well the website that I told you about? Well um, it’s closing in a month so I guess you can’t go on it.” That would really stink if they told you that wouldn’t it? Well guess what, it did happen. But this time it’s times 60 bummer!!! So if they want to close it down then fine, I guess they don’t care if I get beaten up by the whole 5th grade!! Laura There are alot of inappropriate websites out there that kids go on every day. VMK keeps children, kids, everyone, safe from those websites. It teaches them how to spell and read and to be yourself. As a fellow VMK player myself, I meet new friends everyday. Those are some of the best friends I have ever met. Please don’t take that away from me. lauren i think that vmk should NOT close!!! its my best friend! bc i have no real friends!! and when i get on vmk i feel special.. and no one knows how ugly i am in real life! and i actually feel confident about myself.And every morning i wake up and say ” today i feel confident about myself bc i want to make new friends ” and then they will like me for wats on the inside.. not out.. thank u vmk one and all my lifesaver thannks Adrian Ruiz aka: walord man.. vmk just cant close. so many people play it. so many friends have been made. as soon as i heard vmk was closing i just thought,”people should write letters or something because this is ridiculous.” what your doing is great im behind you 110%. all the friends i’ve made.. i wouldn’t have made a friend who lives across the country in new york if it weren’t for vmk. it doesn’t make sense if your going to put something on and take it of a little bit afterwards. thank you. scott morgan as a parent of 2 kids that use vmk everyday i am appauled that its closing. If someone had half a brain at disney they would charge a monthly fee to access this service. Is business that great to just close this without even concidering charging for it… I have been to orlando disney every year for the past 5 years,,,, this year we are going to mexico and every year after somewhere else…. BOYCOTT disney…booooooooo very bad business decision you all should be ashamed…. Briana VMK deserves to live on the dream! It’s making more people happy everyday. You get to be who can’t be in real and you get to meet new friends all over the world. More than half of my VMK friends are much nicer than my friends in real life. Plus, there is cool virtual prizes also! And enchanted places too! Please save VMK! Think about those golen memories it’s share with you and keep them alive! Omg Please .. 🙁 🙁 Omg.. Vmk i can not beleave you.. Walt Disney Would be very mad .. At you he is probaly ready to fight . We Will help him every step of the way >_<
I play vmk so much! i play with my whole family. Nothing will ever be the same. SAVE VMK!
Florence M. Albert
My daughter who is currently 15 has enjoyed the VMK website for a long time now. I felt good about her using this website because it was ran by Disney so I did not have to worry about the site begin safe to use for a minor. I am writing to say that I would be willing to pay a small monthly fee if the site were to be continued as a paid site. We paid for a year plus of services for this same daughter on your ToonTown site.
VMK has got to be one of the safest and funest internet site for kid and teens. disney has doned such a good job putting it together. with thousands of kids and teens going on daily,i simply think that they should stay open. Especially because they were all of those people that had like A MILLION rare things!! It’s like just throwing all of their hard work away. and as soon as vmk closes kids and teens are going to go to other sites. sites that aren’t as safe… then they are just going to start chatting onine with the wrong kind of people. US KIDS AND TEENS NEED VMK!!!!
sure i don’t want vmk to close, yes i love vmk and don’t want to lose it, and yes i wish disney wouldn’t have done this. but think of it this way, by closing vmk, the 8 engineiers can create never, more exciting virual kingdoms. plus, if i were the engineiers i would get tired of doing the same old thing for years and years. so imagine this as a window leading outside to even more exciting things P.S. go to and make a reservation. it is one of those new exciting stuff
Aww this is sad! Vmk was so fun…i always played on it in my free time! Disney, why? Not only was VMK a great source for you to advertise on, with new tv shows and movies demonstrated in new outfits and rooms, but it brought joy and fun to all of the players! Don’t do this, it’s wrong! You’ll see as people talk about their agony… don’t do this!
i going to miss vmk think about other kids.we love vmk and we are tring to save it for kids in the future so plz dont close down vmk we all love it!
Tamme Cook
I uh like uh think that uh our uh virtual Magic kingdomg like like uh uh should stay!
just close the frkn site, it doesnt matter, they made there decision. there is a new site for all u stupid little turds to play on anyway. so get off your computer addicted ass and exersize or a read a book and be a kid.
A fellow VMK member
Dear Disney, I have a friend that has moved, and the only way to communicate with him is VMK. Please Please don’t take him away from me. He’s my best friend. Without Vmk, I’ll lost him forever. We’ve been best friends since the beginning.
McKenzee (vmk)
I have been playing vmk since the second day it opened, every week. If they close now then how will all these people stay happy. I come there when I am mad! And now when I am devastated at 10:01 when it closes I am like gonna just cry if this doesn’t work!
Danielle/ =mathgeek
I know the answer to this already but, WHY? Why do they have to close it? I know, I know. It was part of the 50th Annversary Celebration and it went on longer than it was expected to. Alot of things go on longer than expected. Like the Simpsons, or Days of Our Lifes. I don’t watch those television shows but they’ve been on FOREVER!!!!! I sent a really really really really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long message to the staff saying I respected their descision even though I did not like it. I am still signing all the petitions I can find. And what is this about ” Vitual Family Kingdom Coming May 22?” As always, mathgeek ——– Danielle
please keep vmk going its the only game im aloud on the computer!! save vmk!! please!!!!!!!
i saved vmk! it is on my site. my site is i payed $60.00 to copy it. there are less rules so u can say more. it will open soon. no personal info and stuff. if your on from first day it opens, u will get a here from day 1 badge. first poeople on will also get a chioce of if you want to be staff, or host. that is for only people i pick. just go to:
i wish we could save vmk… i had a life on vmk it was like a getaway for me… i have friends like, brown,brave,ace,term,red,jedi,magic,hidiea,cyan. and soo many more plz just save vmk i love it sooooo much i will miss u guys
I just joined VMK recently and I’m sad to see it go… My friends were so exited to join and when his computer finally started to work properly, and where you join at it said ‘Sorry but we are closing Vmk We will no longer be excepting any new members’ He called me right away to tell me and i got on and saw what it said and started all my other friends who were eighther were going to join or had accouts and they too signed the petition but.. I don’t think it helped….. 🙁 – Show quoted text –
I love vmk I love vmk I love vmk I love vmk I love vmk
the game is too fun to just be a promotin that u want to get rid of with no thought of the millions of people who play it!Save VMK at all costs! spread the word in vmk!make save VMK rooms! do everything to help save it!
i wish VMK wasnt closing. it was way to fun. i almost laughed my heart out about what HOST_Lily said to me 🙂
You are doing a great thing in the world and you are making a diffrence.I hope you like my slide show i sent to you and it can touch you.My idea is to make a poster because not only it is colorful but also that it can get people’s attention.
i have been playing vmk since i waz like 9. i told mi mom dat dis waz da best site ever and i will never quit. Mi mom said dat waz hard for her 2 belive but u can try butt ur probaby will quit. and i said nope no i wont i promise! butt now vmk iz closing so i hav 2 quit and plus every since dat day i hav been on every day. i love u vmk, u were mi birth site!
Pls dont shut done vmk. This is the one place where I can be myself and where it wont matter who I am. It is like a second world for me I love it. Just think if vmk closes you would have crushed every vmk members heart. It is not fair. Pls don’t get rid of vmk 🙁
Please read this! vmk you cant close a lot of people love you 5,000 poeple gp on vmk every day so please dont close!!!
i think VMK should stay because i met alot of new friends and 2 tell the truth it feels like we are family and it needs 2 stay!!!!!!!!!!
irish dancer
i bet walt disney is spinning in his grave! isn’t disney supposed 2 be the place where dreams come true?!
Vmk should not go! But VFK Is true to warm our hearts just as much, at least I hope…
i think vmk should stay open! i have been playing for a year now and had a great time… im sure staff would agree because if vmk closes they will get the axe!
VMK is the safest and most fun website on the internet. its all the fun of disneyland for less that $100. in fact it’s free. ive met so many friends on vmk and its how my friends from school who went to other schools keep in touch and hang out. i really hope they wont close it down then ill loose track of all my new friends. save vmk, sign the petition, help us out!!
Stephen [ GreenIceBoy ]
I have been playing VMK since march ’07. I know, doesnt seem long, but it has been the best year of my life. Me and my friend joined, and we thought of it as cool, found an epcot quest on, did it.. I got like.. really quick and was at 1st. [ And My First Day On VMK!! ] and I got an epcot room, then in June 2007 I went to WDW, and spent MOST of my time in VMK Central, Making My Account with my causon. I did all the in-park quests, and have built me up more than 30 Rooms On VMK. 16 Pages Of Furnish, 10 Of Clothes, And even got silver ears.. I have spent my year nearly always inside playing VMK.. Worked so hard for it, and now it shuts. I really don’t want to lose all my 150 ACTIVE Friends. Especially CapAPupp.. <3 I also feel sorry for staff, losing there job. I heard Lily was getting a bit, well.. Cranky. I saw a pic of her saying; ‘ Get out! ‘ .. ‘ Now!! ‘ O_o.. Well I feel sorry for everyone. Keep VMK. We need VMK, Its our lives!!
plz dont close vmk!!!vmk is the only place we can go to meet new ppl & b our self thx
[Brittni] aka i.Green
gl getting vmk to stay i think disney myt be a little more OVER POWER when it comes to there SYT and they make THERE DECISIONS [ idk how to spell that… ] *cough* Waist of time *cough*
Julia ( again )
Omg Walt must be Sooo upest about vmk closing OMG staff think of other ppl ( and Walt ) your crushing everyone dream on vmk the must be 1000000000 of people on there who have there dream chrushed beacuse of YOU so dont close vmk! message to Walt: plz tell them in the staffs mind not to shut it down or just go up to them and ask them not to close vmk cuz if they do u will… idk hurt them? or whatevere u think.
Miley Cryus
Hey Its me Miley, I totally luv VMK! ANd if the staff shut it down i wont be able to talk to my friends,family or cousins. PLease walt do something!
As most of you know, VMK staff is planning to close VMK forever (*frowns*) because it was a promotion for the 50th anniversary of Disney. Apparetnly, all promotions end, and the time is up. The time for VMK actually ended awhile ago. VMK has brought disney to new heights, and seeing it all go, is dissapointing. On VMK, people can make new frinds, chat, and trade their virtual clothes, pins, and furniture. You can go shopping, own a room, and decorate it any way you want. You can also play games inside this game, to earn credits. VMK is just a mini Disney World, and is great place to be, for people who yet still haven’t been to Disney. I don’t care that all my rare items will be lost, I care that I will never see my frinds on VMK again. Or for that matter, even talk to them agian. I, and thousands of other kids and adults, have made so many long-lasting friendships. Well, thanks to VMK staff, they will end. VMK is kinda my life, so thanks VMK staff for ruining my life. I truly appreciate it. (*she said sarcastically with a frown on her face*)
VMK has meant so much And now I am sad to see it go VMK wasn’t just a game. It was my life I am sure most of you feel the same. My friends, my stuff don’t let it leave! VMK I am on my knees begging of you please! I ? VMK!
this is us you are runing us we got to now vmk know you want us to abandde it i dont think so you ppl are sick sick i tell you
ive been on vmk for the longest time. ive made some close friends, if i could id meat them. some people have there life on vmk, being someone that there not. the other online chats just are not the same. if you were gonna close it in the first place you should have never even made it..and now everyone has this bad memory of vmk.
can’t wait for vfk to come out and i don’t care if you think it’s a scam ppl
it is the best game i have been on. i will be so bored when it closes! i may become a member on vfk (virtual family kingdom) but probaly nothing will beat my likings of vmk
u know wat?! this is so unfair tht they’re closing vmk! i am so mad, and i wanna help, so i signed the petition!!! =D
i have always come to vmk to play with my friends and talk with them. i made a ton of new friends here and it was a comfort because i had just moved from texas to florida and had like zero friends, but playing vmk gave me friends to talk with and as i said before comfort me. plz dont just take vmk away from just me but many other kids you either had the same thing as me or just loved the game like me too. as dizacee said vmk was my star in the midnight sky, it helped me cope(by meeting new friends too talk to) from my move. plz dont just take it away, plz!!
:[ this is really sad. save vmk !!
Save VMK.
I’ve been on VMK for about ten months now, and I hope, just hope that VMK will keep the magic alive. I’ve made so many awesome friends, which I thought would last forever. I guess all good things do have to come to an end. ?Sadie
You can see EVERYONE loves vmk!!!Closing vmk is just hurting us children.Is that what you like to do huh?You want to hurt children emotionlly.Just think about the thousands maybe even millions of children who love vmk.How about the new website stinks.
vmk please dont close down!in my entire life i never made friends but when i figured out my classmates was playing vmk,i was so happy!why cant you keep it open?!
WOW Vmk is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am a Disney Lover!! The Vmk staff is wonderful and the kids that go on are the best! The kids on Vmk i think have become more responsible because of the staff and the experience on Vmk. We have made tons of friends! Please dont close this magical place!
WOW Vmk is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am a Disney Lover!! The Vmk staff is wonderful and the kids that go on are the best! The kids on Vmk i think have become more responsible because of the staff and the experience on Vmk. We have made tons of friends! Please dont close this magical place!b9
Just like everyone else in the game, I’m crazy about vmk!!! i’ve only been playing for a year now, but i have alot of great friends and memories on there! VMK is a safe place for everyone and unlike some of the other disney games, you can’t give out personal info. my whole family plays on it and we have alot of fun together. we’ll really miss the safe family fun if it closes!!! i know everyone on vmk (including myself)was devastated when we heard the news of vmk staff choice to close and i really hope that they change their minds. vmk is one of the safest games i’ve played online and it’s for all appropriate ages. VMK STAFF, PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!!
Krystian Farinas
I think you shouldn’t stop vmk becuase its been a fun for my siblings and cousins.Another reason is vmk is just like DisneyLand when some kid can’t afford to see and go to Disneyland they can see and have fun in Vmk.So thats what I think about Vmk.
Please do no close vmk. This is a place that i come to daily tht brings a smile and happiness to my world!
Meagan Aanestad
Staff… All of us kid’s play on vmk bc its a very fun SAFE website for kid’s of all ages to play and get to know each other.. We all know we have done some things that you staff dont like like doing (Taken) and saying bad things in (caps) and we know that it is bad but really over half vmk kid’s dont do that any more bc we know that its not right and we will get banned.. maybe you should just bann stuff like baby and taken and those kind of words, it will be harder to play and injoy but it would still bc Vmk. all we want to know is Why…(Vmk loverfor 2 years almost)